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Iron Abacus Forex Guild : New Traders Welcomed

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Anyone trade on the forex.com web trader?

I’m on a Mac and forex.com only offers MT4 on windows...
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TRADE CFDs ON FOREX, COMMODITIES, INDICES, SHARES & CRYPTOS With a Top Rated Forex Broker* 200+ global markets Tools for beginners & expert traders Trade on web, mobile app or MT4 Fixed spreads, no hidden fees submitted by jelenaro3 to PewdiepieSubmissions [link] [comments]

Hyperinflation is Coming- The Dollar Endgame: PART 5.1- "Enter the Dragon" (SECOND HALF OF FINALE)

Hyperinflation is Coming- The Dollar Endgame: PART 5.1-

(Hey everyone, this is the SECOND half of the Finale, you can find the first half here)

The Dollar Endgame

True monetary collapses are hard to grasp for many in the West who have not experienced extreme inflation. The ever increasing money printing seems strange, alien even. Why must money supply grow exponentially? Why did the Reichsbank continue printing even as hyperinflation took hold in Germany?
What is not understood well are the hidden feedback loops that dwell under the surface of the economy.
The Dragon of Inflation, once awoken, is near impossible to tame.
It all begins with a country walking itself into a situation of severe fiscal mismanagement- this could be the Roman Empire of the early 300s, or the German Empire in 1916, or America in the 1980s- 2020s.
The State, fighting a war, promoting a welfare state, or combating an economic downturn, loads itself with debt burdens too heavy for it to bear.
This might even create temporary illusions of wealth and prosperity. The immediate results are not felt. But the trap is laid.
Over the next few years and even decades, the debt continues to grow. The government programs and spending set up during an emergency are almost impossible to shut down. Politicians are distracted with the issues of the day, and concerns about a borrowing binge take the backseat.
The debt loads begin to reach a critical mass, almost always just as a political upheaval unfolds. Murphy’s Law comes into effect.
Next comes a crisis.
This could be Visigoth tribesmen attacking the border posts in the North, making incursions into Roman lands. Or it could be the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, kicking off a chain of events causing the onset of World War 1.
Or it could be a global pandemic, shutting down 30% of GDP overnight.
Politicians respond as they always had- mass government mobilization, both in the real and financial sense, to address the issue. Promising that their solutions will remedy the problem, a push begins for massive government spending to “solve” economic woes.
They go to fundraise debt to finance the Treasury. But this time is different.
Very few, if any, investors bid. Now they are faced with a difficult question- how to make up for the deficit between the Treasury’s income and its massive projected expenditure. Who’s going to buy the bonds?
With few or no legitimate buyers for their debt, they turn to their only other option- the printing press. Whatever the manner, new money is created and enters the supply.
This time is different. Due to the flood of new liquidity entering the system, widespread inflation occurs. Confounded, the politicians blame everyone and everything BUT the printing as the cause.
Bonds begin to sell off, which causes interest rates to rise. With rates suppressed so low for so long, trillions of dollars of leverage has built up in the system.
No one wants to hold fixed income instruments yielding 1% when inflation is soaring above 8%. It's a guaranteed losing trade. As more and more investors run for the exits in the bond markets, liquidity dries up and volatility spikes.
The MOVE index, a measure of bond market volatility, begins climbing to levels not seen since the 2008 Financial Crisis.

MOVE Index
Sovereign bond market liquidity begins to evaporate. Weak links in the system, overleveraged several times on government debt, such as the UK’s pension funds, begin to implode.
The banks and Treasury itself will not survive true deflation- in the US, Yellen is already getting so antsy that she just asked major banks if Treasury should buy back their bonds to “ensure liquidity”!
As yields rise, government borrowing costs spike and their ability to roll their debt becomes extremely impaired. Overleveraged speculators in housing, equity and bond markets begin to liquidate positions and a full blown deleveraging event emerges.
True deflation in a macro environment as indebted as ours would mean rates soaring well above 15-20%, and a collapse in money market funds, equities, bonds, and worst of all, a certain Treasury default as federal tax receipts decline and deficits rise.
A run on the banks would ensue. Without the Fed printing, the major banks, (which have a 0% capital reserve requirement since 3/15/20), would quickly be drained. Insolvency is not the issue here- liquidity is; and without cash reserves a freezing of the interbank credit and repo markets would quickly ensue.
For those who don’t think this is possible, Tim Geitner, NY Fed President during the 2008 Crisis, stated that in the aftermath of Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy, we were “We were a few days away from the ATMs not working” (start video at 46:07).
As inflation rips higher, the $24T Treasury market, and the $15.5T Corporate bond markets selloff hard. Soon they enter freefall as forced liquidations wipe leverage out of the system. Similar to 2008, credit markets begin to freeze up. Thousands of “zombie corporations”, firms held together only with razor thin margins and huge amounts of near zero yielding debt, begin to default. One study by a Deutsche analyst puts the figure at 25% of companies in the S&P 500.
The Central Banks respond to the crisis as they always have- coming to the rescue with the money printer, like the Bank of England did when they restarted QE, or how the Bank of Japan began “emergency bond buying operations”.
But this time is massive. They have to print more than ever before as the ENTIRE DEBT BASED FINANCIAL SYSTEM UNWINDS.
QE Infinity begins. Trillions of Treasuries, MBS, Corporate bonds, and Bond ETFs are bought up. The only manner in which to prevent the bubble from imploding is by overwhelming the system with freshly printed cash. Everything is no-limit bid.
The tsunami of new money floods into the system and a face ripping rally begins in every major asset class. This is the beginning of the melt-up phase.
The Federal Reserve, within a few months, goes from owning 30% of the Treasury market, to 70% or more. The Bank of Japan is already at 70% ownership of certain JGB issuances, and some bonds haven’t traded for a record number of days in an active market!
The Central Banks EAT the bond market. The “Lender of Last Resort” becomes “The Lender of Only Resort”.
Another step towards hyperinflation. The Dragon crawls out of his lair.

QE Process
Now the majority or even entirety of the new bond issuances from the Treasury are bought with printed money. Money supply must increase in tandem with federal deficits, fueling further inflation as more new money floods into the system.
The Fed’s liquidity hose is now directly plugged into the veins of the real economy. The heroin of free money now flows in ever increasing amounts towards Main Street.
The same face-ripping rise seen in equities in 2020 and 2021 is now mirrored in the markets for goods and services.
Prices for Food, gas, housing, computers, cars, healthcare, travel, and more explode higher. This sets off several feedback loops- the first of which is the wage-price spiral. As the prices of everything rise, real disposable income falls.
Massive strikes and turnover ensues. Workers refuse to labor for wages that are not keeping up with their expenses. After much consternation, firms are forced to raise wages or see large scale work stoppages.

Wage-Price Spiral
These higher wages now mean the firm has higher costs, and thus must charge higher prices for goods. This repeats ad infinitum.
The next feedback loop is monetary velocity- the number of times one dollar is spent to buy goods and services per unit of time. If the velocity of money is increasing, then more transactions are occurring between individuals in an economy.
The faster the dollar turns over, the more items it can bid for- and thus the more prices rise. Money velocity increasing is a key feature of a currency beginning to inflate away. In nations experiencing hyperinflation like Venezuela, where money velocity was purported to be over 7,000 annually- or more than 20 times a DAY.
As prices rise steadily, people begin to increase their inflation expectations, which leads to them going out and preemptively buying before the goods become even more expensive. This leads to hoarding and shortages as select items get bought out quickly, and whatever is left is marked up even more. ANOTHER feedback loop.
Inflation now soars to 25%. Treasury deficits increase further as the government is forced to spend more to hire and retain workers, and government subsidies are demanded by every corner of the populace as a way to alleviate the price pressures.
The government budget increases. Any hope of worker’s pensions or banks buying the new debt is dashed as the interest rates remain well below the rate of inflation, and real wages continue to fall. They thus must borrow more as the entire system unwinds.
The Hyperinflationary Feedback loop kicks in, with exponentially increasing borrowing from the Treasury matched by new money supply as the Printer whirrs away.
The Dragon begins his fiery assault.

Hyperinflationary Feedback Loop
As the dollar devalues, other central banks continue printing furiously. This phenomenon of being trapped in a debt spiral is not unique to the United States- virtually every major economy is drowning under excessive credit loads, as the average G7 debt load is 135% of GDP.
As the central banks print at different speeds, massive dislocations begin to occur in currency markets. Nations who print faster and with greater debt monetization fall faster than others, but all fiats fall together in unison in real terms.
Global trade becomes extremely difficult. Trade invoices, which usually can take several weeks or even months to settle as the item is shipped across the world, go haywire as currencies move 20% or more against each other in short timeframes. Hedging becomes extremely difficult, as vol premiums rise and illiquidity is widespread.
Amidst the chaos, a group of nations comes together to decide to use a new monetary media- this could be the Special Drawing Right (SDR), a neutral global reserve currency created by the IMF.
It could be a new commodity based money, similar to the old US Dollar pegged to Gold.
Or it could be a peer-to-peer decentralized cryptocurrency with a hard supply limit and secure payment channels.
Whatever the case- it doesn't really matter. The dollar will begin to lose dominance as the World Reserve Currency as the new one arises.
As the old system begins to die, ironically the dollar soars higher on foreign exchange- as there is a $20T global short position on the USD, in the form of leveraged loans, sovereign debt, corporate bonds, and interbank repo agreements.
All this dollar debt creates dollar DEMAND, and if the US is not printing fast enough or importing enough to push dollars out to satisfy demand, banks and institutions will rush to the Forex market to dump their local currency in exchange for dollars.
This drives DXY up even higher, and then forces more firms to dump local currency to cover dollar debt as the debt becomes more expensive, in a vicious feedback loop. This is called the Dollar Milkshake Theory, posited by Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital.
The global Eurodollar Market IS leverage- and as all leverage works, it must be fed with new dollars or risk bankrupting those who owe the debt. The fundamental issue is that this time, it is not banks, hedge funds, or even insurance giants- this is entire countries like Argentina, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

The Dollar Milkshake
If the Fed does not print to satisfy the demand needed for this Eurodollar market, the Dollar Milkshake will suck almost all global liquidity and capital into the United States, which is a net importer and has largely lost it’s manufacturing base- meanwhile dozens of developing countries and manufacturing firms will go bankrupt and be liquidated, causing a collapse in global supply chains not seen since the Second World War.
This would force inflation to rip above 50% as supply of goods collapses.
Worse yet, what will the Fed do? ALL their choices now make the situation worse.

The Fed's Triple Dilemma
Many pundits will retort- “Even if we have to print the entire unfunded liability of the US, $160T, that’s 8 times current M2 Money Supply. So we’d see 700% inflation over two years and then it would be over!”
This is a grave misunderstanding of the problem; as the Fed expands money supply and finances Treasury spending, inflation rips higher, forcing the AMOUNT THE TREASURY BORROWS, AND THUS THE AMOUNT THE FED PRINTS in the next fiscal quarter to INCREASE. Thus a 100% increase in money supply can cause a 150% increase in inflation, and on again, and again, ad infinitum.
M2 Money Supply increased 41% since March 5th, 2020 and we saw an 18% realized increase in inflation (not CPI, which is manipulated) and a 58% increase in SPY (at the top). This was with the majority of printed money really going into the financial markets, and only stimulus checks and transfer payments flowing into the real economy.
Now Federal Deficits are increasing, and in the next easing cycle, the Fed will be buying the majority of Treasury bonds.
The next $10T they print, therefore, could cause additional inflation requiring another $15T of printing. This could cause another $25T in money printing; this cycle continues forever, like Weimar Germany discovered.
The $200T or so they need to print can easily multiply into the quadrillions by the time we get there.
The Inflation Dragon consumes all in his path.
Federal Net Outlays are currently around 30% of GDP. Of course, the government has tax receipts that it could use to pay for services, but as prices roar higher, the real value of government tax revenue falls. At the end of the Weimar hyperinflation, tax receipts represented less than 1% of all government spending.
This means that without Treasury spending, literally a third of all economic output would cease.
The holders of dollar debt begin dumping them en masse for assets with real world utility and value- even simple things such as food and gas.
People will be forced to ask themselves- what matters more; the amount of Apple shares they hold or their ability to buy food next month? The option will be clear- and as they sell, massive flows of money will move out of the financial economy and into the real.
This begins the final cascade of money into the marketplace which causes the prices of everything to soar higher. The demand for money grows even larger as prices spike, which causes more Treasury spending, which must be financed by new borrowing, which is printed by the Fed. The final doom loop begins, and money supply explodes exponentially.

German Hyperinflation
Monetary velocity rips higher and eventually pushes inflation into the thousands of percent. Goods begin being re-priced by the day, and then by the hour, as the value of the currency becomes meaningless.
A new money, most likely a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, gains widespread adoption- becoming the preferred method and eventually the default payment mechanism. The State continues attempting to force the citizens to use their currency- but by now all trust in the money has broken down. The only thing that works is force, but even the police, military and legal system by now have completely lost confidence.
The Simulacrum breaks down as the masses begin to realize that the entire financial system, and the very currency that underpins it is a lie- an illusion, propped up via complex derivatives, unsustainable debt loads, and easy money financed by the Central Banks.
Similar to Weimar Germany, confidence in the currency finally collapses as the public awakens to a long forgotten truth-
There is no supply cap on fiat currency.

QE Infinity

When asked in 1982 what was the one word that could be used to define the Dollar, Fed Chairman Paul Volcker responded with one word-
All fiat money systems, unmoored from the tethers of hard money, are now adrift in a sea of illusion, of make-believe. The only fundamental props to support it are the trust and network effects of the participants.
These are powerful forces, no doubt- and have made it so no fiat currency dies without severe pain inflicted on the masses, most of which are uneducated about the true nature of economics and money.
But the Ships of State have wandered into a maelstrom from which there is no return. Currently, total worldwide debt stands at a gargantuan $300 Trillion, equivalent to 356% of global GDP.
This means that even at low interest rates, interest expense will be higher than GDP- we can never grow our way out of this trap, as many economists hope.
Fiat systems demand ever increasing debt, and ever increasing money printing, until the illusion breaks and the flood of liquidity is finally released into the real economy. Financial and Real economies merge in one final crescendo that dooms the currency to die, as all fiats must.
Day by day, hour by hour, the interest accrues.
The Debt grows larger.
And the Dollar Endgame Approaches.

