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@Reuters: 'No easy fix': Canada's Suncor Energy faces overhaul after CEO exit https://t.co/QSRR09cPlk https://t.co/A8s60ogcS5

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Where to find daily "WM/Reuters 4pm Fix" rates for most currency pairs

Are there any free websites which every day show the WM/Reuters 4pm Fix for most popular currency pairs when announced, preferably also with the % gain/loss compared to yesterday.
Anybody can already tell what today's (friday) rate was for EUUSD and the % difference with yesterday.
Thanks alot.
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Technical Analysis & 4 WM/Reuters fix

Hi guys,
I'm not trading myself, but interested in FX. My question: Prices during specific fixes (e.g. 4pm WMR) move a lot in the fix window and then have a tendency to revert to pre-fix levels. How is this reflected in technical analysis? Do dealers consider 4pm prices in their quotes after the fix or are these just "temporary outliers" and when issuing quotes, prices quickly revert back to pre-fix levels?
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@Reuters: EXCLUSIVE Refinitiv examines changes to key daily FX fixing window https://t.co/2rm5Q9qYXD https://t.co/jlqW7AWVgJ

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Hyperinflation is Coming- The Dollar Endgame: PART 5.1- "Enter the Dragon" (SECOND HALF OF FINALE)

Hyperinflation is Coming- The Dollar Endgame: PART 5.1-

(Hey everyone, this is the SECOND half of the Finale, you can find the first half here)

The Dollar Endgame

True monetary collapses are hard to grasp for many in the West who have not experienced extreme inflation. The ever increasing money printing seems strange, alien even. Why must money supply grow exponentially? Why did the Reichsbank continue printing even as hyperinflation took hold in Germany?
What is not understood well are the hidden feedback loops that dwell under the surface of the economy.
The Dragon of Inflation, once awoken, is near impossible to tame.
It all begins with a country walking itself into a situation of severe fiscal mismanagement- this could be the Roman Empire of the early 300s, or the German Empire in 1916, or America in the 1980s- 2020s.
The State, fighting a war, promoting a welfare state, or combating an economic downturn, loads itself with debt burdens too heavy for it to bear.
This might even create temporary illusions of wealth and prosperity. The immediate results are not felt. But the trap is laid.
Over the next few years and even decades, the debt continues to grow. The government programs and spending set up during an emergency are almost impossible to shut down. Politicians are distracted with the issues of the day, and concerns about a borrowing binge take the backseat.
The debt loads begin to reach a critical mass, almost always just as a political upheaval unfolds. Murphy’s Law comes into effect.
Next comes a crisis.
This could be Visigoth tribesmen attacking the border posts in the North, making incursions into Roman lands. Or it could be the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, kicking off a chain of events causing the onset of World War 1.
Or it could be a global pandemic, shutting down 30% of GDP overnight.
Politicians respond as they always had- mass government mobilization, both in the real and financial sense, to address the issue. Promising that their solutions will remedy the problem, a push begins for massive government spending to “solve” economic woes.
They go to fundraise debt to finance the Treasury. But this time is different.
Very few, if any, investors bid. Now they are faced with a difficult question- how to make up for the deficit between the Treasury’s income and its massive projected expenditure. Who’s going to buy the bonds?
With few or no legitimate buyers for their debt, they turn to their only other option- the printing press. Whatever the manner, new money is created and enters the supply.
This time is different. Due to the flood of new liquidity entering the system, widespread inflation occurs. Confounded, the politicians blame everyone and everything BUT the printing as the cause.
Bonds begin to sell off, which causes interest rates to rise. With rates suppressed so low for so long, trillions of dollars of leverage has built up in the system.
No one wants to hold fixed income instruments yielding 1% when inflation is soaring above 8%. It's a guaranteed losing trade. As more and more investors run for the exits in the bond markets, liquidity dries up and volatility spikes.
The MOVE index, a measure of bond market volatility, begins climbing to levels not seen since the 2008 Financial Crisis.

MOVE Index
Sovereign bond market liquidity begins to evaporate. Weak links in the system, overleveraged several times on government debt, such as the UK’s pension funds, begin to implode.
The banks and Treasury itself will not survive true deflation- in the US, Yellen is already getting so antsy that she just asked major banks if Treasury should buy back their bonds to “ensure liquidity”!
As yields rise, government borrowing costs spike and their ability to roll their debt becomes extremely impaired. Overleveraged speculators in housing, equity and bond markets begin to liquidate positions and a full blown deleveraging event emerges.
True deflation in a macro environment as indebted as ours would mean rates soaring well above 15-20%, and a collapse in money market funds, equities, bonds, and worst of all, a certain Treasury default as federal tax receipts decline and deficits rise.
A run on the banks would ensue. Without the Fed printing, the major banks, (which have a 0% capital reserve requirement since 3/15/20), would quickly be drained. Insolvency is not the issue here- liquidity is; and without cash reserves a freezing of the interbank credit and repo markets would quickly ensue.
For those who don’t think this is possible, Tim Geitner, NY Fed President during the 2008 Crisis, stated that in the aftermath of Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy, we were “We were a few days away from the ATMs not working” (start video at 46:07).
As inflation rips higher, the $24T Treasury market, and the $15.5T Corporate bond markets selloff hard. Soon they enter freefall as forced liquidations wipe leverage out of the system. Similar to 2008, credit markets begin to freeze up. Thousands of “zombie corporations”, firms held together only with razor thin margins and huge amounts of near zero yielding debt, begin to default. One study by a Deutsche analyst puts the figure at 25% of companies in the S&P 500.
The Central Banks respond to the crisis as they always have- coming to the rescue with the money printer, like the Bank of England did when they restarted QE, or how the Bank of Japan began “emergency bond buying operations”.
But this time is massive. They have to print more than ever before as the ENTIRE DEBT BASED FINANCIAL SYSTEM UNWINDS.
QE Infinity begins. Trillions of Treasuries, MBS, Corporate bonds, and Bond ETFs are bought up. The only manner in which to prevent the bubble from imploding is by overwhelming the system with freshly printed cash. Everything is no-limit bid.
The tsunami of new money floods into the system and a face ripping rally begins in every major asset class. This is the beginning of the melt-up phase.
The Federal Reserve, within a few months, goes from owning 30% of the Treasury market, to 70% or more. The Bank of Japan is already at 70% ownership of certain JGB issuances, and some bonds haven’t traded for a record number of days in an active market!
The Central Banks EAT the bond market. The “Lender of Last Resort” becomes “The Lender of Only Resort”.
Another step towards hyperinflation. The Dragon crawls out of his lair.

QE Process
Now the majority or even entirety of the new bond issuances from the Treasury are bought with printed money. Money supply must increase in tandem with federal deficits, fueling further inflation as more new money floods into the system.
The Fed’s liquidity hose is now directly plugged into the veins of the real economy. The heroin of free money now flows in ever increasing amounts towards Main Street.
The same face-ripping rise seen in equities in 2020 and 2021 is now mirrored in the markets for goods and services.
Prices for Food, gas, housing, computers, cars, healthcare, travel, and more explode higher. This sets off several feedback loops- the first of which is the wage-price spiral. As the prices of everything rise, real disposable income falls.
Massive strikes and turnover ensues. Workers refuse to labor for wages that are not keeping up with their expenses. After much consternation, firms are forced to raise wages or see large scale work stoppages.

Wage-Price Spiral
These higher wages now mean the firm has higher costs, and thus must charge higher prices for goods. This repeats ad infinitum.
The next feedback loop is monetary velocity- the number of times one dollar is spent to buy goods and services per unit of time. If the velocity of money is increasing, then more transactions are occurring between individuals in an economy.
The faster the dollar turns over, the more items it can bid for- and thus the more prices rise. Money velocity increasing is a key feature of a currency beginning to inflate away. In nations experiencing hyperinflation like Venezuela, where money velocity was purported to be over 7,000 annually- or more than 20 times a DAY.
As prices rise steadily, people begin to increase their inflation expectations, which leads to them going out and preemptively buying before the goods become even more expensive. This leads to hoarding and shortages as select items get bought out quickly, and whatever is left is marked up even more. ANOTHER feedback loop.
Inflation now soars to 25%. Treasury deficits increase further as the government is forced to spend more to hire and retain workers, and government subsidies are demanded by every corner of the populace as a way to alleviate the price pressures.
The government budget increases. Any hope of worker’s pensions or banks buying the new debt is dashed as the interest rates remain well below the rate of inflation, and real wages continue to fall. They thus must borrow more as the entire system unwinds.
The Hyperinflationary Feedback loop kicks in, with exponentially increasing borrowing from the Treasury matched by new money supply as the Printer whirrs away.
The Dragon begins his fiery assault.

Hyperinflationary Feedback Loop
As the dollar devalues, other central banks continue printing furiously. This phenomenon of being trapped in a debt spiral is not unique to the United States- virtually every major economy is drowning under excessive credit loads, as the average G7 debt load is 135% of GDP.
As the central banks print at different speeds, massive dislocations begin to occur in currency markets. Nations who print faster and with greater debt monetization fall faster than others, but all fiats fall together in unison in real terms.
Global trade becomes extremely difficult. Trade invoices, which usually can take several weeks or even months to settle as the item is shipped across the world, go haywire as currencies move 20% or more against each other in short timeframes. Hedging becomes extremely difficult, as vol premiums rise and illiquidity is widespread.
Amidst the chaos, a group of nations comes together to decide to use a new monetary media- this could be the Special Drawing Right (SDR), a neutral global reserve currency created by the IMF.
It could be a new commodity based money, similar to the old US Dollar pegged to Gold.
Or it could be a peer-to-peer decentralized cryptocurrency with a hard supply limit and secure payment channels.
Whatever the case- it doesn't really matter. The dollar will begin to lose dominance as the World Reserve Currency as the new one arises.
As the old system begins to die, ironically the dollar soars higher on foreign exchange- as there is a $20T global short position on the USD, in the form of leveraged loans, sovereign debt, corporate bonds, and interbank repo agreements.
All this dollar debt creates dollar DEMAND, and if the US is not printing fast enough or importing enough to push dollars out to satisfy demand, banks and institutions will rush to the Forex market to dump their local currency in exchange for dollars.
This drives DXY up even higher, and then forces more firms to dump local currency to cover dollar debt as the debt becomes more expensive, in a vicious feedback loop. This is called the Dollar Milkshake Theory, posited by Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital.
The global Eurodollar Market IS leverage- and as all leverage works, it must be fed with new dollars or risk bankrupting those who owe the debt. The fundamental issue is that this time, it is not banks, hedge funds, or even insurance giants- this is entire countries like Argentina, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

The Dollar Milkshake
If the Fed does not print to satisfy the demand needed for this Eurodollar market, the Dollar Milkshake will suck almost all global liquidity and capital into the United States, which is a net importer and has largely lost it’s manufacturing base- meanwhile dozens of developing countries and manufacturing firms will go bankrupt and be liquidated, causing a collapse in global supply chains not seen since the Second World War.
This would force inflation to rip above 50% as supply of goods collapses.
Worse yet, what will the Fed do? ALL their choices now make the situation worse.

