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This is getting out of hand now. Adapter for napa 4003 filter, already have some "converted " (thx dad). File is on my odd sea page (check reddit pf link). M16x1 left hand thread to napa 4003.

This is getting out of hand now. Adapter for napa 4003 filter, already have some submitted by Iwoulddietomeetyue to fosscad [link] [comments]

My water filter has a 3/8 inch male NPT outlet, what adapter would convert this to quick connect?

My water filter has a 3/8 inch male NPT outlet, what adapter would convert this to quick connect?
I bought a drinking water spout that has a quick connect fitting. It has adapters for 3/8 and 1/4 inch, so either of those sizes would work.
Thank you
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My water filter has a 3/8 inch male NPT outlet, what adapter would convert this to quick connect?

My water filter has a 3/8 inch male NPT outlet, what adapter would convert this to quick connect?
I bought a drinking water spout that has a quick connect fitting. It has adapters for 3/8 and 1/4 inch, so either of those sizes would work.
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Another filter trial, sx-70 converted to 600, multi image filter and adapter from retrograde engineer

Another filter trial, sx-70 converted to 600, multi image filter and adapter from retrograde engineer submitted by xxxggg1231 to Polaroid [link] [comments]

Picked up a $4 2x teleconverter for my big boy lens and I must say I'm not disappointed honestly. [ a6000 // Fotasy PK-FE adapter // Rokinon 2x auto tele converter (PK) // Soligor 300mm f4.5 tele prime // K&F 72mm UV filter ]

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My local hospital is converting full faced snorkels with hepa filters. I volunteered to print some adapters for them. Glad my hobby can help out!

My local hospital is converting full faced snorkels with hepa filters. I volunteered to print some adapters for them. Glad my hobby can help out! submitted by Fenix_Majere to 3Dprinting [link] [comments]

Finally found a 40mm adapter for the FM50! Avon M50 FM50 Filter Mount Converter Kit, P/N: 601949, 40mm NATO Stanag

Finally found a 40mm adapter for the FM50! Avon M50 FM50 Filter Mount Converter Kit, P/N: 601949, 40mm NATO Stanag submitted by Joshiedoom to gasmasks [link] [comments]

What's that code mean? Now you know.

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Vehicle warning lights.

Vehicle warning lights. submitted by shitheadsnotallowed to coolguides [link] [comments]

Amazon putting the results you actually care about on the second page (sorted by free shipping and lowest price)

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Fun fact there's still 45% of RX580/570s Mining(on hiveOS). My take is these will be shut-down in the coming months and profit will return. As of right now, @ 10c/kw There are zero profitable coins for RX580s. You have to hit 3c/kw to hit Break-even!

Fun fact there's still 45% of RX580/570s Mining(on hiveOS). My take is these will be shut-down in the coming months and profit will return. As of right now, @ 10c/kw There are zero profitable coins for RX580s. You have to hit 3c/kw to hit Break-even! submitted by Xazax310 to gpumining [link] [comments]

Stellaris Dev Diary #277 - The Hunt is On (Stellaris 3.6 ‘Orion’ Patch Notes)

Stellaris Dev Diary #277 - The Hunt is On (Stellaris 3.6 ‘Orion’ Patch Notes)
Originally posted here
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written by Eladrin
Hello everyone!
I know that we said that we weren’t going to be updating the 3.6 “Orion” Open Beta branch again, but since the Thanksgiving holidays are coming in the US, I’ve asked for one last update to be pushed to the open beta branch, with a potential release candidate.
This update should be going up right about now, so you get this week's dev diary a day earlier than usual.

Release Candidate, does that mean…?

Yes, Orion will be released soon. We’re currently targeting the 29th of November unless unexpected issues arise from this final (really!) beta release.
(The patch notes are at the end of this post for readability)

Final Comments on the Open Beta

Due to the incredible success of the Orion Open Beta, we’re very likely to do similar releases in the future. Thank you all again for your help - Orion’s in much better shape thanks to your feedback.
I intend on pursuing a smaller set of changes for the next one - testing out a limited set of AI vassalization acceptance changes as the next Open Beta, and possibly some economic tweaks.

So What’s Next?

The Canis Minor update will follow Orion in Q1 of 2023, and among other things it will include some of the feedback from the Orion beta that we weren’t able to address for 3.6, and further combat adjustments based on live observation.
This includes things such as a rebalancing of technologies to make the Engineering branch less heavy compared to the other two. I’ll go into the other things planned for the update in the new year.
One of Ptolemy’s constellations, Canis Minor is the little dog that follows the hunter Orion.
Meet Tofu, the little dog that follows our QA Director.
That’s it for today. Enjoy the release candidate!
Please note that the 3.6 "Orion" Open Beta is an optional beta patch. You have to manually opt in to access it.
Go to your Steam library, right-click on Stellaris -> Properties -> betas tab -> select "stellaris_test" branch.
Reminder: If you’re using mods, they’re likely to break.

Here are the complete notes for Stellaris 3.6.0 “Orion”.
#################### VERSION 3.6.0 - Orion ######################

Changes and additions

The Stellaris 3.6 “Orion” update includes many changes to combat. More counters should exist for different strategies, and mixed fleets should be more viable than before, covering for the weaknesses of other ship types.


  • Ship Roles can now be selected to auto-design ships that actually fulfill certain roles, such as Artillery, Brawler, Torpedo, and so on. If you do not possess any weapons that fulfill the selected role, it’ll do its best with what you have.
  • Added a new ship size: Frigates are an advanced form of Corvette specialized in delivering G class weapons.
  • Torpedoes now gain a multiplicative damage bonus to their damage based on the ship size of the target, as do Prethoryn missiles. The Unbidden also get a reduced variant of this. This bonus is capped at +800% damage.
  • Torpedoes now have a maximum firing arc of 25 degrees and a shorter maximum range.
  • Energy Torpedoes such as Proton and Neutron Launchers have been changed into G class weapons with a minimum range. Damage has been adjusted to be balanced as a Torpedo class weapon, and like the new Torpedoes, they deal increased damage to larger targets. Unlike standard torpedoes, they remain instant hit weapons for now.
  • Some sources of Evasion have been replaced with other effects.
  • Small weapons of a category now have a slightly faster refire rate, Large weapons of a category now have a slightly slower refire rate.
  • Added a minimum range to all Large weapons except Lasers.
  • Weapon component tooltips now display minimum range and firing arc.
  • Significant adjustments have been made to various ship combat behaviors.
  • Ship combat computers now ignore certain weapons for desired range purposes, and base their desired distance on the actual loadout of the ship. "Swarm" and "Torpedo" behavior will charge in, "Picket" and "Line" behaviors will attempt to stay at the range of their median range weapons, and "Artillery" and "Carrier" will try to stay at the range of their longest ranged weapons.This generally increases the desire for ships to remain at range if possible.
  • Artillery and Carrier combat computers now use the new maintain_range combat behavior, which attempts to back off if at less than roughly half their desired range.
  • Strike Craft no longer intercept missiles, but will continue to fight each other. Reduced the health and refresh rate of most strike craft.
  • Flak Batteries now more strongly counter Strike Craft, while Point Defense now more strongly counter missiles and torpedoes. Strike Craft are more reliant on Shields, Missiles and Torpedoes are more reliant on Armor. Due to their ability to bypass shields, Strike Craft are very effective against other Strike Craft.
  • Added Armor Hardening and Shield Hardening modifiers, which reduce armor and shield penetration. Added new aux components that use Exotic Gases, Rare Crystals, Living Metal, or Zro to provide armor and shield hardening.
  • Autocannons now have a faster fire rate (and thus are very high damage for their weapon size, but have very short range).
  • Added Medium and Large Autocannons.
  • Disruptors and Autocannons are now considered Brawling weapons, with short range but faster attacks.
  • Mining lasers are now classified as Brawling weapons. Refire rate and general stats have been adjusted.
  • With the exception of Autocannons, Kinetic and Missile weapons no longer have bonus hull damage.
  • Lasers now deal 25% bonus hull damage.
  • Increased the power consumption, cost, and damage of Plasma weapons to differentiate them more from other energy weapons.
  • Ships now get a limited number of disengagement opportunities. All current drives provide 1 disengagement roll once the ship takes hull damage below its disengagement threshold, and the Hit and Run war doctrine grants all of your ships an additional attempt. Civilian ships set to evasive will continue to try to disengage with each hit.
  • The Hit and Run doctrine provides +2 Disengagement Opportunities.
  • Admirals now grant their fleet +1 Disengage Opportunity at levels 5 and 10.
  • The Enigmatic Encoder now proves +1 Disengagement Opportunity rather than evasion.
  • Armor components now grant twice as much armor as before. Shield components now grant +50% more than before, but regen remains the same. Hull components grant less than before.
  • Hull Technologies now give 10% hull instead of fixed values.
  • Armor and Hull regen now behave like shields - five times faster outside of combat. (Regen values are now 20% of the previous values for most components.)
  • Missiles now fit into S weapon slots and have had their damage modified accordingly, Swarmer Missiles go into M. Torpedoes (and Proton/Neutron Launchers) are now the only weapons that fit into the G slot.
  • Adjusted the maximum range of all non-torpedo missiles. Reduced the range of torpedoes. Decreased Missile Accuracy from 100% to 85%.
  • Made XL weapons more likely to target battleships and titans.
  • Massively increased the chances to lose or damage ships when a fleet uses emergency FTL to escape a battle.
  • Reduced the time before emergency FTL can be initiated during combat.
  • Ships should try to spread out a little further away from one another in combat.
  • Ion Cannons now have 3 Aux slots. The Destroyer (Interceptor), Cruiser (Gunship), and Battleship (Broadside) stern sections now have an extra Aux slot.
  • Adjusted power costs for Aux slot utilities.
  • It is no longer possible to kill a dragon by distracting it with a large fleet of transport ships.
  • The cap to the Force Disparity bonus for fleets that are significantly outnumbered has been dramatically increased.


  • Reworked the Ascension Paths from Utopia into tradition trees.
  • Added a version of the Synthetic ascension path for machines to Synthetic Dawn.
  • Added Conclave Federation Election type to Federations.
  • Added Ascensionists civic to Utopia for regular empires and equivalents for hives and machines. Provides +25% planetary ascension effects, -10% ascension cost, and reduces the additional cost of traditions from empire size by 25%.
  • The Epi-Genetic Triggers technology and Genetic Resequencing tradition now both allow the removal of pre-sapient traits from species via species modification. The Servile trait from the Syncretic Evolution origin and traits bestowed by the Enigmatic Cache count as pre-sapient traits for this.
  • Added various new galaxy shapes, such as 3 and 6 arm spirals, and some more experimental and irregular shapes.
  • Galaxies now default to Spiral (2-Armed) rather than Elliptical. Tiny Galaxies now support Spiral (2-Armed) galaxies.
  • Added an archaeology site in a new solar system with a debris belt.
  • Added support for Text To Speech in various views containing longer texts.
  • Added the Cordyceptic Drones civic to Necroids for hiveminds, allowing them to reanimate all organic space fauna..
  • Added an event on game start with Common Ground origin to let you pick your federation type.
  • Implemented new event chains.


  • AddedRolled Slave Revolt content into the general Separatist Revolt Situation as a variety when slaves try to revolt.
  • Added "planet revolt" VO to planetary revolt situation
  • The habitability planet icons in the system view can now be clicked just like on the galaxy map.
  • Added a Planet Automation setting which allows for construction even during resource deficits.
  • Added tooltip for Detox saying how many Toxic Terraforming CandidatesTCs existyou have within your borders.
  • Machine name lists now use hexadecimal and 0-based sequential names.
  • Made auto-migration happen via weighted random (so the destination planet will be algorithmically chosen from among the valid destinations, rather than pops always favoring a certain planet until it is full even when multiple are available).
  • Changed how Planet Automation is presented in the Planet View to more clearly show that there are settings available.that the player can use.
  • Planet Automation Crime Management will now forbid enforcer jobs if you have 0 crimes and allow enforcer jobs if you have more than 27 crime.
  • The tooltip for planetary automation designation setting now explains when it will create new jobs.
  • Added a new event image for reanimation related events
  • Added the Parasitic Overmind Government type.
  • Explicitly prevented various scripted solar systems from spawning inside Marauder territory. These include Amor Alveo, Wenkwort, the Caravaneer capital, and Lost Colony origin systems.
  • Delayed the start of precursor events for empires with the On the Shoulders of Giants origin. Players who are busy exploring their own backstory may begin exploring those of the broader galaxy after completing the 'Intercepting History' event chain, at which point Precursor events are 3x more likely to appear.
  • Habitats built in orbit of large zro, alloy or dark matter deposits now also collect these deposits.


  • Occupied planets no longer produce or consume resources from buildings or pops.
  • Added nanite autocannons and flak cannons as a reward for killing the scavenger bot.
  • The Aquatic trait now costs 2 points.
  • Driven Exterminators should now be able to assimilate other machines after taking Synthetic traditions.
  • Added a Robot Assembly Complex building that gives 2 roboticist jobs. This is unlocked by a new Robotic Assembly Systems technology.
  • The Logic Engines trait is now allowed on droids.
  • Tweaked Galactic Market location formula to far more strongly favor trade value in its criteria.
  • Capped Federation Experience at 2000 above what is required for level 5, so that level 5 federations with AIs are no longer one of the most fragile configurations known to man.
  • If a species cannot live on a planet, it is now the first to be purged from it (this closes a Clone Army exploit related to slowly purging other species instead).
  • Artificers now no longer produce engineering research.
  • Made Zro Distillation more likely to appear if you have a Shroudwalker teacher.
  • Pearl Divers have had their CG output increased, with a corresponding increase in food/mineral upkeep. Their trade value output has been reduced.
  • Splinter Hive holdings now require at least 30 pops present on the subject planet to be constructed.
  • The Toxic Entity now has an acidic gland dealing 1.25% hull damage per day to all ships in the same system. This does not apply to the player controlled variant.
  • A large number of tweaks to the ethic assignment weights. Includes making certain weights based on diplomacy with empires of a particular ethos have an impact that is more dependent on the number of empires you are engaged in such diplomacy with.
  • Fixed some oddities that hampered authoritarianism, e.g. now relations with authoritarian empires boosts authoritarianism, and if you are authoritarian, it will no longer boost egalitarianism for you to give your pops good living standards. Finally, also added some weights based on the job the pop is actively working (e.g. priests, nobles and soldiers)
  • Certain technologies are no longer cheaper than other technologies in the same tier.
  • Food Processing Centers, Mineral Purification Hubs, Energy Nexuses, Alloy Nano-Plants, Civilian Repli-Complexes, The Auto-Curating Vault, Citadel of Faith, Corporate Vault and Alpha Hub now have increased cost and upkeep on ringworlds, in exchange for providing the benefits normally giving by their related orbital ring buildings.
  • Ringworld colony designations and ecumenopolis planet class now provide both mechanical and organic pop assembly.
  • Colony designations on ring worlds now provide +10% pop growth and assembly speed (this can be multiplied through planetary ascension). The default "ring world" designation provides +15%
  • Ecumenopolises now give +25% growth and assembly speed, rather than +50% growth (and no assembly)
  • Efficient Bureaucracy civic now grants Bureaucrats, Priests, Managers and Death Priests with Edict Fund production that scales with modifiers to their Unity production.
  • Imperialist and Supremacist factions will now be pleased forever if you defeat a Leviathan, not just for 20 years. They are also a bit less selective about which Leviathans they are pleased about you killing (i.e. the list has been updated for those added since the Leviathans DLC)
  • Several factions now care about the type of federation you are in, if it is one attached to a particular ethic
  • The Imperialist faction will now care about how much of your fleet power you are using.
  • Factions will now disband and not reform if they can command the support of less than 3% of the electorate.
  • Halved the culture worker modifiers for Egalitarians, Xenophobes and Xenophiles.
  • Doubled the culture worker modifier for Pacifists.
  • Increased the time it takes to do first contact with other civilisations by about 30%.
  • Slightly increased the chance of having a unique first contact event chain.
  • It is now allowed for the galaxy to contain multiple void dweller empires.
  • Moved the repeatable technologies for strike craft into Society - Military Theory.
  • Reduced governing ethics attraction of newly-conquered pops.
  • Removed defense platform cost and upkeep reductions from Bulwarks. Bulwarks now gain inherent shield and armor hardening as they level up.
  • Strategic resource planetary automation will no longer fill fortress designation planets with refineries instead of strongholds.
  • Subjects that are not disloyal will now gain ethics attraction corresponding to their overlord's ethics (this was already the case for spiritualism, now it is the case for all ethics).
  • The Cybrex and Sentinel factions now scale to a limited degree based on the setting for endgame crisis difficulty (their difficulty = square root of crisis difficulty).
  • Martial Law, Hunter Killer Drones and Compliance Drones planet modifiers now provide penalties to both mechanical and organic pop assembly.
  • Zro distillation technology no longer explicitly requires Psionic Theory, but is extremely rare without it.
  • Buffed the daemonic incursion by giving them additional naval capacity, reduced ship upkeep and many more fleets (scaling off of their naval cap).
  • Updated Merc and Salvager station designs due to changes in which weapons could fit in which slots.
  • Extradimensional Anchors and Portals now have a shield hardening aura for allies in that system.
  • Larger Extradimensional ships and structures now have a point defense solution. Bzzt.
  • Special endgame crisis factions such at the Aberrant, Cybrex and Sentinels now show up a bit earlier on large galaxy maps.
  • Presapient traits now have no trait point or trait pick cost.