Nothing on this Post constitutes investment advice, performance data or any recommendation that any security, portfolio of securities, investment product, transaction or investment strategy is suitable for any specific person. From reading my Post I cannot assess anything about your personal circumstances, your finances, or your goals and objectives, all of which are unique to you, so any opinions or information contained on this Post are just that – an opinion or information. Please consult a financial professional if you seek advice.
*If you would like to learn more, check out my recommended reading list here. This is a dummy google account, so feel free to share with friends- none of my personal information is attached. You can also check out a Google docs version of my Endgame Series here.
I cleared this message with the mods;
IF YOU WOULD LIKE to support me, you can do so my checking out the e-book version of the Dollar Endgame on my twitter profile: https://twitter.com/peruvian_bull/status/1597279560839868417
The paperback version is a work in progress. It's coming.
THERE IS NO PRESSURE TO DO SO. THIS IS NOT A MONEY GRAB- the entire series is FREE! The reddit posts start HERE: https://www.reddit.com/Superstonk/comments/o4vzau/hyperinflation_is_coming_the_dollar_endgame_part/
and there is a Google Doc version of the ENTIRE SERIES here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1552Gu7F2cJV5Bgw93ZGgCONXeenPdjKBbhbUs6shg6s/edit?usp=sharing

You can follow my Twitter at Peruvian Bull. This is my only account, and I will not ask for financial or personal information. All others are scammers/impersonators.

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Strange Things Volume II: Triffin's Dilemma and The Dollar Milkshake

Strange Things Volume II: Triffin's Dilemma and The Dollar Milkshake
As the Fed begins their journey into a deflationary blizzard, they are beginning to break markets across the globe. As the World Reserve Currency, over 60% of all international trade is done in Dollars, and USDs are the largest Foreign Exchange (Forex) holdings by far for global central banks. Now all foreign currencies are crashing against the Dollar as the vicious feedback loops of Triffin’s Dilemma come home to roost. The Dollar Milkshake has begun.
The Fed, knowingly or unknowingly, has walked into this trap- and now they find themselves caught underneath the Sword of Damocles, with no way out…

Sword Of Damocles
“The famed “sword of Damocles” dates back to an ancient moral parable popularized by the Roman philosopher Cicero in his 45 B.C. book “Tusculan Disputations.” Cicero’s version of the tale centers on Dionysius II, a tyrannical king who once ruled over the Sicilian city of Syracuse during the fourth and fifth centuries B.C.
Though rich and powerful, Dionysius was supremely unhappy. His iron-fisted rule had made him many enemies, and he was tormented by fears of assassination—so much so that he slept in a bedchamber surrounded by a moat and only trusted his daughters to shave his beard with a razor.
As Cicero tells it, the king’s dissatisfaction came to a head one day after a court flatterer named Damocles showered him with compliments and remarked how blissful his life must be. “Since this life delights you,” an annoyed Dionysius replied, “do you wish to taste it yourself and make a trial of my good fortune?” When Damocles agreed, Dionysius seated him on a golden couch and ordered a host of servants wait on him. He was treated to succulent cuts of meat and lavished with scented perfumes and ointments.
Damocles couldn’t believe his luck, but just as he was starting to enjoy the life of a king, he noticed that Dionysius had also hung a razor-sharp sword from the ceiling. It was positioned over Damocles’ head, suspended only by a single strand of horsehair.
From then on, the courtier’s fear for his life made it impossible for him to savor the opulence of the feast or enjoy the servants. After casting several nervous glances at the blade dangling above him, he asked to be excused, saying he no longer wished to be so fortunate.”
Damocles’ story is a cautionary tale of being careful of what you wish for- Those who strive for power often unknowingly create the very systems that lead to their own eventual downfall. The Sword is often used as a metaphor for a looming danger; a hidden trap that can obliterate those unaware of the great risk that hegemony brings.
Heavy lies the head which wears the crown.

There are several Swords of Damocles hanging over the world today, but the one least understood and least believed until now is Triffin’s Dilemma, which lays the bedrock for the Dollar Milkshake Theory. I’ve already written extensively about Triffin’s Dilemma around a year ago in Part 1.5 and Part 4.3 of my Dollar Endgame Series, but let’s recap again.
Here’s a great summary- read both sides of the dilemma:

Triffin's Dilemma Summarized

(Seriously, stop here and go back and read Part 1.5 and Part 4.3 Do it!)

Essentially, Triffin noted that there was a fundamental flaw in the system: by virtue of the fact that the United States is a World Reserve Currency holder, the global financial system has built in GLOBAL demand for Dollars. No other fiat currency has this.
How is this demand remedied? With supply of course! The United States thus is forced to run current account deficits - meaning it must send more dollars out into the world than it receives on a net basis. This has several implications, which again, I already outlined- but I will list in summary format below:
  1. The United States has to be a net importer, ie it must run trade deficits, in order to supply the world with dollars. Remember, dollars and goods are opposite sides of the same equation, so a greater trade deficits means that more dollars are flowing out to the world.
  2. (This will devastate US domestic manufacturing, causing political/social/economic issues at home.)
  3. These dollars flow outwards into the global economy, and are picked up by institutions in a variety of ways.
  4. First, foreign central banks will have to hold dollars as Foreign Exchange Reserves to defend their currency in case of attack on the Forex markets. This was demonstrated during the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997-98, when the Thai Baht, Malaysian Ringgit, and Philippine Peso (among other East Asian currencies) plunged against the Dollar. Their central banks attempted to defend the pegs but they failed.
  5. Second, companies will need Dollars for trade- as the USD makes up over 60% of global trade volume, and has the deepest and most liquid forex market by far, even small firms that need to transact cross border trade will have to acquire USDs in order to operate. When South Africa and Chile trade, they don’t want to use Mexican Pesos or Korean Won- they want Dollars.
  6. Foreign governments need dollars. There are several countries already who have adopted the Dollar as a replacement for their own currency- Ecuador and Zimbabwe being prime examples. There’s a full list here.
  7. Third world governments that don’t fully adopt dollars as their own currencies will still use them to borrow. Argentina has 70% of it’s debt denominated in dollars and Indonesia has 30%, for example. Dollar-denominated debt will build up overseas.
The example I gave in Part 1.5 was that of Liberia, a small West African Nation looking to enter global trade. Needing to hold dollars as part of their exchange reserves, the Liberian Central Bank begins buying USDs on the open market. The process works in a similar fashion for large Liberian export companies.

Dollar Recycling

Essentially, they print their own currency to buy Dollars. Wanting to earn interest on this massive cash hoard when it isn’t being used, they buy Treasuries and other US debt securities to get a yield.
As their domestic economy grows, their need and dependence on the Dollar grows as well. Their Central Bank builds up larger and larger hoards of Treasuries and Dollars. The entire thesis is that during times of crisis, they can sell the Treasuries for USD, and use the USDs to buy back their own currency on the market- supporting its value and therefore defending the peg.
This buying pressure on USDs and Treasuries confers a massive benefit to the United States-

The Exorbitant Privilege

This buildup of excess dollars ends up circulating overseas in banks, trade brokers, central banks, governments and companies. These overseas dollars are called the Eurodollar system- a 2016 research paper estimated the size to be around $13.8 Trillion USD. This system is not under official Federal Reserve jurisdiction so it is difficult to get accurate numbers on its size.


This means the Dollar is always artificially stronger than it should be- and during financial calamity, the dollar is a safe haven as there are guaranteed bidders.
All this dollar denominated debt paired with the global need for dollars in trade creates strong and persistent dollar demand. Demand that MUST be satisfied.
This creates systemic risk on a worldwide scale- an unforeseen Sword of Damocles that hangs above the global financial system. I’ve been trying to foreshadow this in my Dollar Endgame Series.
Triffin’s Dilemma is the basis for the Dollar Milkshake Theory posited by Brent Johnson.

The Dollar Milkshake

Milkshake of Liquidity
In 2021, Brent worked with RealVision to create a short summary of his thesis- the video can be found here. I should note that Brent has had this theory for years, dating back to 2018, when he first came on podcasts and interviews and laid out his theory (like this video, for example).
Here’s the summary below:
“A giant milkshake of liquidity has been created by global central banks with the dollar as its key ingredient - but if the dollar moves higher this milkshake will be sucked into the US creating a vicious spiral that could quickly destabilize financial markets.
The US dollar is the bedrock of the world's financial system. It greases the wheels of global commerce and exchange- the availability of dollars, cost of dollars, and the level of the dollar itself each can have an outsized impact on economies and investment opportunities.
But more important than the absolute level or availability of dollars is the rate of change in the level of the dollar. If the level of the dollar moves too quickly and particularly if the level rises too fast then problems start popping up all over the place (foreign countries begin defaulting).
Today however many people are convinced that both the role of the Dollar is diminishing and the level of the dollar will only decline. People think that the US is printing so many dollars that the world will be awash with the greenback causing the value of the dollar to fall.
Now it's true that the US is printing a lot of dollars – but other countries are also printing their own currencies in similar amounts so in theory it should even out in terms of value.
But the hidden issue is the difference in demand. Remember the global financial system is built on the US dollar which means even if they don't want them everybody still needs them and if you need something you don't really have much choice. (See DXY Index):

DXY Index

Although many countries like China are trying to reduce their reliance on dollar transactions this will be a very slow transition. In the meantime the risks of a currency or sovereign debt crisis continue to rise.
But now countries like China and Japan need dollars to buy copper from Australia so the Chinese and the Japanese owe dollars and Australia is getting paid in dollars.
Europe and Asia currently doing very limited amount of non-dollar transactions for oil so they still need dollars to buy oil from saudi and again dollars get hoovered up on both sides
Asia and Europe need dollars to buy soybeans from Brazil. This pulls in yet more dollars - everybody needs dollars for trade invoices, central bank currency reserves and servicing massive cross-border dollar denominated debts of governments and corporations outside the USA.
And the dollar-denominated debt is key- if they don't service their debts or walk away from their dollar debts their funding costs rise putting great financial pressure on their domestic economies. Not only that, it can lead to a credit contraction and a rapid tightening of dollar supply.
The US is happy with the reliance on the greenback they own the settlement system which benefits the US banks who process all the dollars and act as gatekeepers to the Dollar system they police and control the access to the system which benefits the US military machine where defense spending is in excess of any other country so naturally the US benefits from the massive volumes of dollar usage.


Other countries have naturally been grumbling about being held hostage to the situation but the choices are limited. What it does mean is that dollars need to be constantly sucked out of the USA because other countries all over the world need them to do business and of course the more people there are who need and want those dollars the more is the pressure on the price of dollars to go up.
In fact, global demand is so high that the supply of dollars is just not enough to keep up, even with the US continually printing money. This is why we haven't seen consistently rising US inflation despite so many QE and stimulus programs since the global financial crisis in 2008.
But, the real risk comes when other economies start to slow down or when the US starts to grow relative to the other economies. If there is relatively less economic activity elsewhere in the world then there are fewer dollars in global circulation for others to use in their daily business and of course if there are fewer in circulation then the price goes up as people chase that dwindling source of dollars.
Which is terrible for countries that are slowing down because just when they are suffering economically they still need to pay for many goods in dollars and they still need to service their debts which of course are often in dollars too.

So the vortex begins or as we like to say the dollar milkshake- As the level of the dollar rises the rest of the world needs to print more and more of its own currency to then convert to dollars to pay for goods and to service its dollar debt this means the dollar just keeps on rising in response many countries will be forced to devalue their own currencies so of course the dollar rises again and this puts a huge strain on the global system.
(see the charts below:)



To make matters worse in this environment the US looks like an attractive safe haven so the US ends up sucking in the capital from the rest of the world-the dollar rises again. Pretty soon you have a full-scale sovereign bond and currency crisis.


We're now into that final napalm run that sees the dollar and dollar assets accelerate even higher and this completely undermines global markets. Central banks try to prevent disorderly moves, but the global markets are bigger and the momentum unstoppable once it takes hold.
And that is the risk that very few people see coming but that everyone should have a hedge against - when the US sucks up the dollar milkshake, bad things are going to happen.
Worst of all there's no alternatives- what are you going to use-- Chinese Yuan? Japanese Yen? the Euro??
Now, like it or not we're stuck with a dollar underpinning the global financial system.”
Why is it playing out now, in real time?? It all leads back to a tweet I made in a thread on September 16th.

