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Going to a guy's house for a one night stand: what are your dos and don'ts?

I met this guy at a club yesterday and I am going to his house today with the unspoken purpose of things getting hot and steamy. What would be some things you would advise me to do or not do? Both for safety and mutual enjoyment.
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I am going to divorce my husband of 10 years (and) I destroyed my marriage with a stupid comment and one night stand

I am not the OP's
First history was from wife (I am going to...) and days later her (ex)husband find the history and posts his side (I destroyed my...)
Both histories are from TrueOffMyChest and both OP's deleted their accounts
But their was u/Spiritual_Victory_62 (Wife) and u/Consistent-Dog6765 (Husband)
Original posts: First history (Wife side) | Second history (Husband side)

I am going to divorce my husband of 10 years

My husband and I met when I was 18. It had always been just me and my best friend but when my husband came along we became an inseparable trio. For me it was love at first sight. I had the biggest crush on him but didn't want to ruin the friendship thing we had so I kept it to myself until he confessed to me when we were 20. Things went fast and we got married when we were 22. My best friend got married too and we have all remained close.
we had invited my best friend and her husband around for dinner and we were joking about the things we got up to and my husband brought up how he had always had a crush on my best friend but then she got a boyfriend so he settled for me instead. When I tell you my whole world just came crashing down.
I realised my marriage of 10 years was him settling for second best. That I was never his first option. After that everything he did just started to annoy me he just stopped being attractive to me anymore. We haven't slept together in 6 months because I feel so disgusted. I just want out. I feel like I've wasted my life. I'm disappointed in him and myself for believing I was the one he liked
Edit: OK I'll just answer the main questions here because i don't want to keep answering them
No Yes Idc Idk I tried to talk it out for 6 months
2st Edit: husband knows about the divorce. I told my best friend and she told my husband. So I come home to a don't leave him intervention where they all wanted to work it out. I have never been so confused because fir the past 6 months I've been trying to ask him what he feels and what he meant by his comment and amto answer my questions like literally to the point i have screamed it in his face to just tell me and he's been saying nothing and she has been encouraging me to talk to him but keeping her distance. I thought it was because he didn't like him. Apparently she just thinks we are perfect together and he doesn't want to lose what we have. What do we have? We are basically room-mates who have sex at this point. I think I won't update this because I'm a bit miffed and angry. I am going to go stay at my mums or something
UPDATE: OK so pretty major update that I said I wouldn't do but I am not a man of my word and never said I was. Today I got a message from BFs husband asking where she was and I had no idea because I am at my mother's house. Can we guess where she is? SHE IS AT MY FUCKING HOUSE WITH MY FUCKING HUSBAND! What weird fucking universe am I living in? Anyway yeah so I'm leaving and taking all my stuff with me. My mum will have to put up with me for a while. Divorce is definitely happening. I'm going to get therapy.
Now comes the husband version was posted 4 days before that.

I destroyed my marriage with a stupid comment and one night stand

So I found my wife's post "I'm going to divorce my husband of 10 years". Someone made a video about it and that video got back to me.
I would like to tell my side. When I met my wife I didn't really think much of her. She was funny, kind and a good friend but I had no other interest. Her friend (Sarah) was gorgeous. She had long red hair and these soft freckles and long eye lashes. She was my dream girl but she was not interested in me. I noticed my wife (Amber) was hanging out with me more, laughing at my jokes, listening to me and it made me consider having more of a relationship with her.
Sarah got a boyfriend about a year in to us being friends and her interest in our friendship group dwindled. She hung out with us less and spent more time with her boyfriend which left me and Amber alone a lot. I ended up giving up on Sarah and focusing on Amber we started dating and got married. We kept our friendship with Sarah but we focused on each other. In the back of my mind though it always felt like I had missed out on something.
My marriage was boring. Amber and I were basically friends and I was working hard to save for a house and she was working hard to save for future kids so we were existing alongside each other not actually together. So one day when we were at dinner I got jealous of Sarah and her husband who seemed happy and made the comment about settling for Amber.
Amber shut down after that. She kept repeating the same questions over and over and it would make me so angry that I didn't want to answer. So I didn't. I guess that was my first bad move. Sarah messaged me after the dinner to check if I was ok and we kept messaging me. She was just reassuring me that I did nothing wrong and it would work out.
Then I got a text saying Amber was planning to divorce me. So Sarah came over and we tried to stop her from leaving me but it seemed to only make things worse. Sarah saw how distraught I was and stayed to comfort me and we drank and in a drunk stupid mistake we ended up sleeping together.
Sarah confessed to her husband that we slept together and her husband told Amber. Now both our marriages are ruined. I regret it so much and I just wish I could take it all back.

