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Ambitious and innovative, the Technocrats have established themselves as one of the main pillars of Cryptopia society. Everything and anything you use is most likely created by the Technocrats: from your phones, screens, buildings, and even your grandmother’s pacemaker. Though dreams like these don’t come easy, and are most especially, cheap, the Technocrats are confident in their capability to turn their ideas into reality. Sam Clark, the leader, and creator of the Technocrats, is the young innovator who stemmed the foundation of his faction with STEM research, and scientific solutions. Meticulous with details, his faction sees that growth in economics and society can only be done through rigorous calculations and scientific research. With Cryptopia being the central hub for business, products, and supplies, the Technocrats are eager to see what’s available and the latest in production, opting not to discriminate on resources, choosing only to see what fits into their latest tech blueprint. When it comes to a potential technological breakthrough, the ends justify the means. People who disagree with the Technocrats see them as wasteful, disorganized dreamers at best, and cold-hearted, calculated, and Orwellian misanthropes at worst. Regardless, Technocrats are confident due to everyone’s dependency on their technology, so they are willing to take the risk. They are part of Cryptopia’s foundations, the backbone behind every business and system of power. The future is now. As many people look towards the years for the future in excitement, Sam Clark and the Technocrat know that if you have the right blueprint and resources, the future is what you make of it. Sam Clark & the Technocrats Leader of the Technocrats, Sam Clark is the genius behind most of everyday technology. From your smartphone to smart cities, he has developed software to cater to human needs and wants and continues to improve on them. Sam started like any child curious about technology—by getting into robotics and coding. He designed his own robot to fight against opponents in many no-holds-barred tournaments, walking away with not only the grand prize but also endless ideas for prototypes. He graduated top of his class in college at the young age of 15, eager to make use of every minute and second into learning more about technology in practice aside from theory. His hands-on approach allows him to create more nuanced and inclusive devices of wide appeal. He viewed technology as the solution to everything, machines, and code as constantly evolving tools that humanity needs to survive and improve life. It amazed him that imperfect human beings could create technology that’s both precise and accurate. Persistent and ever-dependent on the scientific method, He meticulously strove to determine what can be improved and tweaked further in his inventions. After a series of failures, he struck gold with a prototype wearable PDA in his parent's backyard. From there, he learned that every experiment matters and branches out to many different possibilities. He hired and teamed up with like-minded individuals to establish the Technocrats, a group of young inventors innovating everyday life through technology and scientific experimentation. With Cryptopia slowly establishing itself, Sam Clark sees the city-state as the best place to create the technological utopia that he envisioned, a brave new world to innovate and improve to its fullest technological capabilities.
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News - Oct/29/2021: Farming insurance gains popularity __ War commission __ Real estate stats __ Azerbaijan has narcotics problem __ Azeris return villager's sheep; study Armenian lang. __ 22% of Shirak vaccinated __ Low-cost FLYONE airlines certified __ Anti-corruption: riots, election fraud

Your 11-minute Friday briefing in 2884 words.

Prosecutors: Azerbaijan was included in the list of major countries for heroin trafficking

General Prosecutor's office: Armenia continues the fight against narco-trafficking. Last year we arrested 14 people for smuggling narco from Iran. This year so far there have been 24 arrests.
2017-2020: customs agency found 157kg
2021 alone: customs agency found 451kg
Through various methods, 717kg of heroin was found coming from Iran.
Similar operations were carried out to prevent smuggling from Iran to Artsakh and Armenia: 16 individuals were arrested, 10 of whom have been sentenced.
Our cooperation with Iranian law enforcement has improved, and that's reflected in these enforcement numbers.
This was also reflected in a letter sent by the UN Office of Drug and Crime, in which they praised Armenia's efforts in stopping narco-flow from Iran to Europe. The UN agency vowed to share intelligence and help retrain Armenian agents.
Lately, we've been more active in combatting trafficking thanks to closer cooperation between Armenian and Iranian agents. This was discussed during the 2019 and 2021 meetings, as well as during meetings on international platforms.
For example, during the Iranian prosecutor's October 12 trip to Armenia, we discussed the installation of modern technologies in customs checkpoint, and bringing the traffickers to justice.
This shows how untruthful Ilham Aliyev was during his CIS speech on October 15, when he accused Armenia and Iran of trafficking narcotics. This was done to cover up the fact that Azerbaijan is a major narco-transfer state.
According to the UN Drugs and Crime agency report, Armenia is in the "Not main countries source of transit" category, while Azerbaijan is listed as a main transit state. //

Armenia did not "sign" under Putin's "anti-West" statement made during the recent CIS bloc meeting

Security agencies of CIS republics held a meeting in Moscow on October 13, attended by Putin. It ended with the Russian agency releasing a statement about "West is using pro-democracy elements to destabilize CIS republics".
Armenia's NSS was asked to comment whether they "signed" under that statement since they were a participant.
NSS responds: No, it was not a joint statement made by all participants. It was simply information summarizing the October 13 sitting about ensuring collective security in the CIS region. //

authorities arrest a man wanted by Interpol for being a member of a terrorist organization

Kader A. was arrested in Yerevan airport while attempting to fly to Belarus. He was added to the Interpol list last year.

Russian army truck rolls down a 150-meter hill

The incident happened this morning on Tigranashen (Ararat) curve roads. One person died, another was injured. Rescuers stopped the fuel leakage at the scene.

fight broke out between Azeri police and poverty-stricken 2020 war participants

A group of war participants attempted to shut down Baku's Zia Buniatov avenue but were met by a harsh police response. The reason was the closure of a small bazaar and evictions.
The police raided and arrested 30 veterans, who were beaten at a police station. Some of them had to be transferred to a hospital.
The veterans said the bazaar was their only source of income. They want the government to address the socio-economic problems.

more Azeris have been trying to learn Armenian language after the war

Azeri State Economics University recently announced the launch of new Armenian language courses. We're unable to register and teach everyone due to high demand, said professor Askerov. The goal is to help Azeris read Armenian media and study the economy.
The courses are held three times a week. Most students are members of the Foreign Ministry, security agents, border guards, and journalists. It costs 60-120 Mənət per month.
They found that it takes 8 months to learn Armenian basics, and at least 2 years to speak more fluently. Up to 40 students graduate annually.
Professor Askerov himself was born and raised in Armenia. He worked as an English teacher before moving to Azerbaijan in 1988.

Türkiye Ermeni toplumundan bir kişi kaymakam olmaya hak kazandı

Berk Ajar Sahakyan, a lawyer representing the Armenian community in Turkey, has passed several exams and will become a district governor, the first such appointment in Turkey's history.

Azerbaijan returns hundreds of sheep to Armenian villager

The sheep had ended up under the possession of Azeri soldiers near border village Tegh (Gegharkunik). Negotiations were held between the Tegh mayor, AM-RU-AZ soldiers, and as a result, the 106 sheep were recently returned to the owner.
Tegh municipality denied Human Rights Ombudsman's report that Azeris had intentionally crossed into the village territory to steal the sheep.

five children hospitalized in Yerevan with carbon monoxide poisoning

Aged 3-15. Their lives are not in danger. Carbon monoxide detectors are known to save lives.

a new FlyOne Armenia airlines is granted Air Operator's certificate

Not to be confused with the national FlyArna airlines which will be run by the government and Air Arabia.
FlyOne is a private initiative. Here is a news snippet from May 26 news post:
Armenian and Moldovan companies cooperated to launch a new Armenian airline. The Moldovan company started off small and studied the Armenian market. "We found that strangely, Armenia does not have its national carrier that can provide low-cost flights to its citizens or be part of a global network," said the Moldovan co-investor.
Armenian co-investor said: we hope to restore Armenia's pilot institute we had in the Soviet era. We can create aviation jobs and help our experts return and work in Armenia. We will create 135 new jobs initially.
This will be a low-cost airline geared towards the general population and local businesses. It can also help tourism with its low fares. No longer will you have to travel only once a year in certain directions due to high costs. or //
FlyOne has invested €60M in the Armenian market. The destinations are Moscow, Tehran, Lyon, Paris, Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Krasnodar, Istanbul, and Tel Aviv. They will use Airbus A320 jets with 180 seats.

21 arrested over April 21 riots organized by opposition members during Pashinyan's Syunik trip

Investigators report: deputy mayor of Goris and the mayor of Shurnukh had learned about Pashinyan's April trip and began forming a group with an intent to commit hooliganism.
At 10:00 am, the group gathered in an area near the Goris-Kapan road for preparation. They had a party at 14:50 pm on tables installed on a nearby hill. The participants were given alcohol so they would become more aggressive and determined.
At 16:15, the two organizers instructed the group to shut down the road and prevent Premier's convoy from traveling. The Deputy mayor of Goris instructed participants to attack Premier's vehicle.
While the convoy was traveling in Shurnukh, the group committed hooliganism in front of the crowd, attacking vehicles in Premier's convoy, causing ֏24M in property damages. [some bodyguards had their clothes ripped]
Deputy Goris mayor, Shurnukh administrator, and 19 others have been charged with crimes. The case has reached the court. //

Serj's PU alliance will not hold talks with Pashinyan

During the Parliament meeting on Wednesday, Pashinyan accused the opposition of hypocrisy regarding "why didn't you give the lands sooner" criticism. After the back and forth exchange, and two sides seemingly agreed to meet and discuss the conflict behind closed doors.
PU MP Tigran Abrahamyan today: we reaffirm our stance that the only topic we would discuss with Pashinyan is his resignation.
Reporter: you demanded government members appear and answer questions. But when Pashinyan attended Parliament and invited you for a closed-door meeting, you changed your stance and now claim that you will only meet him to discuss his resignation. What caused this change?
PU MPs Abrahamyan: we're talking about different topics. It's about the agenda of the meeting. Some officials did not appear for questioning within the past month. //
QP MP Hrachya Hakobyan: they backtracked perhaps because they hadn't asked for Kocharyan's permission first. It appears the opposition has a constructive wing that's willing to sit down and discuss things behind closed doors. //
HD MP Vardevanyan: we didn't actually say we wanted to meet Pashinyan. Also, there was no "ban" from Kocharyan.
QP MP Hrachya Hakobyan: wrong. I heard how opposition members expressed a willingness to meet and talk. The opposition MP said "In that case, let's hold a closed-door meeting", to which Pashinyan responded, "Invite and I will come. If you don't, then I will invite you".
HD MP Vardevanyan: it wasn't about a separate closed-door meeting. It was in general about government members appearing and answering questions. The only meeting with Pashinyan should be about his resignation.
QP MP Hrachya Hakobyan: we just held elections. This isn't serious. Let's hold another one; maybe HD/PU won't cross the threshold this time. //
HD and PU plan to resume the street protests next month.

Parliament is close to forming a bipartisan commission to investigate the 2020 war

Sec. Comm. chief Andranik K.: we're waiting for the opposition members of the Sec. Comm. to bring their permission-related documents in order. We've been waiting patiently.
Three of them have obtained the permission but HD MP Ghazinyan has not, because he did not submit his documents. Permission is necessary for members to gain access to classified information during the investigation.
We're dragging our feet so the opposition won't accuse us of starting the process without them. We will wait another week for Mr. Ghazinyan to make up his mind whether he is a member of this commission or not. //
The commission will consist of ruling and opposition members. Initially, the government planned to involve non-parliamentary parties as well, but Parliamentary experts argued it would be unconstitutional to involve them in this particular format.

anti-corruption: Goris (Syunik) official is found guilty and sentenced for pressuring subordinates to attend Kocharyan rally and skip Pashinyan's

Prosecutors report: Gusan Ashot cultural center director H.K. instructed employees to attend HD alliance's Goris rally on June 7.
The director also threatened to fire the librarian after learning that the latter planned to attend Pashinyan's rally a week later.
Director's arrest was downgraded to bail. The case was sent to Syunik court in July. Prosecutors had asked for a 5-year sentence and a 2-year ban on holding public offices.
The court ended up giving a 4-year sentence with a 2-year office ban, but the prison term was later replaced with 3-year probation. //
Tags: #ElectionFraud #elections

President Sarkissian met the members of the Atlantic Council analytical agency

The American think tank was founded in 1961. It manages ten regional centers about international security and global economic prosperity. They are visiting the three Caucasus states to analyze the regional situation and the institutes in the countries.