The Fed's Triple Dilemma
Many pundits will retort- “Even if we have to print the entire unfunded liability of the US, $160T, that’s 8 times current M2 Money Supply. So we’d see 700% inflation over two years and then it would be over!”
This is a grave misunderstanding of the problem; as the Fed expands money supply and finances Treasury spending, inflation rips higher, forcing the AMOUNT THE TREASURY BORROWS, AND THUS THE AMOUNT THE FED PRINTS in the next fiscal quarter to INCREASE. Thus a 100% increase in money supply can cause a 150% increase in inflation, and on again, and again, ad infinitum.
M2 Money Supply increased 41% since March 5th, 2020 and we saw an 18% realized increase in inflation (not CPI, which is manipulated) and a 58% increase in SPY (at the top). This was with the majority of printed money really going into the financial markets, and only stimulus checks and transfer payments flowing into the real economy.
Now Federal Deficits are increasing, and in the next easing cycle, the Fed will be buying the majority of Treasury bonds.
The next $10T they print, therefore, could cause additional inflation requiring another $15T of printing. This could cause another $25T in money printing; this cycle continues forever, like Weimar Germany discovered.
The $200T or so they need to print can easily multiply into the quadrillions by the time we get there.
The Inflation Dragon consumes all in his path.
Federal Net Outlays are currently around 30% of GDP. Of course, the government has tax receipts that it could use to pay for services, but as prices roar higher, the real value of government tax revenue falls. At the end of the Weimar hyperinflation, tax receipts represented less than 1% of all government spending.
This means that without Treasury spending, literally a third of all economic output would cease.
The holders of dollar debt begin dumping them en masse for assets with real world utility and value- even simple things such as food and gas.
People will be forced to ask themselves- what matters more; the amount of Apple shares they hold or their ability to buy food next month? The option will be clear- and as they sell, massive flows of money will move out of the financial economy and into the real.
This begins the final cascade of money into the marketplace which causes the prices of everything to soar higher. The demand for money grows even larger as prices spike, which causes more Treasury spending, which must be financed by new borrowing, which is printed by the Fed. The final doom loop begins, and money supply explodes exponentially.

German Hyperinflation
Monetary velocity rips higher and eventually pushes inflation into the thousands of percent. Goods begin being re-priced by the day, and then by the hour, as the value of the currency becomes meaningless.
A new money, most likely a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, gains widespread adoption- becoming the preferred method and eventually the default payment mechanism. The State continues attempting to force the citizens to use their currency- but by now all trust in the money has broken down. The only thing that works is force, but even the police, military and legal system by now have completely lost confidence.
The Simulacrum breaks down as the masses begin to realize that the entire financial system, and the very currency that underpins it is a lie- an illusion, propped up via complex derivatives, unsustainable debt loads, and easy money financed by the Central Banks.
Similar to Weimar Germany, confidence in the currency finally collapses as the public awakens to a long forgotten truth-
There is no supply cap on fiat currency.

QE Infinity

When asked in 1982 what was the one word that could be used to define the Dollar, Fed Chairman Paul Volcker responded with one word-
All fiat money systems, unmoored from the tethers of hard money, are now adrift in a sea of illusion, of make-believe. The only fundamental props to support it are the trust and network effects of the participants.
These are powerful forces, no doubt- and have made it so no fiat currency dies without severe pain inflicted on the masses, most of which are uneducated about the true nature of economics and money.
But the Ships of State have wandered into a maelstrom from which there is no return. Currently, total worldwide debt stands at a gargantuan $300 Trillion, equivalent to 356% of global GDP.
This means that even at low interest rates, interest expense will be higher than GDP- we can never grow our way out of this trap, as many economists hope.
Fiat systems demand ever increasing debt, and ever increasing money printing, until the illusion breaks and the flood of liquidity is finally released into the real economy. Financial and Real economies merge in one final crescendo that dooms the currency to die, as all fiats must.
Day by day, hour by hour, the interest accrues.
The Debt grows larger.
And the Dollar Endgame Approaches.

Nothing on this Post constitutes investment advice, performance data or any recommendation that any security, portfolio of securities, investment product, transaction or investment strategy is suitable for any specific person. From reading my Post I cannot assess anything about your personal circumstances, your finances, or your goals and objectives, all of which are unique to you, so any opinions or information contained on this Post are just that – an opinion or information. Please consult a financial professional if you seek advice.
*If you would like to learn more, check out my recommended reading list here. This is a dummy google account, so feel free to share with friends- none of my personal information is attached. You can also check out a Google docs version of my Endgame Series here.
I cleared this message with the mods;
IF YOU WOULD LIKE to support me, you can do so my checking out the e-book version of the Dollar Endgame on my twitter profile: https://twitter.com/peruvian_bull/status/1597279560839868417
The paperback version is a work in progress. It's coming.
THERE IS NO PRESSURE TO DO SO. THIS IS NOT A MONEY GRAB- the entire series is FREE! The reddit posts start HERE: https://www.reddit.com/Superstonk/comments/o4vzau/hyperinflation_is_coming_the_dollar_endgame_part/
and there is a Google Doc version of the ENTIRE SERIES here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1552Gu7F2cJV5Bgw93ZGgCONXeenPdjKBbhbUs6shg6s/edit?usp=sharing

You can follow my Twitter at Peruvian Bull. This is my only account, and I will not ask for financial or personal information. All others are scammers/impersonators.

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[Op-Ed] - How to fix the debt: High-skilled immigrants, drastic education overhaul, and painful spending cuts | Washington Examiner

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[Business] - Swiss regulator fines banks for fixing forex trading | REUTERS

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Patch 9 Full notes

Patch 9 for Baldur’s Gate 3 is here! Bursting with noble spirit and ardent reverence, this patch adds the paladin class, Level 5, and much, much more. If you’re looking to peer deeper into the contents of this festive update, you can find the Community Update here.
Mac users, Patch 9 will be with you soon. We’ve got a little bit more work to do on it, so keep an eye on our social channels for updates. Now, if you’re suitably imbued with moral strength (and you’ll need it to make it through the amount of notes we have for this update), let’s look at the full notes for Patch 9.
Patch notes related to community-reported issues and feedback are indicated with an asterisk. Like this.*
Spells, Actions, and Conditions
Spells, Actions, and Conditions
Story and Continuity
Gameplay Animations
Spells, Actions, and Conditions
Story and Continuity
Gameplay Animations
Clipping, Popping, and Other Oddities
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Bed Bath & Beyond CFO plunges to death at New York's Jenga tower days after company says it would close 150 stores and cut jobs

Bed Bath & Beyond Inc's (BBBY.O) chief financial officer fell to his death from New York's Tribeca skyscraper known as the "Jenga" tower on Friday afternoon, police said, just days after the company said it was closing several stores. Gustavo Arnal, 52, joined Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY.O) in 2020. He previously worked as CFO for cosmetics brand Avon in London and had a 20-year stint with Procter & Gamble (PG.N), according to his LinkedIn profile. On Friday at 12:30 p.m. ET (1630 GMT), police responded to a 911 call and found a 52-year-old man dead near the building who appeared to suffer injuries from a fall. Police identified the man as Gustavo Arnal. The police statement did not provide further details on the circumstances leading to Arnal's death but added that the New York City Medical Examiner's Office will now determine the cause of the fatality.
On Aug. 16, Arnal, sold 55,013 shares in the company, Reuters' calculations showed based on SEC filings. The big-box chain - once considered a so-called "category killer" in home and bath goods - has seen its fortunes falter after an attempt to sell more of its own brand, or private-label goods. Last week, Bed Bath & Beyond said it would close 150 stores, cut jobs and overhaul its merchandising strategy in an attempt to turn around its money-losing business.
Source: https://www.reuters.com/business/bed-bath-beyond-cfo-plunges-death-new-yorks-jenga-tower-reports-2022-09-04/
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Why the TravelSafely App isn't a good #VisionZero approach