Ascension Paths:

  • Assimilation tooltips now state if they will remove psionic or cybernetic traits.
  • You can now psionically awaken cyborgs. Doing so removes any cybernetic implants they have.
  • Installing cybernetic implants in a psionic species now prevents them from having any psionic abilities.
  • Non-hive-mind cybernetically ascended empires can now remove the hive-mind trait from hive-minded cyborg pops by assimilation.
  • The budding trait is no longer mutually exclusive with the vat-grown trait. The polymelic trait is now mutually exclusive with all versions of the budding traits.
  • Rebalanced the Cyborg, Erudite, Psychic and Synthetic leader traits.

AI Opinions:

  • Dramatically increased the absolute value of most opinion modifiers.
  • Increased the opinion modifiers granted from first contact, decreased the base rate at which they decay and made the decay rate modified by improving/harming relations.
  • Increased the opinion penalty for undertaking Become the Crisis.
  • Maximum opinion from Improve Relations has been increased to 150. Minimum opinion from Harm Relations has been decreased to -150. Previous values were 100 and -100 respectively.
  • Opinion modifiers from espionage operations now have their decay rate affected by improving and harming relations.
  • Opinion modifiers from Galactic Imperium interactions now have their decay rate affected by improving and harming relations.
  • Refactored opinion modifiers from Galactic Imperium.
  • Only xenophobes are now happy if the caravaneers are destroyed.
  • Xenophile, pacifist and corporate are upset if the caravaneers are destroyed.
  • Traditions:
  • Rebalanced Harmony, Prosperity, Mercantile, Versatility, Synchronicity and Adaptability traditions.


  • Mechanists: Now provides +15% robot assembly speed and +1 robot trait pick as origin modifiers instead of -5% robot upkeep. The starting robots now have the bulky and high maintenance traits and the matching trait for whichever worker job they hold. Finally, they now have Robomodding as a guaranteed research option from the start of the game.
  • Shattered Ring: The number of segments that are colonizable on game start now depends on the Guaranteed Habitable Worlds setting. These segments have a large amount of blockers including some that require advanced technology to clear, but impact the habitability of the segment. Shattered Ringworld segments are no longer ideal worlds, but have a base of 100% habitability. Repairing shattered ringworld segments now qualify you for the Galactic Wonders AP. The cost and time to restore the shattered ringworld segments has been reduced by 25%.
  • Corpse-Filled blockers now take a year to clear.


  • AI will now value you offering them fleets. This fixes several cases where you could cheese the AI with worthless offers (e.g. fleets that you have just disbanded, or fleets that have no FTL drive, or are 100% of your total fleet despite being just 1 ship)
  • Added base unity target for machine empires so they can afford more leaders in the early game.
  • AI assault transports will now go ahead and invade planets if they have enough strength even if they have additional reinforcements on they way.
  • AI will no longer assign excessive amounts of fleets to bombard the same planet.
  • AI will no longer get stuck trying to activate tradition trees it was blocked out from activating, like the ascension perk trees. (This previously mainly affected modded games).
  • AI will now build armies based on the size of their economy.
  • AI will now correctly avoid superior enemy forces when pathing to link up with their fleet group
  • AI will now use war time edicts, and pay for their strategic resource from their stockpile without constructing additional rare resource producing buildings.
  • AIs lacking rare resources will no longer create ship designs that rely on them.
  • Fixed an issue where the Prethoryn Scourge did not get all AI updates it should.
  • Fixed an issue where AI would sometimes build strongholds even though their economy plan for navy cap was not activated.
  • Made the AI generally want more battleships, and generally varied the AI's desire for a certain distribution of ship sizes between personalities.
  • Made strategic AI take friendly following fleets into account when computing fleet power.
  • Empires will now support crisis decelerations against empires they are at war with.
  • Fixed issues with AI's difficulty-adjusted economic modifiers, and certain misevaluations of modifier benefits in its economic strategy


  • Fixed Out of Sync involving branch office power production.
  • Fixed a crash when ascending planets
  • Eliminated potential out-of-sync due to diplomatic relations.


  • Fixed lag from having a combination of a large number of species and a large number of colonisable planets.
  • Opening the fleet manager in the late game will now have a much-reduced impact on frame rate
  • Reduced UI frame rate lag from several sources (notably related to fleets and calculations of whether and where any reinforcements can be recruited)
  • Further improved the performance of using triggered economic category modifiers.
  • Made mean time to happen events early out if they have fire_only_once and have already fired. (I.e. they will stop draining performance once no longer relevant).
  • Slightly sped up the calculation of pop job weights when updating them from serial (i.e. not during the monthly batch parallel update)
  • Added caching to AI fleet power calculations.


  • Added terraforming candidate icon to galaxy map and system view.
  • Reduced notification spam from empires having certain CBs on you.
  • Selecting fleets from the galaxy map will now no longer select fleets merging with larger ones. This permits selecting all large fleets in a system without disrupting any fleets that are on their way to merge with them.
  • Caravaneers now tell you when you will be allowed to open another Reliquary in the tooltip where they say they can't offer one right now as they need more time to prepare.
  • Added planetary designations to the dropdown list for selecting planets in the resettlement view, and generally made it look a bit nicer.
  • Tooltips regarding offering or receiving Federation Association status now explain that this is basically a non-aggression pact
  • Added a more helpful tooltip to the Inter-Dimensional Trade modifiers.
  • The technology card UI will now resize dynamically depending on the size of the content in the card.
  • Fixed selected technology card scroll bar overlapping the unlocked content icons.
  • Fixed mouse shortcut tooltip for pausing the game being displayed in multiplayer even though it cannot be used in multiplayer.
  • Added a tooltip for war demand achievement acceptance that lists systems you lack claims on.
  • Added information on potential branch offices for megacorps to the "Kick from Federation" diplo action's tooltip, since Commercial Pacts between federation members are not a thing
  • Expansion planner view now has ahave Terraforming Candidate filter. which will help the player to find the uninhabitable planets which has potential to be terraformed to habitable ones. Also there is new status icon which will help distinguish the planets which are possibleis possible to terraform from the ones that are notis not. (not owned, tech requirements, etc...)
  • First Contact event chains will now progress if there is a purely random event with only one option. (Note that this only covers events between stages, not the ones that end stages, which may also only have one option). You can tell if your first contact chain is not blocked by a pending event by the alert looking less urgent.because the alert icon will look a bit less threatening.
  • Fixed the tooltip for commercial pacts showing the wrong value for how much you would benefit in terms of trade income.
  • Fixed it being possible for the subject toThe subject will no longer be able to press the "Build Holdings" button in the agreement view.
  • Added modifier details to production and upkeep of buildings.
  • Added modifier details to production and upkeep of districts.


  • Fixed strike crafts flying far below the fleet during combat.
  • Added check for disabled fleet when ships are destroyed and end combat if the last ship is disabled. This may solve some instances of the “invincible fleet” bug.
  • The last pop on a planet will no longer auto-migrate away.
  • The asteroid colony event will no longer get distracted when shot and is now slower to allow for more time to react.
  • The Holy Guardians will no longer mind if you turn their Holy Worlds into other planet types as long as you have the Head of Zarqlan. MAY HIS WILL BE DONE
  • Fixed planetary ascension modifiers increasing rather than decreasing empire sprawl.
  • Auto-designed ships can no longer equip space amoeba weapons.
  • Fixed it being possible to get Slave Optimization agenda and Iron Fist trait without actually having any slaves.
  • Added missing megastructures to the Giga-Engineering achievement check.
  • Repairing the Shattered Ring now makes it have an appearance that matches your empire’s scheme (as restoring ruined ring worlds does).
  • Fixed the possibility that the automatically-spawned Commonwealth of Man or United Nations of Earth could spawn next to a xenophobic fallen empire.
  • You will no longer get a notification of another empire completing their gateway construction when you are the first to make a gateway and it activates some other gateway.
  • The Horizon Signal events converting your empire species' portraits wholesale now give you a little bit of warning ("This may have significant and unpredictable consequences")
  • C.A.R.E. Relic World now has Dense Ruins rather than Former Relic World (which it could then get twice if you made it an ecumenopolis)
  • Fixed a case where the Caravaneers would ask en empire they had never met to relocate there after their home system was destroyed.
  • It is no longer possible to engage the Marauders in conversation multiple times, simultaneously.
  • Fixed some cases where orbital deposits could spawn on habitable planets.
  • Expand the Planetary Sea is now no longer available on a planet you are terraforming.
  • Renamed the 'Planetary Government' and 'Planetary Unification’ technologies for Machine and Hive Mind empires. Machines now begin with 'Planetary Instantiation', and may research 'Uniform Data Standards' as before. Hive Minds begin with 'Planetary Plexus', and now refer to the subsequent technology as 'Evolutionary Convergence'. The actual effects of these technologies remain unchanged.
  • Fixed that the ruined quantum catapult in the salvager system spawned above the black hole.
  • Tweaked a solar system generated as part of the Imperial Fiefdom origin. The vassal's neighborhood gas giants are no longer quite as close to consuming nearby asteroid belts.
  • Marauder clans may no longer spawn in systems which are adjacent to player empires.
  • Fixed "blocker cleared" VO not playing.
  • Fixed STT button not being clickable in the multiplayer lobby.
  • Fixed STT button being malplaced in the multiplayer lobby.
  • Fixed an issue which would prevent the Galactic Rebellion from forming if its instigator was the only independent (i.e. non-subjugated) empire left in the galaxy.
  • The Spiritualist Awakened Empire should no longer be capable of making a gestalt consciousness turn into a spiritualist empire.
  • Fixed some issues with intel logic that could mean that occupied planets could be set to flip between surveyed and unsurveyed each day.
  • Executing the envoy that hand-delivered a strongly worded letter no longer incorrectly locks policies that are not causing you to be in breach of galactic law.
  • Eating the envoy that hand-delivered a strongly worded letter now locks policies that are causing you to be in breach of galactic law.
  • Pacifist Xenophobe empires are no longer in two minds about those who choose to destroy Caravaneer fleets. Pacifism wins out and they now only hold a negative Opinion towards such empires, rather than both positive and negative.
  • Reunited the ‘Code Changes’ and ‘Incompatible Code’ empire modifiers with their missing icons.
  • First Contact events involving the Shroudwalker and Salvager enclaves now play appropriate sound effects.
  • Fixed the broken ringworld segment for the fallen machine intelligence from hiding behind the other segments.
  • Empires released by those that have the Divine Sovereign civic will no longer inherit the Divine Sovereign civic.
  • Devouring Swarms should no longer come and inspect your ringworlds.
  • Fixed an unsupported glyph appearing in place of apostrophes in assorted 'Specialist Subject' events.
  • Fixed Corporate Dominions required to have finished Mercantile Traditions to form a Trade League.
  • The unbidden no longer have an increased opinion of you if you destroy the Caravaneer's home.
  • Fix a missing "Missing DLC" tooltip for authority type
  • Added missing flags for Could Be Worse to the Knights' version of Venus and the toxic planets in the Toxic Entity's system.
  • Colony event "Wasteland Radiation" won't trigger anymore if your species is immune to radiation.
  • Completing the Flesh is Weak special project will no longer allow psionic pops to keep the psionic trait when they gain the cybernetic trait.
  • Contingency Worlds now become ordinary colonizable worlds upon losing their Pops.
  • Colonies that are depopulated in the middle of ground combat will now correctly end the battle.
  • Fixed generated war names when a crisis is declared by the Galactic Community.
  • Fix for when becoming a vassal resets all Policies and Species rights to Default.
  • Fixed issue with war names using the wrong Empire's name.
  • Fixed "Crystal Ball" event not triggering correctly upon entering the Crystalline Home System.
  • Fixed being unable to reorder the build queue of your branch offices and subject holdings.
  • Fixed colony auto designations really thinking you wanted hydroponics stations.
  • Fixed galcom resolution Neutral Defenders, Tiyanki Pest Control and the Tiyanki Conservation Act not correctly unlocking sanctions.
  • Fixed missing alpine world modifier in Contingency's habitability preference.
  • Fixed missing goto button for "Mineral Factorial" anomaly event.
  • Habitats built in orbit of planets with multiple deposit types, such as the mixed energy and alloy deposit spawned as part of the Knights of the Toxic God origin can now only have one of research, mining or generator districts instead of overflowing with too many district types
  • If you open a Vault on a tomb world Earth, you will now find Humans inside rather than random aliens (unless Humans already exist in the galaxy).
  • Lead ships should no longer run into the enemy disregarding their combat computer.
  • Percentage based hull, armor, and shield regen modifiers now show their values correctly. (As +1% rather than +0.01%)
  • planet_stability_add modifier now has a single decimal place, meaning that Death Chronicler and Chronicle Drone jobs are correctly shown to be producing 2.5 stability instead of 2.
  • Fixed localization for the Trader Proxy Office.
  • Removed out dated sector automation logic which was activated for planets when sector automation was enabled but planet automation was deactivated.
  • Robot empires will now take planet habitability into account correctly for auto-survey targets.
  • Shroud Chosen Leaders will no longer lose their chosen trait on becoming rulers.
  • Stopped you getting the Xeno Comedy event as a gestalt empire as it didn't really work flavour-wise for them.
  • Synth ascension now gives a warning for the Overtuned origin.
  • You can now crack pre-ftl worlds within your borders.
  • Using planet crackers against pre-ftl civilizations now requires the Unrestricted Native Interference policy.
  • Fixed caravaneer diplomacy view not having a close button.
  • A fleet now tries to target system star if starbase or planet orbital target gets destroyed
  • Adjusted fleet view textbox max height to remove truncation in Korean.
  • Non-potential resource terms will not be validated for agreement proposal
  • Defense platforms no longer sail away when in combat but too far away from engaging the enemies.
  • Corrected the caravaneers focus button sprite and added a location for every related diplomacy event script so that the button shows up.
  • Pops employed at removed jobs now gets fired instead of sticking around.
  • Fixed species modification window not showing all species traits if you had a large number of traits.
  • Thought Enforcement edict is now available even if you haven't made contact with another empire.
  • Fixed the ‘disband fleet’ button in the fleet view using the disband ship icon.
  • The option to close communications with Mercenary Enclaves upon first greeting them has been moved to the bottom of the event screen, in line with other, similar events.
  • Corrected SPQR family name gender.
  • Daemons will no longer use any random namelist.
  • Fixed inconsistent coloring in leader trait descriptions.
  • Fixed the diplomatic mapmode showing tooltips saying you were in a Commercial Pact with someone if you had a Research Pact with them, and vice versa.
  • The tooltip for planetary ascension upgrade will no longer show upgrade info for the non existent tier 11.
  • Fixed missing X on Xeno-Compatibility tooltip for non-xenophiles.
  • Fixed a tooltip for the Life-Seeded Origin which would appear to repeat a query on the Relentless Industrialists civic.
  • Added missing tooltip for district sorting in expansion planner.
  • Currently picked anomaly scientist's skill icon now has the correct tooltip.