Pope Francis awards President Sarkissian with Grand Collar of Papal Order, the highest award

... for his contributions to the development of the relations between the Holy See and Armenia. Sarkissian is the first both in Armenia and the region who receives such an order.
Ambassador Archbishop Edgar Parra: By opening an Apostolic Nunciature in Yerevan, we want to establish high-level relations and show to the world the importance of the first Christian nation in history. //

movie about Artsakh wins 4 awards in Ontario International Film Festival

The movie is "Gate to Heaven", directed by Jivan Avetisyan. Best script, best sound, best music.
It was a joint production by Armenia and several European states. The lead actors are Richard Sammel, Benedict Freitag, and Nina Kronjäger.
The movie is about a German reporter who returns to Artsakh in 2016 to cover the April 2016 war, where he falls in love with opera singer Sofia. There is a major plot twist. (no, she is not a tranny)

COVID stats

18.1k tested. 2.1k infected. 1.2k healed. 43 deaths. 31k active.

22% of the adult population in Shirak province has received a vaccine

Shirak govt: It's one of the highest in Armenia. It's even higher in specific categories: 86% of medical workers, 89% in schools, 67% of state/local offices, 48% of transport workers.

Yerevan Zoo closes doors for 4 days for sanitation and anti-pandemic measures

month-old baby dies from COVID

Doctor: the child was admitted to the hospital on October 19 and connected to a ventilator on 26th. Listen to experts and protect your family members by receiving a vaccine. //

expert: people with chronic skin disease can take vaccines

Today is psoriasis awareness day.
Healthcare Ministry adviser: COVID can make your psoriasis worse. Even a mild infection can make it much worse. Dexamethasone [anti-inflammation] was shown to be effective but it's only temporary, patients can't take it forever.
We recommend people with skin diseases get vaccinated. There are only a handful of situations when vaccination can be postponed, for example during a very severe flare-up episode of acne. It's about very severe cases only.
When the flare-up ends, it is "mandatory" to take the vaccine because COVID can make your future symptoms much worse.
Don't rely on ill-informed treatment methods such as flowers collected from Tibet and China. It's ineffective. Not only do you waste money, but you endanger your life. //

Metsamor nuclear plant and Yerevan Physics Institute will produce oxygen for COVID patients

...24/7, in order to meet the increased demand. Healthcare Ministry said they recently repaired the oxygen stations to prevent supply interruptions.
Armenia has 17 oxygen stations, including the new ones.

foreign citizens have started buying/selling more real estate in Armenia

1,242 transactions involving foreigners in 2Q2021. That's +26% from last year.
In 477 of them, the foreigner purchased the property, up from 354 last year.
What did they buy?
Apartment 44%, land 21%, house 19%, garage 9%, public building 6%, manufacturing property 1%.
Unsurprisingly, countries with the largest diaspora were the more active ones: Russia, U.S., Iran.
Property sales by foreigners have also increased, from 654 to 801.
Overall transactions by citizens and non-citizens: a 2% drop from last year, while Yerevan is up 11%.

Deputy Premier: Armenian government's Civil Service system is undergoing reforms

A meeting was held today between Armenian government and representatives of EU, France, Finland, and Estonia.
Papikyan: we have a joint initiative between the government and the EU's Twinning program to reform Armenia's Civil Service system. I'd like to thank our EU partners for their support.
The program, funded by the EU, launched in January 2020 and will finish in May 2022. The goal is to improve employees' skills, accountability, and transparency. //

construction of 5-story apartment complex begins in capital Stepanakert

Located on 45 Martuni Street, it's in place of buildings that were destroyed during the war. The former residents will receive keys.

are farmers actually signing up for the new agricultural insurance program?

Yes. The number of insurance contracts has gone up from 1.5k to 4.3k this year.
The government launched the insurance program in 2019-2020 and began subsidizing 50-60% of the premium. It protects crops against hail, frost, etc.
Economy Ministry: As of this October, ֏305M were paid in compensation claims to holders of 1.4k agricultural insurance policies. //

PHOTO: Digitec Expo 2021 opens in Yerevan's Hamalir complex

The official website:
One of the participants is Team Telecom. They presented their Next Generation Network with 25Gbps speed. The 25G-PON tech is already operational in Yerevan's Davtashen district, Kajaran, and Gndevaz. This year it will expand to Arabkir district, Jermuk, and Hrazdan.

Pashinyan met representatives of Armenian tech firms

Service Titan prides itself as "The world’s leading all-in-one software for commercial and residential HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other field service businesses."
SADA cloud provider was named Google Cloud Partner of the Year for the third year in a row.
Both firms are founded by diasporan Armenians. They recently decided to expand their activities in Armenia. Pashinyan held two meetings with them today.
SADA's Hovig Safoian: our Armenian branch has 30 employees today but we plan to invest and bring the number of 350 soon. We partner with global leaders including Google to develop various solutions, including in the education field.
We partnered with Google to create an education platform that was implemented in several countries. We're ready to discuss its introduction in Armenia. //
Service Titan's Ara Mahdesyan: our Armenian office already has 200 employees. The investments have reached $40M. We will hire new experts and expand the departments. //
Pashinyan will organize a meeting between the firms and state agencies to discuss in more detail.

Grand Chess tournament: men's & women's

Levon Aronian, Robert Hovhannisyan and Elina Danielyan won. Five other Armenians played a draw.
The winners of this tournament will gain a ticket to compete in the world championship qualification tournament.

top-10 bestseller documentary books in September

5) Ջոն Ստրելեքիի «Սրճարան աշխարհի եզրին»
4) Ռաֆայել Համբարձումյանի «Գարեգին Նժդեհ. կենսատարեգրություն, մտամասունքներ»
3) Մոնթե Մելքոնյանի «Պայքարելու իրավունքը»
2) Գարեգին Նժդեհի «Չխրատվող ժողովուրդը»
1) The monk who sold his Ferrari, by Robin Sharma


Yesterday's news in English and русский (by Impossible-Ad-).
News archive: Donations: soldiers' families, humanitarian aid, US tax-deductible donation.
The accused are innocent unless proven guilty in the court of law, even if they "appear" guilty.
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[Runescape] Chinese Criminal Gangs, 60,000 Cancelled Memberships, and Mass Riots: Jagex tackles Real World Trade

