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Binomo APK v5.2.0 (MOD, for Android) Free On Android

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Binomo APK v5.2.0 (MOD, for Android) Free On Android

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Can something be done these jacka***es in leveling dungeons who kick players because they are new or just noobs? This completely ruins the experience for new and also older players who play at a slower pace and there is no punishment for these kickers

I finally managed to convince a friend of mine to try wow since you get all expansions with 13$ . We were leveling in dungeons and my friend being the noob she is was lagging behind compared to the group, especially since the tank was just running non stop tagging all the mobs along their way. We get to the boss fight and my friend being left behind didn't make it in time to participate and the tank started a vote kick. I wrote in chat not to do it and I also voted "no" but still everyone else like a group of sheep voted yes and my friend got kicked. Then of course we are locked behind a 10 min cd and cant join anymore dungeons for that period. Why is this constantly allowed and these people face no consequences after ruining the fun for others when they should have no right in doing so?
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Getting Boxes Ready For Christmas Noobs

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Hướng dẫn chơi Binomo Forex trên điện thoại [Mới nhất 2019] - Binomo Việt Nam

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Oh no, how will I be able to to 30-0 for my stream now by killing low level noobs

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PSA for Noobs: Changing “game speed”

In settings, there’s a checkbox to “display fps” which is essentially your ‘game speed’. Check that box to see how fast your game is processing - displayed in white at the bottom of the screen.
Then I use the keybinds “increase fps and decrease fps” (rebound to up/down arrows) to reduce game speed to a manageable level. Been playing around 50-60fps and it’s SO MUCH BETTER. I believe these are in the “general” settings tab. Which is different that your “game” settings which manages the actual display settings (?).
Also allows me to slow waaay down for battles.
Disclaimer: Brand new player just giving out advice that’s helped me. Please let me know if you have other advice!
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hey noobs, here's a tip for you...

Wanna be loved and appreciated by your whole team?
wanna be somewhere at the top of the leaderboard even if you don't get a lot of kills?
Wanna be one of the main lads that approach an objective with tactical mastery whilst the idiots continue to run aimlessly at gunfire?
Wanna achieve all this with minimal effort?
OBSERVER is the role for you!!
Main dutys - 1-stay close to commander. 2-dont peek until after you hear the command go through. 3-kill.
A mic is good but not necessary, a simple teabag in your commanders direction will let him know you are a boss and should be treated as such.
May Allah bless you with many virgins habibi!
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I'll only say this once, y'all armchair mechanics need to pipe tf down. You're just confusing the poor noobs looking for help.

I'll only say this once, y'all armchair mechanics need to pipe tf down. You're just confusing the poor noobs looking for help. submitted by empirebuilder1 to subaru [link] [comments]

Just arrived and we’re already loving this. Any tips for noobs who will visit the island for the first time this evening?

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The kickstarter for noobs. #forex #fxtrading #tradingnewbies #patience #discipline #moneymanagement #riskmanagement #profit #lose #tradingtips #traderpulse

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CoinMarketCap Tutorial in Telugu | Crypto Noobs Must Watch | Forex Telugu |

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How to make cars work for yourself and integrate them into your wipe. - The definitive guide for noobs and advanced players.

When I first got into cars and tried to use them I hated them and thought they were really bad and had no place in my playstyle. However at that time I didn't realize what I was doing wrong and lacked the knowledge to make them work properly. But don't worry, it is actually pretty simple and cars are a HIGHLY cost effective and safe means of transportation and roaming and great for any playstyle. You only need to understand some concepts.

Why you should care about cars:

>>> The safest means of transportation, only helis are safer, very fast too.
>>> Extremely cheap to put together and replace once you got the initial research cost done. Far cheaper than minicopter. Cars spawn for free on the road, you only need to craft engine parts for either 400 or 600 metal frags and modules for some metal frags, a little HQM and wood.
>>> Unlocks the entire map for you, no matter where you live. You can acces Outpost and Bandit Camp fast and safe and go on roams.
>>> Very versatile. Basically a mobile base/loot boxes/tank
>>> Good way to meet new people and have some fun.
>>> Already viable in T1 with low quality parts.

General tips:

>>> Live close to a road so you can easily spot cars and claim them.
>>> Collect engine parts and car modules that you haven't researched yet or can't craft yet. You can use a car lift to extract modules that you need. Especially the armored cockpit & camper module.
>>> The modules your car uses determine it's performance much more than the parts in the engine. More/heavier modules make your car slower, more engines make it faster but increase fuel consumption.
>>> Sparkplugs and pistons are the most important engine parts. They directly buff top speed and acceleration.
>>> Pick up fuel on the road when you run low. Run over animals and harvest them or hit crude barrels for extra lgf. This way you don't have to worry about your reserves and even make a low grade profit.
>>> HP of the engine module determines your cars speed. Keep it fully repaired at all times if possible.
>>> Hard to find PvP? Cars make roaming easy and comfortable.
>>> Rockets can instant kill any car, so beware of them! It is also possible to dmg your car with a shotgun to a point where other people can acces it. This only takes between 30-60 seconds, so don't leave important loot in them.