Tweet Thread about the Yuan

The Fed, rushing to avoid a financial crisis in March 2020, printed trillions. This spurred inflation, which they then swore to fight. Thus they began hiking interest rates on March 16th, and began Quantitative Tightening this summer.
QE had stopped- No new dollars were flowing out into a system which has a constant demand for them. Worse yet, they were hiking completely blind-
Although the Fed is very far behind the curve, (meaning they are hiking far too late to really combat inflation)- other countries are even farther behind!
Japan has rates currently at 0.00- 0.25%, and the Eurozone is at 1.25%. These central banks have barely begun hiking, and some even swear to keep them at the zero-bound. By hiking domestic interest rates above foreign ones, the Fed is incentivizing what are called carry trades.
Since there is a spread between the Yen and the Dollar in terms of interest rates, it thus is profitable for traders to borrow in Yen (shorting it essentially) and buy Dollars, which can earn 2.25% interest. The spread would be around 2%.
DXY rises, and the Yen falls, in a vicious feedback loop.
Thus capital flows out of Japan, and into the US. The US sucks up the Dollar Milkshake, draining global liquidity. As I’ve stated before, this has seriously dangerous implications for the global financial system.
For those of you who don’t believe this could be foreseen, check out the ending paragraphs of Dollar Endgame Part 4.3 - “Economic Warfare and the End of Bretton Woods” published February 16, 2022:

Triffin's Dilemma is the Final Nail

What I’ve been attempting to do in my work is restate Triffins’ Dilemma, and by extension the Dollar Milkshake, in other terms- to come at the issue from different angles.
Currently the Fed is not printing money. Which is thus causing havoc in global trade (seen in the currency markets) because not enough dollars are flowing out to satisfy demand.
The Fed must therefore restart QE unless it wants to spur a collapse on a global scale. Remember, all these foreign countries NEED to buy, borrow and trade in a currency that THEY CANNOT PRINT!
We do not have enough time here to go in depth on the Yen, Yuan, Pound or the Euro- all these currencies have different macro factors and trade factors which affect their currencies to a large degree. But the largest factor by FAR is Triffin’s Dilemma + the Dollar Milkshake, and their desperate need for dollars. That is why basically every fiat currency is collapsing versus the Dollar.
The Fed, knowingly or not, is basically in charge of the global financial system. They may shout, “We raise rates in the US to fight inflation, global consequences be damned!!” - But that’s a hell of a lot more difficult to follow when large G7 countries are in the early stages of a full blown currency crisis.
The most serious implication is that the Fed is responsible for supplying dollars to everyone. When they raise rates, they trigger a margin call on the entire world. They need to bail them out by supplying them with fresh dollars to stabilize their currencies.
In other words, the Fed has to run the loosest and most accommodative monetary policy worldwide- they must keep rates as low as possible, and print as much as possible, in order to keep the global financial system running. If they don’t do that, sovereigns begin to blow up, like Japan did last week and like England did on Wednesday.
And if the world’s financial system implodes, they must bail out not only the United States, but virtually every global central bank. This is the Sword of Damocles. The money needed for this would be well in the dozens of trillions.
The Dollar Endgame Approaches…


(Many of you have been messaging me with questions, rebuttals or comments. I’ll do my best to answer some of the more poignant ones here.)

Q: I’ve been reading your work, you keep saying the dollar is going to fall in value, and be inflated away. Now you’re switching sides and joining the dollar bull faction. Seems like you don’t know what you’re talking about!
A: You’re mixing up my statements. When I discuss the dollar losing value, I am referring to it falling in ABSOLUTE value, against goods and services produced in the real economy. This is what is called inflation. I made this call in 2021, and so far, it has proven right as inflation has accelerated.
The dollar gaining strength ONLY applies to foreign currency exchange markets (Forex)- remember, DXY, JPYUSD, and other currency pairs are RELATIVE indicators of value. Therefore, both JPY and USD can be falling in real terms (inflation) but if one is falling faster, then that one will lose value relative to the other. Also, Forex markets are correlated with, but not an exact match, for inflation.
I attempted to foreshadow the entire dollar bull thesis in the conclusion of Part 1 of the Dollar Endgame, posted well over a year ago-

Unraveling of the Currency Markets

I did not give an estimate on when this would happen, or how long DXY would be whipsawed upwards, because I truly do not know.
I do know that eventually the Fed will likely open up swap lines, flooding the Eurodollar market with fresh greenbacks and easing the dollar short squeeze. Then selling pressure will resume on the dollar. They would only likely do this when things get truly calamitous- and we are on our way towards getting there.
The US bond market is currently in dire straits, which matches the prediction of spiking interest rates. The 2yr Treasury is at 4.1%, it was at 3.9% just a few days ago. Only a matter of time until the selloff gets worse.
Q: Foreign Central banks can find a way out. They can just use their reserves to buy back their own currency.
Sure, they can try that. It’ll work for a while- but what happens once they run out of reserves, which basically always happens? I can’t think of a time in financial history that a country has been able to defend a currency peg against a sustained attack.

Global Forex Reserves

They’ll run out of bullets, like they always do, and basically the only option left will be to hike interest rates, to attract capital to flow back into their country. But how will they do that with global debt to GDP at 356%? If all these countries do that, they will cause a global depression on a scale never seen before.
Britain, for example, has a bit over $100B of reserves. That provides maybe a few months of cover in the Forex markets until they’re done.
Furthermore, you are ignoring another vicious feedback loop. When the foreign banks sell US Treasuries, this drives up yields in the US, which makes even more capital flow to the US! This weakens their currency even further.

FX Feedback Loop

To add insult to injury, this increases US Treasury borrowing costs, which means even if the Fed completely ignores the global economy imploding, the US will pay much more in interest. We will reach insolvency even faster than anyone believes.
The 2yr Treasury bond is above 4%- with $31T of debt, that means when we refinance we will pay $1.24 Trillion in interest alone. Who's going to buy that debt? The only entity with a balance sheet large enough to absorb that is the Fed. Restarting QE in 3...2…1…
Q: I live in England. With the Pound collapsing, what can I do? What will happen from here? How will the governments respond?
England, and Europe in general, is in serious trouble. You guys are currently facing a severe energy crisis stemming from Russia cutting off Nord Stream 1 in early September and now with Nord Stream 2 offline due to a mysterious leak, energy supplies will be even more tight.
Not to mention, you have a pretty high debt to GDP at 95%. Britain is a net importer, and is still running government deficits of £15.8 billion (recorded in Q1 2022). Basically, you guys are the United States without your own large scale energy and defense sector, and without Empire status and a World Reserve Currency that you once had.
The Pound will almost certainly continue falling against the Dollar. The Bank of England panicked on Wednesday in reaction to a $100M margin call on British pension funds, and now has begun buying long dated (10yr) gilts, or government bonds.
They’re doing this as inflation is spiking there even worse than the US, and the nation faces a currency crisis as the Pound is nearing parity with the Dollar.

BOE announces bond-buying scheme (9/28/22)

I will not sugarcoat it, things will get rough. You need to hold cash, make sure your job, business, or investments are secure (ie you have cashflow) and hunker down. Eliminate any unnecessary purchases. If you can, buy USDs as they will likely continue to rise and will hold value better than your own currency.
If Parliament goes through with more tax cuts, that will only make the fiscal situation worse and result in more borrowing, and thus more money printing in the end.
Q: What does this mean for Gamestop? For the domestic US economy?
Gamestop will continue to operate as I am sure they have been- investing in growth and expanding their Web3 platform.
Fiat is fundamentally broken. This much is clear- we need a new financial system not based on flawed 16th fractional banking principles or “trust me bro” financial intermediaries.
My hope is that they are at the forefront of a new financial system which does not require centralized authorities or custodians- one where you truly own your assets, and debasement is impossible.
I haven’t really written about GME extensively because it’s been covered so well by others, and I don’t feel I have that much to add.
As for the US economy, we are still in a deep recession, no matter what the politicians say- and it will get worse. But our economic troubles, at least in the short term (6 months) will not be as severe as the rest of the world due to the aforementioned Dollar Milkshake.
The debt crisis is still looming, midterms are approaching, and the government continues to deficit spend as if there’s no tomorrow.
As the global monetary system unravels, yields will spike, the deleveraging will get worse, and our dollar will get stronger. The fundamental factors continue to deteriorate.
I’ve covered the US enough so I'll leave it there.
Q: Did you know about the Dollar Milkshake Theory before recently? What did you think of it?
Of course I knew about it, I’ve been following Brent Johnson since he appeared on RealVision and Macrovoices. He laid out the entire theory in 2018 in a long form interview here. I listened to it maybe a couple times, and at the time I thought he was right- I just didn’t know how right he was.
Brent and I have followed each other and been chatting a little on Twitter- his handle is SantiagoAuFund, I highly recommend you give him a follow.

Twitter Chat

I’ve never met him in person, but from what I can see, his predictions are more accurate than almost anyone else in finance. Again, all credit to him- he truly understands the global monetary system on a fundamental level.
I believed him when he said the dollar would rally- but the speed and strength of the rally has surprised me. I’ve heard him predict DXY could go to 150, mirroring the massive DXY squeeze post the 1970s stagflation. He could very easily be right- and the absolute chaos this would mean for global trade and finance are unfathomable.

History of DXY

Q: The Pound and Euro are falling just because of the energy crisis there. That's it!
Why is the Yen falling then? How about the Yuan? Those countries are not currently undergoing an energy crisis. Let’s review the year to date performance of most fiat currencies vs the dollar:
Japanese Yen: -20.31%
Chinese Yuan: -10.79%
South African Rand: -10.95%
English Pound: -18.18%
Euro: -14.01%
Swiss Franc: -6.89%
South Korean Won: -16.73%
Indian Rupee: -8.60%
Turkish Lira: -27.95%
There are only a handful of currencies positive against the dollar, the most notable being the Russian Ruble and the Brazilian Real- two countries which have massive commodity resources and are strong exporters. In an inflationary environment, hard assets do best, so this is no surprise.
Q: What can the average person do to prepare? What are you doing?
Obligatory this is NOT financial advice
This is an extremely difficult question, as there are so many factors. You need to ask yourself, what is your financial situation like? How much disposable income do you have? What things could you cut back on? I can’t give you specific ideas without knowing your situation.
Personally, I am building up savings and cutting down on expenses. I’m getting ready for a severe recession/depression in the US and trying to find ways to increase my income, maybe a side hustle or switching jobs.
I am holding my GME and not selling- I still have some shares in Fidelity that I need to DRS (I know, sorry, I was procrastinating).
For the next few months, I believe there will be accelerating deflation as interest rates spike and the debt cycle begins to unwind. But like I’ve stated before, this will lead us towards a second Great Depression very rapidly, and to avoid the deflationary blizzard the Fed will restart QE on a scale never seen before.
QE Infinity. This will be the impetus for even worse inflation- 25%+ by this time next year.
It’s hard to prepare for this, and easy to feel hopeless. It’s important to know that we have been through monetary crises before, and society did not devolve into a zombie apocalypse. You are not alone, and we will get through this together.
It’s also important to note that we are holding the most lopsided investment opportunity of a generation. Any money you put in there can be grown by orders of magnitude.
We are at the end of the Central Bankers game- and although it will be painful, we will rid the world of them, I believe, and build a new financial system based on blockchains which will disintermediate the institutions. They have everything to lose.
Q: I want to learn more, where can I do? What can I do to keep up to date with everything?
You can start by reading books, listening to podcasts, and checking the news to stay abreast of developments. I have a book list linked at the end of the Dollar Endgame posts.
I’ll be covering the central bank clown show on Twitter, you can follow me there if you like. I’ll also include links to some of my favorite macro people below:
I’m still finishing up the finale for Dollar Endgame- I should have it out soon. I’m also writing an addendum to the series which is purely Q&A to answer questions and concerns. Sorry for the wait.
Nothing on this Post constitutes investment advice, performance data or any recommendation that any security, portfolio of securities, investment product, transaction or investment strategy is suitable for any specific person.
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Một số công việc ở vùng xám dễ biến tướng mà mình đã gặp