In a previous post about Runescape community drama, I wrote about players vilifying one of their own. This story, picking up over a year after the last, instead focuses on the community’s everlasting struggle against the game’s developer, Jagex. It is the first particularly sour memory in the history of Runescape, and probably remains the game’s most controversial moment considering its massive population at the time, and how long the residual anger lasted. The controversy revolves around the real world trade/real money trade industry, which had supposedly generated a minimum of $1 billion in revenue by the time of this controversy via the sale of in-game money for real world money.
This post is quite long and covers just less than a month, taking place from 20/11/07 to around 17/12/07. The story involves huge changes to several core aspects of the game during this period of time, primarily trading and player vs. player combat. The events chronicled here include the Duel Arena changes on 20/11/07, the addition of the Grand Exchange on 26/11/07, and finally the calamity caused by the Wilderness and Free Trade updates on 10/12/07. The story touches on some odd beats, including Chinese gangs and sweatshops, high school libertarians, concerns about gambling behaviour among children, and mass digital revolts. But first, a little information on what sort of game Runescape is and how its real world trading works.
What is Runescape?
Runescape is a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game that was first released in 2001. The game takes place in the medieval fantasy world of Gielinor. Among children and teenagers, MMOs have dipped in popularity relative to other online game genres such as FPS shooters, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games (DOTA, League Of Legends, etc.), sandbox games (Minecraft, Roblox) and Battle Royales (Fortnite, PUBG). However, earlier on in the 00s, MMOs were reasonably big among nerdier types. The most prolific of these games was World Of Warcraft, which left its mark on the culture at the time. To play WoW, players had to purchase the base game, and then any future expansion packs that came out.
Runescape worked very differently and was much easier to access, which probably endeared a lot of younger people to it. The game was entirely accessible via a web browser, and there was no base game you had to pay for. A large portion of the in-game world and hours of in game content were accessible for free. Players could pay a membership fee of less than $5USD monthly to access the expanded version of the game, which added up to the price of a console game at the time if you paid for a year.
Prior to the age of Reddit, Runescape’s web community inhabited forums on dedicated fansites, where people would discuss the game and post guides. Forum-goers would post images of the rare items and spoils they’d obtained, their achievements, and just chat about the game in general. These non-affiliated fansites were a thorn in Jagex’s side, and players who typed out their name could be punished by being muted (banned from using the in-game chat function). An official Runescape Forums did and still does exist, but older posts have not been archived. However, the rants forum--which will make an appearance in this story--is somewhat infamous. YouTube was also growing at this point, and players were beginning to post in-game footage to the platform.
There are a few facets of the game you’ll need to know about in order to understand the following story. I’ll do my best to describe these as if you’ve never played Runescape before.
Player-killing (Pking)/Player vs Player (PvP): This is an activity which involves players killing other players with their digital avatars. It can take place in several different special areas. In this post, we’re just focusing on two: the Duel Arena and the Wilderness (Note: “Pking” is exclusively used to describe player killing in the Wilderness).
Duel Arena: The Duel Arena was a location which allowed two players two fight to the death in a safe manner (keeping all items after death). However, you could choose to wager or “stake” certain items on duels. Staking was popular among PvP fans, and users would typically post pictures and videos of their exploits and loot to fansites or YouTube. High-end staking was a serious money-maker if you were good enough at the game, and players would make hundreds of millions of in-game gold
The Wilderness: The Wilderness is a large area in the northern part of the game in which players can engage in unsafe combat against each other (losing items on death). Combat operates as a free-for-all, meaning there’s no limit on how many players can attack other players like there is in the duel arena. This is by far and away the most popular PvP activity in the game.
Monster Hunting/Player vs Monster (PvM): This refers to high level combat between players and NPCs (non-player characters). The terms are almost exclusively used in relation to the game’s bosses. “Monster hunting” has since fallen out of favour relative to the term “bossing”.
Trade: At this time, trade occurred when a player offered another player to trade and they accepted. The interface that opened would allow you to see what you were offering and what the other person was offering. If you wanted to sell a large amount of resources (say 10,000 logs), you’d go to the city of Falador on the game’s server World 2, and spam the chat with something like “Sellling 10k logggs 30gp each!!!!11!!!!” until someone traded with you.
Macro: When discussed in the context of Runescape, a macro is a piece of third party software that automates a user's actions in the game. The most simple explanation of these programs is that they move a cursor and left-click for the user, although this process can be carried out in a range of ways. This practice was banned in Runescape as it violated Rule 7: “You must not use other programs to gain an unfair advantage at the game”.
You might find it odd that someone would let a robot play the game for them, but consider that Runescape involves long periods of monotony. Some players might just want to enjoy the combat-related facets of the game, but they’re compelled to use gathering skills to earn money. Rather than spending hours chopping down trees, players could just have a macro running while they were at school or work. Upon coming home, these players might find that they had a boon of resources to sell, or that their skills had been levelled multiple times. However, people that actually enjoyed the game were far from the biggest users of macros, and Jagex’s primary concern with macros laid elsewhere.
Real World Trading (RWT): Real world trading was classified as trading in-game goods for real world money. This was against Rule 12, which stipulated that Runescape items must only be exchanged for other items/services in game (Jagex has been compelled to bend this rule slightly since these events). RWT is best thought about as being carried out by two distinct groups: those that have played and enjoyed the game, and those that create accounts solely for real world trading.
The former group consisted of players that had amassed hoards of wealth via activities such as staking at the duel arena or merching. They sold rare items such as party hats, Halloween masks, and santa hats as a means of capitalising on how many hours they’d put into the game. Take the Runescape celebrity Stokenut for example, who claimed he made $50,000 by selling his Runescape gold. Cursed_You from my prior post stated he made around $17,000NZ by selling loot he’d accrued over the years. He stated that while he recognised that his behaviour was bannable, he wasn’t going to turn down a few grand as a 16 year old. These players, much like the previously mentioned casual macroers, weren’t the focal point of Jagex’s concern.
The issue that was causing Jagex a headache was the large amount of people and companies running macros 24/7 to earn money. This practice--known as goldfarming-- typically involved chopping down trees, selling the logs, and then trading the money. After completing the game’s tutorial, these accounts would chop wood all night and day. They were all dressed in the default outfit, were the lowest level possible, and would not speak to other players. Bots, as players called them, were at one time unavoidable, with dozens occupying woodcutting areas. The problem was not exclusive to Runescape, with supposedly around 400,000 people employed as goldfarmers at one point.
I. Jagex’s Early Responses to Macroing and Real World Trading
“Cheating scum banned”, read a news post on Runescape’s website on the 12th of December, 2002. 400 higher level accounts had been permanently barred from playing because they’d been detected using macros. Players were warned that their account would follow if they deigned to use such technology. 957 players would follow on 2/1/2004, and then a drastic 15,000 players were permanently banned on 19/1/2006. Jagex had supposedly begun the practice of IP banning individuals, meaning they’d ban multiple accounts used by the same individual.
On 5/1/2007, a news post on the Runescape website explains that the problem has reached new heights recently, with Jagex banning approximately 8000 accounts a week. The post claims that the majority of accounts farming for gold are from China and South Korea (ex-Soviet Union countries were later named). It’s even stated that some of these gold farmers were working in slave-like conditions in sweatshops, and that criminal gangs were involved. The game’s popular fansites were also labelled as culpable due to the fact that 3rd party gold selling companies were advertised on these sites. Real world trading websites had been operating for several years at this point, but the higher-ups at Jagex were clearly starting to get nervous.
Chinese Goldfarming companies took advantage of cheap labour costs to pay workers for 12 hour shifts spent earning gold on MMOs. In 2005, NYT writer David Barboza reported that one 27-year-old goldfarmer employed “20 full-time gamers here in Fuzhou”. Another 28-year-old man borrowed $25,000US in order to open up an internet Cafe and farm gold. One factory supposedly contained 300 computers, and workers at another would work 18 hours a day. These companies traded gold and items using their own websites or Ebay accounts. While the article makes these enterprises appear somewhat legitimate, there certainly was a criminal undercurrent to their behaviour which had the potential to eliminate 80% of Jagex’s income.
According to a development diary released regarding Jagex’s ongoing battle with Real World Trader’s, the primary issue related to goldfarmers purchasing membership. The criminal syndicates that would operate goldfarming sites would use stolen credit cards to purchase subscriptions for their bots. When the cards were reported stolen, Jagex would subsequently be hit with bank refund charges. This reportedly resulted in the company having to pay more to process credit transactions. Jagex indicated that if the credit card fraud problem persisted, they may have been denied the ability to process transactions involving credit cards altogether.
However, Andrew Gower (the game’s creator) insisted that the major issue with the introduction of pay-to-win features was that the game would become warped. He believed that by introducing buyable in-game currencies and items, players would start behaving differently. For example, a player may forego gathering skills altogether if they could just purchase their favourite weapons with Mum and Dad’s money. Gower also envisioned microtransactions bringing about problems in relation to equity; rich players would be on better footing than more modest players. This line--that changes were implemented to improve the service--was what Jagex would put out in response to anger about Jagex combatting RWT, rather than the more true line about credit card fraud.
II. Burned at the Stake
On 20/11/2007, Jagex began it’s war with real world traders. An update was added to the game which allowed users to participate in player vs player tournaments at the Duel Arena. This more or less sat well with everyone, save for a few dot points later in the article
There is now a cap to the amount a player can win in the space of 15 minutes in a staked duel, which is set to 3,000 coins. This limit will make it harder for real-world traders to unfairly use the Duel Arena as a covert way of transferring items. Of course, if you want to take part in some high-stakes duelling you now have the duel tournaments instead!
The gp value of any item wagered in a staked duel is defined by the 'player value'. This 'player value' of an item will change according to any market fluctuations once the Grand Exchange has been introduced.
Even among players that didn’t stake, the 3k limit was viewed as especially strict considering some players were gambling with millions in staked Duels. While people certainly loved staking because it brought in the gold, the big draw for many was that they thought it was fun. They liked the dopamine rush they felt when they had all their loot riding on a duel. It was the same rush you got from gambling, but rather than using your hard-earned dollars, you were placing bets with your hard-earned digital items. You certainly cared if you lost, but the loss wouldn’t incur a material consequence. This was as close to gambling as most of Runescape’s adolescent players would get.
Posts and replies on Runescape’s official rant forums were flooding in, and eventually seeped onto external fansite forums. One user that claimed they made over 800 million gold (an absurd amount of money) via staking lamented that they had lost their primary source of income because of a crime they hadn’t committed. More short-sighted users expressed anger that Jagex had done nothing about the other, more obvious methods of RWT. Players drastically overstated the amount of stakers, and claimed that Jagex would lose millions of dollars in subscriptions due to the changes. The staking community wasn’t necessarily large, but it was dedicated, and the death of the community was grieved instantly.
Theories emerged that the 3k limit wasn’t just strictly related to financial issues incurred by RWT, but also factors only tangentially related to revenue. Some users pointed out that it was never Jagex’s intention for users to earn hundreds of millions in seconds due to sheer luck. Other users theorised that the bigger issue was Jagex unintentionally facilitating gambling behaviour among teenagers. There was nothing illegal going on, but if headlines emerged about adolescents gambling on the game, worried parents may have cancelled their child’s subscription. The Bank of Mum and Dad was indeed responsible for paying many memberships, and anger about Jagex capitulating to its younger players only fueled these rumours.
I would literally sit there on [Account name] and stake for six hours for a week in the summer. Sure I made 200m a day or so, but it seriously screwed with my life. Exposing kids to that kind of gambling is just not right, good call Jagex
Stakers made their opinion on the update known via in-game riots. Riots weren’t a novel concept at this point in time, with two unrelated riots occurring earlier in the year. Players couldn’t really do any actual damage while rioting, so instead they’d just spam the chat. “We pay we say” was the most popular slogan among rioters, but “3k no way!” was another one that was specific to this event. In footage of the riots, some users can be seen with a red laser above their head because they have the retribution prayer switched on. The actions of rioters weren’t necessarily appreciated by all, and many players would chide them for behaving in a useless manner. Riots in relation to this specific update predominantly occurred on World 83 and later 91, but TipIt forum-goers posted that riots were occurring on Worlds 54 and 28 as well.
This in-game response gives us a glimpse into a phenomenon that would haunt the game over the coming weeks: Runescape’s young player base slowly realising they actually have no power over their in-game world. Their riots and rants would prove futile; they could do nothing to alter the game’s course. Some would still try, such as a user suggesting that everyone could boycott the game’s updates and ignore them. “Most players are like sheep and eventually submit,” a player stated, imploring users to instead create some sort of Runescape Union, but they were met with only a few cynical responses. Many players hoped against hope that Jagex would change their mind and remove the 3k limit due to how large they perceived the negative response to be, but their complaints would fall upon deaf ears. Several days later, the Summoning Skill was announced, and talk moved away from the Duel Arena changes.
III. Laser Fair or Full Communism?
Less than a week after the changes to the Duel Arena, a major overhaul of Runescape’s trade system took place via the implementation of the Grand Exchange. Players could place a bid on the grand exchange--say for 5000 arrows at 5gp per arrow--and would receive those items when a player sold them for the same amount, without any effort to interact with each other on the players’ behalf. Think of it like an online stock buying program but for digital items. This update instantly changed the game for every player this time, with most players thinking it was for the better. It’s tough to overstate how much this thing expedited the old trading process, which it instantly made look cumbersome.
One contentious point upon release was that Jagex hadn’t quite calculated the price of each item correctly. Nothing was known about how the developers had ascribed a price to every single item in the game. This was no small feat, considering that there were thousands of items available to trade on the Grand Exchange. Yew logs were selling for approximately 800 coins, which was much too expensive, while lobsters were too cheap at 250 coins. This didn’t impede people’s use of the Exchange though. Shortly after the update, the Exchange crashed due to the amount of trades taking place (millions according to Jagex).