Reminder - I am not the original poster.
And I forget, but just post the husband side like a update or something, obviously he's an fucking assh0le who deserves to be alone.
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[Comic Excerpt] "Juggernaut and 'She Hulk' have a one-night stand." (Uncanny X-Men #435)

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Preferring a romantic partner to a one night stand does NOT make you demi.

Please don't misunderstand. The key word here is PREFER. For someone who is demi, it is not a preference; it is literally impossible to feel attracted. Demi means you feel little/no sexual attraction outisde of a romantic relationship. Preferring a romantic relationship to a one night stand is not demisexual. I think most people would prefer to have sex with someone they're in love with; that's just a lot easier said than done.
I'm sorry if I sound aggressive. I have a friend who (quite dramatically) told me he is demisexual, but I know he's not. He just prefers to have sex with someone he's dating, which again is very normal. If someone offered to hookup with him, he wouldn't even hesitate. He's very sexual and sexually attracted to girls he isnt dating, and thats okay!! He just isn't demi. For Christ's sake, he asked a mutual friend if she wanted to be fwb. I don't want to be rude to him, but he just is not under the ace umbrella.
No one was talking about asexuality when I was coming up through middle and high school. It was isolating. There was a time at the end of the day in middle school where a girl said "hey guys, raise your hand if you watch porn" and everyone raised their hand but me, and they all spent the next 5 minutes telling me how weird I was for not wanting to watch porn. I got all sorts of weird comments like "you should see a doctor" or "I bet you're secretly a freak" and I really did think something was wrong with me, like I had a hormone imbalance or something. My highschool boyfriend was always complaining about how I didn't want to have sex and that I would never let him touch me until I was old and he wouldn't want me. He made me feel guilty for turning him on (by existing ig) and then not wanting to do anything. Today, I struggle to not worry about being "enough" for my partner. Are they actually satisfied with me even though we don't have sex? Do they have expectations? What if I finally have sex one day and I hate it? What if I can't get myself to do it? Would they stay with me? Could I even ask that of them? I'm not pitying myself here. I know there are worse struggles in the world and that everyone deals with something. What I'm getting at is that there ARE real struggles to being ace. I like that I'm ace, but it does come with challenges. And that friend of mine doesn't experience any of them. It's such a slap in the face to insinuate that my asexuality is the same as him being like "Yah I'm dtf but I'd rather have a gf." and then he can just skip off, being completely allo.
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Would it be weird to tell a one night stand I get off to the memory?

I slept with this guy a couple months ago and it was by far the best sexual experience I’ve had. It was my first casual hookup, the sex was really good and I wrongly assumed a lot of my hookups would be like that lol. He lived kind of far from me and while we said we would meet again our plans fell through. After having a series of hilariously bad hookups since then I’ve found myself thinking about this guy a lot when im masturbating. I want to reach out to him and try again to meet, and say something sexy and see if he would be interested. Would it be weird to tell him that I think about the memory when im touching myself? If that’s out of pocket what would be something to say to break the ice after not speaking for several months?
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Suggestions on best method to swap these tanks? Want to get the new tank on the stand before I start to cycle the water but also can’t drain the old tank before the new one is ready. I have cats so floor tank isn’t really an option.

Suggestions on best method to swap these tanks? Want to get the new tank on the stand before I start to cycle the water but also can’t drain the old tank before the new one is ready. I have cats so floor tank isn’t really an option. submitted by ms_catsby to Aquariums [link] [comments]

After a one night stand? 👀

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Confession time! What was your most regrettable one night stand?

Mine was letting an old man suck me off just so he would drive me to Walmart in college be I didn’t have a car and I was desperate.
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Just had a one night stand with a woman and woke up to her filming me.