Ở VN vẫn tồn tại phần lớn các công việc không chính thức, không đóng thuế, nhưng tạo ra lợi nhuận đôi khi còn nhiều hơn các công việc thông thường. Các hoạt động này vẫn diễn ra công khai.
Các công việc mà mình có dịp tiếp xúc như
1/ cho vay lấy lãi 1% qua đêm: bà chủ nhà trọ của mình đang kiếm tiền bằng cách liên kết với một số người có nhu cầu vay nóng trong 1-2 ngày. Sau khi biết mình có số tiền nhàn rỗi, bà ý rủ mình cho vay để chia lợi nhuận 0,5-1%/ngày. Bên nắm khách hàng phải có năng lực đòi nợ.
2/ môi giới các app cho vay, các app cho vay lách luật bằng cách quy định lãi suất không quá 20%/năm nhưng họ tăng thêm ở phần chi phí khi khách hàng thanh toán khoản vay có khi lên đến 400% số tiền vay, nhưng nếu khách hàng không tỉnh táo rất dễ dính bẫy. thủ đoạn đòi nợ thì từ tung ảnh ghép nhục mạ con nợ cho đến khủng bố sdt của người thân.
3/ trao đổi ngoại tệ, mua bán USDT, nếu như ở số lượng lớn có thể thỏa thuận mức tỷ giá khác, biến tướng thành rửa tiền.
4/ mua bán nick via facebook để tăng like ảo, tăng comment, tăng mem group, tăng follow. Các nguồn nick là hack từ các quốc gia khác, Ấn Độ Myanmar, Thái, châu Âu...bằng tin nhắn lừa đảo và các link nếu người dùng nhấn vào sẽ bị mất nick. Trước đây mình nghe lời rủ rê hợp tác của một ông làm ngành này bị ông ấy cướp mất 50tr, với lý do là làm ngành này lời thu hồi vốn rất nhanh. Sau khi bỏ tiền đầu tư máy móc công cụ, mình mới biết những nick fb này là hack được mà có, nên mình nghỉ làm.
5/kinh doanh cờ bạc trên web online, ở VN cấm, nhưng người Việt qua Campuchia làm ở Cam rồi lôi kéo người Việt chơi online thì lại được. Sếp cũ của mình hiện tại đang làm ở Cam. Tất nhiên con bạc thì không thắng được với sàn.
6/ chạy quảng cáo vi phạm chính sách: thuốc tăng cân, thuốc đông y không rõ nguồn gốc, thực phẩm chức năng, mỹ phẩm tự chế, tài chính núp bóng ponzi như sàn nhị phân BO. Mình từng biết có đứa thu được đến 5000$ mỗi ngày từ việc chạy quảng cáo như thế này. Mang tiếng là làm affiliate cho sàn coinex, một số người còn gọi nó là ngách thịnh vượng, tuy nhiên người làm được thì ít, người chết thì nhiều.
7/ kinh doanh massage, nhà nghỉ biến tướng thành mại dâm.
8/ các lớp học lùa gà, cung cấp kiến thức một nửa sự thật. Lúc đầu sẽ tung ra khóa học miễn phí gọi là các lớp phễu, sau đó sẽ khoe một số thành tựu, và hướng người nghe đến kết luận là cần một khóa học chuyên sâu đào tạo kĩ hơn, hứa hẹn thu nhập, hoặc các sản phẩm được thiết kế vừa vặn đáp ứng với các tiêu chí mà người giảng dạy đề cập.
vd: Hoàng Bá Tàu, Nguyễn Thành Tiến...
9/ các nhóm đọc lệnh, cho tín hiệu forex, copytrade trên telegram: hướng các thành viên đăng ký trên sàn nội bộ hoặc ở dưới mã giới thiệu do người đọc lệnh cung cấp. trader càng trade nhiều thì người giới thiệu được hưởng hoa hồng. trader lời thì ăn chia, trader lỗ thì đã có các khóa học được thiết kế sẵn. Hoặc là lúc đầu uptrend khi nghe theo tín hiệu thì ăn được tiền nhiều, lúc sau thì chỉ có mất tiền.
vd: jessi undergroud.
10/ đáo hạn hoặc rút tiền mặt từ thẻ tín dụng. dịch vụ cho phép rút tiền từ thẻ với mức phí thấp hơn nhiều so với ngân hàng, hỗ trợ đáo hạn với phí 2% mỗi tháng. thực chất đây là cách lách luật ngân hàng, cho vay nhưng chỉ mất công, không cần bỏ vốn.
11/ Nền kinh tế vỉa hè kiêm luôn môi giới hoặc buôn bán thông tin: Bà bán trà đá lề đường, ông xe ôm, chú sửa xe... là mạng lưới thông tin đắc lực cho những người cần như cơ quan an ninh, thám tử tư, phóng viên, thậm chí kiêm luôn bán vé số, ghi số đề, môi giới gái mại dâm.
Cho một số các bác haters gây war bên dưới, lắc não một chút.Một bài tôi viết cung cấp rất nhiều thông tin. Phần cuối tôi bất chợt nghĩ ra khi viết xong, ngẫm hơi lạc lõng với 11 số thứ tự trên. Nhưng vì kinh tế vỉa hè ở miền Nam rất nhiều và rõ ràng là năng động hiệu quả hơn miền Bắc. Tôi viết bài này vì muốn tìm hiểu một số vùng xám đang tồn tại. Nhưng vì khúc cuối nên rốt cuộc gây nên cuộc chiến vùng miền.Các bác nên phân biệt được facts và opinions để tranh luận cho văn minh.
Fact: sự thật. Nên muốn bẻ luận điểm trên, các bác hãy dùng lí lẽ hay facts khác để chứng minh điều tôi nói là sai.
Opinion: là ý kiến chủ quan cá nhân, như "người Bắc rất xấu, người Bắc lọ chai.."
Tôi sẽ không xóa mà quote tách phần này ra. để hướng người đọc đến tinh thần ban đầu. Các bác cần gì phải nguyền rủa người ta bằng từ ngữ xấu xí như vậy. Nó chỉ cho thấy con người của các bác bộc lộ bẩn bựa như nào mà thôi.
Tính ra Sài Gòn bị miền Bắc đô hộ và lấy hết 80% GDP mà vẫn sống được là nhờ một phần những hoạt động kinh tế không chính thức này. Đôi khi thấy Saigon sống được ngoi ngóp đến giờ đã là kì diệu rồi. Người Bắc vẫn đổ vào Nam tìm kiếm cơ hội, nhưng những người giàu có nắm giữ nhiều bds nhất trong tay lại là người Bắc.

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Mitrade.com Review - Is Mitrade a good broker?

Mitrade.com Review - Is Mitrade a good broker?
This review was first published on BrokerCheck
Mitrade was founded in Melbourne in 2018 and has grown to a global player with more than 1.2 million users worldwide. Today, Mitrade offers over 10 languages and operates 4 offices. Due to its exceptional services, Mitrade won more than 8 awards in 2022 alone and also a BrokerCheck Award. Mitrade is regulated by several authorities including ASIC, CIMA & FSC.
  • Regulations: ASIC, CIMA & FSC Mauritius
  • Service Phone: +61 3 9606 0033
  • Main Address: Level 13, 350 Queen Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia

The most important facts about Mitrade

What we liked about Mitrade

Most traders will have positive experiences with Mitrade due to their solid trading infrastructure. Trades are being executed instantly in less than 0.1 seconds. With more than 420 available trading instruments and low spreads without commissions, Mitrade excels at offering outstanding trading conditions for new and pro traders alike. After counting some numbers, we found that their webtrader offers more than 80 indicators as well as crucial data like forecasts, economic calendars, market data or sentiments and risk management tools. Beginners will find plenty of learning materials ready to use, and an exclusive trading academy will launch in Q4 2022. Mitrade offers STP and negative balance protection. Overall, Mitrade is a trustworthy broker and highly regulated. Conveniently, traders can choose their desired leverage for each trade and even trade without any leverage.
  • Low spreads with zero commissions
  • Fast execution with instant execution
  • Outstanding learning materials
  • Modern proprietary trading platforms

What we disliked about Mitrade

Like every time, we try to highlight negative aspects about every broker that we review as well. For Mitrade, it is probably that they do not offer thousands of trading instruments. You will not find every possible exotic stock at Mitrade. Similarly, if you are an advanced trader, who already trades with several brokers, you will maybe miss MetaTrader as an available trading platform. Traders that want to hold positions for quite a while, will miss CFD-futures without swap fees. US traders can’t trade with Mitrade.
  • “Only” +420 trading instruments
  • MetaTrader 4 & 5 unavailable
  • No CFD futures
  • US traders not allowed

Comparison Mitrade vs. average Broker

The fees are simple at Mitrade. There are generally no commissions or any other charges
  • 0% commission: Forex, stocks, crypto, indices, commodities
  • 0% commission: deposits, withdrawals, real-time quotes, opening/closing trades, educational material, dynamic charts and indicators
Mitrade is financed exclusively through spreads, which usually have only a small premium over market prices. Therefore, the fee structure is quite lean. The spreads of most products are cheaper than those of other brokers. In particular, equity traders will be satisfied with the fees, since no minimum commissions are due.
The overnight interest rates at Mitrade are favourable, as the calculation of the swap fee is only based on the leverage provided and not the entire value of the position.

Which trading assets are available at Mitrade

Mitrade offers over 420 different trading instruments. Traders can choose from popular FX pairs like GBP/USD or USD/CAD, or even more exotic options like GBP/DKK or EUTRY. US & Australian stocks are available as well.Among the available instruments are:
  • +58 forex/currency pairs
  • +12 commodities
  • +11 Indices
  • +28 cryptocurrencies
Mitrade regularly adds new markets and expends its available trading assets.

Mitrade Experiences & Trading Conditions

Overall, our Mitrade experiences are positive. Their top-notch proprietary trading platform offers everything every beginner or advanced trader desires. Before placing any trade, you can choose the leverage, including the option to trade without any leverage at all.
Mitrade Trading App
Traders receive up-to-date market insights, trade analytics, sentiment data and risk management tools to improve their trading results.
The minimum deposit to start trading with a live account is quite low. Depending on the country, you only need about $50 to $200 to start trading.
The order execution of Mitrade is extremely fast, and most orders are executed under 0.1 seconds. As info for experienced traders, scalping is not allowed, but hedging is. There is no guaranteed stop loss feature, but all accounts are negative balance protected. Spreads are usually below average, which is good for heavy traders. But like with every broker, you should pay attention to the spreads because in volatile markets or at times when liquidity is thin, spreads could get bigger.
The proprietary trading platform is very modern and clear and offers especially for trading beginners an easy entry into the world of trading. Advanced traders will also quickly become familiar with the platform. Only professionals, with their own automated trading software, will not be able to use it if it's running on MetaTrader, as neither MT4 nor MT5 is currently available at Mitrade.

Mitrade won the BrokerCheck ‘Best Trading Platform’ Award

Due to the exceptional proprietary trading platform of Mitrade, we decided to give Mitrade an award. If you never tried the platform yourself, we can only invite you to test it on a free and risk-free demo account.

Mitrade Award 'Best Trading Platform'

Available Trading Software and Platform at Mitrade

Mitrade has developed a standalone trading platform for web, desktop and mobile. In our experience, it is intuitive for most advanced traders and yet beginner-friendly.
Mitrade has gathered more than 1.2million users for its platforms and thus ironed out problems. You can download the android app or apple version for free, or check out their webtrader.

Mitrade Trading Platform
In addition, the Webtrader sorts in categories such as stocks, Forex, indices, cryptocurrencies and commodities. Mitrade’s trading software provides a broad variety of technical indicators despite its simplicity, allowing traders to utilize the platform for advanced technical analysis. The chart is fully customizable.
Open positions or orders can be easily managed. Both the Stop Loss (close on loss) and the Take Profit (close on profit) can be adjusted to manage your risks.
Traders who are looking for new trading ideas or markets can use the provided analysis from trading central. You will find trading ideas or strategies for stocks, currencies and commodities. Especially with stocks, highly volatile trading opportunities can be discovered quickly.

Available Accounts at Mitrade

Mitrade only offers a single live account type. There are no tiers for higher deposits, which is a huge plus in our opinion. The Order Execution is instant and your account type is STP. Mitrade does not charge any inactivity fees or similar hidden fees. Traders who wish to try Mitrade first can do so in a free demo account. If you do not verify your account information, your trial account will run out after 30 days.
Client funds are safe with Mitrade.
  • Retail client deposits are kept in a segregated trust account when required under regulation and law
  • Mitrade does not use any client funds for their own operational activities
  • Mitrade does not conduct any speculative trading activities
  • Audits are conducted by an external independent accounting firm
Although Mitrade offers the same trading conditions for each account size, additional services may be available for clients with large trading volumes.

Deposits and withdrawals at Mitrade

Mitrade does not charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals. All fees incurred by you when transferring money to and from your account are charged by your bank or payment provider.
The following payment methods are available at Mitrade.
  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard)
  • Bank transfer
  • Wire transfer
  • worldpay
  • Poli

How is the service at Mitrade

The service of Mitrade is good. Support is available 24/5. So, you can also reach someone at 4 am, which is critical for some traders.
Among the contact possibilities are:

Is Mitrade regulated and secure?

Mitrade is a reputable broker that is being regulated by multiple official entities. These include CIMA, ASIC, FSC
Mitrade is a brand jointly used by multiple companies, and it operates through the following companies:
  • Mitrade Holding Ltd is the issuer of the financial products that are described or available on this website. Mitrade Holding is authorised and regulated by Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) and the SIB licence number is 1612446. The registered office address is 215-245 N Church Street, 2nd Floor, White Hall House, George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
  • Mitrade Global Pty Ltd with ABN 90 149 011 361 holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL 398528).
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Summary: Review of Mitrade

The vast majority of traders will have positive experiences with Mitrade. Due to the modern trading platform, both beginners and advanced traders are in good hands with Mitrade. Once the trading academy launches, beginner traders will be able to improve their trading results dramatically.

Highlight's of Mitrade

  • Free Demo Account
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My October performance so far $58K+

My October performance so far $58K+
**updated everything to me MTD -- last update 10/11/22 @ 1pm PST
Add more charts to display the PnL for each day and the total

Dashboard - October
Performance for October has skyrocketed right out of the gate, the only thing I am following are my trade balances, no matter what price does...if it's not near my balance area, no trade will take place and I am very patient to wait.
My style is a momentum trend trader. I do not do any mean reversion trades as most. I use Balance levels based on time as all trend start at balance. I do write a weekly and daily plan in a free substack: Trade Plans...Hope it helps people out
This is trading strictly Futures: NQ, ES, RTY, YM, MNQ, MES, MYM, M2K -- zero stock/forex/crypto trades here!
Sine I was asked about what the trading journal I am using...its this Trading Journal
This will give you 15% off your first month or yearly I think...hope that helps too + free trail from them too.....enjoy :)
This is direct on their site : "Invite other traders to join TradesViz to get discounts on your subscription! For every user who signs up using your unique link and buys a pro subscription, you get 15% off your next subscription bill and your referral gets a 15% discount on their first subscription plan bill!"
Since I received a bunch of question about Balance, one thing to note. It is NOT based on TPO (Market Profile) or Volume Profile, none of that is considered.
It is modeled after the Overnight drift, which was written by the FED in NY: Here is the link Overnight Drift
I figured out a way to use their data and their time to create a balance based on time, nothing to do with what people are assuming in the comments by talking about the basic stuff of Volume Profile or TPO's

Calendar View
MFE & MAE Charts
Trades for 10/2

Trades for 10/3

Trades for 10/4

Trades for 10/5

Trades for 10/6

Trades for 10/7
Trades for 10/9
Trades for 10/10
Trades for 10/11
Trade I took and just went to sleep -- stop was above balance as that level is good till 9am (pst) -- woke up and closed the trade and proceeded to trade a bit more --- see all the stats a above.