Price controls on items limited the amount of money players could purchase or sell things for. You could only sell items for a minimum of 5% below or a maximum of 5% above the designated purchase price. However, the default prices of items would increase or decrease depending on the amount of items sold and the average price they’d sold for over the previous 24 hours. Some players perceived this as Jagex attempting to control the economy in its effort to combat real world trading.
With Jagex controlling the prices, they control the economy. For anyone who knows French, they pretty much just spat on the saying "Laizer Faire". For anyone who doesn't know French, it means leaving the economy alone, like relaxing and watching it go by itself, not having the government control it.
A slew of economics debates raged among highschool freshmen in the ensuing days relating to Runescape’s economic model. One of the few users that published Runescape bulletins (the TruthScape Soapbox) fancied themselves Gielinor’s own Thomas Sowell, and decried Jagex’s reign over the economy in their piece “Sorry, Comrade, but Price Controls don’t work”. Many thought users upset about the price controls were overreacting, considering that you could buy and sell items within a 5% margin. The prices would just fluctuate in relation to supply and demand. The objectivists remained steadfast though, and decried Big Jagex’s attempt to regulate the economy
Also another point I want to hit on that disappointed me was Jagex attempted to stabilize the economy by socialist or could be said mercantilist methods of controlling the economy by government intervention in this case Jagex intervention. Simply looking at past examples in history we should be able to learn from our mistakes having a mercantile or socialist economy creates a stagnant economy. Neither capable of great gain nor great loss… If the economy was more volatile we create more opportunity and with more opportunity we boost the economy.
Some people complaining about the implementation of price controls also had a (digitally) material interest in the matter that went beyond the strictly theoretical. Merching was a practice that involved players buying items for cheap than selling them at a higher price. For players that already had resources, this was the best money making method in the game. As a result, some were irked by the fact that Jagex had tightened their profit margins. Upon the release of the Grand Exchange prices, many players lost large sums of money due to the fact that popular items bought by merchers decreased in price. Several players angrily announced on the TipIt forums that they’d quit in response to the changes, but they were so few that no riots erupted this time.
The Grand Exchange was almost instantly accepted and appreciated by Runescape’s broader population. Gone were the days of spending ages in Varrock and Falador trying to buy a dragon scimitar. Perhaps, though, people may not have taken to the update if they knew what was to come. Jagex had effectively implemented a way of measuring the standard value of every single tradeable item in the game. This was a tool that would be essential in the final slew of updates that would eradicate real world trade, and enrage tens of thousands of players.
Reflecting on the month that had passed, forum users noted that November would be remembered as one of the most controversial months in the game’s history, but foolishly assumed December would be quiet. “Hopefully it'll be a peaceful month, with a nice Christmas event,” stated one comment, although others were a bit more suspicious. There was still room for changes in regards to abolishing real world trade, and a Behind The Scenes article in early December) seemed to demonstrate more changes were coming down the track. People started fretting about Jagex doing the unthinkable: getting rid of the wilderness, trading and other facets of Runescape. Their worst fears would soon be confirmed
IV. Is this the Change you Wanted?
“Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”
One of my favourite quotes by Benjamin Franklin.
I think it applies to this situation nicely.(To you people claiming this was necessary to get rid of bots)
-TipIt User
On 10/12/07, Jagex eschews moving slowly, and decides to just flip the game on its head. This update all but concludes the company’s effort to eliminate real world trading, and they’ve saved the biggest updates for last. There were four major components to the updates
  1. You can no longer player-kill in the Wilderness. Instead, 2 minigames--Bounty Hunter and Clan Wars--have been introduced which allow players to engage in PvP combat. The Duel Arena is now available to F2P players.
  2. In lieu of players hunting you down in the Wilderness, you have to worry about high level NPCs called revenant ghosts which attack on sight with all 3 combat styles.
  3. Unbalanced trade was removed, and the value of items each of 2 players manually traded had to be within the range of 3000gp.
  4. When players died or simply dropped their items, anything valued higher than 3000gp would not appear. Upon death, players’ items were also protected by a gravestone, which would remain in the game from anywhere between a couple of minutes to an hour.
These updates spurred rage among a huge swath of players almost instantly. People almost instantly were saying that Jagex had killed the game, and that they were quitting for good. The official Runescape forums had 1700 users online, with 1500 in the Rants forum. In response to a sticky about the update, 40,000 responses would be logged in the ensuing 2 days, and another sticky in the Recent Updates forum incurred 24,000 responses. The forums went offline several times due to the unrelenting posting by those angry about the removal of the Wilderness and unbalanced trade
Why were people so mad?
  1. Wilderness Changes
And then it was like, “we’re also gonna get rid of the Wilderness, and change how the Wilderness works”, and it was like, why? There’s this pking community, there’s this whole PvP community that understands how it works, and back then it wasn’t about the items. It was about the camaraderie of the clan, it was about the excitement of the experience of fighting with a group of people against another group of people. It wasn’t about getting the money and the items from the other people.
-Former Jagex employee Mod Mat K
The 2 minigames that replaced the traditional mode of pking in the Wilderness were meant to offer an experience that mimicked the original. While people didn’t like Clan Wars due to the fact that combat was safe, it was seen as useful in conducting large-scale battles between clans. No such utility was seen in its solo PvP counterpart--Bounty Hunter. If 2 users that were level 92 and 95 wanted to play the game together, they’d be placed in different arenas. Groups of players also ignored that the focus was meant to be on single player PvP, and teams went about killing individual players. People also lamented that many pkers in the bounty hunter arena were “one-itemers”, meaning that they only brought a weapon in so that they wouldn’t lose valuable on death. Many players thought that the addition of Bounty Hunter was ultimately pointless, considering it couldn’t capture the traditional feeling of Wilderness pking.
So when the Wilderness went, I mean the big question was “Why didn’t you just stop drops from happening and allow it to continue being exactly the same?” And the clans just went off in droves...
-Former Jagex employee Mod Mat K
  1. Revenant Ghosts
These NPCs were introduced to keep the Wilderness dangerous, considering players could no longer hunt you down for your items. Varying from level 14 to level 126, they were much more powerful than their level may have suggested. Other than being able to attack with all three styles of combat, Revenant Ghosts could freeze you, stop you from teleporting and poison you. These fucking things were an absolute niusance. Unlike players, they would never choose to let you be. They made completing any activity in The Wilderness a much bigger hassle than necessary. You could avoid other people by switching what server you were on, but there were revenants on every world. Free-to-play players found them particularly nasty, because a hit could reduce your health by 20, much stronger than any damage an F2P player could typically do. Moreover, players that did spend their time killing these things weren’t rewarded particularly well.
- Pros: Absoluteley NONE
- Cons: Practically invinceable, constantly hit high, waste of time, yet another thing to harass you in the Wild, more useless lag, the most-useless thing to occur on Dark Monday
  1. Unbalanced trade
I do not pay £3.20 a month for a supposed 'young genius' to tell me I can't give anything more than 3,000GP to whoever I want to! I have put in the time, risk and effort to earn that money; from a moral perspective I have the right to do whatever I so please with that money, so long as I don't break the rules. Why should the actions of a few RS players be reflected on the entire community. You're punishing us all for the actions of a tiny minority!
Congratulations on killing the very spirit that kept this fragile community together, Jagex. And then to have the arrogance to say this has no chance of being changed, no matter what the majority of the gaming community thinks, so confident you're in the 'right' is frankly unbelievable.
One group that took issue with the introduction of a trade limit was the game’s monster hunting community. Jagex had introduced a lootshare system two months prior, which allowed for a boss’s drop to be evenly split amongst players. For example, if a creature dropped 5000 coins and 4 players had killed it, then each player would receive 1250 coins. However, non-stackable items (such as rare weapons) were only received by one player when the monster died. As a result, the player that received such items while bossing might’ve sold them and divied up the money with their peers.
The introduction of a 3k trade limit stopped players from being able to distribute loot using this trust-based system. As one user explains, if they were to receive a god sword hilt and sold it to split the coins amongst their team, they wouldn’t be able to trade them the coins they were owed. If the other players wanted to get their compensation via lootshare and bosses, they would have to kill monsters for hours and hours to earn enough money, and because monster drops are predicated by random number generation, there’s no guarantee this would be possible. The possible absence of rewards led many users to speculate whether monster hunting would even be a profitable activity anymore, and whether there was no longer a point to it.
Many players were also angry at the fact that they’d no longer be able to give gifts to their friends in the game. Jagex had purposefully delayed the introduction of the limit in part to let players give out any Christmas gifts they had planned. Higher level players also were no longer able to give money and armour to lower level players to help them find their footing in the game. Players that were quitting the game could no longer give all their items away, which was salt in the wound considering that many players intended to quit in response to this update. It seemed to them that Jagex was removing the ability to be compassionate from the game.
Cant lend my friends my Dragon Axe for a few days. The end of friendship.
Cant give a friend a birthday present. The end of generosity.
Can't share loot from Big monster hunting! The end of Teamwork.
Come and play this new game "RUINSCAPE!"
  1. Drops and Gravestones
This is probably the only aspect of the update that was broadly appreciated by the player base. It made boss hunting easier because upon death your items could be kept protected for an hour, providing that your partner or a member of your clan blessed the gravestone. Considering there were more lower-level, less experienced players around back in the 00s, this was a great update due to the likelihood of accidental death. However, there were still a few players angry about this, decrying it as “hand-holding” and making the game too easy. According to these players, gravestones essentially removed risk from the game, and contributed to the notion that Runescape was becoming a kid’s game
  1. Transparency
While Jagex briefly touched on the credit card fraud issue in their development diary pertaining to the update, their few communications to the players emphasised that the update was to improve the service. Many players responded to these claims with confusion, because the game had been made much worse for them. Bots and RWT were something that large portions of the playerbase could ignore, but the removal of free trade and pking in the Wilderness were not. While admitting that the updates broadly worked, former Jagex employee Mod Ash indicated he couldn’t explain the true purpose behind the updates at the time.
I was quite keen to tell players why we were doing it. We didn’t. That was to be a company secret why we were doing it and instead we were to explain it was to improve the service because there wouldn’t be so many bots and bla bla bla… Players quite reasonably saw through that one because it wasn’t a strong reason and in the absence of a true reason people will make up a reason. Why- they have no choice but to make up a reason when the one they’re told can’t be- it doesn’t pass the smell test.
-Former Jagex employee Mod Ash
Rumours of Suicide and Violence
Capitalising on the anger that many people felt, trolls made up fake stories about how the updates had inspired real life death and crimes. In spite of the lack of any evidence, people almost immediately ate these stories up, and they made their way through the Runescape community. One such story originally popped up on the Rants forum, and revolved around a player killing himself because of the updates. The post described Runescape as being the one bright point in this man’s otherwise bleak existence, and that the updates had removed the last positive vestule from this man’s life. People both eulogised the made-up man, and said he’d be better off dead anyway if he’d killed himself over a video game.
A much more well-known and pervasive rumour regarded a teenage boy vandalising Jagex’s headquarters in Cambridge, England. The story read as follows:
Cambridge, UK - A 14-year-old teen was arrested in Cambridge on Tuesday morning for throwing several bricks through office windows. The teen, who was not identified by police, was charged for property destruction and will be due to appear in court on December 14th. According to police, the office belonged to Jagex Ltd., a company that specializes in Java computer games
The story was originally posted to TipIt, but made its way to the Runescape Official Forums, GameFAQs and other fansites. There was the perfect amount of detail to make it seem real to angry twelve year olds. No extra expository information that might make it seem fake, but enough to let people draw conclusions about what caused it. Seemingly no one sharing it decided to google the story and check if it came from an actual news site. Perhaps people just really wanted to believe it was true. Nevertheless, a person claiming to be the original poster of the story made a post on the TipIt forums about how he’d invented it to trick gullible Runescape players. If you don’t believe that a story like this could’ve gone viral, you only have to look as far as the OSRS subreddit, where people asked if it was true as little as 2 years ago.
The in-game Response
The language of organised labour was once again evoked by players, with mentions of strikes and using player power to push back against Jagex. Riots started once again--this time on World 66--but instead of lasting for a single day, they lasted for an entire week. Riots kicked off on World 1 in response to the removal of unbalanced trade in particular, and World 18 where players started spamming a Jagex moderator in game. World 66 was full, with 2000 players logged in with the intention to let their feelings be known. There was also a mass log-off scheduled among players that took place at midnight after the updates were announced, with only 4000 players logged on at this time.
Footage of the riots shows players dressed in pink robes with the retribution prayer turned on, spamming the chat with “we pay we say” and “Rip runescape 10/12/07”. Until the 11th, no rioters had opted to wear these pink clothes, and in early videos they merely wore whatever they had equipped. At some point, players rioting in the city of Varrock purchased and equipped the pink robes as a symbol of their displeasure, and these have since been adopted as the official Runescape protest outfit. According to the Runescape wiki, counter-protesters wearing blue skirts would spam things like “support Jagex, read the diary” in response.
The city of Falador was where most rioters flocked too, and the town square was to the city what Lincoln Park was to Chicago during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Of course this wasn’t the only home of rioters, and players could also be seen rioting in Edgeville and the Wilderness in other videos. These riots were the most populous and vitriolic the game had ever seen, and likely forever will be. Even subsequent protests in response to microtransactions or changes to the game’s combat system weren’t this popular. Although riots would still take place, anger in the future would be more readily expressed on platforms like Reddit. The in-game response was especially prevalent considering that the game’s population had reached its zenith.
As the week continued, rioters slowly trickled out of Falador. After the initial riots subsided, most anger about the updates found its home on the Rants forum. Players were finally compelled to accept that they had no power over this world, and that their efforts had ultimately failed. Their incessant rioting hadn’t resulted in any meaningful change; it was the equivalent to booing David Stern at the NBA draft. Rumours about Jagex rescinding their changes on the 18th of December swelled and vanished over the course of a week. By the 17th, the last of the rioters had left Falador. People had given up.
(Aftermath in comments)
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QUAKE CHAMPIONS Turns 4 today + Quake News Round Up.