  • Fixed num_free_districts sometimes providing erroneous results if used with districts that were not capped by modifiers.
  • Made excessively confusing way of doing tradition tooltips make you have to explicitly tell the game you want to overwrite the automatic modifier and effects tooltip with a custom one (custom_tooltip). Also added custom_tooltip_with_modifiers and made on_enabled show up in the tooltip too
  • Added government_election_years_add and government_election_years_mult.
  • Added ability to script in modifiers on ship sections.
  • Added support for sound_is_advisor on show_sound in events.
  • Added on_resolution_passed and on_resolution_failed on_actions.
  • Added position_on_current_resolution and position_on_last_resolution.
  • Added a quick open option for IMGUI views related to selectable entities ingame. Holding ctrl + alt and selecting a ship or fleet will now open the IMGUI debug view for fleets and ships.
  • Split if_resolution into a separate if_scaled_resolution. This allows for separation of pure and scaled resolution conditions in GUI script.
  • Added _vote_strength_mult modifier.
  • Added a galaxy_shape trigger.
  • Added a is_capitalist scripted trigger to check for corporate authority, merchant guild civic or corporate dominion civic.
  • Added a valid_leader parameter to federation types to limit the leadership candidates.
  • Added ability for planet automation to forbid and allow jobs.
  • Added additional_crisis_strength trigger.
  • Added console commands "text_to_speech_raw" and "text_to_speech_loc".
  • Added country scope num_planetary_ascension_tiers trigger.
  • Added envoy_cohesion_effect_mult modifier for federations.
  • Added federation_experience_add modifier.
  • Added modifiers planetary_ascension_effect_mult and planetary_ascension_cost_mult.
  • Added set_variable_to_random_value effect.
  • Added triggered_ship_modifier in component templates.
  • Added upgrade_trigger block for planet automation which allows for individual logic of when buildings should be allowed to be upgraded.
  • Fixed last_added_deposit
  • Fixed print_scope_trigger not working
  • Fixed root and from scopes within create_leader and create_ship
  • Fixed show_in_outliner in megastructures not actually working.
  • If you add too many options in an archaeology site or first contact, it now adds a scrollbar for those that don't fit in the interface.
  • Made galaxy shapes (map/galaxy) into regular database objects. This means you can define new ones.
  • Made the fail text of a tradition's "possible" check show up in tooltips.
  • Moved most pop upkeep and resource production to inline script.
  • Removed pop_assembly_speed modifier. You should use planet_pop_assembly_(organic_)mult instead. The sole difference previously was the former only worked in species traits (the untriggered sections) and the latter worked everywhere else (but not species traits). The error log didn't warn you of this, either. So now the latter works everywhere and the former no longer exists.
  • Added destroy and abort triggers for starbase modules and buildings.
  • Ship roles can now affect weapon selection. Added a define for the ship roles effect on the weapon selection.
  • Integrated ship roles to the remaining components and their selection process with an additional define for utility components.
  • Ethics are now individually overwritable.
  • Added size_damage_factor to weapon components, which modifies damage based on the ship size. At 0, there is no effect. Positive values multiply the weapon damage by the value times the target ship size. (Ship size is treated as a minimum of 1 for these calculations.)
  • Added point_defence_targets to component template, which sets valid targets for PD weapons. "missile" and "strike craft" are valid options. See 00_weapons_pointdefence.txt and 00_strike_craft.txt for examples.
  • Localization can now handle grammatical cases and complex grammatical dependencies.
  • Added support for grammatical gender and plural in names.
  • Added a new way to make localization aware of names' grammatical genders and similar
submitted by MrFreake to Stellaris [link] [comments]

1D-LSD: Report; 150 ug, Ghost of the Immortal Lysergamides

Age: 27
Weight: 130 lbs
Dosage: 150 µg on tab, sublingual
Setting: Going for a long walk on a rainy but not too cold December day

Before I delve into tedious chem/pharm talk. The quick answer you may want is- yes this is a good lysergamide, and it is quite potent, 150 ug is intense and long lasting.

Preface: So the battle rages on, a 1-substituted LSD analogue is made, it is banned, another is made. The 1-site of the molecule has become contested territory. We have seen the whole host of compounds based on this theme: 1F-LSD, ALD-52, 1P-LSD, 1cP-LSD, 1B-LSD, 1V-LSD, they’ve all been wonderful and successful.
1-Substituted LSD analogues are well understood to be prodrugs of LSD, in other words, the compound that the user would obtain is a legal analogue of LSD, but upon ingestion, their body would convert it to LSD, yielding an LSD experience. While I have tried to nitpick the differences between them, ultimately I wonder if that can just be chalked to set and setting, as the same thing is happening pharmacologically in all cases. Any carbonyl alkane can be strapped into the 1- position. The human body cleaves that group off, leaving behind pure LSD to enter the brain. These carbonyl groups have grown bigger and bigger. The lysergamides are locked in an ever-turning wheel of combat with Germany’s Novel Psychoactive Substances law. It is an arms race where one substitution gets banned, only to be replaced with another larger substitution that circumvents whatever new stipulations the law puts in place. The latest competitor is 1D-LSD, the largest 1-substitution yet.
1D can mean a lot of things, but in this case it means 1-Dimethylcyclobutyl- an obscure moiety that has never been seen in a psychedelic before. It is a hefty cyclobutyl group with methyls on the 1 and 2 positions. It's such an odd structure that it is hard to describe, here is a picture. This probably opens the door to switching those methyls around to wherever one pleases. Just another entry in the endless game!
­Sadly, the lab producing these brilliant analogues ran into legal difficulties, jeopardizing the further development of this fascinating progression of 1-substituted lysergamides analogues. A safe supply of chemicals was cut off from the world at the behest of the long shadow of the American Drug war. A man sought to make psychedelics more accessible to those who would heal and benefit from them in the face of nonsensical laws, he pushed forward research on the metabolism and effects of different lysergamides, he only sought to expand our knowledge in so many different ways, and now he must suffer under the heel of the ever-stampeding drug war. What cruel times we live in. 1D-LSD may very well be a ghost of now bygone era as we sail warily into the new dark.
Nevertheless- This is an exciting drug. It is perhaps the most potent 1-substituted LSD analogue I have ingested. Assuming the tabs are indeed ~150 µg, this is a hefty experience, probably getting close to the potency of actual LSD. The experience is vast and extensive.

T0:00 – Dose taken at home. The tab has an uncharacteristically slight bitter taste. I am with a group of friends- J and C, my longest time partners in crime with whom I have taken many many different research chemicals. Joining us is E and M, who are just taking strong cannabis edibles. J opted for classic mushrooms this time, C wants to revisit his old favorite, 2C-B. Our plan is to just aimlessly walk around the city where we all live. It is a wet day, breezy but not too cold, sometimes the sun tears through the clouds as they rush past high in the sky. Our first stop is to see the campus of the college where we had all graduated and formed so many drug-fueled memories, now that we had been away for years. I am a bit anxious, but in high spirits from the previous night’s dissociative-fueled debauchery. C and M had slept over.

T0:20- Getting ready to leave the house- perhaps the first hints of an experience? Or maybe a bit of placebo.

T0:40- We are walking to the subway station, the first notes are more definite, warmth and a little bit of a buzz.

T0:50- I can really feel It start to hit me as we wait for the subway. It is raining on and off all day, water leaks down the walls and the tiles are slaked with wet grime. All around is cold metal and dirty air. I feel like a little wide-eyed creature of the tunnels. There is a familiar psychedelic sense of energy pulsing through my limbs, a detached awkwardness with my friends, a bit of nausea stirring in my gut. When I look at the subway tiles ornate paisley floral patterns start to form. I sit quietly, taking in the space of the sooty echoes and sounds of drips around me.

T1:00- I am on the subway now, I am confined and uncomfortable but I am amongst friends. I am definitely experiencing my experience the most intensely out of all of them for now. So much activity stirs around me, it all seems shifted out of order by the grey sky of the surface above. I just curl up in my seat and take in my surroundings.
The chromed metal all over catches the light around it, the drug in my brain catches this light and sets it into motion, a shimmering swirl of glints and shines and quicksilver swirls. Grainy two-dimensional floral patterns slowly crawl across the grimy floor. Everyone around me is pulsing with energy, like migraine auras hovering over their forms. The visuals are still pastel, translucent, only apparent upon focus. It’s hard for me to maintain conversation with my friends. Nausea gently wells through me; a warm tension rolls down my limbs. I can’t wait to be back outside.

T1:05- We get off of the subway, we are back in our old haunt- so many days spent confused, lost, miserable, arrogantly feeling like I had figured the world out already, heartbreak and a deep void of depression, drug fueled hedonism and precious time with friends and lovers- the day is plain and grey now. We break onto the surface and take stock of things- in just a few short years everything looks different, we hardly recognize our environs, no one is here because it is the weekend. The world is spinning and flowing around me like a great breeze swirling leaves around my form. I feel compelled to only walk forward, concentric forms start to crackle from the wet concrete buildings, there are jolts of electricity in my skull.

T1:15- I sit down and the intensity sets in like a fogbank smothering a skyscraper. We are in the central square of campus, sitting, laughing, joking, reminiscing. The sky is grey above, stratus clouds sit in strips and stripes and blocky spiraling forms churn within these, like an abstracted freeform of the art of Mesoamerican indigenous peoples. They crackle with shy flashes of teal and pink, it all drifts and flows with weight and purpose. I stare at the ground and the concrete forms itself into fronds and spirals and swirls, bold lines and hard angles adorn in their spaces, slowly growing and blossoming. There is not much energy or restlessness or stimulation in the visuals or in my limbs, I am content to sit down, I feel like I am just basking in the experience like a sauna. It is hard to type notes, my fingers feel cold and tight, my skin looks magenta and traced with patterns of bars of color, my phone bends away from me. I would consider this a pretty intense experience. My thoughts are going everywhere, pursuing the depths of anything mentioned in passing. Every word generates a vivid image in my mind, to the detriment of actually understanding conversation. It still feels like it is building, I am still coming up.

T1:40- We walk through the neighborhood back to the old house where we all used to live at various points (I was the only constant). More than half of the reports I have written took place in this house. As I walk down the streets the clouds look ever so more energetic, like great creeping caravans of megafauna grazing their way across the sky. The late afternoon light catches the swirls of my visuals in all of its warmth and illuminates them, it is a glorious scene, I am with such nice friends, the day is being swept by gusts of euphoria. The world feels bent around me, like I am surrounded by a great crystalline wind that filters my perceptions into one of colors and motion. There is a spring in my step, a sense that the sky is a great glass dome above, we talk and joke, huddled up and impervious to the strangers walking around us.
The neighborhood looks completely different in the face of monolithic gentrification. I guess you can’t really go back. We post up outside our old house, we wonder who lives there now, I wonder what energies we had laid into the house. I try and project myself through time, imagine myself there so many times, on so many drugs, in so many emotional states, but I can’t, it doesn’t resonate, that part of my life is so far gone. It makes me sad to not be able to go back, even in this form, with my mind so raw and vulnerable, it makes me sad I cannot feel this space, that this is all it was, a physical structure of brick and wood and concrete, just like any other. I guess we didn’t leave any energy behind, just a mess of scavenged junk and animal bones and improvised weapons that were too difficult to move out. We sigh and decide to take a long walk back to my house. My emotions are raw and I feel sensitive, not in an anxious vulnerable way but in a way of comfort and acceptance in being among deeply familiar company. The intensity at last feels like it has reached its peak. I am immersed into this experience as fully as I can be. I can still walk, I feel functional, I feel nauseous and uncomfortable, and I realize I will be in motion for what is to be the most intense part of an already intense experience.

T2:00- Walking through the neighborhood, I have a destination in mind and I am navigating everybody there. I am still competent enough to do that least. I am flustered though, there is a great whirlwind around me in a million colors, my brain is cast about its currents and the world is buffered from me by a psychedelic haze. Little spots of visuals try and eke out an existence everywhere I look, eyespots with angular tendrils surrounding them, blossoming spiraling forms, adding chromatic traceries to the otherwise dulled greys of the day. I feel like I am 18 again. I try to take notes while walking, I’m walking very fast, it is very hard to type. My hands don’t’ look the shape they should, they don’t feel or move the way they should, it all feels like extra steps have been added to otherwise simple processes. I am content to let it overtake me and crawl about me, I am happy to submit myself to the drug in public, so long as I can still walk and appear normal. I take in so much of what is around me, my thoughts circle back on themselves, analyze themselves, leaving me in a half-attentive daze as I move. And yet so many beautiful things from the world stick out to me, one particular graffiti tag, the color of a car briefly contrasted with the bridge it drives under, a brief flare of music from another passing car, it is a world of ornate details and I am blessed to just walk by gathering theses sensations in my wake. Auditory effects are mostly nondescript- I feel often when I take psychedelics in public the ambient city noises around me will doppler and reverberate and echo, but I am not noticing much of that this time around.
Nausea wells up in my as I walk, I fight with all my might to hold it down. I am walking fast, not stopping, I feel like I am trying to outrun the full weight of this experience. I am talking with J a bit but I am mostly just in my public solitude, marveling at the swirling world before me, marveling at the patches of peach sunlight, the golden beams they cast down on the shimmering buildings below. The sky is still great glassy dome reflecting and refracting light in a perpetual dance down upon us. Everything is in its place, everything is as it should be and is altered as it needs to be, everything is beautiful. I am physically uncomfortable but enraptured in comfort. My friend remarks that the sky looks so weird today, in a poetic sense.

T2:30- We reach our next destination, a stretch of abandoned elevated rail line that is densely rusted and graffitied and overgrown, easily accessible through a hole in a fence near my old house. We slip in one by one and climb a steep hill of wet railroad ballast. Climbing through fences and up steep wet hills is betraying our age. We walk right through the living room of a homeless encampment but no one is home. Everything is damp and the sky is a great golden pink above, the filtered misty light carrying a gentle luminosity down to every slick wet surface. We laugh and joke as we walk the tracks, everyone is in high spirits, no one is really feeling their drugs other than the people who took edibles. I am having the most intense experience by far.I sit down and the full weight of my rolling peak crashes down on me, greater than before. The distant sky is spirals tumbling into each other. The buildings around me shimmer into polychromatic ghost images. The plants shift and embrace and entwine around me, the ballast below my feet smears and shifts and bulges with tints of red and blue and green. I am dizzy and it feels like a great rainbow void in the sky above is swirling a funnel cloud vortex into my skull, in the most benign way that can happen. A shiver runs down my back, I am sweaty, my hands are clammy and angular polygons form and unform and drift faintly on my skin. The world is huge, the wind is beautiful and the buildings around me sigh and heave in gentle repose. This is wonderful.I haven’t been talking much and when I do try to talk it is awkward, I am not too articulate and I have a hard time getting my thoughts across. I am usually quite articulate on psychedelics actually, so this impairment is a testament to the intensity of the experience. I am the de facto guide for this area since I’m the only one who has been here in recent memory, but I struggle to articulate directions to the rest of the group. We end up hanging around an abandoned substation for a bit, picking through the wet trash, loitering about on the rusty machinery, joking and chiding. I smoke a bit of cannabis. Everyone seems happy with where we are, I am happy with where we are.