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Sexy Sect Babes: Chapter Thirty Four

The master was gone and everyone knew it.
Mostly because Lady An wouldn’t let anyone forget it. Now, Hanying was all for letting a lady bemoan the loss of her paramour, but he could have done without the tingling at the back of his neck that occurred every time the woman came within five li of him.
And I shudder to imagine what those poor souls stuck on the training field are going though, he thought as he stepped through the surprisingly well-lit halls of the Master’s home.
The whole situation only made him all the more glad he’d not stayed with the militia, like so many of his friends had. He knew what he was and what he wasn’t. And he wasn’t a soldier. He was a miner. Like his father before him. And his daddy before him.
Fortunately for the security of his home, there were plenty of people ready and willing to take his place. The town had been seeing a steady stream of refugees in recent months. Sure, the numbers were less now than they’d been at the start of the ‘reckoning’, but people hadn’t stopped coming.
The only difference now was that those who showed up at the gates of the town weren’t the wide eyed and desperate souls that had come before. Those that came now had been surviving out in the wilderness for nearly a year.
They’d been toughened. Hardened by the experience.
Just the other day he’d seen a girl, one who couldn’t have been a day older than his own little girl. Her eyes had been dark. Skittish. Never resting in one place for long. Always flitting about in search of unseen threats. Nor had her hand ever left the hilt of the beast-bone knife at her side.
He shuddered to imagine his own daughter with eyes like that and not for the first time he thanked the Empress that both Lady An and Master Johansen saw fit to lend Jiangshi their aid on that first day.
Most of those survivors were destined for the militia. A militia that was more than happy to have them.
He snorted, shaking his head to rid them of such melancholy thoughts as he stepped into the ‘cargo lift’. The strange metal box was as discomforting as it ever was, that strange sense of vertigo overtaking him for a few seconds, before the doors opened once more and he found himself faced with an entirely different hallway from the one he’d just came from.
Such was the strange magic of the Overseer’s home.
And place of work, Hanying thought as he clambered up onto the strange horseless cart that awaited him there.
It had taken him a little while to get used to the ‘steering wheel’ and the ‘pedals’ that made the device go, but as he took off through the rough hewn halls of the mining area, he was glad for the carts existence. It would have taken him hours to reach his destination on foot.
Instead, it took a mere twenty minutes.
As he drove, he carefully heeded the instructions of the site’s guiding spirit, the disembodied voice instructing him where to go. That too had been strange at first, but these days he found he took comfort in the spirit’s calm disembodied voice. It was after all, his only companion in this dark underground kingdom, and had only ever been a helpful, if taciturn guide.
Soon enough he reached his destination and stepped off the cart, rubbing his hands together in preparation for the job to come.
On the face of it, it was a simple enough task. The metal beasts of his lord were awe inspiring when at work. Furthermore, they were tireless in their craft, seeking nothing more than to dig deep into the earth with their strange interlocking teeth, before spewing forth what precious materials they found… from their rear. Unfortunate imagery aside, one of them could do the work of Hanying ten times over.
Unfortunately, as loyal and steadfast as the beasts were, they were also idiots. Of the terminal variety. The poor things did not and could not think for themselves. If one encountered a problem it had not been given instruction on, it would quickly find itself either frozen in indecision or left whirring uselessly in the air.
Hence why Hanying had been assigned as their handler. It was his job to corral or correct any of the beasts that went awry.
Which the one he’d been directed to had. The idiot thing had encountered a void underground and thrown a great tantrum. While it was asleep now, likely having spent itself in its frustration, Hanying could see marks all across the entrance to the cave where the beast had whirred and thrashed around, its great teeth unable to gain purchase on the smooth walls of the limestone cavern it had bungled into.
“Come on you great metal lummox,” Hanying said with no small amount of exasperated affection as he gripped the bridle of the great metal wormlike beast – careful to avoid the great maw at the front. The last thing he wanted was for it to waken from its slumber and chow down on him, for he would easily disappear into the things cavernous maw.
It was slow, cumbersome work to move a creature easily as tall as himself, but his ox-kin ancestry gave strength to his arms. An inch at a time, he dragged it. Perhaps, if he had to move it further, he might have gotten the wheeled board from his cart and employed the tow-rope attached, but the beast only needed shifting until its teeth were pressed firmly against a nearby wall. One that his many years as a mining foreman told him was away from the cave system and comprised more of the hardstone that the creatures were more partial to.
That done, he wiped the sweat from his brow and moved to shift the digging beast’s boxy partner – though he had to swat it once or twice to get the flighty chirping thing to keep from probing at his clothes.
If the great worms were strange, then the mule sized square spiders that accompanied them were downright bizarre. Not least of all, because its body was quite literally square, and where the great worms went the boxy spiders followed, feeding on the wyrm’s… leavings as they did.
Chittering along on four short stubby legs, the chirping and whirring beast would use the two arms on its front to scoop up the ores left behind by its companion before shoving them into its great fiery maw that served as its mouth.
The stone was swept aside, clearly not to the spider’s taste.
That was not the strangest part of the spider though. That came next. For after no more than a few seconds, the spider would use its two rear arms to, much like a spider spinning a web, spew forth a square plate onto the floor.
A square plate that moved, it’s scaly skin constantly shifting in place so that any item placed upon it was quickly shifted off. The genius of the spider lay in how it placed these squares. Placed back to back, they formed long lines, sometimes going for miles, along which metal ores and stone would travel.
Like a great river.
It boggled the mind, and more than once had Hanying wondering where his lord hailed from, to command such strange otherworldly creatures? He also often wondered if the squares were part of the creature’s web, intend to transport prey to it, or were they somehow its young? Perhaps they were eggs? Strange flat square eggs.
He didn’t know, and his only erstwhile companion down in this strange underground world provided no answers.
…It was almost enough to drive a man to drink, to be stuck dealing with such strangeness day after day.
Still, the work wasn’t too hard and he was paid well for it to be done. And that was all that mattered really.
With that thought in mind, he clambered back onto his cart with a grin on his face, as the wyrm whirred once more to life, the idiot thing having realized food had had been placed in front of it once more. Though that grin quickly faded as Hanying realized he had left his earmuffs at home, and the shrieking sound of stone being fed on filled the enclosed space.
Well, at least the spider is happy, he thought, watching the thing’s arm twitch in anticipation of the feast to come.
Jack was sciencing cultivation.
Or at least, he was trying. Given that he was a man that used ‘science’ as a verb, it was not going terribly well.
“Are all of these things truly necessary?” Ren asked as she tugged awkwardly at one of the myriad sensors that were stuck to her. “Surely, the hands of a master would be able to sense any irregularities with far greater skill than these cold metal disks?”
He understood why she was uncomfortable, and it wasn’t because she was sitting in her underwear. Nor was it because she was covered in sensor dots. Nor was it the dozens of beeping and whirring machines strewn around the small room he’d set aside for this procedure. Nor was it the fact that said room hadn’t existed yesterday, or the castle it was contained in. Something that she still seemed mildly shocked by.
No, most of her discomfort seemed to be drawn from the fact that she’d somehow come to the conclusion that this was some kind of sex thing. Now, Jack knew he was partially to be blamed for that. He’d done more than a little staring after the blonde woman had disrobed.
Though, in his defense, it had been a good a few weeks since his last ‘tumble’ with An – he knew that because most of his bruises and scratches had healed – and the trader woman was supernaturaly beautiful.
So yes, he'd done a little staring. And while Ren had seemed quietly happy about that, jutting her chest out just a little, she also seemed to have come to the conclusion that it was the situation he’d found erotic, rather than her.
Something he couldn’t really blame her for either, given that he’d not exactly been showing much interest in her as a woman prior to this moment.
…Still, the fact that she was only mildly uncomfortable about all this oddness did bode well for his future plans, should things move in a more… intimate direction.
“You’d think so, but no.” He shook his head, answering her earlier question as he turned his attention away from Ren’s incredibly stunning body and back toward the far more important task of figuring out why he was still alive.
Because the Magistrate had been dead set on killing him.
Of course, the answer he was getting was the exact same answer he always got when he set his machinery to the task of figuring out ki.
And that answer was the the unknown energy was an unknown energy with unknown properties and that he should contact his nearest Company Supervisor.
That was it, and given that his nearest company supervisor was an entire dimension away, contacting them obviously wasn’t an option.
Not that I’d contact them even if I could, he thought as he irritably turned away from the nearest screen.
Defeated, he sighed, sitting back down into onto a stool.
“Still, you needn’t wear them any longer. They’ve done their job. You can take them off now, Ren.” He said. “Thanks for sitting still through that.”
The blonde woman cocked her head. “I, ah, that’s it?”
It was clear what she was hinting at, but Jack just wasn’t in the mood. Not when he’d only managed to catch a few hours sleep and his ‘solution’ to the Cultivator problem wasn’t quite ready yet.
“Yeah, you’re, uh, merchant’s soul is out of alignment with your warrior spirit.” He lied through his teeth. “You should read this and meditate on the knowledge contained with him.”
He handed her off one of the pseudo philosophical books he’d quickly printed off from his database.
Something called ‘The Prince’ by some old guy named Machiavelli. Given Jack knew of the word Machiavellian – one of his former supervisors had been fond of the word – he figured it might have some value to the woman.
Either way, it would probably be full of enough fluffy meaningless quotes that it would keep Ren from questioning his credentials. An had certainly seemed happy enough with her gift.
The dog-kin took the book gingerly, eyes darting between him and it. He had a feeling she wanted to say something, but after a few seconds she reeled the desire in.
Which was good, because he had no decent answers to give.
“My thanks, master.” She bowed. “I shall study hard to glean what wisdom I may from this profound text.”
Jack smiled. “I’m sure you will.”
The blonde took the dismissal for what it was, rapidly re-robing before gingerly stepping out of the room, casting the occasional backwards glance toward him as she did.
It was almost enough to make him feel bad for getting her hopes up like he did.
Well, she’s not the only one suffering here, he thought.
Damn his weak fleshy body!
He stood up to turn off the myriad different sensory devices he’d built for this little test, only to pause as he realized he was still getting an ‘unknown energy signature’ reading.
Had Ren accidentally left a sensor dot on her?
No, they’re all here, he thought as he counted the dots on the nearby tray. So where’s…
Picking up a larger device, he ran it over himself, only for the signal to remain unmoved. Whatever it was, it wasn’t coming from him. Which was mildly disappointing but not too surprising.
Waving the thing around like a metal detector, he grinned as the sensor reading got stronger when turned in a certain direction.
Soon enough, he found what was causing the signal – and while it was significantly weaker than Ren’s, it was still there.
His coat. The reading was coming from his coat.
Bring me my coat, he commanded the microbots that had formed an impromptu coat rack when he’d come in.
Instantly, the machines did as he commanded, and in moments Jack had his sensors pressed to the Spirit Beast fur.
Sure enough, the reading was strongest there – and matched with the ‘unknown’ signature he’d been picking up.
Well, I suppose that answers that, he thought as he swept the coat around his shoulders once more.
A little underwhelming he supposed, but not too surprising. Honestly he should have thought of it sooner. The coat was made from a spirit beast, so of course it was still carrying a little residual energy with it.
He’d have to thank An and Ren. By trying to improve his wardrobe and make him fit in, they’d unwittingly saved his life.
Smiling at his luck, he commanded his microbots to disassemble the machines, store the parts and rejoin him when they were done. Then he stepped out of the room, whistling a jaunty tune as he went.
Behind him, the glittering black mass of machines set about their task with what an uninformed man might have otherwise described as enthusiasm.
Jack was digging, which was not an unusual state of affairs for him, but it was his first time breaking ground in a new location. His current objective was to find nearby ore deposits as well as set up a new production facility under his new compound.
It would inevitably be a smaller and simpler system than he had in Jiangshi, but it would massively reduce his need to import things.
He was also humming happily as he worked. Despite the heat. Despite the noise. Despite the grime that stuck to every inch of his bare skin. He was glad to be working on something simple. Something he understood.
Adjusting his mask and rebreather, he sighed in satisfaction as he looked at the massive tunneler churning through dirt and rock in front of him, setting up supports as the truck sized mass of industrial power trundled onward.
Part of him was half tempted to build an underground train line all the way back to Jiangshi, but even he ultimately knew it wasn’t feasible. At least, not in anything close to a reasonable timeframe. And especially not when this tunneler would be needed elsewhere.
Perhaps once he had easy access to the materials to build another, rather than being forced to dig into his inventory storage stockpile, he’d consider it.
Not now though, he thought as he scratched at his bare chest, smearing the grime there.
He’d definitely be needing a shower after this. Perhaps he might even-
His thoughts cut off as he got an incoming message. Looking down at his tablet, he scowled, before wiping away the muck stuck to it so he could actually see the screen. The incoming call was from Lin. Sighing, he tapped the accept button. As he did, a mental command had all the machinery around him come to a halt, leaving only the sound of settling dust and dripping water in his underground kingdom.
“Really? What?” Lin deadpanned.
He rolled his eyes. “Hello Lin. It’s great to hear from you. Now what do you want?”
The goat woman stared at him for a second before finally getting down to why she’d called. “You know how you said you wanted Ren to deny all invitations from the local sects for meetings?”
He did. He’d wanted to get set up first. And to his surprise, Ren had been in favor of the move. Apparently a period of seclusion would only build his mystique. So long as he didn’t let it drag overly long.
“Well, she’s at the gate right now receiving a messenger from a woman you really can’t afford to ignore?”
A shiver went down his spine. “The magistrate?”
Lin actually coughed in surprise.
“No!” Then she paused. “Though she’s not too far down from her.”
Jack wracked his brain for who that could be – and he’d been briefed extensively on the major players in the city by Ren on their arrival.
“…Sect Leader Shui? Of the Iron Hoof Clan?”
Lin nodded in satisfaction, clearly happy that he’d remembered.
“That’s right.”
“And the Magistrate’s biggest rival for control of the city?”
Lin’s smile only grew wider. “Just so.”
Jack looked down at himself. “I don’t suppose I can politely turn her down?”
“What do you think?”
…That would be a no then.
Well, it seemed he was about to be introduced to the second most powerful woman in Ten Huo. A move that would see him inevitably sucked deeper and deeper into the twisted web of schemes and powerplays that made up the city.
First / Previous / Next
Another three chapters are also available on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/bluefishcake
We also have a (surprisingly) active Discord where and I and a few other authors like to hang out: https://discord.gg/RctHFucHaq
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My October performance so far $58K+

My October performance so far $58K+
Performance for October has skyrocketed right out of the gate, the only thing I am following are my trade balances, no matter what price does...if it's not near my balance area, no trade will take place and I am very patient to wait.
My style is a momentum trend trader. I do not do any mean reversion trades as most. I use Balance levels based on time as all trend start at balance. I do write a weekly and daily plan in a free substack: Trade Plans...Hope it helps people out
This is trading strictly Futures: NQ, ES, RTY, YM, MNQ, MES, MYM, M2K -- zero stock/forex/crypto trades here!
Sine I was asked on other threads about what the trading journal I am using...its this Trading Journal
This will give you 15% off your first month or yearly I think...hope that helps too + free trail from them too.....enjoy :)
This is direct on their site : "Invite other traders to join TradesViz to get discounts on your subscription! For every user who signs up using your unique link and buys a pro subscription, you get 15% off your next subscription bill and your referral gets a 15% discount on their first subscription plan bill!"