QUAKE CHAMPIONS Turns 4 today + Quake News Round Up.

It is hard to believe Quake Champions came out 4 years ago today. As we turn the page to a new year lets reflect on the fantastic journey Champions has brought us on.
Quake Champions was first revealed by Tim Willits at E3 2016. Check out that glorious reveal trailer below. Perhaps the biggest change Champions brought to the Quake series are the Champions themselves. Every Champion can be played a slightly different way emphasizing Strafe mechanics from not only all main line games in the Quake series, but even some from the most popular mods over the years. Each Champion has a single ability that can be used in a number of ways to help change the tides of battle. Ranger’s "DIRE ORB" Even being a reference to the original 1996 Quake Boss Ending. On top of this each Champion has Passives that may allow them to be better suited for certain tasks in game. For instance Ranger’s passive allows him to block all self damage by a flat 75% making him ideal for rocket jumping, or abusing the NailGun in difficult situations. All of these Layers together have transformed Quake Champions into the most competitive FPS shooter on the market.
Quake Champions has seen lots of success as an e-sport as well. I personally am really into e-sports instead of more traditional sports/competitions. I started with Counter Strike Global Offensive (currently celebrating it’s 9th Birthday), and DOTA-2, but these games would not even have the success they have without the OG QUAKE games. To be clear e-sports was around well before Quake | DOOM, or id Software were around. Atari technically sponsored arcade tournaments all the way back in the early 1970’s. Clearly what id software was doing with QuakeCon was decades a head of even Valve’s "The International". It may be hard for the younger audience to understand the difficulties e-sports had to overcome to get this point in our timeline. There was no twitch, or YouTube to piggy back off of like today. The internet itself was still a novelty even to the vast majority of the world's middle class population in the mid to late 90’s. But, those days are behind, and we certainly have a bright future ahead of us in e-sports.
Here is Tim Willits talking about Quake Champions as in e-sport back at the E3 2016 Reveal.
We finally got our hands on the Quake Champions BETA in spring of 2017. April 6th to be precise. Looks like I had access to the Champions BETA on the 19th of April 2017. In fact it was the reason I downloaded the Bethesda Launcher.
Quake Champions released on Steam Early Access on August 22nd 2017.
A few days ago on twitter I came across Colin Geller’s twitter posts about some concept art he did for the game back before its release. His tweet inspired me to make this post so, check out his twitter here:
Quake turned 25 this year as a series. And, QuakeCon’s 25th Anniversary was also this year. We have so much to be thankful for. Bethesda/Zenimax has helped id Software transform QuakeCon into the best gaming convention to look forward to each year. It’s like Halloween, but better. This QuakeCon brought us The Quake Pro League Season 2 World Championship where Vengeurr became our new reigning Champion. Vengeurr is the clear winner, but going into this tournament so many of the pros were at the top of their game. I don’t think we have seen the scene this competitive ever. It was a true joy to watch the games this year. the games have not been posted yet on YouTube, but should be posted in due time. In the mean time I’ll leave links to the twitch steams below.
Lastly you have less than 5 hours to complete the event challenges so, you might want to Q for those now. They must be done in Quick Play Mode.
Sacrifice Challenges
CTF Challenges
I’ll leave us with a picture I found online from the original QUAKECON in 1996. We may not have been able to meet up again for this year’s event. But, lets hope that next year will bring us closer together.
QuakeCon 1996(Photo provided by Brian “Wendigo” Hess)
Twitch Quake (English) MAIN STREAM
Twitch Quake_2 (English) B STREAM
YouTube Quake (English)
Twitch XBOX (English) Microsoft Gaming
Twitch Bethesda (English) Bethesda Centric
Twitch (Russian)
YouTube Bethesda Softworks
Official Quake Discord Find Players in “party-finder” channel
Official Bethesda/Zenimax Discord Replacing Forums
Church of Quake Discord
Twitter | Website RESOURCES
Official Quake Twitter
Official Bethesda Twitter\ All Things Bethesda/Zenimax
Official id Software Twitter Twitter SACRED GODS
Official QPL website Quake Champions e-sport
Official SyncError twitter: lead Quake Designer
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So another scene analysis [spoilers]