T:245- We sit on a pile of railroad ties at the end of the line. We’re al laughing and joking now about God knows what. We’re all cracking up, I am laughing until tears are streaming down my face. Always such a good feeling on psychedelics, always glad to have humor in an experience. After this we set out, immersing ourselves in the city’s Chinatown. It is hectic and I have to push around the crowded sidewalks. All of the people I see around me look so odd in different ways in their various groups and social circles and gaggles, and I’m sure we look strange too. It feels like the experience has subdued itself so I can navigate this setting competently. We decide to stop by E’s house for a breather and just to check it out, since it’s right on the way back.

3:10- Being back inside is disorienting. I am sweating a lot. Colored patterns sear and pulse into every wall around me, steaming like they are being baked in, just raw crackling high heat psionic energy. Textures drift and move up and down the hallways. I am enthralled standing in the tiled elevator and staring at the swirling patterns on the floor. I lay down and let my pitiful muscles and bones rest. The apartment is cozy with a beautiful view north towards the city. I still feel like I am pretty reliably peaking. The quiet in the space is heavy and glowing, contrasted to the hustle and bustle and noise of the city outside. Every little thought I have I want to engage and examine and follow through to wherever it leads me, but I also just do not feel the energy for that. After catching our breath, we set out again.

3:20- Uh oh. E can’t find his keys. Me and C and M sit in the hallway outside the elevator while E and J look. The visuals sit heavy while I sit there still and quiet. The pattern on the carpet drifts and shifts, forms twirl and intertwine, splatters of color flash into the walls. I am filled with a sharp articulate euphoria, I can talk easier now and socialize better. There is still this innate sense of being where I need to be. After about 15 minutes of waiting we realize the situation may be more dire than we first thought- E’s keys are nowhere to be found. Him and J have searched the apartment up and down, in and on and under every surface, We all join the frantic search, searching the same places 5, 6 times. Brainstorming new places to look. It becomes an engaging activity for all, we interrogate this man like the police but it is to no avail. We eventually have to make the heartbreaking decision to leave him behind as he wouldn’t be able to get back into his apartment until Monday. Adding insult to injury, it is now pouring rain outside.
(E would find his keys in his trash the next day somehow)

T4:00- We set out to walk the rest of the way back to my house. Rain is coming down in curtains, the streets are aglow with neon lights and reflected puddles, bright lights illuminate the markets and storefronts as the rain cascades off their awnings in in glowing glassy beams. We are instantly soaked to the bone, we trudge forth, all we can do is laugh at how ridiculous our circumstances are, we lost a friend, we are soaked, what a bummer. The rain and the lights are beautiful in this state, but we are drowned rats. Our path is interrupted by a goddamn parade of all things, extremely bright lights catching the raindrops, marchers who seem unsure of whether to continue in the deluge, it is all such a surreal scene, a perfect compliment to the bizarre headspace I am inhabiting. It is all chaos and deluge and a storm of god tossing us about for heaven knows what incomprehensible prank. We just try to rush home.

T4:30- Back home, we are soaked to the bone. I quickly coordinate dry clothes and towels for my friends and a pile to dry their wet clothes. It feels nice to be competent and in control, to be a good host, to make my space hospitable. I am definitely much further down in my experience now. The room is stuffy and I throw the doors open to let in fresh cool air. After the whirlwind of activity and sweat and water and mess, it is blissful to be in my own home again, my two wily cats slinking around in their own ways, it’s a warm bustle of activity vibrating the room with orange energy. We loiter around and recover from our long walk. Another friend arrives.

T5:00- We smoke 2 joints in the back yard. I am down enough that this doesn’t stir the dust of the experience much. My spouse arrives home shortly after this. We lie around talking about our lives, Warhammer 40k lore, gentle and joking.

T7:00- Mostly down. My friends have all left.

T10:00- Feeling a residual euphoric glow in the absence of other effects. I am filled with adoration for my spouse. It is a pleasant and coherent headspace.

T12:00- Back to baseline.

Conclusion: 1D-LSD is another fine addition to the growing ledger of 1-substituted LSD analogues. This is by far the most potent 1-substituted LSD analogue I have tried. To answer the biggest questions- yes it will yield an experience similar to LSD, and the tabs dosed at 150 µg offer a substantial experience that is not to be taken lightly- in fact for the inexperienced I would recommend not even consuming an entire tab. It bore all the hallmarks of a lysergamide- patterned intentional visuals, teal-pink color schemes, a long duration with a drawn out euphoric stimulating afterglow, analytical, sentimental, profound and joyous headspace. This is certainly a compound that offers a worthwhile experience.
The global war on drugs cuts the head off of another hydra, and for now it seems the possibilities for 1-substituted carbonyl alkanes that metabolize into LSD are near endless- one simply needs to mix and match the carbons as they see fit. There seems to be no upper limit on bulk- in fact it seems bulk increases potency. To constant adaptation, and to freedom for friends near and far.
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24L Indefinite travel check-in (3 months in)

24L Indefinite travel check-in (3 months in)
Hello fellow onebaggers, I'd like to share the packing list and experiences so far for my current trip (indefinite timeframe). As with previous lists, this one aims to get me down to freezing temps, with the ability to work (from a laptop). I'm currently 3 months into the trip and so far have stayed in Mexico.
CPL24 v1 fully packed. Way too lazy to spread all my items out on the ground.
Complete packing list below, but first a few noteworthy changes/experiments/new items for this trip:
  • Switched from merino to synthetic (apart from socks)
    • I've actually had good luck with merino in the past, but wanted to try out the synthetic/quick-dry approach. So far I'm quite liking it. Washing clothes while I shower really isn't that much of a hassle and I feel like I have far more options when it comes to clothing (at much more reasonable prices).
  • Polo shirts all the way
    • I'd previously packed a long-sleeve shirt for fancier occasions. Found that I never really needed anything more fancy than a polo, so that's what I brought this time. If I do need something nicer, can probably borrow or find 2nd hand then donate again. I've also got a polo as my active shirt option for a bit more sun protection, and I think that's definitely the way to go.
  • Hanging toiletry bag instead of free-standing
    • I used to think that free-standing gave more options than hanging, but after using a hanging bag in a handful of accommodations, I can see that with some creativity you can basically hang a toiletries bag anywhere. I think I've been converted.
  • USB-C fan (super tiny, plugs into phone/power bank)
    • Didn't think I'd end up using this much, but it's actually turned out to be very useful:
      • Get a fire going when only provided with insufficient starting material.
      • Keep cool at a gym that lacks A/C or fans
      • Drying feet before putting socks on (ok that's a bit of a stretch, and it was a friend's feet, but it was handy(
      • Dry clothes a bit faster (this was the original use case I had in mind)
  • Roaving blue O-pen (water purifier)
    • Saw this mentioned either here or Ultralight maybe, and just had to try it out. It adds ozone to water, which is apparently a common method for treating water supplies, but the company that makes it also mentioned a few other uses such as washing vegetables and using it as a disinfecting/cleaning spray. Haven't really put it through its paces yet, but I treated some tap water and didn't get sick, so at least we can assume that it doesn't make the water harmful.
  • Toetem Coyote sandals
    • These transform between thongs/flip-flops and hiking/running sandals, which I thought would be perfect for onebagging (can't quite stomach the style of sandals for daily situations, but might occasionally like the extra security). The sandal mode doesn't work that great (at least for me), but as dedicated minimal thongs that pack super flat, they're decent (though terribly expensive).

Summary of weight.


  • Backpack Evergoods CPL 24 957g / 33.76oz
    • Respectable weight for a very durable 24L bag once frame sheet and some internal foam removed.
  • Sternum strap Evergoods Sternum strap (CPL24) 19g / 0.67oz
    • Haven't used this yet but probably worthwhile to have in case of needing to wear the bag for longer periods.
  • Sling Bellroy Lite Sling 7L 216g / 7.62oz
    • Great versatile sling for the weight, though I wish I could remove/stow the strap for easier packing.
  • EDC organiser Muji Double Fastener Case S 22g / 0.78oz
    • Additional organisation for the sling for my power bank + cable, cutlery and band-aids. Could be brought by itself though I haven't needed to.


  • Packing cube Sea to Summit Shoe Bag, small 60g / 2.12oz
    • Bit heavier than I'm used to, but this fits very nicely in the top of the CPL's main compartment.
  • Shirt - daily Uniqlo Airism Cotton tee, grey 140g / 4.94oz
    • The neck band warped almost immediately, wouldn't recommend this shirt for that reason. Fabric is 71/25/4 cotton/poly/elastane.
  • Shirt - active Uniqlo Dry-EX Polo Shirt, grey 172g / 6.07oz
    • MVP shirt, can wear hiking or with jeans and look semi-respectable. Meshy sides and back work wonders to keeping cool if there's any amount of breeze, but is pretty discrete.
  • Shirt - date night Lululemon Evolution polo, navy 155g / 5.47oz
    • Comfy, dries quickly, looks decent. Doesn't breathe as well as the Dry-EX.
  • Singlet Icebreaker Zeal tank, navy 93g / 3.28oz
    • Mostly for wearing around the accom so that I don't stink up my other shirts. Because there's no contact with armpits I basically never need to wash this.
  • Shorts - daily Outlier New Way Shorts 304g / 10.72oz
    • Great shorts, but still not worth the price. Just had to see what the hype was about.
  • Shorts - active/swim Crane Performance Athletic shorts, black M 129g / 4.55oz
    • These cost around $5 and unsurprisingly both pockets have developed large holes. These are great because both pockets have zippers.
  • Long pants Uniqlo Ultra stretch skinny jeans 534g / 18.84oz
    • Tried and true, these just work. I'm happy to wear shorts when it's hot out, so just wear these at night or in cold locations.
  • Shoes Vivobarefoot Gobi Lux 700g / 24.69oz
    • Have always onebagged with this style of shoe, but since they're starting to fall apart (after just one year), I've ordered a pair of Vivobarefoot Primus Asanas (kind of hard to get other barefoot brands in Mexico so stuck with Vivo).
  • Sandals Toetem Coyote 242g / 8.54oz
    • Thongs/flipflops that can convert into running/hiking sandals. Used this feature a bit, but generally a PITA to keep adjusting them back and forth and dialing in the fit. Even just as thongs they're pretty nice though and pack very flat. Super expensive compared to what I normally pay for thongs but I just had to support the company for putting out such a novel design.
  • Sandals bag Hercules Locking bag 11g / 0.39oz
  • Underwear Uniqlo Airism boxer briefs, L x2 100g / 3.53oz
    • Newer designs which seem a bit heavier than previous versions. Still, they are very compact and dry quickly (though can get a bit swampy).
  • Underwear Uniqlo Airism Boxer Briefs, mesh 38g / 1.34oz
    • OGs from my previous extended onebag trip, my faviourite fabric which I can no longer find.
  • Socks Teko Merino Socks 41g / 1.45oz
  • Socks Kathmandu No-show Merino Socks x2 48g / 1.69oz
  • Socks - warm Injinji Run, XL 54g / 1.9oz
    • Thicker socks for cold weather.
  • Shell Arc'teryx Nodin jacket, dark blue 154g / 5.43oz
    • This is a super nice jacket that is pretty unique in its ability to stow away the hood, though I do kind of wish I just took my old Uniqlo pocketable parka which has never let me down.
  • Insulation Uniqlo Ultralight Down jacket 218g / 7.69oz
    • Dependable and economical. When it breaks down I think I'll try one with a hood and ditch the beanie.
  • Beanie Kathmandu Merino Beanie 35g / 1.23oz
  • Gloves Kathmandu Fliptop Gloves 64g / 2.26oz
    • Fingerless gloves with a little hood that goes over the finger tips. Haven't tried them yet but I like the idea in theory.
  • Leg warmers Modetro Sports Calf Compression Sleeves 53g / 1.87oz
    • These are supposed to replace thermal leggings. The idea is that they should be a lot easier to remove if I overheat (or just push them down like socks). Initial testing at home was positive but haven't truly put them through their paces yet.
  • Hat Topo Designs Global Hat 46g / 1.62oz
    • I looked high and low for a packable cap that was almost entirely mesh that didn't look terrible. It's a great hat but it doesn't pass as a regular daily hat. I left this in a friends bag on a night out and still haven't retrieved it (bought another regular cap).
  • Belt BanCoppel Adjustable Belt 106g / 3.74oz
    • Regular canvas belt I picked up on the road on my last extended trip.


  • Sunglasses Nooz Optics Essential Sun Dinos 12g / 0.42oz
    • These replaced my much loved ROAVs (when I was unable to find replacement nose tips or a replacement case). Apart from an issue with the included case, I'm liking these since they are very slim and slide into my pocket easily, and can be hung on my shirt unlike the ROAVs.
  • Sunglasses Case Etsy Glasses sleeve 11g / 0.39oz
    • This is a soft glasses sleeve I bought to replace the stock plastic case they came with (which CAUSED scuffs in the middle of the lenses—please do not use the stock case if you plan to carry these in your pocket)
  • Watch Casio GA-2100-1A1 39g / 1.38oz
    • Solid, dependable watch that I think strikes a good balance between something that's not too flashy but still looks nice enough. Added NATO strap adapters to be able to switch out the strap for different occasions (or if I get bored).
  • Watch strap - active Benchmark Basics Silicone watch band, black 14g / 0.49oz
    • Black silicone strap that I usually wear, more comfortable than the included resin strap.
  • Watch strap - date night Cozy Vintage leather watch strap 22mm, tan 11g / 0.39oz
    • Leather strap to church it up a bit when required (still going on a G-Shock so not exactly super fancy). I'd never really seen examples of a blacked out watch on a tan leather band, but I think it looks OK.
  • Wallet Undivided Wallet 26g / 0.92oz
    • Daily wallet for the last 4 years. Ability to handle coins is essential here, though I am still searching for a wallet than can handle bills a bit better (larger bills and without needing to fold them).
  • Keychain/split ring Big Idea Design Titanium Split Ring 1g / 0.04oz
    • This came with the Pocket Bit
  • Key clip Nite Ize Slidelock S-Biner #2 7g / 0.25oz
    • I clip my keys to my belt loop because the New Ways don't have a key pocket (can I carry a camera in my right pocket). I removed the locking piece from one end for easy clipping on/off.
  • Multitool - screwdriver Big Idea Design Titanium Pocket Bit 2g / 0.07oz
    • Nice to have a good-sized phillips/flat screwdriver in such a small package. Occasionally comes in handy to tighten up things around the accom.
  • Multitool - cutter Nite Ize DoohicKey QuickKey Tool 19g / 0.67oz
    • This has come in handy a bit more than I expected (cutting open packaging, cutting loose threads, etc). The bottle opener also works pretty decently. Might get taken by airport security.
  • USB drive Silicon Power Mobile C21 USB Drive 1g / 0.04oz
    • Primarily to store important backup codes/documents so that if I happened to lose my phone and computer at the same time I'd be able to get back up and running quicker (I keep this on my keychain). Still haven't gotten around to loading the documents on there...
  • Sim tool Generic Sim tool 1g / 0.04oz
    • This also lives on my keychain and takes up so little space that I don't mind carrying it everywhere.
  • Torch Rovyvon A8X 18g / 0.63oz
    • Another thing I wasn't sure that I'd use, but it's come in handy. Can bounce it off a white wall to improve webcam quality, shine through my umbrella for soft fill light, use as a bike light, headlamp, use the UV light to give myself nightmares about hotel cleanliness, etc.
  • Phone Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G 190g / 6.7oz
    • Got this one because it has e-sim capability and I'd always wanted to try the s-pen. Wish the battery life were better.
  • Phone case Generic Note 20 case 46g / 1.62oz
  • Phone stand Adidas Phone stand and grip 14g / 0.49oz
    • This actually a rebranded CLCKR stand. Although it adds some extra bulk in the pocket, I don't think I could go back to using a phone without one. Works great as a stand in both portrait and landscape.