TL;DR: The TravelSafely App misses the forest for the trees, doesn't implement actual Vision Zero solutions, has possible ties to General Motors, and is technological worship gone awry
What is the new TravelSafely App?
Recently, Charlotte’s Department of Transportation released a new phone app called “TravelSafely.” The app is supposed to “notify [drivers] when the light is about to turn green,” “warn [drivers] approaching a red light if they are approaching the intersection too fast,” “notify [drivers] if they are traveling too fast in a slow speed zone,” “warn motorists if a cyclist is using the app on the road ahead,” and “notify motorists of pedestrians using the app in the crosswalk … if [the app] detects the motorist is not going to stop.” This app had the backing of Council Member Victoria Watlington who said that “the app is another tool that will help [Charlotte] improve safety for all people using our roads … [during] the South End pilot project.”
On the same day of this announcement, a great new PBS documentary, The Street Project, was aired by Charlotte DOT’s Vision Zero department and the Charlotte Urban Design Center. This phenomenal film touches on what Vision Zero is ultimately about, the winning strategies to make streets safer, and why this issue is so critical in the face of rising pedestrian deaths, financially struggling municipalities, and climate change.
What are the concerns with this app and does it address the actual issue of pedestrian fatalities?
There were a lot of concerns with this app when it first debuted, namely concerns over data rights and privacy, though the city does assure us that “all information shared on the app is anonymous and protected.” That isn’t the concern, however - our concern is that this is targeting the wrong issue, has a possible conflict of interest, and flies against so many rules in good Vision Zero policy work that it ultimately reduces the Vision Zero program to an ineffective meme when it should be a continual push to make all of Charlotte safer.
There are two works I want to point you towards: Walkable City by Jeff Speck and Street Fight: Handbook for an Urban Revolution by Janette Sadik-Khan. When Jeff Speck focused on the key issue of safety in his follow-up work, Walkable City Rules, one of the key issues he focused one was speed of motor vehicles, not driver inattentiveness. “... You are about five times as likely to be killed by a car going 30 as a car going 20, and five times again as likely to be killed by a car going 40.” Janette Sadik-Khan echoed the same issue, citing speed as a critical factor in the rising number of traffic deaths and even tailoring a public awareness campaign to inform motorists of the different impacts on pedestrians that a car going 25 MPH versus 35 MPH can have. So, we would look at this and think, “Let’s just lower the speed limit, right?” Not necessarily - Speck leaves us with a word of caution that “this [speed reduction] cannot be accomplished with speed limits alone … [drivers] drive the speed that is implied by the street design.” When a roadway is too wide with a low speed limit, this often results in the frustrating “speed trap” issue where motorists drive the speed that feels right only to get a costly ticket from a police officer, which CMPD was happy to do recently.
While the TravelSafely app does have a feature that indicates to drivers that they are speeding, the bulk of roadway design literature emphasizes time and time again that if you want cars to slow down, you need to change the layout of the street. Not everyone will install an app on their phone and pay attention to it - the number of life-saving implements that a motorist has foregone, such as these amazingly stupid seat-belt silencers, is an indicator that a sizeable portion of people simply do not care. Your movement onto a street that is known for routinely maiming and killing pedestrians is not restricted by you having a phone installed - but when the street is designed physically to be safer, it makes that playing field the default for everyone, regardless of whether they’ve installed an app and are actively paying attention to it.
The conflict of interest: this may be the result of General Motors influence.
Next, the possible conflict of interest. While The Street Project is a fantastic documentary, take note of who sponsored it - that’s right, General Motors has had a hand in this item and also in sponsoring the film being screened on behalf of Charlotte’s Vision Zero Project. This might not necessarily be newsworthy, except if you dig into GM’s website, you quickly find that GM is espousing that they have the answer to the Vision Zero conundrum: their Future Roads project, a program that claims to “[use] connected vehicle data to help cities make smarter infrastructure decisions.” The basis of this entire idea isn’t necessarily to detect where the crashes are and to help city workers address these hotspots - this is something that ArcGIS has perfected and that Charlotte DOT and NCDOT have an active and updated database on. No, instead the goal here is to try and create a “smart” system that does what the TravelSafely app is proposed to do. That’s a little funny, isn’t it? That a massive company just happened to sponsor this film and its screening and then the city, on the same day of the screening, reveals this new safety app?
The Wonderful Promise of Technology versus Simple, Real Solutions
One key issue is that oftentimes city officials will see that we can solve these problems with great technical solutions. As Max Brooks once famously said, “Americans worship technology. It’s an inherent trait in the national zeitgeist.” Too often, we let these fantastic promises of our ingenuity and technological prowess coming in to save the day with key issues like climate change, traffic jams, and having to drive (with Elon Musk amusingly promising that autonomous vehicles will be "next year" since 2014). This often ignores the reality that these technological solutions come at a huge cost and oftentimes can be fixed with simpler solutions. Trying to tackle climate change? Weatherize your home, don't contribute to food waste, walk/bike to work, stop buying stuff, and push for renewable energy. Trying to solve traffic jams? Address your zoning so that people can get to work without having to drive, use congestion pricing, and invest in transit. Wanting to invest in autonomous vehicles? Recognize that after $100 billion invested, it's more cost-efficient to just pay a professional driver. Oftentimes, these innovations come with a staggering cost that we don’t recognize until we think these items through to their full conclusion, a phenomenon that Ben Green examines extensively in The Smart Enough City: Putting Technology in Its Place to Reclaim Our Urban Future. Are we really solving the primary issue by converting all Americans’ cars to electric at the cost of massive mining operations and no genuine fix to pedestrian deaths and congestion? Will our roadways become safer for pedestrians if traffic is eliminated by a tight convoy of autonomous vehicles? And does having an autonomous vehicle fix the issue of them hitting and killing pedestrians currently?
Lastly, when we look at what other cities are doing with dedicated Vision Zero apps, they are often used as a way for administrative officials to help identify problematic areas and for citizens to log these issues so that they can be addressed before a fatality winds up on the crash map, like what the City of Boston has done. This is effectively the role that the Charlotte 311+ app should serve, except concerned citizens get routinely shot down when they ask for traffic calming. The city already has the tools and the technical know-how to make our city ultimately safer for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists alike - we have a number of resources that address how to make our streets safer and not a single one seriously considers incorporating a phone app that is not automatically on every single phone, can be disabled or ignored, or is sponsored by an automobile company. They always stress the need to reduce speeds by physical means, not virtual ones, because it is the physical environment where the battle for safety is lost and won.
What can I do about all this?
I urge you all to reach out to the relevant officials and politely voice your concerns with these issues, notably Councilmember Victoria Watlington (who’s email can be found [here]([email protected])) and the Deputy Director of CDOT Justin Carroll (who’s email can be found [here]([email protected])). In addition, Charlotte DOT has also set up a means for us to provide feedback by either visiting PublicInput.com/travelsafelyclt or sending an email to [email protected].
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Which site good for daily exchange rates aka WM/R 4pm fix for most currency pairs

Does anybody know good sites that show the daily exchange rates for most forex currency pairs which is fixed at 4pm London time? This is called the WM/R (Reuters) 4pm fix and ETFs/funds use this for valuating positions in foreign currency. Would be nice if it also mentions how much percentage it is up/down compared to previous day. Hope somebody understands my question and can help. Thanks.
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Daily exchange rates for currency pairs (WM/R 4pm London fix)

Does anybody know a good site that show the daily exchange rates for most forex currency pairs which is fixed at 4pm London time? This is called the WM/R (Reuters) 4pm fix and ETFs/funds use this for valuating positions in foreign currency. Would be nice if it also mentions how much percentage it is up/down compared to previous day. Hope somebody understands my question and can help. Thanks.
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WM/R 4pm fix for currency pairs

Does anybody know a good site that show the daily exchange rates for most forex currency pairs which is fixed at 4pm London time? This is called the WM/R (Reuters) 4pm fix and ETFs/funds use this for valuating positions in foreign currency. Would be nice if it also mentions how much percentage it is up/down compared to previous day. Hope somebody understands my question and can help. Thanks.
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Brains are not the source of consciousness. Consciousness is the experience of internal representations of computational reflections across the boundaries of living systems

(These are my personal opinions. I don't believe any words or concepts can ever grasp reality, but I do believe we can hold ideas that are more or less similar to what is happening "objectively." I'm only sharing my views, no need to feel personally challenged :)

Why should some physical systems have an internal phenomenal experience of an external world?

"Is the universe alive?"

The belief that Consciousness arises from neurological processes, that Mind emerges from brain, is still widely held. This is seems true, as long as we specify that we mean access-consciousness, not phenomenal consciousness. It's not to say that the brain isn't phenomenally conscious, it just isn't the source of Consciousness. Brains are the source of metacognition and access consciousness.

For anyone unfamiliar with these terms:

Consciousness Goes Deeper Than You Think
Bernardo Kastrup
On a confusion about a function of consciousness
Ned Block

If you've ever been driving, or walking, or doing something that's muscle memory, and start daydreaming, you lose metacognitive awareness of the here and now, your brain can create worlds detached in time and space.

“Language enables the left hemisphere to represent the world ‘off-line’, a conceptual version, distinct from the world of experience, and shielded from the immediate environment, with its insistent impressions, feelings and demands, abstracted from the body, no longer dealing with what is concrete, specific, individual, unrepeatable, and constantly changing, but with a disembodied representation of the world, abstracted, central, not particularized in time and place, generally applicable, clear and fixed. Isolating things artificially from their context brings the advantage of enabling us to focus intently on a particular aspect of reality and how it can be modelled, so that it can be grasped and controlled. But its losses are in the picture as a whole. Whatever lies in the realm of the implicit, or depends on flexibility, whatever can't be brought into focus and fixed, ceases to exist as far as the speaking hemisphere is concerned.”― Iain McGilchrist, The Master and His Emissary

Without a brain, an organism cannot be meta-cognitively aware, but could an organism without a brain still be phenomenally conscious? Neuropsychologist Mark Solms thinks so; he uses the example of a patient with hydranencephaly, a rare condition in which the brain's cerebral hemispheres are absent and replaced by sacs filled with cerebrospinal fluid, to illustrate the capacity for consciousness without the brain.

The source of consciousness
Dr. Mark Solms

What about regular cognition? What about phenomenal consciousness? What is the source of mind if not the brain?

Technological Approach to Mind Everywhere: An Experimentally-Grounded Framework for Understanding Diverse Bodies and Minds
Pro. Michael Levin

Professor Levin's research shows us that neurons do not do anything different than what all other eukaryotic cells can do. All cellular collectives utilize ion channels and have the ability to form gap junctions. Neural networks can communicate quicker, but still use the same mechanisms. All cellular collectives are cognitive, they form cognitive agents. Take embryogenesis for example:

Intelligent decision-making doesn’t require a brain. You were capable of it before you even had one. Beginning life as a single fertilised egg, you divided and became a mass of genetically identical cells. They chattered among themselves to fashion a complex anatomical structure – your body. Even more remarkably, if you had split in two as an embryo, each half would have been able to replace what was missing, leaving you as one of two identical (monozygotic) twins. Likewise, if two mouse embryos are mushed together like a snowball, a single, normal mouse results. Just how do these embryos know what to do? We have no technology yet that has this degree of plasticity – recognising a deviation from the normal course of events and responding to achieve the same outcome overall.
Modular cognition
"Powerful tricks from computer science and cybernetics show how evolution ‘hacked’ its way to intelligence from the bottom up"

Even single cells experience representations of their environment.

Michael Levin | Cell Intelligence in Physiological & Morphological Spaces | SPACIOUS SPATIALITY 2022
(Highly recommend the whole video if you're not familiar with Levin's work)

How could a single cell be intelligent? How could a single cell have experience, awareness, or will?

The Living Mirror Theory of Consciousness

James E. Cooke
An explanatory gap exists between physics and experience, raising the hard problem of consciousness: why are certain physical systems associated with an experience of an external world from an internal perspective? The living mirror theory holds that consciousness can be understood as arising from the computational interaction between a living system and its environment that is required for the organism’s existence and survival. Maintaining a boundary that protects the system against destructive forces requires an interaction between the organism and its outside world that can be cast in terms of Bayesian inference. The living mirror theory holds that this computational interaction results in statistical properties of the material world that are, in the absence of life, only implicit, becoming explicit in informational terms. This is held to give rise to the beliefs in qualities that constitute consciousness. Consciousness is therefore a necessary feature of all living systems as, in a world governed by the second law of thermodynamics, survival depends on the construction of beliefs regarding the potentially destructive forces in the outside world. From this perspective, consciousness is shown to be not a property of the brain in particular but instead to be a necessary feature of the life process itself

On the role of the plasmodial cytoskeleton in facilitating intelligent behavior in slime mold Physarum polycephalum

Richard Mayne,* Andrew Adamatzky, and Jeff Jones*
The plasmodium of slime mold Physarum polycephalum behaves as an amorphous reaction-diffusion computing substrate and is capable of apparently ‘intelligent’ behavior. But how does intelligence emerge in an acellular organism? Through a range of laboratory experiments, we visualize the plasmodial cytoskeleton—a ubiquitous cellular protein scaffold whose functions are manifold and essential to life—and discuss its putative role as a network for transducing, transmitting and structuring data streams within the plasmodium. Through a range of computer modeling techniques, we demonstrate how emergent behavior, and hence computational intelligence, may occur in cytoskeletal communications networks. Specifically, we model the topology of both the actin and tubulin cytoskeletal networks and discuss how computation may occur therein. Furthermore, we present bespoke cellular automata and particle swarm models for the computational process within the cytoskeleton and observe the incidence of emergent patterns in both. Our work grants unique insight into the origins of natural intelligence; the results presented here are therefore readily transferable to the fields of natural computation, cell biology and biomedical science. We conclude by discussing how our results may alter our biological, computational and philosophical understanding of intelligence and consciousness.