As long as that one user is uploading clips from 4x01, I'd like to take a turn at analyzing the scene at the LaRussos' house.
First, Daniel and Sam come home and accidentally set off the alarm. Daniel is forced to disable the alarm while he and Sam are confronted by a baseball bat wielding Amanda and pan-wielding Anthony. It's no wonder they're on edge even with a home security system in place to prevent future attacks like what Tory did.
And we see that Amanda's been driven to drinking as she converses with Daniel.
Amanda: I'm trapped, Daniel. The new security system will make me feel safer, but it's just putting me more on edge. Those little Cobra Kai shits ought to be locked up. Especially that Tory psycho. If anyone deserves "no mercy," it's her.
Daniel: If you want to, honey, we can still go to the police.
Amanda: We've already been through this. Sam doesn't need to go through all this again and our business can't survive another PR nightmare.
Daniel: I know things are less than ideal.
Amanda: [gestures to the boarded-up window Bert was thrown through] A small boy was thrown through our window. Daniel, if you'd have told me a year ago that our family's safety depended on winning a karate tournament, I would've thought you were joking. And here we are, living in the Twilight Zone.
Daniel: Believe me, Amanda, I want things to go back to normal, too. But if Johnny and I can just actually work together, it gives us the best shot to put an end to all this.
Amanda: So how did it go with Captain Evil Claw?
Daniel: You know what? At least we haven't beat each other up yet.
Amanda: Oh! Progress. [beat] Do you really think Kreese is going to shut down Cobra Kai if he loses?
Daniel: Oh, he's gonna lose. We've got LaRusso 2.0 fighting for us, and once he loses, it won't matter if he welches. Everyone in the Valley will see that Cobra Kai doesn't work, especially Robby.
My biggest takeaways:
  1. The first part of this conversation gives a good in-universe explanation for why they didn't try bringing criminal charges against the Cobras who broke into their house. Besides them losing legal standing when Daniel went to Cobra Kai to confront Kreese, their dealership's reputation is still on thin ice even with the eleventh hour rescue they got from Yuna. Their daughter and her on-and-off boyfriend just defended karate to have the All-Valley Tournament, and then another karate gang fight happens at their house the very next day? That could be a problem. Although I have to agree with what u/MOSSDoc22 has pointed out here, that it would've made as much sense for Daniel to say he didn't want to get the police involved because that would mean having to worry about Hawk being arrested, simply because the law wouldn't care that Hawk changed sides; they'd care primarily about Hawk being part of a gang that broke into a house with the intent to assault its occupants.
  2. Sam comes in and sits down on the couch in the living room to work on her computer, right as Amanda and Daniel are talking about day 1 of the joint training with Johnny's students. When Daniel says, "We've got LaRusso 2.0 fighting for us," the camera cuts to Sam looking up from her laptop, as if suddenly attentive to the conversation in the kitchen. While Daniel's remark could be in reference to Miguel in light of his nice talk with Miguel in 3x09, he's actually referring to Sam. It's a nice callback to when Amanda jokingly referred to Sam as Daniel's "Mini-Me" in season 1. But it also gives the indication that Daniel thinks Sam is Miyagi-Do's best chance at carrying the dojo's weight at the All-Valley. But then she closes her eyes and looks down in shame at Daniel's mention of Robby. Sam probably blames herself for Robby joining Cobra Kai, given that the last interaction he'd had with anyone before going to Cobra Kai was her stepping in and shoving him away as he tried to punch Miguel.
  3. I think Sam's "everybody's got a sob story, doesn't give you the right to be a bully" bit from season 3 might've come from Amanda, from the way Amanda talks about Tory here.
  4. Even if Anthony's a spoiled brat, I think he's got a point that they're wealthy enough they could've sprung for a more advanced security system with facial recognition software so they wouldn't have to worry about false alarms from Daniel, Sam, or any of the Miyagi-Do peers.
submitted by dmreif to cobrakai [link] [comments]