I won’t babble on as I know this isn’t that interesting but I found this weird.
I’m 40 and haven’t had sex in a while but not that fussed over it. Me and my ex wife broke up on good terms a couple of years ago and I’ve only been with one woman since for about four months and she was nice and kind so no bad experiences.
Last night I went to my friends 40th and got talking to a woman there. I don’t drink and neither did she as she was driving so we kind of bonded over that. We left the party and got back to mine about 11pm, we knew what we were back for and instantly started having sex. Stopped about 3ish and then last time I looked at my watch it was around 4am and she was asleep and I drifted off.
I’m a really light sleeper and I was awoken only half an hour later by her moving and a bright light. When I opened my eyes she was holding my dick and filming it.
I was instantly shocked and asked what she was doing and she laughed and said “just getting a reminder in case I never hear from you again” my dick is average it’s not like she will be reminiscing about it for years to come or showing it off to her friends and it was soft so even more average at best lol.
I told her I didn’t believe her and asked to see the video. She said no and jumped out of bed and started getting dressed. I got dressed too and said I’d walk her to her car because it’s dark.
I asked her twice more what she as doing and she just blanked me both times got in her car and drove away.
I’m feeling weird as fuck about this. I’ve not been with a lot of women and never had a one night stand before. This isn’t normal is it?
UPDATE!!!: finally found out what she was doing!! I spoke to my friends wife who is her cousin and a few months ago her long term boyfriend left her and since then she’s filmed herself with two different men and sent him the videos to make him jealous. I spoke to him and he confirmed that’s what she’s been doing. He also confirmed she hasn’t sent him anything of me yet but that will explain why she asked me to film her while we were having sex at one point and then filmed me asleep to prove she was with me.
I spoke to her and said if she sends him anything I’m pressing charges against her for sharing intimate videos and filming me without consent.
To be honest it just makes me sad. I thought we had a good time but really she was just using me to make someone else jealous.
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Advokatens råd till unga män: “Undvik one night stands på fyllan” (samtyckeslagen)

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Efficient Methods of One-Night Global Toy Delivery

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No serious man wants a girl who had 10 boyfriends & 50 one-night stands.

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Girl manifested a one night stand and became a Goddess. Nimisha Vermaa is not the only con artist out there. This Bhavya woman also has almost 80k followers growing by the minute with Instagram’a stupid algorithm. Brb I’m manifesting Instagram sobers up and blocks them all!

Girl manifested a one night stand and became a Goddess. Nimisha Vermaa is not the only con artist out there. This Bhavya woman also has almost 80k followers growing by the minute with Instagram’a stupid algorithm. Brb I’m manifesting Instagram sobers up and blocks them all! submitted by Antivirus-2080 to InstaCelebsGossip [link] [comments]

My one-night stand almost scared me sober. I'll never drink and take those pills again.

I swallowed the pills my buddy Danny had brought me. I needed a pick-me-up, and my usual favorites weren’t working.
“They give you crazy energy,” he said. “They sharpen your senses and make you see and hear things you never noticed before.”
"Nice.” I barely listened as I grabbed my car keys, and I didn’t bother asking questions.
Minutes later, my brain fog lifted, and sounds and colors intensified. Everything felt electric, effervescent. But I was unprepared for other effects.
That afternoon, I ran errands, stopping by the car wash first. I handed my card to the cashier, a woman older than my mother.
“Thanks, sweetie,” she said, her smile lingering too long.
I stuffed the card into my wallet, but after hearing her next words, I froze: Ooooh, I’d get rowdy with that young thing.
My head snapped up, and I frowned. Wait—did she just say that? Her mouth wasn’t moving, but I swear that was her voice.
I shook my head, figuring I was imagining things, but then, I heard the voice again: Don’t be obscene, Janet. He’s younger than your son.
Awkward. I didn't need to hear that, but how did I?
Then, my heart skipped as I recalled Danny's words: "You'll see and hear things you never noticed."
Apparently that included hearing people's thoughts. However, I also heard my neighbors' thoughts, my mother's thoughts, and even my trainer Doug's thoughts: I could bounce a quarter off that…
But I didn't need to hear the rest. "Gotta go," I'd shouted, grabbing my keys. I had to call Danny.
I explained everything, but he didn't have answers. "I didn't expect this to happen, so I don't know how long it will last. It could be permanent."
"What?" I shouted, incredulous.
But I needed a plan.
That night, I drank heavily at the bar, hoping to quiet my mind, and I even bought shots for Jasmine, a girl I met. To my surprise, the more I drank, the fewer thoughts I heard.
Five shots later, Jasmine came home with me, and the rest was a blur.
But the next morning, my eyes bulged in horror as the sunlight streamed inside: Janet, the car wash cashier, snored her brains out beside me, looking blissful.
I sat up. Where’s Jasmine? What the hell? I glanced down. No clothing in sight. I felt like a hunted animal. Shit.
I grabbed my phone, hands trembling as I read Danny's text: "Btw, don't drink with that pill. Causes serious hallucinations.”
Now you tell me, I thought.
Seconds later, Janet's eyes popped open, and she flashed a mischievous grin. Then, before I knew what was happening, she climbed on top, duct-taped my mouth, and handcuffed me.
I waited for her thoughts to come—they could help me now—but nothing came. Just silence.
"Shhh," she said, a blade glinting beside her as she prepared a chloroform rag.
Then, I faded out, and everything went black.
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Chances of getting HIV from a one night stand? If so what are the next steps to figuring this out?