Magnetic Force Microscopy of Brain Microtubules

Pavlo Mikheenko
Being biological object, microtubules attract significant attention in physics, since it is believed that they are responsible for quantum processing of information in the brain. There were, however, no direct experiments checking such a statement. Recently, strong advancement in quantum computing took place utilizing properties of superconductors at low temperatures. Following this progress, it was proposed that brain microtubules are superconducting at room temperature allowing quantum processing of information. Moreover, the evidence of room-temperature superconductivity in brain slices containing microtubules was obtained by electrical transport measurements, and even specific scenario of quantum processing in the microtubules has been suggested. These results, however, are not yet accepted by the scientific community as there are no known attempts to reproduce them. Another step in proving superconductivity would be confirming ideal diamagnetism of microtubules, since ideal diamagnetism is more fundamental property of superconductivity than perfect conductivity, some features of which were seen indirectly, or the existence of energy gap, which was already confirmed by the transport measurements. Here brain microtubules are examined by the magnetic force microscopy. The evidence of strong diamagnetism and its sensitivity to the water content in the microtubules is obtained. This gives another strong argument in favor of the concept suggesting superconductivity-based quantum processing of information in living organisms.


Orch OR combines the Penrose–Lucas argument with Hameroff's hypothesis on quantum processing in microtubules. It proposes that when condensates in the brain undergo an objective wave function reduction, their collapse connects noncomputational decision-making to experiences embedded in spacetime's fundamental geometry. The theory further proposes that the microtubules both influence and are influenced by the conventional activity at the synapses between neurons.
Stuart Hameroff 2021 - Quantum biology and consciousness

The Markov blankets of life: autonomy, active inference and the free energy principle

Karl Friston, Michael Kirchhoff, Thomas Parr, Ensor Palacios, Julian Kiverstein
This work addresses the autonomous organization of biological systems. It does so by considering the boundaries of biological systems, from individual cells to Home sapiens, in terms of the presence of Markov blankets under the active inference scheme—a corollary of the free energy principle. A Markov blanket defines the boundaries of a system in a statistical sense. Here we consider how a collective of Markov blankets can self-assemble into a global system that itself has a Markov blanket; thereby providing an illustration of how autonomous systems can be understood as having layers of nested and self-sustaining boundaries. This allows us to show that: (i) any living system is a Markov blanketed system and (ii) the boundaries of such systems need not be co-extensive with the biophysical boundaries of a living organism. In other words, autonomous systems are hierarchically composed of Markov blankets of Markov blankets—all the way down to individual cells, all the way up to you and me, and all the way out to include elements of the local environment.

Why holography?

Chris Fields · Donald D. Hoffman · Antonino Marcian`o · Chetan Prakash · Robert Prentner
The holographic principle (HP) has become a mainstay of quantum cosmology, but its relation to the rest of physics remains poorly understood. Here we show that the HP is a geometric special case of a more general principle that restricts the classical information transferred between any two subsystems of a physical system to the information that can be encoded on the boundary between them. This more general principle has its origins in the 18th century and has been formulated in a number of disciplinary contexts. We formulate this generalized holographic principle precisely, derive the HP a special case, and examine three consequences for physics: 1) that gauge invariance is a consequence of restricting classical information transfer between subsystems; 2) that environmental decoherence is holographic encoding; and 3) that compliance with the generalized holographic principle suggests a resolution of the black-hole information paradox

Cosmological Natural Selection

Lee Smolin

Fitting with the holographic view of consciousness, scientists had to rewrite a simulation of wormhole physics as a NEURAL NETEWORK in order for the experiment to work, providing evidence that ER=EPR is correct.

How Physicists Created a Holographic Wormhole in a Quantum Computer

The only way to truly speak about Consciousness is to become silent. That which we hold in our mind is not the Source. We are reflections of projection, 37 trillion three dimensional mirrors mirroring an infinite mirror.

"Vivere est Cogitare" (Life is thought)
- Niels Bohr

"As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear-headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter."
- Max Planck

“Consciousness cannot be accounted for in physical terms. For consciousness is absolutely fundamental. It cannot be accounted for in terms of anything else.”
- Erwin Schrödinger
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As things continue to unravel, I'm inclined to post this again: We're in 2008 on repeat and I'll show you