Django 1.9.2 AssertionError: database connection isn't set to UTC

I have setup 3 servers now with PostgreSQL and have so far not seen this issue. I am now setting up the first server which is not running on a danish server, and i start getting errors when accessing the database from the web.
I could use createsuperuser without issues and it created my super user. But when i try to use it to login to my site i get the error.
File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/db/models/sql/", line 1239, in cursor_itersentinel):File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/db/models/sql/", line 1238, in for rows in iter((lambda: cursor.fetchmany(GET_ITERATOR_CHUNK_SIZE)),File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/db/", line 102, in innerreturn func(*args, **kwargs)File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/db/backends/postgresql/", line 6, in utc_tzinfo_factoryraise AssertionError("database connection isn't set to UTC")AssertionError: database connection isn't set to UTC I have been looking at the code and the error comes from this code.
from django.utils.timezone import utcdef utc\_tzinfo\_factory(offset): if offset != 0: raise AssertionError("database connection isn't set to UTC")return utc Though i cannot find where offset is initiated, so i cannot figure out how Django decides that my offset is off.
My postgresql database have timezone set to UTC and have verified all postgresql parameters written in the django documentation and i am now running out of ideas of why this happens.
I hope someone here can help?
python3.4 -V: Python 3.4.3
psql -V: psql (PostgreSQL) 9.2.15
django-admin --version: 1.9.2
UPDATED 11/8-2016 - Full Stack from DEBUG view
I found the value for the offset in the utc_tzinfo_factory, it has the value of 120. Though i cannot explain how or why it gets this value.
Below is a copy from the debug page of Django for the error with full stack and variables.
Environment:Request Method: POSTRequest URL: Version: 1.9.2Python Version: 3.4.3Installed Applications:['polls.apps.PollsConfig', 'teamTournamentApp.apps.TeamtournamentappConfig', 'django.contrib.admin', 'django.contrib.auth', 'django.contrib.contenttypes', 'django.contrib.sessions', 'django.contrib.messages', 'django.contrib.staticfiles']Installed Middleware:['', 'django.contrib.sessions.middleware.SessionMiddleware', 'django.middleware.common.CommonMiddleware', 'django.middleware.csrf.CsrfViewMiddleware', 'django.contrib.auth.middleware.AuthenticationMiddleware', 'django.contrib.auth.middleware.SessionAuthenticationMiddleware', 'django.contrib.messages.middleware.MessageMiddleware', 'django.middleware.clickjacking.XFrameOptionsMiddleware']Traceback:File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/core/handlers/" in get_response 149. response = self.process_exception_by_middleware(e, request)File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/core/handlers/" in get_response 147. response = wrapped_callback(request, *callback_args, **callback_kwargs)File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/contrib/auth/" in inner 49. return func(*args, **kwargs)File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/views/decorators/" in sensitive_post_parameters_wrapper 76. return view(request, *args, **kwargs)File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/utils/" in _wrapped_view 149. response = view_func(request, *args, **kwargs)File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/views/decorators/" in _wrapped_view_func 57. response = view_func(request, *args, **kwargs)File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/contrib/auth/" in login 69. if form.is_valid():File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/forms/" in is_valid 161. return self.is_bound and not self.errorsFile "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/forms/" in errors 153. self.full_clean()File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/forms/" in full_clean 363. self._clean_form()File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/forms/" in _clean_form 390. cleaned_data = self.clean()File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/contrib/auth/" in clean 159. password=password)File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/contrib/auth/\_\_init\_\" in authenticate 74. user = backend.authenticate(**credentials)File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/contrib/auth/" in authenticate 17. user = UserModel._default_manager.get_by_natural_key(username)File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/contrib/auth/base\" in get_by_natural_key 45. return self.get(**{self.model.USERNAME_FIELD: username})File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/db/models/" in manager_method 122. return getattr(self.get_queryset(), name)(*args, **kwargs)File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/db/models/" in get 381. num = len(clone)File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/db/models/" in __len_\_ 240. self._fetch_all()File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/db/models/" in _fetch_all 1074. self._result_cache = list(self.iterator())File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/db/models/" in __iter_\_ 68. for row in compiler.results_iter(results):File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/db/models/sql/" in results_iter 805. for rows in results:File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/db/models/sql/" in cursor_iter 1239. sentinel):File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/db/models/sql/" in 1238. for rows in iter((lambda: cursor.fetchmany(GET_ITERATOR_CHUNK_SIZE)),File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/db/" in inner 102. return func(*args, **kwargs)File "/uslib64/python3.4/site-packages/django/db/backends/postgresql/" in utc_tzinfo_factory 6. raise AssertionError("database connection isn't set to UTC")Exception Type: AssertionError at /accounts/login/Exception Value: database connection isn't set to UTCRequest informationGETNo GET dataPOSTVariable Valuenext ''password 'xxxxxxx'username 'admin'csrfmiddlewaretoken 'f8E50d9kpS2j4Wlc7O9KsKtUXHxbuX58'FILESNo FILES dataCOOKIESVariable Value\_ga 'GA1.2.1308578855.1465289038'csrftoken 'f8E50d9kpS2j4Wlc7O9KsKtUXHxbuX58'METAVariable ValueUNIQUE\_ID 'xxxxx'HTTP\_USER\_AGENT ('Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like ' 'Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2704.103 Safari/537.36')mod\\_requests 1REMOTE\_ADDR ''mod\_wsgi.handler\_script ''mod\_wsgi.script\_name ''HTTP\_ACCEPT 'text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,image/webp,*/*;q=0.8'REQUEST\_SCHEME 'http'mod\_wsgi.script\_start '1470934394985429'HTTP\_REFERER ''mod\_wsgi.version (4, 5, 3)SERVER\_PROTOCOL 'HTTP/1.1'HTTP\_HOST ''wsgi.url\_scheme 'http'HTTP\_ACCEPT\_ENCODING 'gzip, deflate'PATH\_INFO '/accounts/login/'wsgi.multiprocess TrueHTTP\_CONNECTION 'keep-alive'mod\_wsgi.listener\_port '80'mod\_wsgi.path\_info '/accounts/login/'CONTEXT\_DOCUMENT\_ROOT '/vawww/vhosts/default/htdocs'REMOTE\_PORT '59723'wsgi.errors <\_io.TextIOWrapper encoding='utf-8'>mod\_wsgi.callable\_object 'application'SCRIPT\_NAME ''REQUEST\_URI '/accounts/login/'SCRIPT\_FILENAME '/vawww/vhosts/'SERVER\_ADMIN '.....'mod\_wsgi.request\_start '1470934394985053'mod\_wsgi.listener\_host ''mod\_wsgi.enable\_sendfile '0'HTTP\_UPGRADE\_INSECURE\_REQUESTS '1'mod\_wsgi.script\_reloading '1'SERVER\_SIGNATURE ''mod\_wsgi.application\_group '|'mod\_wsgi.thread\_requests 0wsgi.input QUERY\_STRING ''SERVER\_ADDR ''wsgi.multithread Truewsgi.version (1, 0)CONTEXT\_PREFIX ''\_once FalseREQUEST\_METHOD 'POST'HTTP\_ORIGIN ''SERVER\_NAME ''mod\_wsgi.request\_handler 'wsgi-script'mod\_wsgi.process\_group ''CONTENT\_TYPE 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'HTTP\_CACHE\_CONTROL 'max-age=0'SERVER\_SOFTWARE 'Apache'HTTP\_COOKIE '_ga=GA1.2.1308578855.1465289038; csrftoken=f8E50d9kpS2j4Wlc7O9KsKtUXHxbuX58'HTTP\_ACCEPT\_LANGUAGE 'da-DK,da;q=0.8,en-US;q=0.6,en;q=0.4,sv;q=0.2'SERVER\_PORT '80'wsgi.file\_wrapper ''apache.version (2, 4, 6)PATH\_TRANSLATED '/vawww/vhosts/'CONTENT\_LENGTH '91'mod\_wsgi.thread\_id 2CSRF\_COOKIE 'f8E50d9kpS2j4Wlc7O9KsKtUXHxbuX58'GATEWAY\_INTERFACE 'CGI/1.1'DOCUMENT\_ROOT '/vawww/vhosts/default/htdocs'SettingsUsing settings module TeamTournament.settingsSetting ValueLOGIN\_REDIRECT\_URL '/accounts/profile/'FILE\_UPLOAD\_HANDLERS ['django.core.files.uploadhandler.MemoryFileUploadHandler', 'django.core.files.uploadhandler.TemporaryFileUploadHandler']SECURE\_SSL\_HOST NoneDATETIME\_FORMAT 'N j, Y, P'EMAIL\_HOST 'localhost'SESSION\_COOKIE\_PATH '/'FORMAT\_MODULE\_PATH NoneDEFAULT\_TABLESPACE ''DATE\_INPUT\_FORMATS ['%Y-%m-%d', '%m/%d/%Y', '%m/%d/%y', '%b %d %Y', '%b %d, %Y', '%d %b %Y', '%d %b, %Y', '%B %d %Y', '%B %d, %Y', '%d %B %Y', '%d %B, %Y']TEMPLATE\_DIRS []DATETIME\_INPUT\_FORMATS ['%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S', '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S.%f', '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M', '%Y-%m-%d', '%m/%d/%Y %H:%M:%S', '%m/%d/%Y %H:%M:%S.%f', '%m/%d/%Y %H:%M', '%m/%d/%Y', '%m/%d/%y %H:%M:%S', '%m/%d/%y %H:%M:%S.%f', '%m/%d/%y %H:%M', '%m/%d/%y']FILE\_UPLOAD\_DIRECTORY\_PERMISSIONS NoneFILE\_UPLOAD\_MAX\_MEMORY\_SIZE 2621440FIRST\_DAY\_OF\_WEEK 0STATICFILES\_STORAGE ''SESSION\_ENGINE 'django.contrib.sessions.backends.db'TIME\_FORMAT 'P'FORCE\_SCRIPT\_NAME NoneSECURE\_SSL\_REDIRECT FalseALLOWED\_INCLUDE\_ROOTS []SHORT\_DATETIME\_FORMAT 'm/d/Y P'DEFAULT\_CONTENT\_TYPE 'text/html'NUMBER\_GROUPING 0DEFAULT\_EXCEPTION\_REPORTER\_FILTER 'django.views.debug.SafeExceptionReporterFilter'SESSION\_EXPIRE\_AT\_BROWSER\_CLOSE FalseLANGUAGE\_CODE 'en-us'TIME\_INPUT\_FORMATS ['%H:%M:%S', '%H:%M:%S.%f', '%H:%M']SESSION\_COOKIE\_NAME 'sessionid'ALLOWED\_HOSTS ['', '', '']SESSION\_COOKIE\_DOMAIN NoneEMAIL\_SSL\_CERTFILE NoneDEFAULT\_FROM\_EMAIL 'web[email protected]'EMAIL\_PORT 25DATE\_FORMAT 'N j, Y'ABSOLUTE\_URL\_OVERRIDES {}USE\_ETAGS FalseCSRF\_FAILURE\_VIEW 'django.views.csrf.csrf_failure'EMAIL\_SSL\_KEYFILE '********************'CSRF\_COOKIE\_HTTPONLY FalseSESSION\_CACHE\_ALIAS 'default'LANGUAGES [('af', 'Afrikaans'), ('ar', 'Arabic'), ('ast', 'Asturian'), ('az', 'Azerbaijani'), ('bg', 'Bulgarian'), ('be', 'Belarusian'), ('bn', 'Bengali'), ('br', 'Breton'), ('bs', 'Bosnian'), ('ca', 'Catalan'), ('cs', 'Czech'), ('cy', 'Welsh'), ('da', 'Danish'), ('de', 'German'), ('el', 'Greek'), ('en', 'English'), ('en-au', 'Australian English'), ('en-gb', 'British English'), ('eo', 'Esperanto'), ('es', 'Spanish'), ('es-ar', 'Argentinian Spanish'), ('es-co', 'Colombian Spanish'), ('es-mx', 'Mexican Spanish'), ('es-ni', 'Nicaraguan Spanish'), ('es-ve', 'Venezuelan Spanish'), ('et', 'Estonian'), ('eu', 'Basque'), ('fa', 'Persian'), ('fi', 'Finnish'), ('fr', 'French'), ('fy', 'Frisian'), ('ga', 'Irish'), ('gd', 'Scottish Gaelic'), ('gl', 'Galician'), ('he', 'Hebrew'), ('hi', 'Hindi'), ('hr', 'Croatian'), ('hu', 'Hungarian'), ('ia', 'Interlingua'), ('id', 'Indonesian'), ('io', 'Ido'), ('is', 'Icelandic'), ('it', 'Italian'), ('ja', 'Japanese'), ('ka', 'Georgian'), ('kk', 'Kazakh'), ('km', 'Khmer'), ('kn', 'Kannada'), ('ko', 'Korean'), ('lb', 'Luxembourgish'), ('lt', 'Lithuanian'), ('lv', 'Latvian'), ('mk', 'Macedonian'), ('ml', 'Malayalam'), ('mn', 'Mongolian'), ('mr', 'Marathi'), ('my', 'Burmese'), ('nb', 'Norwegian Bokmal'), ('ne', 'Nepali'), ('nl', 'Dutch'), ('nn', 'Norwegian Nynorsk'), ('os', 'Ossetic'), ('pa', 'Punjabi'), ('pl', 'Polish'), ('pt', 'Portuguese'), ('pt-br', 'Brazilian Portuguese'), ('ro', 'Romanian'), ('ru', 'Russian'), ('sk', 'Slovak'), ('sl', 'Slovenian'), ('sq', 'Albanian'), ('sr', 'Serbian'), ('sr-latn', 'Serbian Latin'), ('sv', 'Swedish'), ('sw', 'Swahili'), ('ta', 'Tamil'), ('te', 'Telugu'), ('th', 'Thai'), ('tr', 'Turkish'), ('tt', 'Tatar'), ('udm', 'Udmurt'), ('uk', 'Ukrainian'), ('ur', 'Urdu'), ('vi', 'Vietnamese'), ('zh-hans', 'Simplified Chinese'), ('zh-hant', 'Traditional Chinese')]X\_FRAME\_OPTIONS 'SAMEORIGIN'AUTH\_USER\_MODEL 'auth.User'SILENCED\_SYSTEM\_CHECKS []LOGOUT\_URL '/accounts/logout/'STATICFILES\_FINDERS ['django.contrib.staticfiles.finders.FileSystemFinder', 'django.contrib.staticfiles.finders.AppDirectoriesFinder']TEMPLATES [{'APP_DIRS': True, 'BACKEND': 'django.template.backends.django.DjangoTemplates', 'DIRS': ['/vawww/vhosts/'], 'OPTIONS': {'context_processors': ['django.template.context_processors.debug', 'django.template.context_processors.request', 'django.contrib.auth.context_processors.auth', 'django.contrib.messages.context_processors.messages', 'django.template.context_processors.request']}}]SERVER\_EMAIL '[email protected]'SECURE\_BROWSER\_XSS\_FILTER FalseTEMPLATE\_CONTEXT\_PROCESSORS ['django.contrib.auth.context_processors.auth', 'django.template.context_processors.debug', 'django.template.context_processors.i18n', '', 'django.template.context_processors.static', '', 'django.contrib.messages.context_processors.messages']DEBUG\_APPS FalseUSE\_X\_FORWARDED\_PORT FalseADMINS []SIGNING\_BACKEND 'django.core.signing.TimestampSigner'CSRF\_COOKIE\_SECURE FalseEMAIL\_USE\_SSL FalseCACHES {'default': {'BACKEND': 'django.core.cache.backends.locmem.LocMemCache'}}LOCALE\_PATHS []TEMPLATE\_STRING\_IF\_INVALID ''MESSAGE\_STORAGE ''PRODUCTION FalseFIXTURE\_DIRS []CSRF\_COOKIE\_PATH '/'MIDDLEWARE\_CLASSES ['', 'django.contrib.sessions.middleware.SessionMiddleware', 'django.middleware.common.CommonMiddleware', 'django.middleware.csrf.CsrfViewMiddleware', 'django.contrib.auth.middleware.AuthenticationMiddleware', 'django.contrib.auth.middleware.SessionAuthenticationMiddleware', 'django.contrib.messages.middleware.MessageMiddleware', 'django.middleware.clickjacking.XFrameOptionsMiddleware']MANAGERS []CSRF\_TRUSTED\_ORIGINS []CACHE\_MIDDLEWARE\_SECONDS 600APPEND\_SLASH TrueTEST\_NON\_SERIALIZED\_APPS []SECURE\_HSTS\_INCLUDE\_SUBDOMAINS FalseMIGRATION\_MODULES {}LANGUAGE\_COOKIE\_AGE NoneTEMPLATE\_LOADERS ['django.template.loaders.filesystem.Loader', 'django.template.loaders.app_directories.Loader']STATIC\_URL '/static/'SESSION\_COOKIE\_AGE 1209600SETTINGS\_MODULE 'TeamTournament.settings'DECIMAL\_SEPARATOR '.'YEAR\_MONTH\_FORMAT 'F Y'EMAIL\_TIMEOUT NoneSESSION\_SAVE\_EVERY\_REQUEST FalseBASE\_DIR '/vawww/vhosts/'SECURE\_CONTENT\_TYPE\_NOSNIFF FalseFILE\_UPLOAD\_TEMP\_DIR NoneCACHE\_MIDDLEWARE\_KEY\_PREFIX '********************'DEBUG TrueSESSION\_COOKIE\_HTTPONLY TrueCSRF\_HEADER\_NAME 'HTTP_X_CSRFTOKEN'USE\_L10N TrueSTATICFILES\_DIRS []SESSION\_SERIALIZER 'django.contrib.sessions.serializers.JSONSerializer'USE\_THOUSAND\_SEPARATOR FalseEMAIL\_BACKEND 'django.core.mail.backends.smtp.EmailBackend'USE\_X\_FORWARDED\_HOST FalseSTATIC\_ROOT '/vawww/vhosts/'SECRET\_KEY '********************'PASSWORD\_RESET\_TIMEOUT\_DAYS '********************'MEDIA\_ROOT ''TIME\_ZONE 'CET'DATABASES {'default': {'ATOMIC_REQUESTS': False, 'AUTOCOMMIT': True, 'CONN_MAX_AGE': 0, 'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.postgresql', 'HOST': '', 'NAME': 'user', 'OPTIONS': {}, 'PASSWORD': '********************', 'PORT': '5432', 'TEST': {'CHARSET': None, 'COLLATION': None, 'MIRROR': None, 'NAME': None}, 'TIME_ZONE': None, 'USER': 'user'}}DEFAULT\_INDEX\_TABLESPACE ''EMAIL\_USE\_TLS FalseLOGIN\_URL '/accounts/login/'SHORT\_DATE\_FORMAT 'm/d/Y'CSRF\_COOKIE\_NAME 'csrftoken'LANGUAGE\_COOKIE\_DOMAIN NoneUSE\_I18N TrueSESSION\_COOKIE\_SECURE FalseCACHE\_MIDDLEWARE\_ALIAS 'default'DEFAULT\_CHARSET 'utf-8'TEMPLATE\_DEBUG FalseROOT\_URLCONF 'TeamTournament.urls'SECURE\_PROXY\_SSL\_HEADER NoneEMAIL\_HOST\_PASSWORD '********************'FILE\_UPLOAD\_PERMISSIONS NoneCSRF\_COOKIE\_AGE 31449600DEBUG\_PROPAGATE\_EXCEPTIONS FalseWSGI\_APPLICATION 'TeamTournament.wsgi.application'PASSWORD\_HASHERS '********************'SECURE\_REDIRECT\_EXEMPT []LANGUAGES\_BIDI ['he', 'ar', 'fa', 'ur']CSRF\_COOKIE\_DOMAIN NoneDEFAULT\_FILE\_STORAGE ''POSTGRES TruePREPEND\_WWW FalseEMAIL\_SUBJECT\_PREFIX '[Django] 'LOGGING {'disable_existing_loggers': False, 'filters': {'require_debug_false': {'()': 'django.utils.log.RequireDebugFalse'}}, 'handlers': {'logfile': {'class': 'logging.handlers.WatchedFileHandler', 'filename': '/valog/django/error.log'}, 'mail_admins': {'class': 'django.utils.log.AdminEmailHandler', 'filters': ['require_debug_false'], 'level': 'ERROR'}}, 'loggers': {'django': {'handlers': ['logfile'], 'level': 'ERROR', 'propagate': False}, 'django.request': {'handlers': ['mail_admins'], 'level': 'ERROR', 'propagate': True}}, 'version': 1}SESSION\_FILE\_PATH NoneTEST\_RUNNER 'django.test.runner.DiscoverRunner'INTERNAL\_IPS []DATABASE\_ROUTERS []FILE\_CHARSET 'utf-8'LANGUAGE\_COOKIE\_NAME 'django_language'INSTALLED\_APPS ['polls.apps.PollsConfig', 'teamTournamentApp.apps.TeamtournamentappConfig', 'django.contrib.admin', 'django.contrib.auth', 'django.contrib.contenttypes', 'django.contrib.sessions', 'django.contrib.messages', 'django.contrib.staticfiles']LANGUAGE\_COOKIE\_PATH '/'IGNORABLE\_404\_URLS []MEDIA\_URL ''DISALLOWED\_USER\_AGENTS []LOG\_PATH '/valog/django/error.log'LOGGING\_CONFIG 'logging.config.dictConfig'THOUSAND\_SEPARATOR ','MONTH\_DAY\_FORMAT 'F j'USE\_TZ TrueEMAIL\_HOST\_USER ''AUTH\_PASSWORD\_VALIDATORS '********************'SECURE\_HSTS\_SECONDS 0AUTHENTICATION\_BACKENDS ['django.contrib.auth.backends.ModelBackend']
Answer link :
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OKEx and Verasity’s RJ Mark AMA