  • Laptop Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Carbon 13 969g / 34.18oz
    • One of the lightest-weight laptops I could find that can keep up with my demands for work and photo editing (mostly).
  • Laptop stand Majextand Laptop stand 136g / 4.8oz
    • Works to prevent me from craning my neck down while I work and actually makes typing more comfortable IME. Stuck to the bottom of the laptop so no need to carry/set up a separate thing.
  • Laptop case Sea to Summit Ultra-sil Document Pouch A4 69g / 2.43oz
    • Fits my laptop well and adds a tiny bit of extra protection to the edges. Came in handy for toting around documents for a Visa application and also works as a mouse pad for glass surfaces.
  • Tech pouch Muji Double Fastener Case S 22g / 0.78oz
    • My tech setup is pretty basic so this simple pouch is all I need (charger and cable stored elsewhere in the main bag).
  • Mouse Lenovo Yoga Mouse 60g / 2.12oz
    • USB-C, folds flat, decent battery, I don't have any issues using this all day and night. Also has a laser pointer if you need one? Doesn't work perfectly on a glass surface though.
  • USB-C charger SlimQ 65W PD Charger 91g / 3.21oz
    • Still #2 on my list of chargers ranked by max W/gram. Dual USB-C and slightly more compact would be nice (I only need 45W max).
  • Power Adapter multi Mogics MA-1 adapter 28g / 0.99oz
    • Very cool design which also is supposed to work with the UK plug.
  • Cable - USB-C PD SlimQ USB-C Cable, 1.8m 54g / 1.9oz
    • Rubberised cable that has always been long enough to get a workable setup.
  • Cable - multi Samsung USB-A to USB-Micro/Type-C, 20cm 8g / 0.28oz
    • This lives with the power bank so that I can charge my camera/phone/torch.
  • Cable - multi ZNTER Micro USB x4 cable 16g / 0.56oz
    • 4x USB micro plugs seems a bit much in this age of USB-C, but it's actually come in super handy.
  • Headphones EarFun Free Pro Oluv Edition 41g / 1.45oz
    • These get used a tonne (work, gym, leisure). Noise cancelling is much appreciated here in Mexico.
  • Headphones - wired LG 3.5mm bundled earbuds 12g / 0.42oz
    • Still far prefer these for video calls on my laptop.
  • Headphones mgmt Generic silicone cable wrap, pink 1.5g / 0.05oz
  • Power bank SMARTCOBY 8,000 mAh powerbank 138g / 4.87oz
    • This was the mAh/grams ratio champion until the Nitecore NB10000, but I prefer the smaller capacity/size/weight to this one anyway (and it has rounded edges).
  • SD card adapter SD Micro-Full Adapter 1g / 0.04oz
    • Need this because my camera takes micro SD cards.
  • SD card reader Sandisk USB-C SD card reader, UHS II 16g / 0.56oz
  • SD card - spare Sandisk Extreme 128GB SD card 1g / 0.04oz
    • Spare full size SD card in case I buy a new camera.
  • Adapter - USB-C - micro Generic USB-C - micro adapter 2g / 0.07oz
  • Adapter - USB-A - USB-C Generic USB-A - USB-C adapter 4g / 0.14oz


  • Camera body Panasonic GX880 240g / 8.47oz
    • This is a cheap/beginner's camera but it's served me well so far. Rear wheel has become unreliable so hopefully a viable upgrade/replacement gets released by somebody at some point (though I read that this model was recently discontinued...).
  • SD card Sandisk Micro SD Card 64GB 1g / 0.04oz
    • Easily enough capacity for the 16MP files.
  • Lens - daily Panasonic Lumix G 14mm f/2.5 50g / 1.76oz
    • Was worried that this would feel a bit redundant being only slightly faster than the 12-32, but I don't regret bringing it (and it only weighs 50g...). Cut my teeth with a Fuji X70 and later GR3 so I have a soft spot for 28mm equiv. FoV.
  • Lens - zoom Panasonic Lumix 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6 66g / 2.33oz
    • I've used this lens the least, but it's very versatile in a very small package (pocketable when collapsed). I would consider swapping this for a 14-140 since I already have two other pocketable options.
  • Lens - portrait Panasonic Lumix 20mm f/1.7 100g / 3.53oz
    • Probably my most-used lens, great for an impromptu portrait or low-light shooting. Smartphones have gotten really good but still can't touch this level of quality. 40mm f/3.4 FF equiv in a truly pocketable package is well worth the extra weight.
  • Lens rear caps Panasonic M43 rear lens cap x2 13g / 0.46oz
  • Lens cap Panasonic Len cap 46mm 7g / 0.25oz
    • Cap for the primes. I actually should have brought two of these. Oh well.
  • Lens cap Panasonic Lens cap 37mm 4g / 0.14oz
  • ND filter Urth ND16 filter 46mm 7g / 0.25oz
    • ND for slower shutter speeds, haven't used it yet.
  • Battery - main Lumix DMW-BLH7E Battery 27g / 0.95oz
  • Battery - spare Jupio DMW-BLH7E Battery 30g / 1.06oz
  • Tripod Pedco Ultrapod 1 51g / 1.8oz
    • Lightweight tripod that's small enough to keep tucked away in my sling just in case. Can strap it to a branch/pole too to increase options.
  • Lens blower VSGO Lens blower 24g / 0.85oz
    • Rubber lens blower bulb that I probably should use more often.
  • Lens brush Hakuba Lens Brush Mini Pro 8g / 0.28oz
    • Soft brush on one end and a kind of pad for cleaning crud on the other end.
  • Lens brush refill Hakuba Lens Brush Pad Refill 3g / 0.11oz
  • Lens cloth Urth Lens cloth 7g / 0.25oz


  • Toiletries bag Kathmandu Pack&Go Hanging Toiletry Bag 48g / 1.69oz
    • Simple toiletries bag that works well enough for my needs.
  • Towel Speedo Swimmer's Towel 34g / 1.2oz
    • Accommodation usually provides towels, but it's still worthwhile bringing this one. Was actually trying to replace this with a Sea to Summit towel but couldn't find one.
  • Soap case Matador FlatPak Soap Bar Case 11g / 0.39oz
    • This case is worth it in my opinion for the simple fact that you can loosely close the roll-top, preventing soap from getting out but not creating an air-tight seal.
  • Soap Dove Bar soap, per gram 73g / 2.58oz
  • Deodorant - unscented Nuud Deodorant, 20ml x3 69g / 2.43oz
    • Never really loved using this but packed it to try and use it all up. It does work as advertised, but I personally dislike the application and having to guess when to re-apply.
  • Deodorant - scented The Original Tom's of Maine Deodorant stick wild lavender 94g / 3.32oz
  • Trimmer Wahl Pocket Pro Trimmer 72g / 2.54oz
    • Still going strong. Keep a tiny piece of paper in the battery compartment to block the circuit when in the bag to prevent accidental activation.
  • Battery ZNTER AA Battery, USB-rechargeable 17g / 0.6oz
  • Razors Razor head x2 4g / 0.14oz
  • Tweezers Delfin Tweezers 7g / 0.25oz
  • Nail clippers Victorinox Nail clippers 11g / 0.39oz
  • Toothbrush Oral B PRO 2 2000 electric toothbrush 120g / 4.23oz
    • Definitely a shame to pack a bulky/heavy brush that requires a proprietary charger. Also I can't find heads for it locally so will probably have to buy them online.
  • Toothbrush head covers Aliexpress Toothbrush head covers x2 4.6g / 0.16oz
    • These clip onto the Oral B brush heads so that I can store them in the bag (I detach the head after each use).
  • Toothbrush charger Aliexpress USB toothbrush charger 19g / 0.67oz
    • Lighter than the stock charger but still a hassle.
  • Tooth paste Colgate Total toothpaste 40g 44g / 1.55oz
  • Floss Dental-Bright Flossing Brush x20 16g / 0.56oz
  • Interdental brushes Generic Interdental brush x20 20g / 0.71oz
  • Comb Generic Plastic comb 6g / 0.21oz
  • Cologne Solid state Solid cologne 18g / 0.63oz
    • I think this is wax-based. Doesn't really smell that strong or for very long, but the case is pretty cool.


  • Laundry soap ZOTE Laundry bar, per gram x54 54g / 1.9oz
  • Laundry soap bag Small cotton bag 5g / 0.18oz
  • Dry bag Sea to Summit Ultrasil Drybag 37g / 1.31oz
    • For laundry, seam taping fully pealed off so needed to re-seal with silicone sealer. Even though this has proven incredibly strong over the years of use (minus seam tape issue), I think I might replace it with a slightly heavier one just because it always feels like it's going to break.
  • Spray bottle Dr Bronner's Spray bottle 17g / 0.6oz
    • Used to use to spritz clothing with vodka between wears. Currently has some lavender scent inside.
  • Coat hanger Generic Plastic coat hanger modded 34g / 1.2oz
    • Added some carboard to open up the shirt a bit for faster drying (haven't tested effectiveness yet though).


  • First Aid Kit (bag) Muji Double Fastener Case S 22g / 0.78oz
  • Paracetamol Any paracetamol 15g / 0.53oz
  • Band-aids Any band-aid x5 2.5g / 0.09oz
  • Condoms Durex Condoms x8 17g / 0.6oz
  • EDC pill case Eclipse Chewy mint tin, 27g 16g / 0.56oz
  • Mask - daily Uniqlo Airism face mask x2 20g / 0.71oz
  • Mask - other Aero Surgical face mask x3 10g / 0.35oz
  • Sunscreen bottle Sen Sense Sunscreen, 75g 78g / 2.75oz
  • EDC sunscreen Matador FlatPak Bottle 11g / 0.39oz
    • I don't understand what this bottle is for... the fabric lets the contents dry out, yet the contents are supposed to be liquids. Anyway my sunscreen turned into yellow grease. If anyone knows a legitimate use for this bottle, please let me know (I assumed it was a different fabric to the soap case).
  • Lip balm Hunter Lab Lip conditioner 8g / 0.28oz


  • Passport Passport 37g / 1.31oz
  • Passport holder Ebay Passport Holder 19g / 0.67oz
  • Cards Various cards x4 20g / 0.71oz
  • Immunisation book Yellow Immunisation Book 8g / 0.28oz
  • Lock Kathmandu Combination lock 52g / 1.83oz
    • Simple non-TSA compliant lock.
  • Umbrella Montbell Travel Umbrella 86g / 3.03oz
    • This thing is so tiny that I can carry it in the same pocket as my camera. Not going to have amazing coverage but it still comes in handy.
  • Water bottle Nalgene Silo 1.5L 200g / 7.05oz
    • 1.5L is the amount I generally want to drink when I work out, hence the large bottle. Also handy to not have to fill up from the 20L water jug so often. Takes a large chunk of capacity from my bag which I don't love.
  • Water bottle - packable Katadyn BeFree soft flask 600ml 23g / 0.81oz
    • The idea behind this was to be able to take a small amount of water easily in a sling or pocket (or increase total capacity to 2.1L if hiking or something). Haven't used it yet.
  • Water bottle - packable cap CNOC Vecto Replacement Cap 5g / 0.18oz
    • Simple cap for the BeFree bottle (I left the actual filter behind).
  • Water purification Roaving Blue O-Pen 33g / 1.16oz
    • Can't really say that it works as advertised, though assuming it does, it's preferable to my previous Steripen. If I can, I'll buy the refillable 20L water jugs, otherwise I'll treat tap water (still need to be careful of metals/chemicals though which this doesn't touch).
  • Cutlery set Daiso Collabsible cutlery (fork, spoon, handle) 16g / 0.56oz
    • Only used a couple of times and don't expect to get a tonne of use from it, but I like it.
  • Pen Zebra SL-F1 Mini Ballpoint Pen 12g / 0.42oz
    • A comically small pen, I like this also.
  • Pen refills Zebra ink refill 4C-0.7 x3 3g / 0.11oz
    • Probably never going to need these refills but they're super small might be hard to come by if I did need them.
  • Earplugs Radians Ear plugs, custom 15g / 0.53oz
    • These work decently and are just comfortable enough to sleep in.
  • Carabiner Generic Cheap carabiner, black 6g / 0.21oz
    • To hook something to my sling, e.g. water bottle, hat.
  • Hanging hook Heroclip Mini 20g / 0.71oz
    • Might have used this once or twice to hang the toiletries bag. A simple plastic hook is probably just as good.
  • Clothes line Homemade Clothesline, 1.2-2.4m 4g / 0.14oz
    • Haven't used but is pretty light weight.
  • Shopping bag Nanobag Large 18g / 0.63oz
    • Use these pretty much daily. You can load this up with so much stuff that it's amazing it doesn't break. I also use the medium as my gym bag and also to take pretty much anywhere with me.
  • Other bag Nanobag medium 14g / 0.49oz
  • 3-1-1 bag Narita airport clear bag 1g / 0.04oz
  • Sundries bag Generic Mylar bag 2g / 0.07oz
  • Measuring tool Daiso Mini tape measure, 1m 16g / 0.56oz
    • I may be the only one who brings a tape measure, but I recently used it to measure my feet to order a pair of shoes.
  • Fan Generic USB-C fan 14g / 0.49oz
    • Was skeptical of whether or not I'd use this, but it's actually proven very useful.
  • Zip ties Mini zip-tie x5 1g / 0.04oz
  • High-viz patch Evergoods High-vis patch x2 5g / 0.18oz
    • Orange and white
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It’s a good day to be a KaspaKnight💪🏻⚔️

It’s a good day to be a KaspaKnight💪🏻⚔️ submitted by GWood97 to kaspa [link] [comments]

The Kardashev Scale (Ch. 2)