From one of my posts a while back I wanted to show the newer apes and those who didn't see it the first time. How we got here and how it looks eerily familiar.
Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and Bear Stearns created self destructing CDOs to crash the market in 2008
In a civil suit filed Friday, the Securities and Exchange Commission charged Goldman Sachs with fraud for helping hedge fund manager John Paulson create collateralized debt obligations that he had secretly designed to self-destruct. That is, Goldman Sachs, at the direction of Paulson, hand-picked mortgages that were certain to go bad, and stuffed the mortgages (or rather, “synthetic” derivatives of the mortgages) into collateralized debt obligations that temporarily masked the true value of the loans.
Goldman isn’t the only bank that created these CDOs. Deutsche Bank, UBS, and smaller outfits, such as Tricadia Inc., perpetrated similar scams. All told, well over $250 billion worth of these “synthetic” CDOs were sold into the market in the two years leading up to the financial crisis of 2008. Indeed, there is a distinct possibility that a majority of all the CDOs sold during those two years were deliberately designed to implode by hedge fund managers who were betting against both the CDOs and the financial system as a whole.  
Here's what they were doing
An example of a particularly sordid scheme, orchestrated by hedge fund billionaire John Paulson, was discovered some time ago by David Fiderer, a blogger for the Huffington Post. The information in Fiderer’s blog is rather incriminating, and, of course, the mainstream media is not on the case, so I think it bears repeating.
As Fiderer explains, Paulson asked the banks to create those CDOs “so that they could be sold to some suckers at close to par. That way, Paulson’s hedge fund could approach some other sucker who would sell an insurance policy, or credit default swap, on the newly minted CDOs. Bear, Deutsche and Goldman knew perfectly well what Paulson’s motivation was. He made no secret of his belief that the CDOs subordinate claims on the mortgage collateral were close to worthless. By the time others have figured out the fatal flaws in these securities which had been ignored by the rating agencies, Paulson could collect up to $5 billion.
“Paulson not only initiated these transactions, he also specified the terms he wanted, identifying which mortgages would be stuffed into the CDOs, and how the CDOs should be structured. Within the overall framework set by Paulson’s team, banks and investors were allowed to do some minor tweaking.”
The only guy to go to jail, was running from this and turned himself in (this story includes Jim Cramer)
Evidence suggests that Bernard Madoff, the “prominent” Wall Street operator and former chairman of the NASDAQ stock market, had ties to the Russian Mafia, Moscow-based oligarchs, and the Genovese organized crime family.
And, as reported by Deep Capture and Reuters, Madoff did not just orchestrate a $50 billion Ponzi scheme. He was also the principal architect of SEC rules that made it easier for “naked” short sellers to manufacture phantom stock and destroy public companies – a factor in the near total collapse of the American financial system.
Part two
Things become all the more weird when you consider that regulators and law enforcement do almost nothing to stop naked short selling, even though a growing number of prominent people – everyone from U.S. Senators to George Soros – insist that criminal naked short sellers helped take down Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, and the American financial system. Then there’s the weird fact that anybody who tries to shed light on this weird state of affairs is quickly subjected to smear campaigns that are…weird.
By 2011 the FBI is saying publicly its still a problem and they're capturing regulations.
They may be former members of nation-state governments, security services, or the military. These individuals know who and what to target, and how best to do it. They are capitalists and entrepreneurs. But they are also master criminals who move easily between the licit and illicit worlds. And in some cases, these organizations are as forward-leaning as Fortune 500 companies.
This is not “The Sopranos,” with six guys sitting in a diner, shaking down a local business owner for $50 dollars a week. These criminal enterprises are making billions of dollars from human trafficking, health care fraud, computer intrusions, and copyright infringement. They are cornering the market on natural gas, oil, and precious metals, and selling to the highest bidder.
These crimes are not easily categorized. Nor can the damage, the dollar loss, or the ripple effects be easily calculated. It is much like a Venn diagram, where one crime intersects with another, in different jurisdictions, and with different groups.
How does this impact you? You may not recognize the source, but you will feel the effects. You might pay more for a gallon of gas. You might pay more for a luxury car from overseas. You will pay more for health care, mortgages, clothes, and food.
Yet we are concerned with more than just the financial impact. These groups may infiltrate our businesses. They may provide logistical support to hostile foreign powers. They may try to manipulate those at the highest levels of government. Indeed, these so-called “iron triangles” of organized criminals, corrupt government officials, and business leaders pose a significant national security threat.
And these days we've got Citadel playing games with Goldman Sachs who was the center of 2008 and is still being sued over it.
NEW YORK Dec 8, 2021 (Reuters) - Goldman Sachs Group Inc must again face a class action by shareholders who said they lost $13 billion because the Wall Street bank hid conflicts of interest when creating risky subprime securities before the 2008 financial crisis, a judge ruled on Wednesday.
U.S. District Judge Paul Crotty in Manhattan rejected Goldman's claim that its general statements about its business, including that client interests "always come first" and "integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business," were too generic to mislead investors and affect its stock price.
.... Do you remember what came back in 2019 a few months before the secret $4.5 trillion bailout?
Out of the $4.5 trillion in loans for Q4 2019, the bulk of it went to Goldman Sachs (103 instances), JPMorgan Chase (197 instances), Deutsche Bank (200 instances), and Citigroup (143 instances).
Now we're currently in a situation where Moody's is refusing to downgrade defaulting companies to prop up the place even going as far as upgrading Citadel in the middle of all this. So that insurance won't have to pay.
Change of topics, rehypothecation - 2008 to now.
LibertyView Capital Management Inc. of Hoboken, New Jersey, owned by Lehman's Neuberger Berman unit, told investors on September 26 it had suspended "until further notice" attempts notice" attempts to calculate the value of its funds. LibertyView was not included in the Sept. 29 sale of Neuberger to Bain Capital LLC and Hellman & Friedman LLC.
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Lehman's bankruptcy administrator in the U.K., where its European prime brokerage was based, doesn't know how much money is at stake. PwC said last month it's trying to recoup about $8 billion in cash that Lehman's parent company allegedly withdrew from its European unit before the collapse. It will take weeks, if not longer, to sort out the mess, according to PwC.
Oak Group used Lehman's unit in London because it allowed the fund to borrow more than US prime brokers, James said. Operating under different regulatory requirements, European prime brokers have been more generous than their US counterparts, sometimes even within the same parent company, said Michael Romanek, principal at Rise Partners Ltd., which arranges financing for funds from London. "A lot of US managers would rather deal with Europe than New York," said Romanek. "Rarely do you see it go the other way." James's account had pledged equity securities as collateral that Lehman then lent to other investors under a practice known as rehypothecation. It's the fate of that collateral that worries many Lehman hedge-fund clients.
Read that again! These guys rehypothecate shares on top of internalizing orders with PFOF (Madoff)
James's account had pledged equity securities as collateral that Lehman then lent to other investors under a practice known as rehypothecation. It's the fate of that collateral that worries many Lehman hedge-fund clients.
Then... 2009
MR. NAGEL: On behalf of Citadel Investment Group, I'd like to thank the Commission and the staff for the opportunity to be here today. At Citadel, we have over 19 years of experience as an active securities lending market participant.
And to support our private fund and market making businesses, we've built infrastructure that allow us to deal directly with the primary sources of securities loans, supply and demand, rather than rely entirely on intermediaries. Based on this experience, we believe that a well-functioning securities-lending market benefits all investors.
Owners of securities can generate additional income or obtain financing by lending securities. Securities lending also contributes to tight bid-offer spreads and market liquidity by enabling the orderly settlement of short sales.
At the Commission's May Short Sale Roundtable, I explained Citadel's view that short selling benefits all investors and our economy by promoting liquidity and price discovery, and serving as a risk management tool for investors.
While the securities lending market has made great strides in recent years, we believe there is still substantial work to be done before the securities lending market can reach its full potential. Despite its growing size, the securities lending market remains relatively opaque because there is little centralized collection or dissemination of loan pricing data.
Many securities loans are still bilaterally negotiated between market intermediaries on the phone or by email and each party to a securities loan generally faces the credit risk of the other party for the duration of the loan.
Until recently, no centralized venue existed where borrowers and lenders could readily find each other and transact directly
In the U.S., margin regulations allow a customer to buy securities and they can pay for half of it and borrow the other half from their broker dealer. The portion of the securities that they don't pay for when they buy the securities -- the piece that they've, in effect, bought on margin -- the broker dealer is allowed to use those securities to help raise cash to replenish its own bank account for the money its lent to the customer. That term is rehypothecation -- I'm sorry, it's a very long word -- but it means basically to borrow securities in this case.
And the broker dealer can take those rehypothecated securities, those securities that were bought on margin, and pledge them to a bank to borrow money to replenish its cash supply, or it can lend securities to another party, and by doing so it replenishes its cash supply
That last part is important, the list of prime brokers/custodian’s that Citadel has access to means they could weave one giant web with themself/VIRTU
Here's Citadel's 2019 financial statement, saying this.
Collateralized Transactions The Company enters into reverse repurchase agreements, repurchase agreements and securities borrowed and securities loaned transactions to, among other things, acquire securities to cover short positions and settle other securities obligations and to finance certain of the Company’s activities. The Company manages credit exposure arising from such transactions by, in appropriate circumstances, entering into master netting agreements and collateral arrangements with counterparties. In the event of a counterparty default (such as bankruptcy or a counterparty’s failure to pay or perform), these agreements provide the Company the right to terminate such agreement, net the Company’s rights and obligations under such agreement, buy-in undelivered securities and liquidate and set off collateral against any net obligation remaining by the counterparty.
During the year ended December 31, 2019, the Company had reverse repurchase and repurchase agreements with Citadel Securities Institutional LLC (“CSIN”), an affiliated broker and dealer, and Citadel Securities Swap Dealer LLC (“CSSD”), an affiliated swap dealer (Note 6), and non-affiliates. Securities borrowing and lending transactions are collateralized by pledging cash or securities, which typically include equity securities and are collateralized as a percentage of the fair value of the securities borrowed or loaned. Reverse repurchase and repurchase agreements are collateralized primarily by receiving or pledging securities, respectively.
Typically, the Company has rights of rehypothecation with respect to the securities collateral received under reverse repurchase agreements and the underlying securities received under securities borrowed transactions. As of December 31, 2019, substantially all securities received under securities borrowed transactions have been delivered or repledged.
The counterparty generally has rights of rehypothecation with respect to securities collateral pledged by the Company for securities borrowed by the Company. The counterparty generally has rights of rehypothecation with respect to the securities collateral received from the Company under repurchase agreements and the securities loaned from the Company to such counterparty. Also, the Company typically has rights of rehypothecation related to securities collateral received from counterparties for securities loaned to those counterparties.
The Company monitors the fair value of underlying securities in comparison to the related receivable or payable and as necessary, transfers or requests additional collateral as provided under the applicable agreement to ensure transactions are adequately collateralized.
Here's Dennis Kelleher talking about rehypothecation during the GameStop hearing calling it "a house of cards"
They call a bank and get a margin loan, half the securities they get with it can be rehypothecated. They, have those agreements with themselves. So they get one loan, and then get the same share multiple times, giving themselves money in the process.
During the year ended December 31, 2019, the Company had reverse repurchase and repurchase agreements with Citadel Securities Institutional LLC (“CSIN”), an affiliated broker and dealer, and Citadel Securities Swap Dealer LLC (“CSSD”), an affiliated swap dealer (Note 6), and non-affiliates. Securities borrowing and lending transactions are collateralized by pledging cash or securities, which typically include equity securities and are collateralized as a percentage of the fair value of the securities borrowed or loaned.
One can use it to 'fulfill' naked shorts, one can use it to short the ticker, one can use it to sell at market, not on a dark pool to crash the price.
All they need is a shady bank, or 5 to help them. Bank makes a kickback for how many places buy it, they don't care that all forms of Citadel are using it to crash the price in the name of "liquidity"
In the U.S., margin regulations allow a customer to buy securities and they can pay for half of it and borrow the other half from their broker dealer. The portion of the securities that they don't pay for when they buy the securities -- the piece that they've, in effect, bought on margin -- the broker dealer is allowed to use those securities to help raise cash to replenish its own bank account for the money its lent to the customer. That term is rehypothecation -- I'm sorry, it's a very long word -- but it means basically to borrow securities in this case.
And the broker dealer can take those rehypothecated securities, those securities that were bought on margin, and pledge them to a bank to borrow money to replenish its cash supply, or it can lend securities to another party, and by doing so it replenishes its cash supply
They also can all use the same share as collateral for more loans, to do it again
New subject, naked shorting.
2008, the SEC admitting it's happening and issues new rules.
Washington, D.C., Sept. 17, 2008 — The Securities and Exchange Commission today took several coordinated actions to strengthen investor protections against "naked" short selling. The Commission's actions will apply to the securities of all public companies, including all companies in the financial sector. The actions are effective at 12:01 a.m. ET on Thursday, Sept. 18, 2008.
New Short Selling Rules
"These several actions today make it crystal clear that the SEC has zero tolerance for abusive naked short selling," said SEC Chairman Christopher Cox. "The Enforcement Division, the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations, and the Division of Trading and Markets will now have these weapons in their arsenal in their continuing battle to stop unlawful manipulation."
It currently is possible through Canada well, guess who has Canadian companies
And then this happens and the SEC hides names
on May 19, 2021, the SEC charged a broker-dealer (“BD”) with violating the order-making and locate provisions of Regulation SHO.[1] Regulation SHO regulates short sales of securities and, broadly speaking, is aimed at minimizing naked short selling, failures to deliver, and other practices.
According to the Complaint, the BD mismarked 96% of a certain hedge fund’s short sale orders of two separate issuers’ stock, totaling more than $250 million, as “long” or “short-exempt.” This mismarking allegedly generated $1.6 million in brokerage fees to the BD. The effect of the mismarking was that the hedge fund was able to sell the securities short even though it already had a short position in the securities and did not borrow or locate additional shares to sell short.
Well look who has been sued for that situation before and there's a lawsuit from 2017 detailing what bullshit their algos actually are
Craziest part about this?
Citadel's money is mostly foreign
Now let me remind you what Hester Peirce and Elad Roisman of the SEC were protecting.
As a law firm representing a number of clients actively involved in markets for swaps and securities-based swaps, we appreciate the opportunity to comment on selected issues raise by the proposed rules issued by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (the "CFTC") and the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC," and, together with the CFTC, the "Commissions") that define key terms used and exemptions provided for in Title VII ofthe Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010
Non-U.S. Governments and their Agencies Should be Excluded or Exempted.
The Commissions' final rules should exempt or exclude non-U.S. governments and their agencies from the definition of "swap dealer" and "major swap participant." Many such entities enter into interest-rate, currency and credit default swaps to manage their currency reserves and domestic mortgage and related securities portfolios. Agencies potentially affected include central banks, treasury ministries, export agencies and housing finance authorities. The volume of such transactions is substantial and may well exceed the levels proposed in the Commissions' definition of "major swap participant."
We do not believe that Congress intended the requirements of Title VII to apply to these entities, many of which are active participants in the swaps markets for legitimate governmental purposes. To require non-U.S. agencies to register with the Commissions as swap dealers and major swap participants would produce an incongruous result and would represent both an unwarranted extraterritorial application of U.S. law and an unacceptable intrusion on the sovereignty of foreign nations.
While it may be unlikely that any non-U.S. government or any of its agencies would meet the definition of swap dealer, they are unquestionably significant participants in the swap markets. Under the proposed rules, they could face the prospect of registration with the Commissions, reporting sensitive financial data to a foreign, !.~. U.S., government regulatory authority, and business conduct rules designed for commercial entities.
You think this is bad? Citadel internalizes treasury orders too that's probably not good when Citadel is 7 of 8 of the clearing members for treasuries
Fixed Income Clearing Corporation (FICC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), is the leading provider of trade comparison, netting and settlement for the U.S. Government securities marketplace. FICC’s Government Securities Division (GSD) was established in 1986 to provide automated comparison and settlement services, risk-management benefits and operational efficiencies to the Government securities industry
Oh wait, the FSOC told us it wasn't good. Right after the sneeze, (which they state there was a $1.1B Backtesting deficiency days before) they say the treasury market suddenly lost liquidity
Now we ask, why are these things not showing up on anyone's books?
Well BNY Mellon holds them in Brazil for you and we know they are American based holdings as BNY's ADV form says they have ZERO foreign clients.
Maybe you're asking yourself how this could happen, well, Goldman has been there too and BNY didn't exactly care before
Final food for thought look at the VW squeeze over the 2008 crash timing with all your new knowledge.
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[FO4] [PC] Mod Organizer 2 says save are corrupted, Steam does not.