Read full story:
OKEx hosted an informative and detailed AMA and Update session with Verasity’s RJ Mark.
The transcript follows.
Q1: The attention of NFT during this period of time is obvious to all. The dark horse innovation project Verasity has been constantly discussed everywhere in China. Considering there are many new friends on the scene, let’s first invite RJ Mark to introduce himself and give you a brief introduction of Verasity?I’m a successful entrepreneur and technologist. Since 1996, I’ve been developing software and hardware for a variety of platforms, including PC/ Mac, Android and iOS mobile devices, that are still used by a wide variety of users. And I have more than 20 years of experience in the management, development and release of related well-known products.I developed a cloud service for online video playback that maintains the quality of the data stream, including low latency, low buffering, and higher quality data streams. I founded a software company that provides a new way to broadcast online and stream video content across multi-user platforms, while reducing bandwidth and infrastructure costs. This application can be used for online games, as well as any live or VOD streaming media.I have many patents to my name. Some in gaming and in video streaming and content delivery. I am in the process of assigning all the relevant ones to Verasity which will be actively converted to products.Verasity’s management and development team consists of 25 people who have been working together in the online AD space for more than 7 years, and we have an in-depth understanding of the issues that exist in the current ecosystem of brands, AD networks, AD exchange platforms and video publishers. We are in the process of hiring a CMO, CPO and Business Development manager. Including support & admins we have over 70 people working for Verasity.Q2: With the development of Verasity in China, it means that you are accelerating the pace of globalization development. I would like to ask RJ Mark, what is the latest development status of Verasity?Verasity had a terrific Q1 for the start of 2021. We hit our targets and exceeded our roadmap with substantive project tasks that were added during the Q1 without slowing down other product related tasks.We released the Esports Fight Club proprietary video player which is the heart of the video sharing platform system and which supports all our modular products.This includes:· VRA rewards on the player integrated with VeraWallet· Livestream viewing VRA reward system which is completed and you can test during the next live stream tournament.Proprietary ad stack which is now complete and integrated with the video player. During an upcoming tournament, ads will start appearing as our ad networks’ algos propagate our domain throughout the programmatic ad ecosystem.For, the upgrades included:· Automated withdrawals· Instant Stake ETH & BTC· ERC777 VRA support and auto swap· 25.5% staking with daily withdrawals availableEsports Fight Club site updates:· Automation and other back end features for admins· Additional games including Dota 2 and Free Fire· Tournaments addedProject completions:· Proof of View enabled smart contract (ERC777)· Verasity swap from ERC20 to ERC777 across all exchanges and VeraWallet to manage the swap has been highly successful.· Added additional exchanges including Okex, Bittrex USDT pair, MXC, Uniswap with over $10m of liquidity,, DigiFinex, Bitribe and DoDo with over $2m of liquidityProof of View Patent #1095693 was awarded and issued to VerasityQ3: The rapid popularity of Verasity is essentially the affirmation of the market value. Can Verasity talk about your core business logic?Verasity is a fast-growing cryptocurrency company in the fields of Esports, video entertainment and advertising. It has just won a U.S. patent for its proprietary technology that could help eliminate AD fraud, and already has several positive revenue products.Verasity’s mission is to dramatically increase the engagement and advertising revenue of video publishers on any video platform.How to accomplish this mission? Through its POV protocol, product layer and platform●VRA Rewards — Product Layer● Proprietary video player — product layer● Proprietary Ad Stack — Product layer●Proof of View (Patent №10956931) — Protocol layer● POV is the only proprietary protocol layer technology of blockchain●VeraWallet- Product Layer Payment System●NFT- Use the POV to verify the chain of custody of NFTQ4. It sounds very interesting. Verasity has had a huge impact on the online video industry.Everyone knows that there are a lot of problems with online advertising. Of the roughly $400 billion in online advertising, 40% are viewed by programmed bots rather than human beings, and that 40% is worth about $160 billion. The $160 billion in ad losses were borne by brands.More than 2m video publishers are still struggling as several brands do not want to pay so much for advertising. But it is also because these brands do not trust that humans are watching ads. Even Google and Facebook must return a lot of money to advertisers each quarter. That is because the ad fraud companies detect fraud after the fact and not in real time to justify the ad company recouping its ad spending. Of course, this will have a negative impact on content providers on YouTube and other platforms, which make little money to begin with.If brands are convinced there is little fraud, they will pay five to 10 times as much.This is where Verasity comes in. Verasity recently received a U.S. patent for its “Proof of View’’ technology, which detects and eliminates ad fraud and only records ads and videos viewed by a natural person on the blockchain.Verasity has just received a US patent for the technology, which could help solve the advertising fraud problem, which is potentially worth $160bn.In addition to the US patent, we have filed an international patent application. Verasity’s Proof of View is the only proprietary protocol layer advertising technology for blockchainQ5. Verasity has won the technology patent of “Proof of View” in the United States. What is the status of this technology patent? What application value does it bring?Verasity developed Proof of View to solve the following two separate problems.Testing — The current standard is to analyze content after delivery (usually near the end of the campaign). With Verasity, our technology can detect AD fraud in a timely manner. Using 200 monitoring points and AI, Verasity can determine with high probability whether a robot or a human is watching an AD or content in real time. No longer waiting for post-delivery fraud analysis or issuing a request for a refund from the publisher — advertising fraud is instantly detected and filtered.The Proof of View system also prevents bad actors from trying to use multiple methods to increase the number of views and fake the number of views. Once the POV proves that the viewer is human, we need to solve the second part of the problem — accounting for the valid ads.In order to achieve individual accountability, and thus improve the transparency of the PoV, a unique identifier is issued to all interested parties. When a viewer creates an account, it is assigned an anonymous hash ID and then marked with the number of times the user-generated video has been viewed. We view “viewing behavior” as a transaction that can be done on the blockchain.Verasity’s technology uses advanced methods to ensure that only PoV-verified “viewing behavior” is counted. Verified “watch behavior” is added to a publicly accessible database that contains anonymous data.Q6. What products are launched by Verasity at present? How does Verasity incorporate NFT elements into its ecosystem?Verasity has built several product modules that are in Beta testing on eSports Fight Club and can be licensed to third-party video platforms so that these platforms can increase AD engagement and AD revenue.These product modules include video reward systems, digital wallets, proprietary video players and POVs.The video reward system works by integrating the SDK into the publisher’s video player and rewarding Verasity’s token VRA. The SDK works with YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo and 90% of all video players, if they are on the publisher’s app domain.The second product module is Verasity’s digital wallet, called Verawallet. is a secure managed wallet for storing reward tokens, which is itself a payment system offering both encrypted and unencrypted payment options. Verawallet has more than 125,000 users and offers VRA holders 25% staking.The third product module is a proprietary video player that contains a unique AD stack designed to optimize AD revenue using our 17 AD partners. The video player is now in production. The ad stack is also modular and can be sold as a separate product.As mentioned above, POV is a fourth product module that detects and eliminates AD fraud by storing only valid “viewing actions” on an immutable blockchain.Since POV has multiple use cases and applies to different types of digital fraud, we are also applying it to NFT. In effect these are two different products — PoV for ad fraud and PoV for NFTs.Since Verasity owns the eSports platform and major gaming companies are using NFT as a new monetization method, Verasity is developing industry standards to verify the chain of ownership and validate them on the blockchain. Verasity has also added the NFT application to Proof of View so that it is also protected as part of the Proof of View patent. The continuance will be published shortly.Verasity owns its NFT content through eSports Fight Club and will use its technology to verify and certify them on the blockchain. Verasity is partnering with third-party NFT auction platforms to integrate POVs into an industry standard.ESports Fight Club NFTs will also be available in the game store linked below later this What is the economic model of Verasity token VRA? What are the current usage scenarios for VRA?Verasity generates revenue from subscriptions, prize pool commissions, video advertising revenue and transaction fees. And will launch its B2B offerings across major video platforms later in 2021.- Verasity earns VRA and Fiat — A transactional percentage is taken from all activities. - Verasity earns subscriptions, a commission on the prize pool from Esports Fight Club. - Verasity earns ad revenues from selling ad inventory on its video player - Verasity earns from sponsorships &brands buying space on Esports Fight Club. - Verasity earns revenues from selling its NFTs. - Verasity earns revenues from the sale of its modular products including rewarded video, the video player, SDKs, Ad stack and Proof of View application to stop ad fraud as well as to stop the fraud in NFTs. - Verasity earns revenue through the sale of game related merchandise to be sold at its Esports Fight Club store later this year.
Video publishers are eagerly awaiting the completion of the beta on eSports Fight Club to license Verasity’s modular product for their platform.Verasity will also sell its eSports Fight Club NFT on its own platform, as well as on third-party auction platforms, and integrate Proof of View to verify ownership and write it into the blockchain.To test the system, Verasity set up an eSports platform called esportsfightclub.comESports Fight Club has expanded with the launch of major events such as Pubg, Valorant and Dota2, testing Verasity products in real time with a reasonable number of viewers.At the last big event, eSports Fight Club had about 8.5 million viewers, which was a great environment for us to test the Verasity product and generate revenue from the platform itself. Right now we are running a large Tournament in China:
Verasity treats eSports Fight Club as a separate business model so it can grow organically and provide statistics that third party video platforms can analyze to see for themselves how the platform can significantly increase engagement and monetization.This is the most important use case for Verasity because it combines all the products into one eSports platform owned and controlled by Verasity.Q8. How to evaluate the recent performance of VRA? What are the possible reasons for this performance?Recently, we received a patent for Proof of View (patent number 10956931), a protocol layer technology owned by Verasity, and announced its application to the AD fraud market as well as NFTs.As a result, over the past 90 days, VRA’s MC has increased to $250 million, and the exchanges have increased their daily trading volume to between 25 million and 50 million. Over the last month on LunarCrush, VRA ranked 1st among the most popular searches for more than 2,000 crypto projects ahead of BTC and all other coins. Verasity ranks seventh on CMC’s most-watched list with over 70,000 people on the CMC watchlists.Why is LunarCrush significant? Because it shows whether or not we are doing our job in marketing. Of course this is not sufficient without product rollout, adoption and scale but it is one piece of the puzzle we must get right.In the last 90 days, we have added 10 exchanges. OKEx, MXC,, Uniswap, Dodo, Digifinex, Bitribe, Indodax, Coinspot, and Bilaxy. With KuCoin & OKEx VRA is now on two Tier 1 exchanges. We continue to work to be listed on more exchanges and the community will be informed as soon as we are.Q9. Some people compare Verasity to Theta. Mark, what do you think of this comparison?Theta is a blockchain-powered network designed specifically for video streaming, where users share bandwidth and computer resources in exchange for rewards. Theta’s core business focuses on decentralized content delivery networks (CDNs) to reduce bandwidth costs. They use the video player platform as a use case for their decentralized CDN. Theta is essentially a competitor to Torrents and other P2P services.So far, Theta’s CDN is centralized, using Akamai, the largest centralized CDN in the world, for their bandwidth. Neither Google nor Facebook has solved the problem of decentralized CDNs, but Theta is trying. We want them to succeed. But Verasity is not at all interested in the decentralized CDN problem.We solve the problem of AD engagement and monetization across all video platforms, centralized and distributed.Of course, if you have a successful decentralized CDN, lower bandwidth costs are a good thing, but cost savings are not what drives monetization for video publishers. What drives monetization is advertising. If there is up to 50 percent fraud, the publishers are not making money and the brands are not happy with their online advertising. Solving the ad fraud issue is a significantly more important problem than the CDN peering problem.Users are also affected by fake page views, as recommendation algorithms continue to push worthless content that has been tricked into being popular. All of this will be corrected by Verasity’s Proof of ViewThe AD fraud market is much larger than the CDN market (23 times larger!) and is more important for brands and video player platforms. Theta’s current market value is $11 billion, while the CDN industry is worth only $15 billion, while the video advertising industry is worth more than $350 billion and Verasity is valued at $250 million. Theta’s market value is already more than 80% of the total CDN market value, while Verasity has 2,000 times the potential to grow to the current value of the advertising industry. The issue here is opportunity.Q10. Live fans want to know about the dynamics of Verasity. Here, I would like to ask Mark, what are the next strategic plans of Verasity? What can I tell you in advance?2021 will see more exchanges, partnerships, and completion of our 2021 development plan, which includes large monthly tournaments at to increase the adoption and growth of our use cases to showcase our products such as the recent tournament with Huya, the largest streaming service in China.Later this year, we will host our first major NFT eSports tournament, which will produce legendary NFTs, with prizes in both VRA and NFT forms. This will be a formidable and unique event where legendary players at the end of their careers will play to immortalize their gameplay with NFTs which will be owned, sold and authenticated by Verasity.And, we will launch the eSports Fight Club game marketplace, which will include NFTS and in-game cosmetics and in-game currency purchased with VRA.In the near future, we will announce our integration partners for our Proof of View protocol, which includes both advertising partners, as well as NFT vendors and auction platforms.Q11. How does Chinese and other regional tournaments help VRA?This benefits VRA on many levels: First we are using this tournament for brand awareness in China so we can properly target influencers and Esports communities for adoption. The tournament generates positive attention that eventually opens new partnerships. Another benefit for VRA is the partnership with Huya (Huya branded an entire page for us).Streaming in China is not simple because we need government licenses. We have been awarded a competitive license and are building a healthy relationship with Huya for the long term. While VRA rewards were not available on Huya, we both had a re-stream on our website and the VOD will also be uploaded to our video page for users to get rewarded. The stream was listed on their website for our EU audience through YouTube while our developers are working on integrating Huya for future streams with an SDK and to work with our PoV solution as well.Chinese Esports fans are also crypto fans. The % of Chinese Esports fans that are into crypto are much higher than in the West.Huya is the Twitch of China and the largest Chinese streaming service with hundreds of millions of monthly active users. Huya Inc. is a subsidiary of Tencent although traded independently on the NYSE with a market cap of $4.2B. The blossoming partnership with Huya is extremely important for Verasity and Esports Fight Club.Q12. Last question, as a senior participant and entrepreneur in the blockchain industry, does Mark have any thoughts and thoughts to give to you?Real projects with real use cases like Verasity are businesses like any other business whether in crypto or not. The business must serve a real world need and produce products to satisfy those needs. Verasity has identified an important real world need in which blockchain helps solve a problem and satisfy that need — Reduction of digital fraud. Because Verasity has the financial means to achieve its roadmap no matter the market climate together with experienced and focused management, it will be successful. If all projects followed these precepts many more would be successful.LIVE AMA QUESTIONS:
Explain your plans on global expansion, is it only market you are focusing All the time? Or you focus on building or developing and getting customers and users, or partnerships?Our use case is Esports and We chose this use case because we know the gaming industry and this is the fastest growing video content in the world. By expanding this use case and making it popular we can use it as a test case for the B2B products that are being used on So the global expansion is via our expansion of esports platform and the partners associated on the platform: streamers, gaming companies and broadcasters and the expansion of our B2B product acceptance by brands and ad networks worldwide.Сommunity is an important asset to any project. How are you going to educate us that the project you are offering is long term? and do you have the funds and a strong team to be able to develop this project in the future?We have many years of runway to continue to expand our project without additional funds. Our total social community has expanded from several thousand to over 250k over the last year. See our metrics in medium.Does VRA have any special plan for the South East Asia market?We have put on large esports events in South East Asia. The largest was a PuBG mobile with Tencent in which over 8.5m viewers watched the event. We are continuing to expand in this fast growing market with another tournament we just put on with Huya.Important question for me as a investor :DEMAND > supply = Price increasesDemand **My question also related to demand, which is important for investors***How will demand of VRA Token increase in the future? What should you do to increase VRA Token demand??*Demand for the token comes from several sources: Esports platform subscriptions and prize pool. Video publishers who buy VRA in the market to support their rewarded ads campaigns. Ad networks that utilize VRA for rewards. The purchase of NFTs and mods with VRA. These are some of the use cases for the demand of VRA which are growing every day._The many uses of VRA include:_Buyers buy VRA — advertisers, influencers, game developers buy VRA through exchanges to fund their VRA rewards campaigns or tournaments. This can be seen at
Publishers reward VRA — to reach and engage users playing tournaments, subscribing to games or viewing videos, sponsors, game developers to reward their users. This can be seen at our video publisher sites on the bottom of the page:
Users earn VRA — Influencers, gamers and viewers can all earn VRA from their activities. This can be seen in on YouTube, Twitch or our proprietary player videos.
Esports players use VRA to join tournaments and win prizes in VRA. Esports players will buy NFTs in the store with VRA.
Advertisers using Proof of View buy VRA to support their campaigns.
Stake VRA — VRA holders can stake their VRA for daily rewards
Easy to convert VRA — Verasity targets crypto and non-crypto users and provides simple on ramps and liquidity on major exchanges
Are you a global project or local project? Can anybody anywhere use Your project without any restrictions?We are a global project with no restrictions except for some countries with respect to, our staking is not allowed. Other than that VRA is purchased via 12 exchanges globally.NFT is very hot trend now, do you pretend to catch up with this trend or still follow and focus your original roadmap? create values, not create TREND !Actually this hot trend is in trouble. The NFT market is down because of fraud. We are applying our fraud technology to NFTs to standardize the authentication of NFTs. So it’s not about the trend, it’s about how to make NFTs sustainable in the long run. Some people forecast this to be a $1 Trillion market but currently it is not sustainable because of fraud and there are no standards in this industry. Verasity will become the standard and the Proof of View Technology of Verasity makes that possible.Is it difficult to use VRA in an existing infrastructure, do you have to follow certain rules to be able to use it?Actually no, it’s not difficult. One of the reasons we did not move to a mainet but only to ERC777 token was to avoid becoming a complicated token that no one has heard of and to avoid the lack of liquidity that most mainet coins now have. The ERC777 is easy to use and carries the data we require to launch Proof of View for ad fraud and NFTs in a transparent way on the blockchain but easily used by everyone. Also many well known mainet coins are often hacked and we obviously want to avoid that.Could you tell us a little about your greatest achievements last month, what are you working on right now? What are the main thoughts you want to convey through today’s AMA?The patent awarded in the USA, the international patent published, our Esports partners which are growing quickly are some of the achievements of the last month.We do have a Gaming update. We have a major Esports event coming up in July to be announced with one of the largest game publishers in the world. For the first time, a crypto company logo — Verasity- will be part of the brand sponsorship of the event as well as providing the content. This will be a first.Does your project have features or benefits that make it competitive with peers? Why did you choose AMA on Telegram to advertise your project instead of advertising on other social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Google?We don’t believe we have any competitors in ad fraud in the way we have approached this problem with Proof of View.Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any $Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?The token buy and burn plans are explained in the Tokenomics in the Verasity medium articles. Please check these for a fuller explanation.After the Covid-19, many projects were affected. What strategies did VRA have to control the negative impact of Covid-19?Fortunately for Verasity and gaming Covid has been positive because more people stay at home and play games. This has increased the gaming sector by 600%.NFT is getting more popular nowadays. It looks NFT has bright future. So do you guys have any plan to include NFT to your project?NFT is getting more popular nowadays.Please see my answers above and in the AMA. We are providing a anti fraud solution for NFTs as well as providing Esports NFTs at am a professional vulnerability finder on the web, do you think Your system is secure enough from hackers? Does your project have a program that rewards individual vulnerability detection of the system??Please write to us at [email protected] and we can give you info about bug hunter rewards.In the long run, why should we trust and follow you and your project? How do you raise awareness and elimination of the doubts of investors / partners / customers?Everyone should be skeptical. I believe the only guideline is experience with the project. Verasity has been around for over 3 years and has met all of its road map milestones and generally exceeded them. You have to go by whether or not the project does what it says it will do over time.What makes Verasity different from other blockchain projects? Does Verasity any advantages to compete with previous strong development and community projects?We have no competition among blockchain projects. Our patents preclude competition outside of blockchain as well. Please see my comments above.Is Verasity working on easier on/off ramps to VRA/crypto to entice more users from outside the current crypto world? Or is there another path to these users?Already for the esports platform we have PayPal and credit card payments with Verawallet as a payment system as well. We are adding easier on/off payment ramps all of the time as we have to make it easy for fiat and crypto payment systems both to work in our ecosystem. This is important for Verasity and we are working on adding on/off ramps.Can you list 1–2 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?_Proof of View and the patent make this sustainable, difficult if not impossible to compete with and it’s clearly one of the largest potential killer apps as it solves a $140B ad fraud problem in the $400B online ad business._Verasity’s core business is to solve the engagement and monetization problem that ALL video platforms have with ads, whether centralized or decentralized. The ad fraud market is $160B and crucial to brands and video player platforms. The ad fraud problem has been rampant for years with no solution in site. Verasity’s patents, products and technology currently have no competition in this core area. The combination of a proprietary video player with a specialized ad stack, detection system for non-human video views coupled with a ledger accounting system for validating human views on the blockchain is a unique system owned by Verasity. Verasity believes it is sustainable because.
  1. The technology is patented.
  2. Some of the essential technology remains proprietary so that fraudsters cannot know the precise form of detection to evade it.
  3. Company personnel have been in the programmatic online video ad business for more than 15 years and are knowledgeable in how to implement the technology so that the wider programmatic ad exchanges and brands will utilize the technology in a seamless way that fits into their current work flows. This advantage cannot be overstated. The programmatic ad industry is small and insular and very few people know how to navigate it successfully. We are deeply tied into this industry and know what applications, products and services will be adopted.
So, do you have any plan for burning tokens in the future to reduce the supply of the token and increase its investment attractiveness? Typically, investors buy tokens that are likely to increase in price in the future. I saw that, total supply of the token is huge.There are many projects with token supplies that are over 10x that of Verasity. Keep your eye on the MC not on the number of tokens. As to buy and burn, yes we have already burned 2B since inception and have a forecast which you can read about in our medium articles.Thank you everyone for your patience and time here today. It was a great pleasure to list on OKEx and join this AMA! About Verasity
Protocol and Product Layer Platform for Esports and Video EntertainmentThe Verasity Mission
Verasity’s mission is to significantly increase engagement and advertising revenues for video publishers on any video platform.
How? Through its PoV Protocol, Product Layers & Platforms
Use — Esports Platform and Video Publisher owned by Verasity
This is Verasity’s most important use case because it combines all of the products into one Esports platform that Verasity owns and controls. The Esports platform has scaled to 8.6m viewers for its tournaments. — Aggregator of Publishers
Available SDKs which can be used by any publisher for the following video players: YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, JWPlayer, Brightcove, VideoJS, Kaltura, FlowPlayer, iVideoSmart and others (90% of all video players in the West). This is now available for over 2 million video publishers struggling to survive on low advertising revenues.
Verasity Revenues
Verasity makes B2C revenues from its Esports Fight Club platform through subscriptions, commissions on prize pools, video ad revenues and transaction fees using Verasity products. Verasity will roll out its B2B products later in 2021 with attendant revenues. Verasity Roadmap
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