Professor Marco Digamo held a doctorate in Astrophysics and could proudly call himself Doctor Digamo, but he chose to introduce himself as Professor, instead. He felt it suited him more. The title of Doctor seemed a bit too lofty for the middle-aged man, who found it too troublesome to shave properly and couldn’t remember the last time he slept at a normal time. Even Marco considered himself to be a rather sloppy person. His clothes were disheveled and wrinkled most of the time, he was rarely seen without his dirty, dented steel coffee cup, and he gave off the air of being unaware of what a comb was. His schedule was remarkably haphazard for a man who was known for his punctuality at his lectures; outside of work, though, it almost seemed as though the highly educated vagrant-lookalike did not have anything that resembled a ‘typical day.’ Some days he exercised, some days he researched, some days he slept in, some days he read books or watched movies… The only common factor of Marco’s daily schedules were his lectures.
However, Marco was unconcerned by this. As long as the university was happy enough to keep him around, he didn’t mind what other people thought of his life. He didn’t find other people or their arbitrary societal guidelines to be very interesting, even if he was aware that it might be socially advantageous to at least pretend to care. It just felt like too much effort for him to try that hard to be social. Instead, he felt his efforts should be placed toward what he was already good at: collecting, processing, and analyzing data. His work had already placed him in the top echelon of the scientific community, and he felt very comfortable resting on his laurels, casually working his way towards an early retirement at the age of 150.
Marco was initially rather surprised to see how much interest his classes received. It was fair to say that he placed the minimal amount of effort into preparing for his lectures - his modus operandi in class was to stand in front of the podium and talk, with no visual aids. He brought notes, but they were often just reminders of what topics he needed to cover, rather than anything detailed. He would simply recite vague information that he remembered, made room for questions, and then moved on to the next topic. When he began teaching, Marco expected to have to eventually change this method, but weirdly, nobody had complained about it in his 40 years teaching at the university.
What Marco failed to realize was that the ‘vague’ information that he happened to remember was far more structured and thorough than the majority of other lectures, and as long as the students could keep up their notes, they would have no troubles with assignments or tests. Rather than hearing complaints, more and more students joined his classes over time, and he became known as an antisocial but easy-to-understand professor, even if his class required intensive note-taking. Despite his confusion at the situation, Marco easily accepted it, as it meant that his job would continue to be relatively simple.
The only detriment to his position as a professor was having to deal directly with students. While he didn’t particularly mind answering questions in lectures, speaking with them one-on-one was an undesirable activity that Marco avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, this was not something his students were aware of.
“Heya professor! I’ve been wai-”
Marco calmly closed the door he was just about to walk through, and leaned his head against it. ‘That’s weird. It almost seemed like my office had a student in it for a moment. I must be really sleep-deprived this time. Okay, let’s try again, with feeling this time.’ He swung the door open.
“Uh, professor? What are you doing?”
“Currently, I am imagining a situation where I somehow don’t get fired for defenestration. What are you doing, Ian?” Marco was considering closing the door again and walking away, but he thought better of it. Sighing, he stepped into the office and closed the door behind him, dropped his bag, and moved around to the other side of his desk to prepare some coffee.
“I’m waiting for you, I guess? I had a question to ask.” Ian appeared slightly flustered by the hostility Marco displayed, but after being in class with him for several months, he was somewhat familiar with the sharp tongue of his professor.
“Noted. I also have a question for you: how did you get in here?” Marco was fairly sure he didn’t care about Ian’s question. He poured some coffee grounds into the machine and pressed a button before staring at the bag he dropped by the door. “And throw me that.”
Ian grabbed the bag and handed it to the professor, who promptly dropped it once more and began digging through it. Staring at the eccentric man, Ian responded, “Uh, I just walked in? It wasn’t locked or anything, and I figured you would be here since our lecture is soon.”
Marco stopped searching his bag for a moment, then shuffled around a bit more before standing up, coffee cup in hand. “It wasn’t locked? That’s odd” As he mumbled loud enough for Ian to hear, he watched Ian’s reaction, but Marco didn’t notice any obvious discomfort in the student. ‘I mean, why would he break in, sit here, and then lie to me about breaking in? Unless he’s an idiot? I kind of hope he isn’t an idiot.’ “Well, what’s your question then?”
“It’s about what we talked about in class, um, last week. You said that you took it off the curriculum, so I wanted to know how I could learn more about that kind of stuff.” Ian looked slightly embarrassed as he asked.
“Yes, you certainly do seem to have an interest in aliens, don’t you?” A hint of red colored Ian’s face in response to Marco’s quip. “I’ll make a deal with you, Ian. Never enter my office when I’m not here again, and you and I can discuss this topic another time. However, right now, I need to prepare for the lecture. I will contact you afterwards.”
“Ah, uh, yeah. Sure. That works. Thanks, Pro-, I mean, professor. I’ll see you in lecture tomorrow then!” Ian took the hint and stood up.
“Yes, yes, have a nice day.” Marco pretended to review his notes until Ian had closed his office door. At the sound of the latch, Marco immediately stood up and walked towards his door, carefully checking the locking mechanism. Finding no issues, he grabbed his coffee and sat back down behind his desk. Marco sipped at his coffee and then made a face.
Next time, I’m throwing him out of the window instead of asking.
“Myaaaaaaaaaa,” Ian whined, flopping onto his bed. “He’s such a diiiiiiiick.”
“Ian, you’re the one who decided to wait in his office for a full hour before he showed up, without even telling him you were gonna be there. All that time and you didn’t think to send him a quick message? No wonder he didn’t seem happy to see you, idiot. Want a salad with dinner?” Mya was decisively dismissive of Ian’s concerns, as she was fully aware he brought most of it on himself. The number of times Ian demanded comfort from her after landing himself into trouble was practically uncountable, and they had only been dating a few years.
“I was nearby and I knew we had class soon… He was so weirded out by me being there, it was like I freaked him out or something. I just assumed he left his door unlocked so students could wait for him?” Ian consciously chose not to reflect. “Like, he remembers basically every student’s name, even though there are like over a hundred students in any given class. He doesn’t even like, think about it. Would he be able to do that if he didn’t like us? I should have made you take this class with me or at least go with me to his office...”
Mya poked her head into the bedroom. “Don’t care. Doesn’t matter. Too late to fix it. Salad?”
“Ughhhh yes, darling.” Ian groaned and rolled off his bed. “You know, you’ve been real mean to me lately.”
“Honey, you’ve deserved it lately.”
Ian shrugged and acknowledged it. “You could at least wait until I’m done being self-pitying, though, you know?”
Mya looked up from the lettuce she was cutting, rolled her eyes dramatically, and then looked back down to the lettuce.
“Yeah, that’s fair,” Ian chuckled. He was fully aware that he was being obnoxious, but he couldn’t help it when it came to Mya. Taking jabs at each other was one of life’s greatest joys for the couple. Besides, both of them knew when the other should be taken seriously. Usually. "It's just weird that he keeps bringing up aliens to me. I know I'm hinting at it, but it's like he knows that I'm embarrassed to say it out loud."
As he sat down at the table, he felt his computer vibrate. Tapping the coin sized screen that was adhered on the inside of his wrist, a display appeared over his palm, informing him of a message. ‘Speak of the... He did say he’d contact me later... I didn’t think it’d be right after class was over, though. I suppose he really is all business.’ Ian skimmed through the message sent by Professor Digamo.
“Then stop hinting about aliens to him, Ian. Also, dinner’s ready.”
“Oh, yeah, actually, Pro-Digs just messaged me, gimme a sec. He said he’s planning on an extra class to answer any questions we might have. Looks like I wasn’t the only one with questions. Hey, what’s my schedule look like next we-” Ian froze after glancing at Mya, noticing a tremendous amount of displeasure in his girlfriend's expression. “Um. Nevermind. I’ll look for myself, um. After dinner?”
Mya nodded, content with Ian’s amended statement. “Yes, you look after dinner.”
Ian sheepishly nodded, and he quietly made another mental note to stop asking Mya about his schedule.
Marco was laying on the floor behind his desk, tossing a ball in the air and catching it. For all intents and purposes, he looked like a useless person slacking off. However, the reality was,
Nitrogen, argon, oxygen, carbon dioxide, ozone… Argon is a pain in the ass, huh? The HEATs had to use liquid argon isotope along with the fuel source, but there’s only so much of that nearby. Potassium takes too long to decay. Everything else can be made by artificially decomposing biowaste, but we need another source of argon. Molecular recombination uses way too much energy to be even remotely practical…
Marco’s thoughts had been buzzing around these topics for hours already. For those who knew him, this was unsurprising. After all, his research in planetary formation and his theories on artificial atmospheres were the key to the creation of the Highly-Efficient Atmospheric Terraformation machines that made the lunar colonies a reality. It was a revolutionary concept that allowed for the possibility to create an atmosphere from scratch, using waste products and fuel, rather than converting the existing atmosphere gradually like the Martian Establishment did. The idea was so groundbreaking that the members of the Nobel Committee unanimously decided to make a new category, with the argument that it cleared the largest obstacle to humanity’s ability to make major astronomical discoveries in the near future. As one of the pioneers of the field, Marco continued to consider the various ways he could improve terraformation technology, even decades after earning his Nobel.
Briefly looking at the clock that was crudely taped onto the ceiling of his office, Marco sat up, and crawled over to his bag, digging around for his coffee cup, and then finally standing up. After preparing his coffee, he exited his office and walked straight to the lecture hall. He would wait in the back room there, and walk out the moment it was time for the extra class to begin…
Or so I thought.
“Hey, professor!” A voice that was becoming annoyingly familiar broke Marco out of his thoughts. He considered acting as though he forgot something in his office, but he figured Ian would likely just follow him there. “Thanks for doing this extra class! I have a bunch of questions, I can’t find any answers online at all. It’s so frustrating! I know the Internet is basically useless for finding information nowadays but you’d think that something…”
Please shut up, you humanoid golden retriever.’ Marco found Ian’s rapidfire talking to be extremely difficult to ignore, despite his very best efforts. He set up this extra lecture in an attempt to avoid more students approaching him personally to ask questions, but Marco was quickly beginning to regret that decision. As he was desperately trying to tune out Ian, who was excitedly describing some Brendon person, they approached the lecture hall. ‘I hope it’s more than just him… Oh, thank God, excuses.
“... and I spent like, three hours, me and Mya both, trying to find any articles on-”
“Ian, I am glad you appreciate this extra lecture, and it sounds like you have a lot of interest in the topic. However, if you have any questions, you may ask them during the lecture like the rest of the students here.” Marco decided to interrupt Ian, gesturing towards the dozen or so students who clustered near the front of the classroom. “Why don’t you take a seat, and we’ll begin shortly.”
Ian awkwardly laughed and apologized for taking up Marco’s time, and quickly walked to join the group of students. Marco passed the group and walked to the podium. After a few minutes and a few more students trickled into the lecture hall, Marco cleared his throat and waited for the students to dismiss their computer displays.
“Right, so there’s no plan today. I felt that there was some lingering curiosity on topics discussed in class last week, and I wanted to ensure that you all had an opportunity to explore your interests. However, please know that you will not be tested on anything we discuss in class today, nor will you be receiving any form of credit for being here. This is an entirely optional lecture. You may also leave at any time. For the next two hours, we can take time to explore any topic you decide. Where should we begin?” Marco hoped that some of the students would leave, but none of them so much as shifted in their chairs as he spoke. However, nobody moved to raise their hand, either.
After a few moments, Marco sighed, and looked at the humanoid golden retriever. “Ian, you had much to say before the lecture began. Why don’t you start us off?”
Ian blinked twice, and then sat up a bit straighter. “Uh, sure. Yeah, so like I was asking you about the Copernican-”
“Wait. Please explain to the class the context of your question. Just because I heard it doesn’t mean they are going to understand where you are coming from.” ‘Also, I definitely wasn’t listening to you at all, kid, don’t expect me to follow you on this.
“Oh, y-yeah, of course,” Ian stuttered, laughing a little bit at his own discomfort. “S-so, um. In one of your other classes, you talked about the Copernican theory, and how we should be on an ordinary planet, around an ordinary star, in like an ordinary galaxy, or something like that, right?”
Marco nodded, gesturing for him to continue.
“Okay. So if that’s the case, then how could that… filter thing that you talked about last class, how could it… Um… I don’t know, exist? Sorry, I know what I’m trying to ask, but I don’t know how to phrase it.” Marco watched the student dig himself into a hole for a moment before deciding to mercifully lend a hand.
“Yes, indeed. If the Copernican Principle is correct and we’re ordinary in every way, then where are all the other planets full of aliens? And if you’ll remember my response then, Ian, I mentioned that we simply haven’t had enough time to explore very far. Radio signals only began to go out en masse in the 1900s, less than 500 years ago. That only affords us a radius of less than 500 light years to search, and less than 250 light years to actually receive information back. The fact is, in the grand scheme of the universe, our search radius is still dreadfully small. I believe I described something similar to this - were that girl’s notes not thorough enough for you?” ‘Weird. I thought I understood his question pretty well. Why does he seem even more embarrassed?’ Marco was puzzled by Ian’s body language as he answered the student.
Ian, who had virtually shrunken back into his seat as he blushed furiously. He was used to the sarcasm from his professor, but he was unaware that the man had noticed Mya taking notes for him, let alone remembered it from months ago. Ian stammered out a response. “No, I mean. Yes, that’s sort of what I’m asking, but not really. I mean, the whole filter thing fits just fine with the Copernican Principle, I think? But like, wouldn’t that mean that a species that passed the filter would no longer be ‘ordinary?’”
Marco’s stare was becoming uncomfortably intense. “Continue.”
“No, ah. I mean. I can’t? That’s where I’m stuck.” Ian laughed, feeling like it would be better to shut up here. It was embarrassing enough for everyone's attention to be on him, especially when he was fumbling with his question so much. He quickly averted eye contact with the professor’s blistering gaze. Marco continued to stare at him for a moment before his posture abruptly relaxed, and he leaned on the podium.
“Can anyone else try to follow up on Ian’s question?” He asked, looking at each of the twenty-odd students one at a time. Finally, his vision landed back on Ian. “Very well. I can understand your confusion. After we briefly discussed how we are unaware of exactly where the Great Filters are, we brought up the theory that humanity may have already passed the most significant ones. If this is the case, does it not mark us as unique? A break in the Copernican Principle? An extremely unlikely event that may not occur again?” Marco sipped his coffee, enjoying how most of the students were practically hanging on his words. ‘Makes this next bit way more fun.
He took a deep breath before announcing, “I have no idea.” The tension in the room disappeared like it was a lie, and the professor watched as one student leaned his head back and took a deep breath, like he had given up. Marco let them overreact briefly before continuing.
“The fact is, neither of these theories are proven. We only have ourselves to look at. There could very well be some type of logical paradox, in which ‘ordinary’ advanced species all stem from surviving through extremely unlikely developments. Perhaps our earlier hypothesis about already having passed the Great Filter is false. Perhaps Devon and Lilia… Yes, hello Lilia. Devon isn’t here, it seems. Perhaps the two of them were more correct than I gave them credit for when they suggested expanded searching parameters and additional factors required for life.
“Regardless of the reasoning, the reality of the situation is that we simply do not have the information available to us at this time, so early in our space-faring years. Does anyone have any further questions on this topic?” Seeing the lack of response in his students, Marco asked, “What else?”
A few other students asked questions, and Marco would either give in-depth explanations, or tell the students that the answer to their question would come up later in the semester. After an hour, the students looked at each other, waiting for someone else to raise their hand or ask a question, and Marco was wondering if it was possible for someone to actually die out of sheer boredom. Finally, a hand went up. Marco barely glanced at the students before his line of sight wandered around the stage area, as it had been doing for a few minutes. “Yes, speak.”
“I guess I was curious about what the difference is between the technological ages and those scales you were talking about… last week… professor?” The freckly, red-haired girl hesitated, as part way through her question, Marco had completely turned around and was looking in the same direction the students were.
“Yes, Maria? Please continue if you have more, otherwise I will respond.” Came the listless reply.
“Oh… Er… Yeah. Okay.” The girl seemed taken aback, but continued. “So I understood why we had to stop looking at biological advancements and look at technological advancements instead for our species. So what’s the difference between looking at technological advancements and looking at energy consumption?”
“Very concise, thank you, Maria,” Marco droned. He faced the group again, but his attention was focused on the podium, not the students.
“In a sense, they are similar concepts, and you could look at them as being one and the same. It is impossible to improve a species’ ability to harness energy without making technological improvements. Furthermore, as technology advances, the need for more available energy increases. It is because of the pattern of technological advancements that Kardashev noticed that he was able to make a prediction of how advanced species might develop, even several hundred years ago.”
As Marco spoke, he pushed on the podium gently a few times, then firmly once. Seeing that it didn’t move, he pulled himself into a cross-legged sitting position on top of it, quietly grumbled something about chairs, and continued.
“I suppose you could say the biggest difference is that different technological eras may not necessarily coincide with different stages of Kardashev’s scale. Certainly, when he created the scale back in the 20th century, harnessing the entire energy output of a planet would have been world-changing. However, if we crossed that boundary tomorrow, it’s hard to say that many people would even notice. No, humanity tends to define technological eras differently than we define energy consumption.” Marco felt the skeleton of an idea forming in his head as he spoke. “Does anyone know how much energy the Earth produces that humanity could potentially harness?”
He saw several students shake their heads or shrug, so he gestured once, bringing up his computer display for the students to see, writing ‘2.6x1019 watts.’ “This much. About twenty six and eighteen zeros watts. Anyone have any idea how much energy humanity uses? … And if any of you say ‘less than that,’ I will leave.”
Seeing the gestures of uncertainty, he wrote beneath the first line ‘1.8x1019 watts.’ As he wrote the 19, he heard the students begin to quietly whisper to each other. “Yes, it’s much higher than you thought, right? Why is that?”
A heavyset boy with black hair blurted out, “Because of the colonies, right?” His hand went up as an afterthought.
“Is there even a point in raising your hand, Adrian? But you are correct. Yes, it is difficult to say how much of that figure is represented by Earth alone, and how much comes from the excess energy pulled from the space colonies. Regardless, though, we already have the capacity and the technology to harness energy past the expenditure of Earth. It’s simply a matter of time until we reach that point, and as we get closer and closer, it becomes harder and harder to harness the next watt of power. Diminishing returns and all that.” Marco fell quiet, staring expressionlessly at the coffee cup he had placed on the floor before climbing onto the podium. It was too far for him to reach.
“So what’s next?” An annoying voice attempted to distract Marco from his mission.
“Ian, if you’re going to ask a question, please be specific so we can all understand.” The professor with questionable sanity did not stop staring at his coffee cup. ‘Humanity was born to adapt. I will adapt. I will become a telekinetic. My coffee cup will float to me without spilling a drop.’ He resisted the urge to raise his hand towards the cup.
“I mean. What’s after the energy output of Earth? What comes next on the scale?” Ian responded, undeterred by Marco’s lack of attention.
“Kardashev theorized that after the planet’s available energy was consumed or controlled, then they would have the adequate resources to begin to harvest the majority of the energy put out by the Sun.” Marco was convinced that he saw his coffee cup twitch, and renewed his focus.
“But if we have the technology to harness energy past Earth’s whatever, then why couldn’t we just start that now?” Ian’s voice shattered Marco’s escapist delusion completely, and the skeleton of the idea that was creeping in his mind began to rapidly take form. Ian shrunk back as the professor slowly turned to look directly at him.
Just… Start now, huh? Yeah, the technology already exists. We just don’t have any need for that much energy for day-to-day life. The energy available to us is already more than enough to provide for decades of population growth… But that’s not enough forever, is it? And even ignoring the long-term benefits of starting early, the short-term benefits of the additional sources of energy…
“Uh, profess-”
“Shh. Sit. Quiet.” Marco hushed Ian, who almost caused him to lose his train of thought. After another moment, the professor shrunk his computer display back down to personal size, and began tapping furiously.
A minute passed, and Marco finally looked up, causing the students to immediately begin furiously whispering to each other. “My apologies, we will have to reschedule the remainder of this extra class another time. I will send you all messages to inform you of when that will be. For now, I will see you all next time in class.”
Marco didn’t realize that his normally expressionless face was currently painted with a look of excitement.
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Complete Dashboard Light Guide