Calendar View

MFE & MAE Charts

Trades for 10/2

Trades for 10/3

Trades for 10/4

Trades for 10/5

Trades for 10/6

Trades for 10/7

Trade I took and just went to sleep -- stop was above balance as that level is good till 9am (pst) -- woke up and closed the trade and proceeded to trade a bit more --- see all the stats a above.
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Top Tips For Choosing a Reputable Forex Affiliate Program

There are a whole host of different forex affiliate programs to choose from. But none are more profitable than those set up by the forex brokers themselves. For the brokers, getting new clients is the most important aspect of their business model. Broker generally have very high start up costs, and then they have very high running costs - offices, web page maintenance, staff costs, marketing etc. Thus it is easy to the need, and desire of forex brokers to attract a many clients as they can, and by any means possible. Therefore, in order to maximize the potential number of forex trading clients, they put together very attractive forex affiliate programs, and try to build a huge team of forex affiliates to gather as many clients for them as they can.
Read Full Guide
Forex broker affiliate programs are some of the most generous programs on the market. For a forex affiliate who introduces a client to a forex broker, the rewards can be substantial. The total remuneration for a forex affiliate can be hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. I suppose what is first required, is to analyze how the forex brokers work, and how profitable their business model is - then we can start to appreciate why they can pay their forex affiliate program members such a significant sum of money.
The main reason that brokers can have such lucrative forex affiliate programs is that they make a lot of money themselves from each trader that signs up as a client and trades currencies through their trading platform. Currency brokers often don't charge their traders a commission, but instead charge a spread, ie the difference between the buying price and the selling price. This can sometimes be very large, and works out more than if the broker had instead charged a commission. Thus, for each trade that an investor is making, he may be charged effectively, a spread of around $30 or $40. Also, to compound this issue, some traders may make 5, 6 or even trades per day - as a result you can see how profitable the business is for the broker, and why they pay their affiliates so much.
The types of commission paid through forex affiliate programs can vary a lot. Some brokers just pay a fixed sum for each trader which is brought to the broker. This sum can vary, from just $200 to $1,000. This latter sum may sound a lot, but it is a tiny fraction of what the broker can profit from the trading activities of the client, so this puts everything into perspective.
In addition to forex brokers, other service providers also are getting in on the act, and setting up forex affiliate programs. Let's look at it from the viewpoint of the forex trader. Once he has opened his account, he needs to start trading. But what if he has no experience of currency trading? As a result, he needs to buy a forex trading course, or a set of videos, or get an automated trading system, which takes the trades automatically (also known as a forex robot). There are hundreds, if not thousands of companies out there which offer these products, and also have an army of such affiliates to do their marketing for them.
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Apa nasehatmu untuk mereka yang terkena Fomo?

Gak bisa dipungkiri sepanjang tahun 2020-2021 banyak orang memulai investasinya karena influence sosial media. Beruntung bagi yang memulai investasinya lebih awal dan agak celaka bagi yang mulai investasinya di akhir-akhir tanpa tau konsekuensinya. Banyak kasus orang beli saham pake pinjol. Beli BTC, Altcoin pake utangan, uang arisan, bahkan sumbangan gereja.
my advice for you yang kena FOMO:
Miner musiman: Ketika crypto turun drastis di Januari-Februari 2022. Segera jual alat miningmu karena kamu harus menunggu 2024 untuk bisa panen. Karena ketika kamu beli mining rig sekarang harganya sudah naik berkali-kali lipat dari harga wajarnya. Perhitungkan kembali listrik yang harus kamu keluarkan, Gak BEP istilahnya. Contoh nyata Founder Rekeningku yang boncos bertahun-tahun karena nutupin biaya listrik dan beli mining rig kemahalan, baru panen akhir2 ini.

Robot trading: Royal Q , Forex dll. Robot trading is scam, jauhi sekarang sebelum terlambat. Janji manis seller Royal Q dan robot forex profit konisten itu gak ada buktinya 100% scam. Kisah nyata banyak yg bunuh diri karena tiba-tiba assetnya hilang diaveraging oleh robot. Jangan sampai kamu jadi korbannya

Trader Binomo, Binary option: Kamu yang baru memulai binary option, inilah saatnya dirimu keluar dari sistem jahat Judi 2.0 mungkin diawal kamu akan merasakan profit namun lama kelamaan akan susah dan tiba-tiba akun tersuspen tanpa sebab. Jelakanya gak ada yg bisa jamin akunmu balik karena Binomo dan lainnya jelas ilegal di Indonesia sehingga penyedia layanan tidak diketahui siapa.

Trader Saham musiman via signal telegram : Saham ada bull market dan bearish market, lengkapi dirimu dengan FA dan TA tambah bandarmology juga. Investing stock is about your move, bukan orang lain. Jadi pastikan semua keputusan investasi kamu yang buat bukan orang lain.

Trader Crypto: Bear market is coming, we need to understand what crypto still alive for next 4 Years(next halving) DCA still the best strategy for you. We will face the second Bull Run but dont fall for it to much, cause second bull run means next winter season.

note: I hope yall getting more profit and healthy. May the Force be with you
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IronTrade no es un buen bróker para operar

IronTrade no es un buen bróker para operar
Ingresar al comercio de Forex, es sin dudas una oportunidad de ganar dinero, a través de la compra y venta de monedas, esto quiere decir de pares de divisas.
En este mercado de Forex muchos clientes deciden invertir todos sus ahorros a esperar a ganar dinero, a través de la compra y venta de monedas. Pero siempre es necesario tener conocimientos previos para crear una estrategia y poder elegir en qué par de divisa invertir, y saber el tiempo exacto de cuándo comprar y cuándo poder vender a partir de la mejor estrategia de inversión.
En WikiFX puedes encontrar el perfil del bróker a consultar, además de la puntuación, puede encontrar información acerca de la regulación, las ultimas noticias y comentarios de otros usuarios.

WikiFX brinda a los usuarios realizar exposiciones cuando han sido estafados o cuando tienen problemas con los brókers. En este caso se puede observar como un usuario hace mención de que no le dejan retirar su dinero.

Información General y Regulación
El comercio en lo que respecta al hierro se estableció en 2019, afirma ser propiedad y se encuentra administrado por Rosco Solutions Ltd en Kingstown, San Vicente y las Granadinas. Esta información es proporcionada por Triafor Solutions Ltd ubicada en Nicosia, Chipre.
Iron Trade.
En lo que respecta a servicios financieros de este sitio web, no se encuentra disponibles para aquellos residentes de los siguientes países: EE. UU., Canadá, Espacio Económico Europeo, Australia, Liberia, Pakistán, Japón, Israel, Nueva Zelanda, Rusia, Suiza, Corea del Norte, Puerto Rico, Sudán, Irán, Siria, entre otros.
Instrumento de Mercado
IronTrade actualmente brinda hasta 31 activos financieros de opciones para el comercio en binarias, incluidos 20 pares de forex, EUUSD, USD/RUB, EUCHF, GBP/JPY, 4 criptomonedas: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum y Ripple, 4 Índice: UK100, AUS200, JP225, DE30, 3 materias primas: oro, plata y petróleo WTI.
Eso sí, no revela el tipo de algoritmo que utiliza su software. Por lo que la compañía espera proporcionar servicios de comercio automatizado. Sin embargo, debemos tener cuidado de no terminar comprando instrumentos comerciales incorrectos.
Cuentas Trading Disponibles
Para los Traders que generalmente buscan flexibilidad en sus operaciones de trading, spread del mercado de intercambio de forex, que también cuente con comisiones bajas y montos fijos. Podremos considerar, un mínimo en el par de EUUSD de 0,2, con una comisión de 5 dólares para cada 100.000 negociados.
La cuenta de Mt5, que funciona como plataforma para los activos de forex.com, donde brinda gráficos actualizados, herramientas, indicadores, comprobador de estrategias, calendario económico, entre otros.

Leer más...
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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Forex Trading

Forex trading is an exciting way to trade currencies around the world. It's also a complex subject that requires a lot of knowledge and experience to succeed. This article will give you a brief introduction as to how beginners trade forex.

How Do You Become a Successful Forex Trader?

The best way to learn about forex is to begin trading. Using a demo account without trading any actual money is the best form of hands-on experience without risk.
There are many different types of traders who use different strategies. Some people prefer technical analysis while others focus on fundamental analysis. Others rely on chart patterns or trend lines. Each strategy has its own set of rules and techniques. If you want to learn the most about forex, you should try trading using one of those methods first. Once you've mastered one method, you can then move on to learning about the next one.

Understanding the Basics

If you decide to trade forex, you need to understand how the market works. This means learning about currency pairs, exchange rates, and the different instruments available. It also means knowing what kind of strategies work well with forex trading.
Forex is one of the most popular markets around the world. The foreign exchange market is where currencies are traded. Currency pairs include USD/JPY, EUUSD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, CAD/USD, NZD/USD, CHF/USD, and many others. Exchange rates are determined by supply and demand - when there is a lot of demand for a certain currency, the price goes up; when there is less demand, the price drops. The best thing about trading forex is that it doesn’t require much capital. In fact, most people who trade forex use leverage.

What is Leverage and How to Trade with It

Leverage is one of the key concepts when trading forex. You use leverage to amplify your gains by using borrowed money. In other words, you borrow more than you own to trade.
Leveraging is a simple concept - if you want to double your investment, you simply multiply your initial amount by two. For example, if you invest $100, then you would be able to buy $200 worth of currency. However, there are risks involved. Forex leverages are risky because you could lose more than what you invested.

The different trading platforms

There are two main ways to trade forex. One is through an online broker, where you place trades with them directly. The second method is through a forex exchange, where you buy and sell currencies at market rates.
Online brokers offer many advantages to traders, such as 24/7 customer service, low fees, and access to a wide range of markets as well as a wide range of platforms.
You can trade forex at your fingertips with platforms that work on both mobile and desktop. Each of them are simple to use, with the most reliable and popular being the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. The interface is user-friendly and easy to read and provides the tools that are needed for successful online trading.
There is also something available called the TradeCopier Platform. This platform enables a new trader to copy the strategies of more experienced traders that are performing well in real time. This is perfect for anyone who finds they do not have a lot of time to be researching their own forex strategies but still want to get involved. Copying the best performing strategies will help you gain knowledge of when to buy or sell.

Know when to buy or sell

You should only enter into a position if you believe there is a high probability that the price will move in your favor. If you think the price will go down, then you should wait until the price has fallen significantly before entering into a position. Conversely, if you think the price will rise, then you should wait as long as possible before entering into a position because the longer you hold onto a position, the more likely you are to make money.

Why you should trade with IronFX

IronFX is a leading broker in online forex trading, with various available platforms and account types for every level of knowledge and experience. There is also a wide range of educational material for beginner traders to test their strategies and develop their skills.
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Top FasaPay Forex Brokers In Malaysia

Top FasaPay Forex Brokers In Malaysia

Top FasaPay Forex Brokers In Malaysia

FasaPay Forex Brokers Use Fasapay Which Is An Online Payment Service That Is On Offer By A Wide Range Of Forex Brokerage Firm Worldwide. Fasapay Come With No Known Fees Associated And Investors Can Deposit Or Top Up Their Fasapay Account Via Bank Transfer.

Fasapay Overview

FasaPay Is A Trading Name Of Fasa Centra Solutions Ltd, An Electronic Payment Company Based In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Founded In 2011, The Company Is A Globally Recognized And Trusted Payment Method, Used By 500,000+ Members And Over 390 Merchants Across 222 Countries. This Includes Online Trading Brokers And Aspiring Investors.
The System Allows Users To Make Instant Money Transfers Online Without The Need To Process The Payment Manually. Once Users Have Registered, They Are Free To Top-up Via Bank Transfer. Accounts Are Issued In USD And IDR And The Brand Uses A List Of Partner Exchanger Platforms Such As EPay.

1. IC Markets - Trusted Forex Broker In Malaysia

About IC Markets

IC Markets Is A Market-Leading Online Retail Trading Platform That Offers Trading Instruments, Including Currencies, Stocks, Commodities, Futures, Bonds, And Digital Assets. IC Markets Offers Its Clients Cutting-edge Trading Platforms, Low-latency Connectivity, And Superior Liquidity.

Is IC Markets A Good Broker ?

IC Markets Is A Good Broker For Investors Who Want To Run Automated Trading Strategies On Metatrader And Ctrader Platforms. Ic Markets Provides Social Copy Trading Platforms And A Growing Selection Of Research And Educational Materials And Offers Competitive Pricing.

Is My Money Safe With IC Markets ?

IC Markets Is Regulated In Australia, Cyprus, The Bahamas, And Seychelles; The Degree Of Safety Of Your Funds Will Depend On Which Entity Holds Your Funds.
IC Markets Was Founded In 2007, And Factors Such As Its Years Of Operation And Scope Of Regulatory Licenses Should Be Taken Into Consideration When Choosing A Broker. Going With A Broker That Is Well-capitalized Also Reduces Your Potential Counterparty Risk.

What Is The Minimum Deposit For IC Markets ?