Hey y’all sorry if this is the wrong place, honestly I am an absolute dumbass, I had drunken sex with a guy I met on Grindr, we both didn’t use a condom and penetrated each other. Honestly I’m scared to death that I somehow contracted hiv, his profile said negative but still people lie. I’m at an absolute loss on what to do next. So I guess my main questions are what are my chances I contracted hiv and where do I go from here, do I go to my primary care doctor?
EDIT: hey guys just wanted to say firstly thank you all for the replies, I am currently typing this from the parking lot of an urgent care after getting prescribe PEP, getting preemptively treated for any other std’s and getting the necessary blood work done! I just want to say thank you again, I know I might have freaked out to soon but honestly I was super scared, and have definitely learned not to make dumb horny decisions
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[Book Excerpt: Dawn of Fire: Throne of Light] Black Templar teases his human friend about his One Night Stand

I found this passage particularly funny because this is the first time I've actually read about a Space Marine with the social capacity to understand human relationships enough to make jokes about it. Usually Space Marines (both traitor and loyal) go "ew gross, stop doing that" whenever they are confronted with any kind of PDA between humans.
Some additional character context: Diomed is a Imperial Navy Lieutenant in the Indomitus Crusade and Fabian is one of the members of the new Logos Historica Verita that Guilliman established after his return. Lucerne is a Black Templar Primaris Marine.
Finnula Diomed lay under the rumpled bedclothes, her hair flopped messily over her face.
‘There’s a vox-comm right on the table by the bed. Try that.’
Fabian flailed about so much trying to press it he would have knocked over the lamp if it hadn’t been screwed into place.
He clicked the button. ‘I’m coming!’ he shouted. He stood. ‘Aren’t you rising?’
‘No,’ she said. ‘I’m on mid-watch duty today, so I’m staying here.’ She burrowed into the covers.
‘But this is my room!’ he said.
‘Yeah, well,’ she said. ‘It’s my ship.’ Fabian had no reply to that.
The banging continued. He got dressed on the way to the door, but was not looking his best when he opened the slide-portal. When he found who was on the other side his frown turned to a smile.
‘Racej!’ he said. ‘I was beginning to think you were not coming back.’
‘The primarch’s orders stand. You are my ward. I shall not desert you.’ Lucerne sniffed the air and looked over Fabian’s head. ‘You are not alone in there. Who is with you?’
‘Never mind. Diomed. We had dinner. I interviewed her for the record.’
Lucerne raised an eyebrow. ‘Is it time to go?’ Fabian said. Lucerne nodded.
Lucerne stepped aside, revealing a youth standing behind him. He had been completely hidden by the Primaris, but he was still much bigger than Fabian: a young Space Marine. ‘This is Neophyte Botho. He is also accompanying us.’
‘To Vigilus?’
‘To Athagey,’ said Lucerne. The youth wore a puzzled expression. ‘This is Fabian Guelphrain, the historitor I told you about,’ said Lucerne. The youth bowed his head and saluted, arms crossed in a formal aquila. ‘It is a pleasure to meet you, my lord.’
‘Oh, I think the pleasure was all his,’ said Lucerne.
Fabian raised his hands. ‘Racej, will you…’
‘What?’ he said.
‘Just,’ Fabian clenched his hands. ‘Give me fifteen minutes.’
‘You can have seven.’
‘Fine,’ said Fabian. ‘Seven.’
And he shut the door in Lucerne’s face.
Fabian had expected the woeful Athagey: though the battle was a victory, with several enemy vessels claimed, it was far from her usual dramatic triumphs. But aside from the side effects of the stimulant, she was in good humour, and when she smiled at him in that particular way, Fabian, with sinking heart, easily guessed why.
‘What have you done with my first lieutenant, historitor?’ Fabian felt his face go bright red. ‘Nothing,’ he said too quickly.
‘He has interviewed the lieutenant,’ said Lucerne. ‘For the record.’
‘Oh, I see,’ said Athagey, giving him the sort of smile that made him want to dissolve.
‘Over dinner,’ said Lucerne, not very helpfully.
‘Yes, alright, Racej, that’s enough, thank you.’ Lucerne looked at him.
With half his face obscured by the rim of his pauldron, Fabian could not tell if he was smirking or not. ‘I am merely furnishing the groupmistress with the information she requested, historitor.’
‘Thank you, brother-sergeant, I am asking the questions,’ said Athagey. ‘Now, Historitor Majoris Guelphrain, did Finnula furnish you with the information you requested?’
She cut a slice from the fruit and popped it into her mouth, smiling widely around it. If the floor had grown teeth and swallowed him whole, Fabian would have been happy.
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I’m from the future and on the night of January 28, 2023 one woman stands tall in the Rumble after a 6+ month absence entering 27th