Hi there, just wanted to know if you could help me with my problem. I downloaded a few new mods today and now MO2 says my saves with the new mods are corrupted (with the pop-up in game). However, when launching the game on a vanilla Steam, the saves are working perfectly.
While I'm sending this, I'm tryna looking what's the problem. You might aswell know that before being harrassed with this problem, I made a loading order fix with LOOT, so I don't think it's the problem. I think a mod is causing this but I'm looking for who's the culprit. Mods marked with a "*" are the ones I installed before MO2 said saves are corrupted.
Here's my list of plugins in the actual order :
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
Armorsmith Extended.esp
dD-Enhanced Blood Basic.esp
The Eyes Of Beauty.esp
FF Cait Clean.esp
Craftable Armor Size - Fix Material Requirements.esp
Craftable Armor Size.esp
AnS Wearable Backpacks and Pouches.esp
AnS Wearable Backpacks and Pouches - AWKCR.esp
Grasslands - Healthy - Extreme.esp
Grasslands - Healthy.esp
Vivid Fallout - All in One - Best Choice.esp
Unique NPCs.esp
LooksMenu Customization Compendium.esp
Piping Hot Piper 2.0.esp
AWKCR-R.esp \*
RaiderOverhaul.esp (I installed Raider Overhaul-R) \*
Goodfellow's Goodneighbor Defences.esp
Goodfellow's Diamond City Defences.esp
Leaders Of The Commonwealth.esp
Minutemen Supply Caches.esp
DTG_LeveledListIntegration.esp \*
Backpacks of the Commonwealth.esp
FO4 NPCs Travel.esp
llamaCompanionHeather-AE Patch.esp
VarmintRifle - AWKCR.esp
LAER Automatron Weapons.esp
EvilViking13_PatchworkSanctuaryBridge.esp \*
WM Chinese Assault Rifle - Standalone.esp
DesertEagle - AWKCR-Compatibility.esp
BDO Hair.esp
Unique NPCs FarHarbor.esp
Unique NPCs_SpecialSettlers_All.esp
We Are The Minutemen BOTC Patch.esp
W.A.T.M. You And What Army Patch.esp
Eli Armor Compendium AE Patch.esp
Raider Overhaul - AE Patch-Restored Content.esp
Rusty Face Fix.esp
Crafting-GunnerOutfitPack-Standard.esp \*
ProvisionerLocator.esp \*
MMP4APA-blue.esp \*
Minuteman_CB.esp \*
Unique NPCs Body Mesh Override.esp * (was installed after the save corruption)
Pip-Boy Flashlight.esp
X-02 PipboyLight Patch.esp
Scrap Everything - Ultimate Edition.esp
Minutemen Bandana * (just a retexture)
Thanks to anyone who'll try to help me!
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Gaining Visibility on Paysafe (PSFE) Parts 8-10

Here are the final Parts 8-10, of an article addressing the main bear arguments on Paysafe. Parts 1-7 covered Paysafe’s outlook on growth, debt, and profit, along with insider ownership and competition. I recommend starting with the introduction in Part 1 (Growth), and following the links from there if still interested.

8. Management

As part of Paysafe’s preparations for the next phase of growth, the company has undergone a complete management overhaul. Along with replacing nearly all the Board of Directors, in the last two years, they’ve hired a new CEO, new CFO, new CTO, new CIO, new CRO and new CISO. They’ve hired PayPal’s Chief Risk Officer and have also filled key division CEO positions with Facebook’s Head of Payments and Amazon Intl’s Head of Payments. This does not sound like an operation with a passive outlook.
Still, many are rightfully frustrated that management has done little publicly to support the share price since going public. Despite a steady supply of positive news, the CEO has not once meaningfully engaged the media to highlight Paysafe’s value story. It may be that management is deliberately downplaying its messaging while shares move from short-term trader’s hands to those of value-seeking funds in order to better secure long-term share value. Or, they are simply focused on producing the numbers.
Regardless, what management may lack in public storytelling, it makes up for in execution. In the short time since they went public, they have announced 3 new acquisitions and over 25 expanded partnerships with the likes of Visa, Coinbase, Fubo Gaming, FOXbet, Golden Nugget, Bankable, Wix, Repay, WynnBet, Betfred USA, OwnersBox, Dutch neobank bunq, IntelliPay, Glory Ltd, Parx Interactive, TripGift, SweePay, SimplePayMe, Smart Property Systems, Ambassador Cruise Line, Shelby Financial, ResponseCRM, ZEN, Montana Lottery, PlayUP, SuperBook Sports and Bitrise.
In that same period, they’ve also:
Also during this time, they announced the appointments of:
All that done while reporting a profitable quarter, beating on revenue and EPS consensus, reporting 41% total payment volume (TPV) growth, refinancing all debt for significant cost savings, after putting deals in place throughout North America to lead in any new iGaming market as soon as it opens (as just happened with their 100% positioning in Canada’s newly opened sports betting market). As Bill Foley said, “we’re seeding the future growth right now… The day a state opens up, we are there ready from a regulatory perspective, from a risk perspective, and from a product perspective…It’s our job to be there first and to make sure we dominate.” They have not slept on this promise even as they quietly lay the groundwork to do the same thing in South America.
Lastly, major shareholder and Paysafe Chairman of the Board, Bill Foley has repeatedly proven himself to be a trusted and highly effective deal maker with a remarkably consistent track record in growing shareholder value. Bloomberg describes Foley as someone who prides himself on operating experience, who has a known talent for corporate maneuvering and brings with him a full team of seasoned financial managers.
The types of acquisitions described in Part 1 are central to Paysafe’s “value creation playbook” which is exactly how Foley, grew FIS 36x from a market cap of $2.5 billion to over $90 billion. From the beginning of the deal to bring Paysafe public, Foley said, “those characteristics of FIS are right in line with what we plan on doing with Paysafe... FIS has very similar characteristics to Paysafe – an attractive platform with a defensible market position. Upside from acquisition integration, platform consolidation and cross-selling. We will cross-sell, cross-sell, and cross-sell.”
In this context, it’s worth underscoring Foley’s undeniably history of simultaneously growing multiple companies. Over just the last six years, Foley successfully grew Ceridian 3.3x, Dun & Bradstreet 5.6x, and Black Knight 8.7x. He’s also known for growing Fidelity National Financial from $3 Million market cap to $10.8 Billion (3,600x). In all cases, he has significantly expanded their margins between 500 to 1800 bps. Foley said, “My whole history and career has been around acquiring companies and fixing companies.” Though he’s not Paysafe’s front man, his fingerprints are evident and IR has recently assured that “ Bill is highly engaged with the company.” Personally, I don’t doubt it.

9. Lockup Expiration

Some bears still point to PSFE overhang from lockups but all share lockups expired months ago, except for founder shares which constitute about 4% of outstanding shares (20F p. 135). That lockup is expected to expire in December. Personally, lockup expiry of such a small percentage of shares is not deterring me from continuing to build a position before Paysafe starts reporting better numbers. This is especially true when those shares are controlled by Chairman Foley, who is central to Paysafe’s value creation playbook. Between Foley’s consistent track record, the proxy statement below and Blackstone’s stance on future growth, all signs indicate a long-term hold.
Upon approving the deal to bring Paysafe public, the founders identified “base returns for a four year hold period” of “2.9x to 3.8x” from $10.
From their proxy statement (SEC filing-DEFM14A): “The Business Combination could provide base returns for a four year hold period assuming exit multiples between 20-25x next twelve month EBITDA, reflecting a range of internal rate of return of 30.9% to 39.2% and a multiple on invested capital of 2.9x to 3.8x, in each case, based on the FTAC initial public offering price of $10.00 per share, while recognizing that the achievement of such returns could not be assured, and that the Business Combination has similar characteristics to other transactions involving Mr. Foley in the financial technologies industry, including an attractive platform with a defensible market position and multiple attractive acquisition opportunities to strengthen market position further, each of which made PGHL an attractive investment for FTAC.”

10. Valuation

Paysafe is building an integrated architecture that is worth more than the sum of its parts. By leveraging an asset-light cloud-based model to efficiently scale up in new high growth markets globally, Paysafe is a perfect example of the low capex Fintech profile that generally warrants high valuation multiples.
Now trading around 4x a conservative F2022 revenue with nearly every institutional owner’s cost basis 20-40% higher than the current price, it would appear PSFE is severely undervalued. Perhaps because Paysafe didn't go public via the traditional IPO method it is being lumped in with highly speculative pre-revenue ventures. But Paysafe is anything but that.
Or maybe the current low price is simply a reflection of broadly disseminated misleading information like the articles on debt quoted in Part 2 or like the several articles falsely claiming Paysafe went public at a 3x higher valuation above its 2017 take private price. Some articles claim this by mistaking British pounds for US dollars while a Yahoo Finance article claimed a "300% higher" valuation with bad math and a false comparison between enterprise value (inclusive of debt) and a misquoted 2017 market cap price of “$3.7 billion”, exclusive of debt. Inclusive of debt (enterprise value), Paysafe was taken private for $4.7 billion, according to Reuters. To make its bear case, that article misquotes the relevant 2017 take private value by a full billion dollars.
Initially, I wondered why just about every bearish article relied on faulty or misleading information to make its valuation case, or why so many platforms misreported PSFE’s financial data, like YF’s overstating a Q1 EPS miss as -0.23 EPS instead of -0.05 (fixed months later); or why does a Credit Suisse analyst offer new price targets 4 times in 5 months with the first change just two days after initiating coverage and the last change, to neutral, just two weeks before Q3ER. Instead of waiting a few days for new data highly relevant to his thesis, the analyst cites, as if Q2 were a new revelation, months old information most of which was available before he first initiated coverage. (Coincidentally, he issued this two minutes before pre-market, precisely when PSFE was on the verge of breaking above the confluence of its 9-month downtrend resistance line and the 50DMA). Negligence or intentional price manipulation, take your pick. Skeptics may cringe at this idea but this is really nothing new. It’s not like the market is unaware of analyst conflicts of interest or that Credit Suisse has shown itself to be an upstanding market participant (think lawsuit for misleading investors on Archegos, $5.3B fine for mortgage backed securities,$2.5B fine after pleading guilty for aiding in tax fraud, and the recent $547M fine after admitting to regulatory breaches, secret loans, lying to authorities and spying on employees). On the other hand, this could be CS trying to clean up its act by playing it safe or an analyst trying to preserve his reputation by keeping price targets closer to market. If so, this may have the flip-side benefit of future incremental upgrades.
Obviously, this is all conjecture, which really doesn’t matter in the long run.
True price discovery will take form as share rotation plays out and Paysafe's value story becomes clear.