The Minimum Deposit At IC Markets Starts At $200 To Open A Live Account.

Is IC Markets Safe ?

IC Markets Is Considered Safe Because It Is Regulated By The Top-tier Asic. Disclaimer: Cfds Are Complex Instruments And Come With A High Risk Of Losing Money Rapidly Due To Leverage. 74.32% Of Retail Investor Accounts Lose Money When Trading Cfds With This Provider.
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2. Deriv.com — Premium Forex Broker In Malaysia

About Deriv.Com

Deriv.Com Is A New Broker Platform Developed And Backed By Binary.com. Offering CFDs, Binary Options And Forex, The New Platform Delivers Trading Via A Web-based Platform (DTrader), An MT5 Platform (DMT5) An Automated Trading System Called DBOT And The New Platform — Deriv X.

Is Deriv.Com Good Broker ?

Deriv.Com Has Won Many Awards As A Global Broker. There Are Over 100 Assets And Have Very Well-Developed Platforms That Also Offer Binary Options And Forex Brokerage. They Are Live 24/7. It Gives The Traders To Choose From Three Different Trading Platforms.

Is My Money Safe With Deriv.Com ?

Traders Looking Into Deriv.Com As A Potential Broker For Their Trading Activities Could Be Satisfied As It Is Quite Trustworthy. They Have Regulations In Multiple Jurisdictions. In The European Union, Deriv Is Regulated By The Malta Financial Services Authority (FSA).

What is the Minimum Deposit For Deriv.Com ?

The Minimum Deposit At Deriv.Com Is $10.

Is Deriv.Com Safe ?

Deriv Is A Legitimate Trading Platform That Is Completely Supervised And Honest, Featuring Excellent Operating Standards, Minimal Transaction Costs, And Excellent Service Execution, Assisting Clients In Accomplishing Their Dreams. It Is Suitable For All Sorts Of Users With Varying Degrees Of Expertise.
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3. RoboForex — MetaTrader Forex Broker In Malaysia

About RoboForex

Roboforex Is Recognized As A Reliable Partner By The Most Respected Financial Market Experts. The Company Has Won Numerous Prestigious Awards. The Roboforex Group Of Companies Has An International License To Provide Services From FSC Belize, And A European License From CySEC.

Is RoboForex A Good Broker ?

RoboForex Is An Established Online Broker Offering A Wide Range Of Assets On Reliable Trading Platforms, Including Mt4 And R Stockstrader. The Broker Is Also Regulated And Provides Negative Balance Protection, Adding An Extra Layer Of Trust And Security For Traders. Overall Roboforex Is A Good Broker For All Levels

Is My Money Safe With RoboForex ?

RoboForex Makes That Traders Should Focus On Trading, Therefore It Take Responsibility For Ensuring The Safety Of Clients’ Funds. RoboForex Has Always Strived To Provide Clients With The Best Conditions, Therefore, During Trading, It Is Very Careful With Clients’ Funds. The Funds’ Security S Is Guaranteed By Several Important Factors.

What Is The Minimum Deposit For RoboForex ?

The Minimum Deposit For RoboForex Is $100.

Is RoboForex Safe ?

Roboforex Is Considered A Safe Broker To Trade Through Cyprus Entity. The Broker Has Long History Of Operation And Numerous Traders Served, There Is Good Range Of Account Types, Trading Platforms, Free Exclusive Trading Signals And Research Tools, Also Powerful Trading Capabilities Suitable Also For Advanced Traders.
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4. Fx Choice — Popular Forex Broker In Malaysia

About Fx Choice

FxChoice Is A Reliable Electronic Communication Network (ECN) Broker And Was Developed In 2010 To Provide Retail Investors From Different Corners Of The Globe With Effective Trading Conditions And Competitive Fee Structure With A Wide Variety Of Markets Such As Commodities, Stocks, Indices, Shares, Cryptocurrency, Metals, Energies, Forex And CFD Trading.

Is Fx Choice A Good Broker ?

FxChoice Limited Is A Great Option For A Forex Trading Broker Since It Has An Excellent Record For Offering Spread Betting, Forex Trading, And Share Dealing. It Has Been Successfully Functioning In This Industry For The Past 13 Years And Is Regulated By The International Finances Services Commission Belize. Moreover, The Deposit And Withdrawal Processes Are Simple And Usually Take About 2 To 3 Days To Process.

Is My Money Safe With Fx Choice ?

Any PaFx Choice Limited Is A Great Option For A Forex Trading Broker Since It Has An Excellent Record For Offering Spread Betting, Forex Trading, And Share Dealing. It Has Been Successfully Functioning In This Industry For The Past 13 Years And Is Regulated By The International Finances Services Commission Belize. Moreover, The Deposit And Withdrawal Processes Are Simple And Usually Take About 2 To 3 Days To Process.yments Funded To Fx Choice Accounts By Traders Are Held In A Segregated Bank Account. For Added Security FxChoice Use Tier-1 Banks For This. Tier 1 Is The Official Measure Of A Banks Financial Health And Strength.

What Is The Minimum Deposit For Fx Choice ?

FxChoice Require A Minimum Deposit Of 10 Gbp/usd/eur When Opening An Fx hoice Trading Account.

Is Fx Choice Safe ?

When Choosing A Broker Like FxChoice The Administrative Body And Regulatory Status Of The Broker Is Very Important. Brokers Who Conduct Trades Without Supervision Of A Regulatory Body Do So At Their Own Discretion.
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5. IronFX — Regulated Forex Broker In Malaysia

About IronFX

IronFx Offers A Great Fit For Traders At Low To Medium Skill Levels, With Flexible Account Types That Suit Many Investment And Trading Styles. Money Managers Can Also Benefit From A Personal Multi-Account Manager (PMAM) That Allows Trading Of Multiple Metatrader Accounts.

Is IronFX Good Broker ?

IronFX Is A Good Broker For Novices Up To Intermediates. They Offer The Reliable MT4 Trading Platform, A Range Of Products, Plus Competitive Spreads And Leverage Levels. The Choice Of Account Types Will Also Suits Varying Trading Styles And Capital Needs.

Is My Money Safe With IronFX ?

IronFx Maintains Segregated Client Accounts To Ensure That Client Funds Are Fully Separated From IronFx’s Own Funds At All Times. Each Client Account Has A Unique Code To Ensure That It Is Used Solely For Client Funding Purposes. All Client Funds Deposited At IronFx Are Completely Segregated In Accordance With Strict Policies And Procedures. Clients Can Be Assured That Their Funds Are Safe.

What is the Minimum Deposit For IronFX ?

The Minimum Deposit At IronFx Is $100.

IronFX Security ?

IronFX Uses Standard Security Features To Keep Client’s Personal Information Secure, Including Website Encryption. The MT4 Trading Platform Uses Metatrader’s One-Time Password. Security Could Be Bolstered Through The Use Of Dual-Factor Platform Authentication.
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6. FXOpen — Top Forex Broker In Malaysia

About FxOpen

FxOpen Company Is One Of The World’s Leading Forex Brokers. Its Popularity Has Been Gained Through The Honest And Attentive Attitude To Each Client. Join FxOpen Traders Family And Enjoy Trading In Comfortable Conditions

Is FxOpen Good Broker ?

FxOpen Is A Good Ecn Broker Providing A Competitive Trading Environment With Multiple Platforms For Active Traders. Although Education Resources Are Fairly Limited, The Low Spreads And Commissions, As Well As A Strong Track Record Make It An Attractive Option, Particularly For High Volume Traders.

Is My Money Safe With FxOpen ?

Any Payments Funded To FxOpen Accounts By Traders Are Held In A Segregated Bank Account.

What is the Minimum Deposit For FxOpen ?

The Minimum Deposit For FxOpen Is $1

Is FxOpen Safe ?

FxOpen Are Considered Safe As They Are Regulated By And Checked For Conduct By The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA, Australian Securities And Investments Commission (ASIC). Any Payments Funded To Fx Open Accounts By Traders Are Held In A Segregated Bank Account. For Added Security FxOpen Use Tier-1 Banks For This. Tier 1 Is The Official Measure Of A Banks Financial Health And Strength.
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7. Go Markets- Holistic Forex Broker In Malaysia

About Go Markets

Go Markets Has Low Forex Fees And Favourable Non-Trading Fees. The Account Opening Process Is Fast And Fully Digital. The Broker Offers Great Educational Tools Including Forex Courses. On The Flip Side, The Product Portfolio At Go Markets Is Limited As The Broker Mainly Offers Forex And Cfds.

Is Go Markets Good Broker ?

Go Markets Is Overseen By The Top Tier Financial Regulators Australian Securities And Investments Commission (ASIC) So Can Be Considered A Good Broker. Go Markets Allows Forex Trading, CFDs Trading, And Binary Options Trading.

Is My Money Safe With Go Markets ?

Go Markets Is Regulated By The Australian Securities And Investments Commission (ASIC). One Of The Most Important Criteria For Traders When Choosing A Broker Like Go Markets Is The Regulatory Body And Regulatory Status Of The Broker. Brokers Who Conduct Business Without Regulation Do So At Their Own Discretion And Pose A Direct Risk To The Security Of Their Client’s Money.

What is the Minimum Deposit For Go Markets ?

The Minimum Deposit To Trade With Go Markets Is 1.

Is Go Markets Safe ?

Go Markets Are Considered Safe As They Are Regulated By And Checked For Conduct By The Australian Securities And Investments Commission (Asic). Any Payments Funded To Go Markets Accounts By Traders Are Held In A Segregated Bank Account. For Added Security Go Markets Use Tier-1 Banks For This. Tier 1 Is The Official Measure Of A Banks Financial Health And Strength.
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8. Easy Markets — Best Forex Broker In Malaysia

About Easy Markets

Easy Markets Is A Platform Which Allows Users To Trade Cfds On Commodities, Forex, Shares, Indices And Cryptocurrency.

Is Easy Markets a Good Broker?

Easy Markets Is Considered Average-risk, With An Overall Trust Score Of 84 Out Of 99. Easy Markets Is Not Publicly Traded And Does Not Operate A Bank. Easymarkets Is Authorised By One Tier-1 Regulator (High Trust), One Tier-2 Regulator (Average Trust), And One Tier-3 Regulators (Low Trust).

Is My Money Safe With Easy Markets ?

The Safety Of Funds Is The Biggest Concern For Investors When Trading Online. The Legitimacy Of Easy Markets Ensures Transparent And Secure Trading In Various Ways. Here, We Would Like To Mention That Easy Markets’ Commitment To Comply With International Regulatory Rules Assures The Safety Of Customer Deposits. With Reimbursement Schemes, Investors Need Not Worry About Their Money In Case The Broker Becomes Insolvent.

What is the Minimum Deposit For Easy Markets ?

The Minimum Deposit At Easymarkets Is $25 For Standard Accounts

Is Easy Markets Safe ?

Easy Markets Is Considered Average-risk, With An Overall Trust Score Of 84 Out Of 99. Easymarkets Is Not Publicly Traded And Does Not Operate A Bank.
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9. FP Markets — All-Round Daily Forex Broker In Malaysia

About FP Markets

FP Markets Is An International Forex Broker Offering The Mt4, Mt5 And Iress Trading Platforms, Along With Raw Spreads And High Leverage. This Review Covers Everything From Fees And Minimum Deposits To Account Registration And Live Chat Support. Find Out Whether You Should Start Trading With Fp Markets.

Is FP Markets A Good Broker ?

FP Markets Offers Traders A Competitive Commission-Based Cost Structure, Quality Trading Tools, Deep Liquidity, And Fast Order Execution. Therefore, Fp Markets Ranks Among The Leading Brokers Industry Wide.

Is My Money Safe With FP Markets ?

FP Markets Protects The Funds Of Its Clients By Keeping Them In Separate Accounts At Tier-1 Banks. Clients From Countries Compliant With The Australian Securities And Investments Commission (ASIC Countries) Can Trade Safely With This Broker.

What Is The Minimum Deposit For FP Markets ?

The Minimum Deposit For FP Markets Is $100.

Is FP Markets Safe ?

FPp Markets Is Considered Safe Because It Has A Long Track Record And Is Regulated By The Top-Tier Asic. Disclaimer: CFDs Are Complex Instruments And Come With A High Risk Of Losing Money Rapidly Due To Leverage. 75.31% Of Retail Investor Accounts Lose Money When Trading CFDs With This Provider.
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10. BlackBull Markets — Cheapest Forex Broker In Malaysia

About BlackBull Markets

BlackBull Markets Is An Award-winning New Zealand Broker. We Were Founded In 2014 With The Goal Of Becoming The Leading Online Financial Technology And Foreign Exchange Broker.

Is BlackBull Markets Good Broker ?

BlackBull Markets Is A Global Forex Broker Founded In 2014. The Company Is Regulated By The Financial Markets Authority Of New Zealand (FMA) And The Financial Services Authority Of Seychelles (FSA). Blackbull Markets Is Considered Safe Because It’s Regulated By The Top-tier Fma Of New Zealand.

BlackBull Markets Security ?

All Transmitted Data On The Platforms At BlackBull Markets Is Encrypted Via A Secure SSL Connection. All Client Transactions Are Also Managed Within The Secure Client Portal.

What is the Minimum Deposit For BlackBull Markets ?

The Minimum Deposit At BlackBull Markets Is $2,000

Is BlackBull Markets Safe ?

BlackBull Markets Are Considered Safe As They Are Regulated By And Checked For Conduct By The Financial Services Providers Register (FSPR). Any Payments Funded To BlackBull Markets Accounts By Traders Are Held In A Segregated Bank Account. For Added Security BlackBull Markets Use Tier-1 Banks For This. Tier 1 Is The Official Measure Of A Banks Financial Health And Strength.
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What Is Forex and How Does It Work?

Forex trading is a type of foreign exchange that allows investors to buy and sell currencies on international markets. It is also known as currency trading, FX trading, or CFD trading.