Tier 1

>>> Collect or research the low quality car parts (for 100 scrap total). Low quality parts are already 70% efficient, T2 parts 85% and T3 parts 100%. So you can make a decent car with low quality parts.
>>> Use the car lift at Junkyard or buy one at Bandit camp to modify your car. The heavier the car and the less engines it has, the slower it will be. A car only using cockpit with engine will be faster than one with engine cockpit and a camper module. An armored cockpit and passenger seats will make your car slower than an unarmored cockpit with nothing else. You can largely apply real life logic here.
>>> Grab a car off the road, repair it with a hammer, put the parts in and start driving. Instead of modifying your car you can just hope to find a good one with the modules you need. Cars decay after 14 hours outside and 144 hours being under any roof. They never decay being parked on a powered carlift. While in T1 you can just extract modules from cars you find with the lift and put a good vehicle together. A 2x3 as a garage will keep it safe.
>>> Know where to drive. Cars are really fast and efficient on roads, train tracks and flat terrain but lack in hilly terrain or forests. Avoid these and stay with the roads. Considering that cars are roughly 3-5 times faster than running this means that closer destinations can often be reached faster on foot but cars offer you an enormous protection bonus which is not to be underestimated.
>>> Can't lock your car yet? Simply take out fuel and engine parts and hide them in a stash. You can also place a bag next to the stash to retrieve your car in case you die.

Tier 2

>>> Research T2 parts for a bonus in efficency and customize your car with the lift and modules. Now that you can craft the vehicle lift, most modules and good quality car parts you can make a really good car that zooms around the map. T2 parts are worth the investment but your modules are more important.
>>> Make your car a mobile respawn point or a directional tank. You don't have acces to armored cockpits yet but don't worry, even the windshield of a normal cockpit can take 28 bullets from an LR before breaking. So if you have a taxi or camper module in the back while being shot at form medium-long distance you can simply turn your back towards the enemy and safely drive away. The camper literally is a mobile base with respawn points and loot storage.
>>> Lock your car on the car lift. You can finally codelock cars, meaning other players have to raid into it to acces your loot or the car itself.

Tier 3

>>> Make your car as strong as it can be. The armored cockpit will give you a massive protection bonus, allowing you to drive around fights even at close range. I dislike it because it has super low visibility, often getting me stuck and I think that a normal cabine with campetaxi in the back offers enough protection medium-long range but I highly encourage you to give it a try and form your own opinion.
>>> Make your car as efficient as it can be. Tier 3 car parts offer a 15% buff in efficency over T2 parts to all aspects of the car, making it as fast as it can be. Try to put 4 engines on a car and you will go so fast your GPU will have trouble rendering the enviroment. Personally I think T2 parts are good enough because cars are hard to control but if you got the extra resources go for it!

Potential improvements for cars:

>>> Lower center of gravitiy so they are less prone to flipping.
>>> Better acceleration.
>>> Sell randomized cars at Junkyard maybe?
>>> Better controls.
>>> Make car take less damage from collisions with terrain.
>>> Add cool skins for cars.
>>> Add more car lifts to monuments and maybe some safezones too.
>>> Better hill climbing
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what to get a Forex trader for Christmas?

Full disclaimer: I know NOTHING about trading.
But! My dad is currently into learning about Forex and I would love to get him something useful/meaningful for Christmas related to forex trading.
I was really excited to get him the "Stock Traders Almanac 2023" but recently learned he doesn't day trade (forex only).
Any ideas? He's a big fan of video learning so textbooks are a no go.
Edit: budget ~$100 CAD
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Image showing city names in Act 1-10 for any noobs like me who haven't memorized them yet

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Anyone ever feel bad for killing noobs and put your sign out to sommoning pools?

I'm invading as a Forlorn and having a tough time accepting my character tropes haha
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First pow day for these noobs

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Smash is very discouraging for noobs

When I started playing smash I was so exited. I played the story mode and I loved the game. But then I started playing online. It was so discouraging. I still only have one tag to my name. and if there are any other smash noobs out there. Please go to the noobs only arena. It would make a lot of noobs smash experience better. (=
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Top Tier Guide for Noobs it will change your game frfr😅😼

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A helpful post for noobs (commands)

Hey guys, this is something for noobs like myself . For better players, please do chip in with any advice or corrections.
I was messing around vs AI and thought I'd try patrol and attack move commands. Turns out, everyone should know them!
I'm guessing at sub-800/900 level, people are mostly NOT using commands (purely based on my own experience).
So, what do they do and where have I found then useful?
Patrol: Hotkey Q
You know when you see people make troops go back forth from one spot to another? That's patrol. Simply grab your troops, hit Q, then click somewhere else on the map. The troops will go between these two points forever and will attack anything that they notice.
Use case: let's say you have water control and want to prevent the opponent building more docks. Patrol your ships along the shoreline and they will attack any vils/docks/ships they find.
Attack move: Hotkey R
Select your troops, hit R, then click somewhere on the map (can also click the mini-map). Your troops will now head forward to that destination but will attack anything (units or buildings) that get in their way. After killing whatever they find, they'll continue towards the selected point.
Use Case: Rams. Choose rams, hit R, click somewhere in the opponents base. Your rams will go for anything in the way. Same for knights or other low-micro troops such as ships.
Other notable commands:
Attack ground: Hotkey T. As it says. Select mangonels or BBCs, hit T and then click where you want them to shoot.
Guard: Select troops, click the unit you want them to guard and then move the unit. The troops will follow and will attack things that get too close. Useful if you have a few spears guarding a monk as he collects relics.
That's it. Hopefully it adds some ELO if you learn these commands! And I'm sure my advice is just the tip of the iceberg!
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