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Last of the $1/day revenue coins for an RTX 3080 as hashrate slowly moves to the small ones. Meanwhile the big ones are around $.30-.60/day and dropping as West Coast wakes up

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Patch Notes 1.7.32 - Org Server

From The Designers

We're rolling out balance adjustments or experience optimizations for nearly 30 heroes in this version.
  1. We're improving some Support and Tank heroes in their teamfight ability;
  2. We're optimizing or adjusting some of the less-picked Fighters and Mages;
  3. We're also adjusting some of the more popular heroes and newer heroes;
We hope that with these changes, the mid-to-high ranked matches will be more intense with more heroes being viable.
Meanwhile, the skin collab with Neymar Jr will begin on November 19, with two special collaboration skins "Neymar Jr" and "Halo Striker", a signed Battle Emote, exclusive gifts, in-match effects, and many more rewards!
The new season of Magic Chess: Future Tech is coming with a new Synergy "Future Tech", brand-new Dawn Commander Layla, and the revamped default Chessboard "Origin Remains" Overdrive - Football Carnival will be available on 11/21/2022 with new heroes and map in Overdrive. Adventurers can also participate in Overdrive Field Match to claim the Overdrive Avatar Border.

I. New and Revamped Heroes

[New Hero: Joy - Flash of Miracle]
Hero Feature: An electrifying Leonin girl. Will be available on November 18.
Launch week 30% OFF.
[Passive - Humph, Joy's Angry!]
Joy gains extra Movement Speed and a shield each time her skills deal damage to non-minion enemies. This effect can only be triggered once every 4s on the same enemy.
[Skill 1 - Look, Leonin Crystal!]
Joy summons a Leonin Crystal at the target location, dealing Magic Damage to nearby enemies. The Leonin Crystal can be used as a springboard for Joy's Skill 2.
[Skill 2 - Meow, Rhythm of Joy!]
Joy dashes in the target direction, dealing Magic Damage to enemies in her path.
Hitting an enemy allows Joy to enter Beat Time!, during which she's immune to control effects and can cast this skill again. Casting Skill 2 on the beat increases the skill's damage.
[Ultimate - Ha, Electrifying Beats!]
The Ultimate unlocks after Joy casts her Skill 2 five times in succession. Joy removes all control effects on herself, gains Movement Speed, and deals damage to nearby enemies 8 times over 4s. Each Skill 2 cast on the beat increases the Ultimate's damage.

II. Hero Adjustments

Heroes with major adjustments in this version: Lesley (↑), Fredrinn (↑), Carmilla (↑), Kaja (↑), Minotaur (↑), Floryn (↑), Aulus (↑), Khaleed (↑), Alice (↑), Odette (1), Yve (~), Zhask (~), Faramis (↓)
The following uses (↑) (↓) (~) to indicate Buff, Nerf, and Adjustment.
[Lesley] (↑)
We want there to be a greater difference between Lesley's Enhanced Basic Attack and her regular Basic Attacks. Along with this, we've also made some slight adjustments to the gap between Lesley's early and late game performance.
[Passive] (↑)
Lethal Shot's crits are converted into True Damage >> Every Lethal Shot deals True Damage.
Damage: 110% Total Physical Attack >> 50 +100% Total Physical Attack
Optimized her enhanced basic attacks so they won't be interrupted by her own skills.
[Fredrinn] (↑)
We want Fredrinn to be able to control his Crystal Energy more precisely, but also increase the decay rate of Crystal Energy for better balance.
[Passive] (↑)
New Effect: Gaining combo points now resets Crystal Energy's decay timer. Crystal Energy now decays slowly instead of disappearing, but total duration is reduced to 5 seconds.
Crystal Energy reduction per second: 5% of Max HP >> 10% of Max HP
Damage-to-Crystal Energy Conversion Ratio: 85% >> 100%
Ratio at which his Ultimate converted Crystal Energy from Hero Damage into actual HP: 30% >> 25%
[Skill 1] (↑)
Added extra physical attack bonus to damage.
[Ultimate] (↑)
Crystal Energy Bonus: 40% >> 35%
New Effect: Doubled the ratio at which his Ultimate converted Crystal Energy from Hero Damage into actual HP.
Skin Attributes Bonus: Physical Attack +8 >> Max HP +100
[Carmilla] (↑)
We wanted to improve the positioning of Carmilla's Ultimate by implementing these changes that allow both allies and enemies to better predict the skill. Besides this, we've also improved her early game support power as well as synergy with Cecilion.
Stolen Defense: 6-12 >> 7-11
[Ultimate] (↑)
Skill Revamp: Carmilla will now toss the Curse of Blood in a direction and form a large field that slows enemies caught within it. Enemies that remain in the field after a while will be immobilized and chained together, slowing and revealing them.
Damage: 275-525 +160% Magic Power >> 450-750 +130% Magic Power
Linked Damage Ratio: 70% >> 50%, Linked Control Ratio: 70% >> 100%
[Special Partner Skill) (~)
Cooldown: 20s >> 45s
Base Shield: 220-500 >> 520-800
[Kaja] (↑)
Kaja's role isn't too clear-cut at present, so we're adding in a few new mechanics for him to mix things up and make him more fun to play. These changes will strengthen the support he offers his team, too. Because of these major changes, we're resetting Kaja's three builds.
[Attributes] (↑)
Base Phvsical Defense: 21 >> 25
HP Growth: 190 >> 210
[Passive] (↑)
Removed Effect: Enhanced Basic Attacks no longer restore HP equal to 100 +30% Magic Power.
New Effect: Enhanced basic attack and all skill damage will now paralyze enemies and briefly reduce their movement speed while lowering their damage dealt by 8% for 4s. Stacks up to 4 times.
[Skill 1] (↑)
Removed Effect: Dealing damage reduces the cooldown of Wrath Sanction.
New Effect: Dealing damage heals for 100-200 HP (heals for 30% every subsequent target)
Cooldown: 7-5s >> 6.5-4.5s
[Skill 2] (↓)
Damage: 200-350 +80% Magic Power >> 150-300 +35% Magic Power
[Ultimate] (↓)
Damage: 300-600 +100% Magic Power >> 200-500 +80% Magic Power
Removed Effect: Reduces target's Magic Defense by 10-20 while Ultimate is active.
[Minotaur] (↑)
Minotaur's Ultimate is formidable in teamfights, but its demanding conditions resulted in it being difficult to pull off in higher levels of play. We've reduced the requirements for Minotaur to cast his Ultimate and its effects, while increasing his skill's control capability to ensure he can perform well before LV. 4, too.
[Passive] (↑)
Accumulated Rage will no longer dissipate. As a trade off, Rage gained from damaging heroes has been slightly reduced.
[Skill 1] & [Enhanced Skill 1] (↑)
New Effect: Targets hit are knocked airborne a slight distance.
[Skill 2] (↓)
Removed the Rage gain effect.
[Ultimate] (↓)
Rage Gain: 5 >> 3 Times
[Enhanced Ultimate] (↓)
Effect Revamp: The first two phases no longer knock targets airborne, but slows them by 70% instead. Slightly increased the animation time before the knock up on the third strike. This skill is unaffected by crowd control effects.
[Floryn] (↑)
We are making the equipment Floryn gives her teammates more useful in battle.
[Passive] (↑)
Flower of Hope's stats have been redesigned as follows: +5% Adaptive Attack (this bonus is applied to either Physical Attack or Magic Power based on the higher value between the hero's Extra Physical Attack or Extra Magic Power).
Upgraded Flower of Hope now grants the following new stats: 10% Physical Lifesteal + 10% Magic Lifesteal
New Effect: Allied heroes with Flower of Hope gain a shield each time they are healed by Floryn's skill. Once upgraded, the shield will have more HP and slightly increase the hero's Movement Speed.
[Aulus] (↑)
We hope to see the following changes improve players' user experience with Aulus, and reduce his reliance upon damage-dealing equipment. This way he'll be more capable of taking on a role where he works well whether on the offensive or defensive. Because of these major changes, we're resetting Aulus' three builds
[Passive] (~)
Enhanced Basic Attack's Damage: 130% Physical Attack >> 60-200 +100% Physical Attack
Stack Condition: Each basic attack adds 1 stack >> Gain 1 stack per second after Aulus has damaged any enemies.
Physical Attack from each stack of Fighting Spirit: 4-16 >> 3-12
Movement Speed Bonus of Max Fighting Spirit: 15% >> 10%
[Skill 1] (↑)
Skill Revamp: The skill now takes effect immediately when tapped. Aulus removes all slow effects and gains 30-50% extra Movement Speed and 20% Damage Reduction against attacks from the front for 3s.
Cooldown: 12-7s >> 10s
[Skill 2] (~)
CD: 8-4s >> 10-5s
Attack Speed Boost: 140% >> 200%
HP Regen: 30 +60% Extra Physical Attack >> 25-100 +30% Extra Physical Attack
Optimized how Enhanced Basic Attacks' duration is calculated: Each Basic Attack now refreshes the duration or any remaining stacks
[Ultimate] (↑)
New Effect: Slows the target by 90% for 0.5s upon cast.
[Khaleed] (↑)
Improved the feel of Khaleed's enhanced basic attack and skill 1, making it easier to hit targets. This will give Khaleed more presence in the early to mid game.
[Passive] (↑)
Slightly decreased animation of Khaleed's enhanced basic attack and increased the blink distance. Khaleed will now be closer to his target after the basic attack.
Changed the lingering sand effect into a 40% slow for 1.5s against enemies hit by the enhanced basic attack.
Damage: 160% Total Physical Attack >> 50+140% Total Physical Attack
[Skill 1](↑)
New Effect: Enemy heroes and creeps hit are pulled toward Khaleed a short distance (does not interrupt skills).
Slightly reduced this skill's forewing time
Base Damage: 170-520 >> 180-480
[Alice] (↑)
The mana cost for Alice's Ultimate was a little too harsh in the early game and limited her performance in the early-mid game. We have also optimized Alice's passive.
[Passive] (↑)
New Effect: Creeps now also drop blood orbs.
Effect Optimizations: The blood orbs dropped by nearby dying heroes have been made easier to see.
[Ultimate] (↑)
Mana Cost: 60-140 >> 50-140
[Odette] (↑)
Odette enjoys the strongest AUt Damage Capabilities in the game, but it was too easy for enemies to interrupt her. With the following changes, we plan to make it easier for Odette players to position themselves properly and steer clear of danger.
[Ultimate] (↑)
Instead of a Dash before casting the Ultimate, Odette now casts it where she stands, and can dash while casting.
After the range on Yve's Ultimate was reduced, she had to position closer to the battle and became too easy to counter. Therefore, we're preventing the skill from being interrupted by CC.
[Skill 1] (↑)
Base Damage: 170-320 + 70% Magic Power >> 200-400 + 80% Magic Power
[Ultimate] (↓)
Starfield Area: 77 >> 55 (the size of each block remains unchanged)
New Effect: Cast is no longer interrupted by CCs (excluding Suppression).
Immobilized Time: 0.3s >> 0.8s
Cooldown: 65-55s >> 50-40s
Tap Damage: 360-490 + 110% Magic Power >> 340-540 + 120% Magic Power
By lowering the cooldown of his Skill 1, we have made Zhask a more potent roamer in the early-mid game. We have optimized the chance to hit and lowered the total damage on his Skill 3 to make it more in line with its intention as a crowd control skill.
[Skill 1] (↑)
Cooldown: 16-13s >> 11-8s, Cooldowns are no longer refunded when Nightmaric Spawn is killed.
[Skill 3](↓)
Cast Time: 0.4s >> 0.2s
Spread: 5 Nightmeric Clones across 1 row >> 6 Nightmeric Clones across 2 rows
Magic Power Bonus: 50% >> 35%
Multiple Bullet Decay Ratio: 100%/85%/70%/55%/20% for all subsequent bullets >> 100%/80%/60%/40%/20% for all subsequent bullets.
[Other] (↓)
Fixed an issue where mana cost was higher even when not enhanced.
[Faramis] (↓)
Even after numerous nerfs, Faramis is still performing above expectation. Therefore, we're increasing the skill ceiling for his Ultimate's range.
[Skill 1] (↑)
Cooldown: 18s >> 15s
[Skill 2] (↑)
Initial Damage: 300-450 +108% Magic Power >> 330-480 +144% Magic Power
[Ultimate] (↓)
New Effect: Teammates will no longer retain the buffs granted after they leave the Nether Realm area.
[Lapu-Lapu] (↑)
A balanced boost to Lapu-Lapu's overall performance to make him more competitive against other fighters.
[Skill 2] (↑)
CD: 12-7s >> 10-8.5s
[Ultimate] (↑)
Defense Buff: 10-40 >> 30-60
[Luo Yi] (↑)
We hope the following change will improve Luo Yi's strategic significance.
[Ultimate] (↑)
Max Range: 20-28 >> 28-36
[Vexana] (↑)
Vexana has a very hard time against her foes without the aid of Eternal Guard. We hope the following changes will address this issue.
[Ultimate] (↑)
CD: 60s for all levels >> 60-46s
[Harley] (↑)
We improved Harley's adaptability and skill cap by reducing the cooldown of his Skill 2.
[Skill 2](↑)
Cooldown: 10-7s >> 8.5-6.5s
After returning Harley will no longer retain the movement speed bonus from the first cast.
[Gusion] (↓)
The previous passive changes areatlv increased Gusion's growth speed that allowed him to output a tremendous amount of damage even without recalling his daggers in the mid-game. We are tuning him down accordingly.
[Passive] (↓)
Target's Lost HP from each stack: 4% >> 3%
[Skill 2](↓)
First Attack: 110-210 +50% Total Magic Power >> 100-200 +40% Total Magic Power.
[Melissa] (↓)
Increased Melissa's cooldowns in the early game to limit her early and mid-game lane dominance,
[Skill 1] (↓)
Cooldown: 8.5-7s >> 10.5-7s
[Skill 2](↓)
Cooldown: 6-7s >> 9-7s
[Atlas] (↓)
Atlas' ability to crowd control and his mobility are some of the best among tanks. We slightly lowered his HP as we wanted to retain these features while giving his opponents some room for counterplays.
[Passive] (↓)
Physical & Magic Defense increase: 20-45 >> 11-25
[X.Borg] (↑)
X.Borg was getting knocked down from his Battle Suit too easily in the early game, so we increased his early game survivability to remedy this.
Base HP: 918 >> 998
Base HP of Armor: 1,102 >> 1,198
[Yin] (↑)
The nerf to Yin in the previous patch was a little harsh, so we've buffed his survivability while his Ultimate is active to make up for it.
[Ultimate] (↑)
Defense increase while inside the field: 20-60 >> 50-80
[Gatotkaca] (↑)
Gatotkaca possesses remarkable control ability, but in high-ranked face-offs his control skills are easily avoided. We hope the following adjustments work to fix this.
[Skill 2] (↑)
Base Dash distance increased.
Reduced the charge time needed to reach maximum Dash distance (total charge time remains unchanged).
[Edith] (↑)
Improved Edith's lane-clearing ability and late game damage potential.
[Passive] (↑)
Damage to Minions: 150% >> 180%
[Ultimate] (↑)
Magic Power conversion ratio from Extra Defense: 2.5 >> 3.2
[Baxia] (↑)
Increased Baxia's ability to counter heroes with strong HP Regen and made his second skill more forgiving to use.
[Passive] (↑)
Target Shield and HP Regen reduction: 30% >> 50%
[Skill 2] (↑)
Cooldown: 10-7s >> 10-5s
[Belerick] (↑)
Increased Belerick's sustainability by slightly decreasing his mana costs.
[Skill 2] (↑)
Mana Cost: 90-150 >> 60-110
[Granger] (↑)
Granger's slow jungle clearing speed made him lacking when compared to other Junglers.
[Skill 1] (↑)
Extra Damage against Creeps: 90 >> 120