Until then, here are a few reference points:

Looking at Paysafe’s eCash segment as a separate company:
The eCash segment is a high margin business with over 12 million active users, $5 billion in volume, $405 million in TTM revenue and $157 million EBITDA. For H1/21, they just reported 49.4% YoY revenue growth and 81.6% YoY EBITDA growth. Not many Fintech companies can claim that.
Adyen is a Fintech with a similar growth profile, (46% YoY revenue growth and 27% YoY EBITDA growth). Applying Adyen’s 19x EV/rev ratio to Paysafe’s eCash business alone, would give it a $7.6 billion enterprise value. That’s close to the current valuation of the entirety of Paysafe, yet this one segment represents less than a third of total revenue.
Using Adyen’s EV/EBITDA ratio of 149x would value Paysafe’s eCash segment at $23.3 billion. Even when applying the company’s entire debt to that one segment, the share price for just the eCash business alone would still be $26.62.
Again, that represents less than a third of Paysafe’s total business.

Brick & Mortar Payment Processing
Paysafe is a value play right now but bears focus on growth. Paysafe has an established history of 27-30% CAGR but because recent growth was temporarily stifled by China de-risking exits and Covid-related closures, some equally hard-hit brick & mortar payment processing partners, like Visa and Mastercard, offer an interesting comparison.
For 2020, Visa reported negative YoY revenue growth (-8.7%) and negative EBITDA growth (-10.2%). Similarly, Mastercard reported negative YoY revenue growth (-9.4%) and negative EBITDA growth (-14.20%). Their forward growth is projected to be 7.7% and 10% respectively.
In all forward growth metrics, including EBITDA and EPS, they do worse than Paysafe, yet they both trade at an EV/Rev multiple of roughly 24X. This would put PSFE at $41.80.

Digital Wallet vs. Digital Wallet
Many compare the #1 digital wallet, PayPal, to the #2 digital wallet, Paysafe, so, hopefully without striking a nerve, here’s a deeper look into that comparison:
As noted earlier, Paysafe’s stock was recently clobbered down 30% (to 3.2x P/S) on soft Q3 guidance even though they reaffirmed full year guidance and beat consensus on revenue and EPS.
By comparison, PayPal missed Q3 guidance for both revenue and EPS. PayPal was also reported to be falling short on their 2021 full year guidance AND they missed on Q2 revenue consensus while also reporting a -23%YoY decline on EPS. PYPL only went down 10% (from a lofty 15x P/S) as news outlets characterized PayPal’s troubles as a “buying opportunity.”
Some will reasonably say that’s because PayPal has such strong growth history but, from the time PayPal’s numbers were available separately from its parent eBay, 2012-2020, PayPal grew 17.8% CAGR ($5.6b to $21.5b). In that same period, Paysafe has grown 30.5% CAGR ($169m to $1.43b).
Paysafe reported 27%CAGR prior to 2020’s restructuring and, in just the last year, when excluding Paysafe’s 2020 de-risking exits, they reported 23% YoY growth for Q2 which is on par with PayPal’s recent report of 19% YoY growth. This comparative history serves only to show that Paysafe has a strong track record that should not be discounted.
Paysafe is still priced as if it is a zero growth, pre-revenue speculative venture. Meanwhile, though some have called PayPal a “free cash flow machine,” Paysafe already generates proportionately more free cash flow than PayPal (25% FCF margin vs. 20% FCF margin).
There’s obviously more to this complex story but, for reference, below is PSFE potential share value when applying PYPL’s multiples (now 25% off highs) when factoring in all of PSFE’s potential acquisition debt and dilution:
Those metrics average to a share price of $27.31
When factoring in a potential 24% growth, 35% EBITDA margin, 75-80% FCF conversion, the potential share value climbs fairly quickly.

Sector multiples:
Because Paysafe is far more diversified than the average Fintech, a while back I compared it to a wide basket of Fintech peers including PayPal, Square, Nuvei, Repay, Shift4, Adyen, Affirm, BILL, GPN, and Paysign. Collectively, they have a ~12.5% growth rate. Unlike Paysafe, a third of this group reported negative free cash flow and negative EBITDA and half reported negative EBITDA growth. Paysafe also currently has better EPS and a better Debt/EBITDA ratio than over half the group.
After removing the top-end outliers in each category that put PSFE above $100 and discounting all by an additional 10%, here’s Paysafe’s share price with the averaged peer multiples:
Average : $41.84

It's worth pointing out here that, as happened with FIS’s tremendous growth history, stock prices tend to temporarily pull back in association with acquisitions. This may explain some of PSFE’s recent price action, but certainly not all.

Sure, it’s easy to read all of the material in Parts 1-10 and say, “the market doesn’t care,” but I’m confident that’ll change when share rotation settles and quarterly ER’s gradually shift focus from the past to the future. Stripped of superficial misdirection, bear arguments often devolve down to variations of “look at the chart” and “price is truth.” This has been said about many companies in the past as they position themselves for future growth.
No, this is not the next Amazon but Bezos had it right when he said, “The stock is not the company. And the company is not the stock. ... And so, while the stock price was going the wrong way, everything inside the company was going the right way.”
Do with this what you will. These are simply observations. Feel free to correct any errors, point out things I missed or use this material any way you wish. To be perfectly clear, this is not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor nor am I associated in any way with any commercial interests beyond my own. Given how much disinformation has been out there, I thought I’d do my bit to peel back the layers on what I consider to be a reliable long term investment.

This concludes our public service announcement. We now return to normal programming.
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\[RSP+610\] 0x22BF5AE1BB0 (BSAudioManagerThread\*) \[RSP+618\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+620\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+628\] 0x7FFA608674B4 (void\* -> KERNEL32.DLL+00174B4) \[RSP+630\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+638\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+640\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+648\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+650\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+658\] 0x7FFA60EC26A1 (void\* -> ntdll.dll+00526A1) \[RSP+660\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+668\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+670\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+678\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+680\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+688\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+690\] 0x8C7CCA500000000 (size\_t) \[RSP+698\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+6A0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+6A8\] 0x7FFA5EC60100 (void\* -> KERNELBASE.dll+0110100) \[RSP+6B0\] 0xDBF60FE740 (void\*) \[RSP+6B8\] 0xD2B00E6D280003FF (size\_t) \[RSP+6C0\] 0x7FFA5601CDA5 (size\_t) \[RSP+6C8\] 0xDBF60FE740 (void\*) \[RSP+6D0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+6D8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+6E0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+6E8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+6F0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+6F8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+700\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+708\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+710\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+718\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+720\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+728\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+730\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+738\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+740\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+748\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+750\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+758\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+760\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+768\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+770\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+778\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+780\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+788\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+790\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+798\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+7A0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+7A8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+7B0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+7B8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+7C0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+7C8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+7D0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+7D8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+7E0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+7E8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+7F0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+7F8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+800\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+808\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+810\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+818\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+820\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+828\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+830\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+838\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+840\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+848\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+850\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+858\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+860\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+868\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+870\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+878\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+880\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+888\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+890\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+898\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+8A0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+8A8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+8B0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+8B8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+8C0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+8C8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+8D0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+8D8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+8E0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+8E8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+8F0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+8F8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+900\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+908\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+910\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+918\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+920\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+928\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+930\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+938\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+940\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+948\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+950\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+958\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+960\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+968\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+970\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+978\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+980\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+988\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+990\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+998\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+9A0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+9A8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+9B0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+9B8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+9C0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+9C8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+9D0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+9D8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+9E0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+9E8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+9F0\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+9F8\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+A00\] 0x0 (size\_t) \[RSP+A08\] 0x0 (size\_t) 


achievements.dll auto\_backup\_executable.dll Buffout4.dll v1.26.2 BulletCountedReload.dll f4ee.dll FavoritesMenuEx.dll HighFPSPhysicsFix.dll hudextension.dll HUDPlusPlus.dll LL\_fourPlay\_1\_10\_163.dll mcm.dll place.dll PowerGridTools.dll terminal+.dll transfer\_settlements.dll UnlimitedFastTravel.dll wsfw\_identifier.dll 