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I (21 F) believe casual sex (FWBs /One Night Stands) is ruining dating...

Don't get me wrong, casual sex is fine and good if you are in that space. I just think people are harming themselves by having friends with benefits/ one night stands while also getting to know other people. For instance my roomate (23 F) is dating this guy (29 M) for about a month and a half who I really lthink is great- he is a lawyer, has his head in the right place and is just all around a nice guy. But almost every night her friends with benefits (who is an exchange student from Jamaica that she really is supposed to be mentoring) is over and I hear them in the middle of the night having sex. Im not judging because her and the lawyer guy are not exclusive so she technically is single and can sleep with whomever. I just dont want her to lose a great guy over sex, because she seems to be finding ways to disqualify this new guy even though her reasons are trivial. A few of my friends are like this too, again I get it youre technically single so its fine and dandy. Idk what do you all think?
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Got a one night stand pregnant. She wants to keep the baby but doesn't want me involved. What do I do?

Hey Reddit,
I had sex with a one night stand, pulled out, and also bought her plan B the next day but she still ended up getting pregnant. She's about 15 weeks pregnant now because she didn't have any apparent signs of being pregnant at all until just very recently. She hasn't done an ultrasound yet and said it could also be someone else's but will know more once she goes to the doctor tomorrow. It's apparently too late to have an abortion so she wants to keep the baby and already has 2 kids of her own at the age of 25. Her family apparently has a lot of money, she also has a ton of support from them already with her two kids, she wants to move two states away, said she didn't see us working relationship wise, and would preferably not want me to be involved and wouldn't put my name on the birth certificate. I have no idea what to do from here. I can't imagine not being involved in my child's life but with her moving, I'm not sure how much I would really even be able to see him/her. You can also add in the fact of her meeting another guy and it would just get really complicated which is also her view on everything. What should I do from here?
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Did a rebound one night stand help or hurt moving on from an ex?

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Whilst doing "French Maid" roleplay for a one night stand, I got overexcited and ended up cleaning my entire flat.

One night stand/brief weekend fling; whatever you want to call it.
And the cleaning ended up being more enjoyable than what happened after to be honest.
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The top post on /r/politics right now, after a night where the Dems likely lost the House, and gained only one seat in the Senate, leaving them the Manchin excuse to never do anything: "Americans take a stand for decency as the GOP red wave turns to dust, surprising all of us"

The top post on /politics right now, after a night where the Dems likely lost the House, and gained only one seat in the Senate, leaving them the Manchin excuse to never do anything: submitted by CaptchaInTheRye to stupidpol [link] [comments]

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