What is Forex Trading?

The forex market is a global financial market where currencies are traded. Currencies are the units of currency that countries use to pay each other. For example, if you live in Canada and you buy something from a store in the United States, the Canadian dollar (CAD) is exchanged into U.S. dollars (USD). If you live in the United States and you buy something from Canada, USD is exchanged into CAD.
Forex trading is one of the oldest forms of investing. In fact, it was first used by traders thousands of years ago. Today, forex trading is still extremely popular among individuals who want to make money online.

Why Should You Invest in Forex?

There are several reasons why people choose to trade forex. One reason is because it allows them to diversify their investments. Another reason is that it gives them access to markets that aren’t available to them through other investment vehicles.
Forex is one of the largest financial markets in the world. It involves the buying and selling of currencies from different countries. Currency trading has become increasingly popular among investors who want to gain exposure to international markets without having to deal directly with individual governments.

How Do You Trade Forex?

To begin with, there are two main ways to trade forex. The first is by using a broker. A broker is simply a company that provides services to help investors buy and sell currencies. Brokers offer various levels of service, so make sure you do your research and find one that meets your needs.
The second way to trade forex is by using a platform. A platform is software that helps traders execute trades. Platforms allow users to place orders, monitor positions and manage accounts.

How To Set Up a Forex Account

If you decide to start trading forex, you should consider opening an account with a reputable broker. This will ensure that you receive accurate quotes and that your money is safe. You should also open an online brokerage account. Online brokers provide access to the same tools as traditional brokers, plus additional online features.
The first step in starting a forex account is choosing a broker. There are many diverse types of brokers available, each offering different services. Some offer free demo accounts, while others charge fees for using them. When selecting a broker, look for one that offers competitive rates and has a reputation for customer service. Once you choose a broker, you must deposit funds into your account. Most brokers require a minimum deposit amount, which varies depending on the type of account you select. For example, some brokers allow you to open a margin account, which requires a larger initial deposit than a standard account.

How Much Can I Earn from Forex?

There are two main ways to trade forex: spot and futures. Spot refers to buying and selling currencies right now. Futures refer to contracts to buy or sell currencies at a set price in the future.
The most common type of currency trading is spot trading. In this method, traders purchase and sell currencies as they are in the present, usually against each other. For example, if the U.S. dollar rises against the Japanese yen, a trader might buy dollars and sell yen. If the dollar falls against the yen, they would sell dollars and buy yen.
As with other forms of trading, trading forex is easily accessible, fun, and full of chances for traders. On the other hand, it also carries a significant degree of risk. Learning to trade on the forex market is not something you can learn in a day. It takes practice and a lot of research.
IronFX is a global leader in online trading, perfect for all experience levels of trading. For beginners, IronFX has tools to help you learn about all aspects of online trading, including webinars, podcasts and videos.
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Dex Investing có phải là một sàn chứng khoán quốc tê lừa đảo không? Tìm hiểu về thông tin sàn Dex Investing?Dex Investing có giấy phép gì?

Dex Investing có phải là một sàn chứng khoán quốc tê lừa đảo không? Tìm hiểu về thông tin sàn Dex Investing?Dex Investing có giấy phép gì?

Tìm hiểu về thông tin sàn Dex Investing

Sàn chứng khoán quốc tế Dex Investing được đăng ký tại Saint Vincent và Grenadines. là một công ty trách nhiệm hữu hạn đã đăng ký, số 1344 LLC 2021. Điều này có nghĩa là Dex Investing được cấp phép và quản lý bởi Cơ quan Dịch vụ Tài chính FSA. FSA được biết đến là một trong những lựa chọn thay thế công bằng và minh bạch. Cung cấp cho nhà đầu tư thông tin đầy đủ về doanh nghiệp, công ty. Ngoài ra, phát triển các kế hoạch, chính sách và mục tiêu để duy trì kỷ luật công ty. Theo quy định của FSA, các sàn giao dịch đầu tư Dex Investing phải tuân theo các quy định sau:
  • Để xây dựng, bảo vệ và duy trì niềm tin của thị trường vào hệ thống tài chính của Vương quốc Anh.
  • Giúp nhà đầu tư tăng cường nhận thức và hiểu biết của cộng đồng.
  • Việc giảm tỷ lệ không tuân thủ sẽ có tác động tiêu cực đến thị trường tài chính.
  • Điều quan trọng nhất là đảm bảo quyền lợi của khách hàng luôn được bảo vệ tối đa.
Dựa trên những yếu tố này, bạn đánh giá Dex Investing lừa đảo hay một nhà môi giới uy tín, đáng tin cậy và hoàn toàn hợp pháp?


Dex Investing có giấy phép gì?

Dưới sự giám sát của các cơ quan quản lý toàn cầu, chúng tôi là nhà môi giới lý tưởng nơi bạn có thể hoàn toàn tin tưởng, ổn định và phát triển. Đầu tư qua DeFi không chỉ có khả năng xử lý đơn hàng nhanh chóng mà còn cung cấp tính thanh khoản ở cấp độ ngân hàng và có dịch vụ khách hàng 24/7. Kết quả là, khách hàng của chúng tôi có thể tham gia vào thị trường thực tế với tốc độ và hiệu quả cao hơn.
DEX Investing được đăng ký với FSA với tư cách là nhà cung cấp dịch vụ tài chính. Đầu tư vào Bitcoin là một phần của nhóm Dex Investing LLC, được FSA cấp phép và quản lý tại St. Vincent và Grenadines vào năm 2021.
DEX Investing LLC, một công ty được đăng ký tại St. Vincent và Grenadines với tư cách là Công ty trách nhiệm hữu hạn với số đăng ký 1344 LLC 2021. Địa chỉ chính thức của tổ chức là Tầng 1, Tòa nhà First St Vincent Bank Ltd, Phố James, Kingstown, Saint Vincent và the Grenadines.

Dex Investing có phải là một sàn chứng khoán quốc tê lừa đảo không?

Như mọi người đã biết, thị trường tài chính Việt Nam ngày càng phổ biến. Bằng chứng là số lượng môi giới ngày càng nhiều. Thị trường ngoại hối đã được tạo ra. Kết quả là các sàn giao dịch sẽ thi nhau hạ thấp uy tín của đối thủ. Những “chiêu trò” phổ biến nhất trong thời gian gần đây là:
  • Tạo thông tin tiêu cực về các nhà môi giới ngoại hối và đăng nó lên mạng xã hội.
  • Thảo luận về tin tức tài chính tiêu cực trên các diễn đàn trực tuyến.
  • Các hình thức khác phức tạp và có lợi hơn là tạo một trang web công bố thông tin sai lệch.
  • hãng. Bạn có thể thu phí liên quan đến nhà môi giới này.
  • Do đó, điều quan trọng là phải xác minh tính trung thực của thông tin trên các trang web xấu. Các nhà đầu tư nên nghiên cứu cẩn thận và xem xét các văn bản dưới đây.
  • Mục đích của việc này là để giảm khả năng gây hại trong tương lai.
  • Thông qua các thông tin tích lũy được, chúng ta có thể nhận ra. Nó không phải là một scam. Tin tức trong ngày liên quan đến sàn nhà là nó đang được cải tạo.
Đầu tư vào Dex Investing đã tạo ra một phương thức gửi và rút tiền nhanh chóng, thuận tiện, an toàn và đáng tin cậ. Hiện tại, Dex Investing chấp nhận các phương thức thanh toán sau: BetaPay, Visa/Mastercard, Ngân Lượng và Paypal ATM nội địa, Neteller, Skrill…
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FasaPay Forex Brokers In Malaysia

FasaPay Forex Brokers In Malaysia

FasaPay Forex Brokers In Malaysia

Fasapay Forex Broker Is A Trading Website Which Allows You To Deposit Or Withdraw Funds Through Fasapay. It Is Quite Popular Among Traders, So There Are Plenty Of Brokers Which Offer It. This Means You Have A Lot Of Options For Where To Trade If You Decide To Use This Payment Method.

Forex Brokers That Accept FasaPay

How to Withdraw Money from FasaPay Forex Account?

  1. Log In To The Client Portal
  2. Select The “Withdrawals” Option
  3. Select The Option “Fasapay”
  4. Enter The Amount That You Wish To Withdraw From Your Account, Please Note Your Fasapay E-mail Address Will Already Be Stored And Verified From Your Initial Fasapay Deposit.
  5. Enter Your Portal Password And Submit Your Request.

FasaPay Forex Brokers List

  1. IC Markets:- Ic Markets Mission Is To Create The Best Trading Experience For Retail And Institutional Clients Alike, Allowing Traders To Focus More On Their Trading.
  2. Deriv.com:- Deriv.com Is A New Broker Platform Developed And Backed By Binary.com. Offering Cfds, Binary Options, And Forex, The New Platform Delivers Trading Via A Web-based Platform (Dtrader), An Mt5 Platform (Dmt5) An Automated Trading System Called Dbot And The New Platform — Deriv X.
  3. Roboforex :- Roboforex Offers Clients The Ability To Trade On The Globally Recognised Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5 And Ctrader Trading Platforms, As Well As Its Proprietary R Stockstrader Platforms.
  4. FX Choice :- Fxchoice Is An Ecn Broker Offering Forex And Cfd Trading On The Metatrader Platforms, Two Live Accounts, And A Demo Solution. Our 2022 Website Review Uncovers Fees, Promos, Regulations, And More. We’ll Help You Decide If Fxchoice Is The Right Broker For Your Needs.
  5. IronFX :- Ironfx Is An Online, Multi-asset Broker Best Known For Forex Trading. Once Registered, Users Can Access The Popular Metatrader 4 (Mt4) Trading Platform, Flexible Leverage And Ultra-low Spreads Starting From As Low As 0.0 Pips. This Review Will Fully Report Ironfx’s Offering, Including Exclusive Deposit Bonuses, Demo Accounts And Fast Deposit And Withdrawal Methods.
  6. FXOpen :- FXOpen is a retail and institutional forex broker offering online trading services via MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and TickTrader trading platforms. It provides access to the electronic communication network (ECN) to trade currency, commodity, indices, and stock CFDs.
  7. LMFX :- Lmfx Is Innovative Online Forex (Foreign Exchange) Broker Established In 2008, That Offers Advanced Retail And Institutional Online Trading Conditions As Well As A Variety Of Trading Instruments And Trading Competitions To A Global Audience.
  8. SimpleFX :- Simplefx Is A Trading Platform That Provides Financial Services On Bitcoins, Litecoins, Indices, Precious Metals, And Energy.
  9. FP Markets :- Fp Markets Is Considered Average-risk, With An Overall Trust Score Of 82 Out Of 99. Fp Markets Is Not Publicly Traded, Does Not Operate A Bank, And Is Authorised By One Tier-1 Regulator (High Trust), One Tier-2 Regulator (Average Trust), And Zero Tier-3 Regulators (Low Trust).
  10. BlackBull Markets :- Blackbull Markets Is An Ecn Broker Based In New Zealand, Offering Over 23,000 Tradeable Instruments On The Mt4 And Mt5 Platforms. Here We’ll Review The Broker’s Client Portal, Covering Spreads, Minimum Deposits, Regulation, Plus The Live And Demo Account Login Processes.
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FasaPay Forex Brokers In Malaysia

FasaPay Forex Brokers In Malaysia

FasaPay Forex Brokers In Malaysia

Fasapay Forex Brokers An Online Payment Gateway, Was Established By Fasa Centra Solutions Ltd., Which Is Based In Singapore. It Enables Instant Online Deposits And Withdrawals To Its Clients. Fasa Centra Solutions Is A Nonbanking Company That Is Engaged In Electronic Money Transfer Business. This Payment System Ensures A Safe Transfer Of Funds While Maintaining Users’ Confidentiality.
FasaPay — How Does It Work
After A Trader Opens An Account With A Forex Broker, He/she Transfers Money From His/her Account In A Local Bank To Fasapay. Then, Fasapay Transfers The Funds To The Trader’s Forex Broker Account. This Is To Say That Fasapay Operates As An Intermediary Between Banks And Brokers.
⭐ FasaPay Forex Brokers

Best forex brokers accepting Fasapay deposits

1. Ic Markets

  • Min. Deposit:USD 200
  • Max. Leverage: 1:500
  • Trading Platforms: cTrader,MT4,MT5
  • Regulation: FSA

2. Deriv.com

  • Min. Deposit:$10
  • Max. Leverage:1:30
  • Trading Platforms:MT5,DTrader
  • Regulation:MFSA,LFSA

3. Roboforex

  • Min. Deposit:10 USD
  • Max. Leverage:1:1000
  • Trading Platforms:MT4,R WebTrader
  • Regulation:FSC

4. FxChoice

  • Min. Deposit:$100
  • Max. Leverage:1:200
  • Trading Platforms:MT4,MT5
  • Regulation:IFSC

5. IronFX

  • Min. Deposit:$100
  • Max. Leverage:1:1000
  • Trading Platforms:Metatrader 4,WebTrader
  • Regulation:CySEC and FCA

6. FXOpen

  • Min. Deposit:$10
  • Max. Leverage:30:1
  • Trading Platforms:MT4,MT5
  • Regulation:FCA

7. Go Markets

  • Min. Deposit:$200
  • Max. Leverage:100:1
  • Trading Platforms:MT4,MT5
  • Regulation:FSC

8. Easy Markets

  • Min. Deposit:$200
  • Max. Leverage:1:30
  • Trading Platforms:MT4,MT5
  • Regulation:CySEC

9. FP Markets

  • Min. Deposit:$100
  • Max. Leverage:500:1
  • Trading Platforms:MT4,MT5
  • Regulation:ASIC

10. BlackBull Markets

  • Min. Deposit:$50
  • Max. Leverage:1:500
  • Trading Platforms:MT4,MT5
  • Regulation:FMA, FSA
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