\[00\] Fallout4.esm \[01\] DLCRobot.esm \[02\] DLCworkshop01.esm \[03\] DLCCoast.esm \[04\] DLCworkshop02.esm \[05\] DLCworkshop03.esm \[06\] DLCNukaWorld.esm \[07\] Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp \[08\] WorkshopFramework.esm \[09\] HUDFramework.esm \[0A\] ArmorKeywords.esm \[0B\] SS2.esm \[0C\] SS2\_XPAC\_Chapter2.esm \[0D\] ConcealedArmor.esm \[0E\] BbaronxScriptLibrary.esm \[0F\] AAF.esm \[10\] truestormsfo4.esm \[11\] OVT.esp \[12\] SimSettlements2\_AddOnPack\_ApocalypticAdditions\_SirLach.esp \[13\] ohSIM\_Sim2\_Settlements\_Scrappers\_Addon.esp \[14\] SimHomestead2.esp \[15\] SKKSettlementAttackSystem.esp \[16\] WastelandCodex.esp \[17\] Glowing Eyes.esp \[18\] LookingStranger.esp \[19\] ManufacturingExtended.esp \[1A\] TransferSettlements.esp \[1B\] AutomatronSDTank.esp \[1C\] ValdacilsItemSorting-00-ValsPicks-DLCVersion.esp \[1D\] Armorsmith Extended.esp \[1E\] AEWS.esp \[1F\] AEWS\_NukaWorldPatch.esp \[20\] PowerFrame\_Small.esp \[21\] Institute Heavy Weaponry.esp \[22\] LongerPowerLines3x.esp \[23\] FusionCoreRefueler.esp \[24\] Worsin\_Ultimate\_NV.esp \[25\] EnclaveX02.esp \[26\] XM2010\_SniperRifle\_by\_tooun.esp \[27\] AllSetsExtended.esp \[28\] A Forest.esp \[29\] Boston Natural Surroundings.esp \[2A\] TrueGrass.esp \[2B\] BOREALIS Grasses.esp \[2C\] Phase4DLC.esp \[2D\] SNR2\_Vampire.esp \[2E\] MoreSpawns\_Medium.esp \[2F\] CROSS\_PlasRail.esp \[30\] BetterOpenSeason.esp \[31\] Fasthelmet.esp \[32\] 40K Working1.esp \[33\] SS2Extended.esp \[34\] AnyModAnyWeapon2.esp \[35\] MoreOutfitVariations.esp \[36\] ECO.esp \[37\] Fusion Cells are Batteries - Main.esp \[38\] More Power Armour Mods.esp \[39\] W.A.T.Minutemen.esp \[3A\] morecranks.esp \[3B\] The Space Marine.esp \[3C\] NAC.esp \[3D\] SPTFIRE-ALLDLC.esp \[3E\] BallisticEffectsTracers.esp \[3F\] More Smarter Companions Mod.esp \[40\] Synth Overhaul.esp \[41\] Synth Overhaul - Black Patch.esp \[42\] Synth Overhaul - No level requirements Patch.esp \[43\] LevelersBunker.esp \[44\] FlamerOverhaul.esp \[45\] CheatTerminal.esp \[46\] Buildable\_PAFrames.esp \[47\] WIPAG\_Power Armor Overhaul.esp \[48\] Minutemenoverhaul.esp \[49\] militarizedminutemen.esp \[4A\] sisterofbattle.esp \[4B\] SS2\_FDK\_TinyLiving.esp \[4C\] hidden bunker.esp \[4D\] powerarmort49.esp \[4E\] Asariskin.esp \[4F\] Unique\_Skin\_Textures\_CBBE.esp \[50\] MA\_Asari.esp \[51\] Fort Tenpines.esp \[52\] Fallout Suite.esp \[53\] PlasmaGatling.esp \[54\] Fatman\_Targeting\_Computer.esp \[55\] AdvSettleTurretSet-RealNP.esp \[56\] X02Factions.esp \[57\] EnclaveX02 Patch.esp \[58\] TakingIndependenceBugFix.esp \[59\] PowerArmor\_AltMeshes.esp \[5A\] PowerArmor\_AltMeshes\_AutomatronPatch.esp \[5B\] PAAltMesh-Automatron-MPAM-CompPatch.esp \[5C\] PAAltMesh-MPAM-CompPatch.esp \[5D\] PowerArmor\_AltMeshes\_NukaWorldPatch.esp \[5E\] PAAltMesh-NukaWorld-MPAM-CompPatch.esp \[5F\] Marmo1233 - PowerArmorAirdrop.esp \[60\] female\_player\_soldier\_fix\_robot.esp \[61\] PA\_laserScan-Shadow.esp \[62\] CompanionsGoHome\_A.esp \[63\] EFF.esp \[64\] PowerArmorImpactEffects.esp \[65\] MogomraPAMs.esp \[66\] T-60 Equipment.esp \[67\] MogomraPAMs\_MPAM.esp \[68\] PowerArmorHoarder.esp \[69\] PowerArmorNightVision.esp \[6A\] CBBE.esp \[6B\] UniquePlayer.esp \[6C\] PushAwayCompanions.esp \[6D\] LooksMenu.esp \[6E\] AzarPonytailHairstyles.esp \[6F\] TakeCover.esp \[70\] Sandbag Fortifications - Version 2C.esp \[71\] RainofBrassPetals.esp \[72\] Project Reality Footsteps FO4.esp \[73\] floodlight-medium.esp \[74\] NAC-FH.esp \[75\] NAC-NW.esp \[76\] Live Dismemberment - POSTAL.esp \[77\] Locky Bastard.esp \[78\] Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul.esp \[79\] GLOAutomatron.esp \[7A\] Factor.esp \[7B\] ZerasPaintings.esp \[7C\] X02Sierra.esp \[7D\] CROSS\_Cybernetics.esp \[7E\] CROSS\_GoreCrits.esp \[7F\] CROSS\_GoreCrits\_FarHarborPatch.esp \[80\] CROSS\_Jetpack.esp \[81\] Cross Cybernetic and Jetpack Fix.esp \[82\] CompanionStatus.esp \[83\] SlowTime.esp \[84\] Counterfeit Caps.esp \[85\] PA increases your speed.esp \[86\] MG69.esp \[87\] ConcealedArmor.esp \[88\] M2Agency.esp \[89\] Quad\_Accelerator.esp \[8A\] 155mm Howitzer M1.esp \[8B\] MODGirlyAnimation.esp \[8C\] Molerat\_Disease\_Immunity\_PA\_Hazmat.esp \[8D\] P94PlasmaRifle.esp \[8E\] WattzLaserGun.esp \[8F\] AndroidRace.esp \[90\] SS2WastelandVenturers.esp \[91\] \[SS2 Addon\] SimSettlements SuperStructures.esp \[92\] SS2\_SIMPDDDD.esp \[93\] SS2\_ruined\_simsettlement\_addonpack.esp \[94\] SS2-PraRandomAddon.esp \[95\] Counterfeit Caps - 5 Per Steel Patch.esp \[96\] FO4LaserBolts.esp \[97\] Lasers Have No Recoil.esp \[98\] Hellfirenew.esp \[99\] Gatling Laser Overhaul.esp \[9A\] EPRP.esp \[9B\] ArtilleryInstantdbl.esp \[9C\] Archimedes-II.esp \[9D\] FO4 NPCs Travel.esp \[9E\] FCOM.esp \[9F\] AutomatronCountyCrossingFix.esp \[A0\] AQUILA.esp \[A1\] InstitutePowerArmor.esp \[A2\] Secret Service Armor.esp \[A3\] ArtilleryFlare.esp \[A4\] busty grrl.esp \[A5\] companion infinite ammo.esp \[A6\] improved map with visible roads.esp \[A7\] more power armor paint.esp \[A8\] nb\_buildlimitremover.esp \[A9\] rebalance project - healthier commonwealth.esp \[AA\] shipmentofeverything.esp \[AB\] weightless junk.esp \[AC\] More Power Armour Mods - Automatron.esp \[AD\] Better Power Armor - Extended.esp \[AE\] TurretStands.esp \[AF\] 1xPlayerDamage.esp \[B0\] DD\_All\_the\_COncrete.esp \[B1\] Glorious\_Glowing\_Plasma\_Weapons\_by\_Diranar.esp \[B2\] FO4LaserBolts - InstitutePurple.esp \[B3\] FO4LaserBolts - NormalRoyalBlue.esp \[B4\] LaserTargeter.esp \[B5\] RepairSanctuary.esp \[B6\] No Aggro Impact Landing.esp \[B7\] Nuke Screen Effect Remover.esp \[B8\] UNnaked Power Armor.esp \[B9\] battletech.esp \[BA\] battletechfootstep.esp \[BB\] WM Heavy Machine Gun - Standalone.esp \[BC\] AWKCR - Last Resort CTD FIX.esp \[BD\] Fusion Core Charging.esp \[BE\] StartMeUp.esp \[BF\] PlayerComments.esp \[FE:000\] ccbgsfo4110-ws\_enclave.esl \[FE:001\] ccbgsfo4096-as\_enclave.esl \[FE:002\] PPF.esm \[FE:003\] PowerArmorBackpacks.esl \[FE:004\] GavMan\_CastleMar22\_CityPlan.esl \[FE:005\] T65PA.esl \[FE:006\] SelectPowerArmor.esl \[FE:007\] KillTips\_by\_tooun.esl \[FE:008\] CROSS\_VertibirdFlightsuit.esl \[FE:009\] TSSMSR - Moderate.esl \[FE:00A\] SS2AOP\_VaultTecTools.esp \[FE:00B\] AutomatronSDTankExpanded.esp \[FE:00C\] WIPAP\_Paint\_Garage\_Style\_2\_Master.esp \[FE:00D\] WIPAP\_Paint\_Garage\_Style\_2\_Matte.esp \[FE:00E\] WIPAP\_Paint\_Garage\_Style\_1\_Master.esp \[FE:00F\] WIPAP\_Paint\_Garage\_Style\_1\_Matte.esp \[FE:010\] WIPAP\_Paint\_Garage\_Style\_4\_Master.esp \[FE:011\] WIPAP\_Paint\_Garage\_Style\_4\_Matte.esp \[FE:012\] WIPAP\_Paint\_Garage\_Style\_3\_Master.esp \[FE:013\] WIPAP\_Paint\_Garage\_Style\_3\_Matte.esp \[FE:014\] WIPAP\_Paint\_Garage\_Style\_3\_Waxed.esp \[FE:015\] WIPAP\_Paint\_Garage\_Style\_6\_Master.esp \[FE:016\] WIPAP\_Paint\_Garage\_Style\_6\_Matte.esp \[FE:017\] WIPAP\_Paint\_Garage\_Style\_5\_Master.esp \[FE:018\] WIPAP\_Paint\_Garage\_Style\_5\_Matte.esp \[FE:019\] htcwHighLevelPerks.esp \[FE:01A\] Power Armor to the People.esp \[FE:01B\] WIPAG\_AWKCR\_PA\_Patch.esp \[FE:01C\] WIPAG\_Contraptions\_DLC\_Addon.esp \[FE:01D\] WIPAG\_FarHarbor\_DLC\_Addon.esp \[FE:01E\] WIPAG\_NukaWorld\_DLC\_Addon.esp \[FE:01F\] WIPAG\_SpaceMarine\_Addon.esp \[FE:020\] WIPAG\_T65\_Addon.esp \[FE:021\] WIPAG\_X02\_Enclave\_Addon.esp \[FE:022\] WIPAG\_Storyteller\_Addon.esp \[FE:023\] ASDTank Exp - Provisioner Brahmin Replacer.esp \[FE:024\] LaserGarand.esp \[FE:025\] ECM.esp \[FE:026\] Power Armor to the People - Automatron.esp \[FE:027\] Power Armor to the People - Nuka-World.esp \[FE:028\] Power Armor to the People - AWKCR.esp \[FE:029\] Power Armor to the People - Enclave X-02.esp \[FE:02A\] Power Armor to the People - Enclave X-02 - All Factions Paintjob.esp \[FE:02B\] Power Armor to the People - Far Harbor.esp \[FE:02C\] Power Armor to the People - MogomraPAMs.esp \[FE:02D\] PowerArmorNightVisionFarHarborPatch.esp \[FE:02E\] M8rDisablePipboyEffects.esp \[FE:02F\] Power Armor to the People - T-65.esp \[FE:030\] Power Armor to the People - We Are The Minutemen.esp \[FE:031\] Sister of Battle - VanPatch.esp \[FE:032\] ECO\_INNRoverride.esp \[FE:033\] MTM-WattzLaserGunMods.esp \[FE:034\] ECO\_LegendaryModificationEnhanced.esp \[FE:035\] ECO\_MythicLegendaryModifications.esp \[FE:036\] htcwHighLevelPerks\_Patch\_LegendaryModification\_Automatron.esp \[FE:037\] SS2-PraRandomAddon-FIS.esp \[FE:038\] WIPAG\_X03\_Hellfire\_Addon.esp \[FE:039\] Power Armor to the People - Hellfire X-03.esp \[FE:03A\] WIPAG\_Institute\_Addon.esp \[FE:03B\] Power Armor to the People - Institute Power Armor.esp \[FE:03C\] Soviet\_Communication\_Radio.esp \[FE:03D\] Power Armor to the People - Institute Power Armor - Institute Heavy Weaponry.esp \[FE:03E\] WIPAG\_BetterPowerArmor\_Balance\_Patch.esp \[FE:03F\] PRP.esp 
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До Меджибожа, де поховано засновника хасидизму Баал-Шем-Това, з’їжджаються паломники на святкування іудейського нового року Рош-ха-Шана, яке цьогоріч припало з 18 по 21 вересня.

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