Ill. Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins

[New Skins]
Gusion "Dimension Walker" will be available for a limited time in the Double 11 Lucky Draw Event on November 8.
Bruno "Neymar Jr" will be available in the Neymar Jr Collaboration Event on November 19.
Bruno "Halo Striker" will be available in Lucky Flip on November 20.
Lesley "Hawk-eyed Sniper" will be available for a limited time in the 2022 Starlight Fest Lucky Draw Event on November 21.
Masha "Rogue Talon" will be available in the Rogue Talon Summon Event on November 28.
December Starlight Skin - Vexana "Circus Magician" will be available on December 1.
Ruby "Mecha Maiden" and Angela "Cyber Cherubin" will be available in the Aspirants Unite Event on December 3.
Exclusive skill icons for Fanny "Blade of Kibou" and Layla "Miss Hikari" will be available soon.
Revamped portrait and avatar for Luo Yi "Dawning Fortune" will be available soon.
Revamped Baxia "Ba-tender" will be available soon.
New display backgrounds for the Halloween Skins of the following heroes will be available soon: Franco, Lolita, Karrie, Angela, Leomord, and Lylia.
[Magic Chess]
The revamped default Chessboard - Origin Remains is coming soon, keep your eyes peeled!
Tharz "Mischievous Ghost" skin is coming soon and will be obtainable from Magic Chess Pass.
[Fragment Shop Adjustments]
Fragment Shop Adjustments on November 9 (Server Time)
a. Rare Skin Fragment Shop
Added: Miya "Captain Thorns", Clint "Rock and Roll", Akai "Akazonae Samura'" Grock "Iceland Golem", Yve "Forest Hymn"
Removed: Hanabi "Fiery Moth", Layla "Bunny Babe", Argus "Dark Draconic", Natalia "Phantom Dancer", Helcurt "Exoracial Executer"
b. Hero Fragment Shop
Added: Gusion, Bruno, Angela, Lesley
Removed: Badang, Valir, Fanny, Kagura
[Free Heroes]
8 Free Heroes: 11/04/2022 05:01:00 to 11/11/2022 05:00:00 (Check in Main Page - Settings)
Ling, Aulus, Guinevere, Alpha, Gloo, Gusion, Cecilion, Clint
6 Extra Heroes for Starlight Members: Beatrix, Claude, Khufra, Aurora, Benedetta, Granger

IV. Battlefield Adjustments

[Queen's Wings] (↑)
15 Physical Attack >> 5% Spell Vamp
900 HP >> 1000 HP
Components: Ares Belt + Iron Hunting Bow >> Ares Belt + Hero's Ring
[Advanced Boots] (↑)
Percentage of original price returned when selling: 20% >> 30%
[Mythic Battlefield]
Fixed the Gold Lane Outer Turret's player damage mitigation even after the Turret's Energy Shield disappeared.
Gold Lane Outer Turret Damage Reduction to Heroes: 25% >> 30%
[Medal Points]
We have optimized the algorithm for the calculation of Medal Points, and redistributed the weight of each factor so that tanks and supports have a fairer chance of getting MVP.

V. New Functions & Events

[Limited-Time Double 11 event coming soon]
  1. From 11/8 - 11/20, (Double 11 Wish Draw) will be available for a limited time with a chance to win Gusion "Dimension Walker". Hayabusa "Shura" and X.Borg "Tesla Maniac" will make also make a limited-time return.
  2. From 11/10 - 11/15, [Mega Sale] will offer upwards of 50% OFF. Use Promo Diamonds to buy skins for as low as 1 Diamond.
  3. From 11/8 - 11/12, purchase Mega Draw Bundles (including Double 11 Wish Token + Lucky Number) for a chance to win a 10,000 Diamond daily prize and a 50,000 Diamond grand jackpot. Buy early to win early.
  4. From 11/8 - 11/16, log in daily to get free rewards. Complete daily and consecutive Recharge Tasks to get rewards including up to 5 Double 11 Wish Tokens, and Double 11 exclusive emote rewards.
  5. From 11/10 - 11/15: (1) Draw Bundles for the "Seal of Anvil Crawlers" and "Fire Crown" special effects return for a limited time! (2) Uranus "Video-Game Dominator", Kimmy "Astrocat", Zhask "Bone Flamen" Epic Skin Draw Bundles will be available for a limited time. (3) Roger "Cyborg Werewolf" and Karrie "Gill-gir'" will return for a limited time. (4) Limited-time 20% OFF in Magic Wheel.
[MLBB X Neymar Jr Collab Event]
[Join Neymar Jr on the Field!] From 11/11 - 11/18, share the details of this event with your friends to get draw tokens for the all-new "Neymar Jr" Skin!
[Root for Neymar Jr!]: From 11/19 - 12/18, complete tasks in matches for lucky draws and a chance to get Neymar Jr collab skins, a signed Battle Emote, Gift:
No.10 Jersey, and Bruno for free!
[Lucky Flip] From 11/20 - 12/18, try your luck by finding the Lucky Card in the Lucky Flip. Find 3 Lucky Cards to exchange them for the Neymar Jr collab skin
Bruno "Halo Striker". The first flip is only 10 Diamonds!
[Neymar Jr's Gift] Enjoy a present every single weekend during the collaboration.
From 12/3 - 12/9, spending Battle Points has a chance to win Permanent Skins!
From 12/10 - 12/12, gain double exp and double Battle Points! From 12/17 - 12/19, log in to get the brand-new collaboration Spawn Effect!
[New Mode]
Overdrive - Football Carnival will be available on 11/21/2022 with new heroes and map in Overdrive. Adventurers can also participate in Overdrive Field Match to claim the Overdrive Avatar Border.
Deathbattle is returning to the Arcade after the update and will be available on Thursdays and Fridays for the duration of this version. We will also bring back other popular modes with upcoming updates, such as Carnival, Hyper Blend and many more. You are welcome to give us more feedback and suggestions via the Mode Rating feature in Arcade.
[2022 Starlight Fest]
2022 Starlight Fest will be available from 11/21 to 12/06 (Server Time). Participate in the event for a chance to get Lesley's all-new skin "Hawk-eyed Sniper", 2022 Starlight Fest Avatar Border, Battle Emote "Lightning Glow", Recall Effect "Return: Wings of Judgment" and other limited resources. Don't miss out!
[All-new Aspirants Unite Event]
Duration: 12/03/2022 - 01/04/2023
  1. 50% OFF for the first Diamond Summon every day.
  2. 50% OFF for the first 10 draws every day as well! (Only for the first 10 draws)
  3. Get an Epic or better skin on your first 10 draw that you've not yet unlocked (not including Ruby "Mecha Maiden" or Angela "Cyber Cherubin"').
  4. Get an Epic or better skin every 10 draws, and 1 Orb of Hope guaranteed! Activate Orbs of Hope in the Hope Amplifier mode to hit Terrinia Boxes and unlock valuable skins.
  5. Terrinia Boxes will first reward Ruby "Mecha Maiden", Angela "Cyber Cherubin", and then Epic or Collector skins (prioritizing unowned skins).
  6. Duplicate skins and battle emotes will be automatically converted into Pass Fragments. Every 30 Pass Fragments will be combined into 1 Pass which you can use to get a free draw in Aspirants Unite.
  7. Passes and Pass Fraaments will be removed after the event. so use them while you can.
[Future Foreseen Return]
Duration: 12/09/2022-12/22/2022
  1. Get a random limited permanent reward on your first 10 draws during the event. (Future Foreseen series skin, Battle Emote, Spawn Effect, Elimination Effect, Avatar Border or Sacred Statue; can only be activated once)
  2. 50% OFF the first Diamond draw each day during the event.
  3. Future Badges can be exchanged for various rewards in the Event Shop. Future Foreseen Recall Effects are exclusive to the Event Shop.
  4. Event items (including Future Badges and Future Tokens) will be removed after the event, so use them while you can.

VI. System Adjustments

  1. You can now cancel a request to exchange heroes with teammates in Ban/Pick stage.
  2. You can now save the hero order during the in-match selection stage.
  3. You can now save the filter options in the pre-match hero selection interface.
  4. Improved the Mythic Rank points algorithm to grant more points for victories.
  5. Improved the invite popup messages to now show player gender, rank and other info.
  6. Improved communication features in lobbies and Quick Chat.
  7. Fixed an issue that prevented players from leaving when a referee paused a Custom match.
  8. A one-tap copy option has been added to the Emblem presets created by high-ranking players in the Leaderboards.
  9. Optimized the display for the surrender button.
  10. Invalid Matches no longer affect individual hero win rate.
  11. Your match history can now be set to show to friends only.
  12. Fixed the audio stuttering at the post-game screen.
  13. Optimized the interface for Invalid Matches.
  14. Optimized the display of the BP interface. The auto-translate function now remembers the last option selected.
  15. Added a device vibration reminder for your turn to ban/pick.
  16. Hero names are now shown in ban/pick by default, and the Hero List has been expanded for easier scrolling.
  17. Added the ability to send Unstable Network signals that include current ping information.
  18. Optimized the display for iPhone 14 Pro's Dynamic Island.
  19. Fixed the issue where some characters were displayed as "?" after switching to the new engine.
  20. More in-game drag signals have been added. These can be used even if the resources did not finish downloading.
  21. Added a queue for invites to receive invites from multiple players at the same time.
  22. Optimized the display of the player's nicknames on various interfaces.
  23. Added the new hero Joy's theme song "Joy's Joy" to the background music on the main interface.
  24. Fixed an issue where a trial hero would be automatically selected when the hero selection timer expired.
  25. Friend's Status feature now shows if they are in Arcade Mode.
  26. In order to optimize and adjust upcoming livestreaming functions, we're planning to remove voice and video call functions during live streaming in the near future. This will not affect the normal in-game streaming and spectating experience.

VIl. Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where invisible units near the base could not be displayed properly.
  2. Fixed an issue where Diggie's Ultimate could be cast even when Suppressed
  3. Adjusted how Argus' Ultimate casts. He can now cast his Ultimate while his skills are still being cast.
  4. Fixed an issue where Argus' Skill 2 couldn't Weaken (deal continuous damage to) the Turtle or Lord.
  5. Fixed an issue where Masha's HP would sometimes be displayed incorrectly after dying.
  6. Fixed an issue where Julian's Skill 1 bullet flying distance does not match the indicator.
  7. Fixed an issue where Gatotkaca's Skill 2 entered an incorrect cooldown after being cancelled under different conditions.
  8. Fixed an issue where Odette would cause damage to invincible targets when passively rebounded to them.
  9. Fixed an issue where Odette's passive would bounce an incorrect number of times if another skill is used after her Ultimate.
  10. Fixed an issue where Baxia's Ultimate would persist after being revive by an item.
  11. Fixed an issue where there was a chance the effect of Pharsa's Skill 1 was invisible to the enemy.
  12. Fixed an issue where the enemy couldn't see or hear the warning effect of Lapu-Lapu's Ultimate when used in a bush.
  13. Fixed an issue where Johnson's extra damage against creeps was incorrect.

VIll. Accounts

[Important New Features]
A new [Device Management] function has been added that includes the following features: Device Lock, Login History, Device Log Out, and One-click Log Out. You can activate one or more Device Locks to restrict login to selected devices only. This will increase your account security and reduce the chance of account theft.
You can view your most recent logins from your Login History.
You can use Device Log Out or One-click Log Out to clear devices that you no longer use or own.
For full details, tap on your avatar from the main interface. From there, go to Account Setting - Device Management.
This feature will be available on some servers at first, and then on all servers at a later time.
[Function Optimization]
  1. We have made it easier to change your Moonton account password and email.
  2. We have optimized the Moontoon change password function. All devices besides the one used to change the password on will need to go through verification after changing passwords.
  3. We have optimized the device Log Out and One-click Log Out functions. The logged out device will now receive a notification and will no longer appear in your log-in history.
  4. When the system detects that your account is at risk, switching accounts will automatically trigger two-factor authentication (requires connecting to a Moonton email).
[Bug Fixes]
  1. Fixed an issue that required verification every time you switched accounts after activating two-factor authentication on a new device.
Check out the main Arcade menu for more detailed information on the changes!
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
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