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FTMO Forex Trading Community was created with the following intentions: - To help new and professional traders learn and improve their forex trading skills as best as we can, - To help Traders know more about FTMO and how to get funded by them, - To help/guide new traders in passing the FTMO challenge and verification stage. - To be with other like-minded forex traders. -Share FUNNY Trading Memes. -"FTMO Forex Trading Community " Moderators are not endorsed by Cheers .

Forex Trading Lessons: A Must For Forex Beginners

Forex Trading Lessons: A Must For Forex Beginners


Forex Wiki Trading is the best Forex trading tools needed to conquer the markets. Free expert advisors and forex indicators to help traders.

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Forex mobile trading strategies – Best Trading Strategy in 2021 #Shorts

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Hey everyone I’m new to this group can anyone suggest me best platform to trading in forex in Canada

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Best Forex Trading Community? November 2022

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Best eu broker for trading FOREX

Im so stupid I just created and verified interactive brokers account and then found out that I cannot trade forex neither crypto so now Im looking for a proper broker in eu.😅
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What are the best paper trading platforms for forex?

As I haven't seen any success trading with real money, I'm changing my approach and will now do paper trading until I start to make profits. What I'm looking for exactly, is a paper trading platform that has windows and android support, preferably works with tradingview (If it's possible, I'm not sure if it is though), And I can keep track of my daily losses or profits.
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What is the best way/strategy to trade on news in forex market

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Best Live Forex Trading Signals App with Free Demo Account in 2023

Best Live Forex Trading Signals App with Free Demo Account in 2023
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Y2Mate is 5 LACK LIVE TRADING Binomo I Price action premium course I ...
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Best Forex Trading Robot 2022 || Download 90% Accurate Forex Trading Robots
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r/BestForexTradingRobot Lounge

A place for members of BestForexTradingRobot to chat with each other
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Best Forex Expert Advisors For Profitable Trading

Best Forex Expert Advisors For Profitable Trading
A Forex Expert Advisor carries out the Forex trading on behalf of the trader. The expert advisor (EA) eliminates the emotional factor and makes the trading journey a probability game. EAs develop trading strategies by assessing the statistical advantages associated with each trade.
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I am new in Netherlands, looking for best trading platform for forex, comodity & us stocks trading

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Choosing The Best Forex Trading App In India

Choosing The Best Forex Trading App In India
Forex traders who use appropriate trading strategies and understand market conditions can generate significant returns. In India, there are hundreds of free Forex trading apps available, but choosing the right one is crucial when getting started. Forex4you offers traders the perfect blend of excellent research and trading tools, making it one of the best forex trading apps in India. Trading Forex, stocks, CFDs, metals, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and indices are all available through Forex4you.
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Best Online Forex Trading Course

Best Online Forex Trading Course , like any other type of online trading, requires training courses. You can use the training courses that are offered online. Get the information you need about how to trade. With a little searching you can find enough information on this list of Forex classes and trainers. As you know, Forex is a platform for trading digital currencies. Trading time, currencies that can be traded in Forex and how to have a profitable trade are among the things that are discussed in the training courses.
best online Forex trading course is a comprehensive and complete list. With a little information, you can choose the course that suits your conditions. Of course, the courses that are offered for free do not provide you with all the information and tricks, but if you do not have any information about Forex, start the first training course for free. If you get information from the free course that the Forex platform was attractive to you, you can apply for specialized courses.
One of the well-known and popular training courses is ForexSignals. It is one of the types of comprehensive courses designed for beginners and experts. Students at any level can use this course. Among the things you will learn in the training courses is how to use professional trading tools. These tools help you analyze. Among the benefits of this course is seven days of free training. During the seven-day free course, you can get information about how to teach it. In this training course, there is a chat room so that students can share their experiences with each other.
TRADERS ACADEMY CLUB is another comprehensive course designed for both beginners and professionals. This academy is located in the category of best online Forex trading course and offers all its efforts to increase the profit of its students. This training course is suitable for all people at any level. One of the most important features of this course is the large and active chat room where instructors and students are present and share all their information and experiences with each other. This course teaches you to start trading with only $297 and have profitable trades with this amount of annual fee.
Asia Forex Mentor is another widely offered training course. This training course includes a quality video that is provided continuously for seven days. By using this free seven-day course, you can get enough information about the method of education and the method of growth and development of students. The founder of this training course claims that we offer quality training as much as we advertise. The students of this course agree with this claim and confirm that one of the best training courses is offered.
Daily Forex FX Academy operates as an authoritative Forex training authority. This reference is known as best online Forex trading course Many experts of the currency market praised this training academy and those who are interested suggest to take its training course. With the comprehensive information it provides, it helps students to get the most friends in the shortest time with limited investment.
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Best Forex Bot Trading

ALITRONZ PROFIT on this channel I'll be sharing my journey and experiences with forex trading. I'll share how I give my trades a chance to grow and how I find ways to profit even if the market doesn't go my way. Join me on this journey as we uncover these secrets together.
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The best currency trading companies for 2023 🤑 Best forex trading companies

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I have permissions for Forex, CFDs and Margin. I was able to trade a few days before. For 3 days now, I cannot trade. Happens on mobile phone, PC, everything. Why is this happening and why cannot I trade? Support doesnt answer. I uploaded a short video to show what I meant.

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What are the top 10 best Forex trading strategies to make money?

What are the top 10 best forex trading strategies to make money?
  1. Spot Trading
  2. Swing Trading
  3. Position Trading
  4. Day Trading
  5. Scalping
  6. Currency Correlation Trading
  7. Momentum Trading
  8. News Trading
  9. Arbitrage Trading
  10. Expert Advisor Trading
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Best Forex Trading Signals | Mithuns Money Market

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4 Best Forex Trading Tips to Increase Your Forex Income

If you want to trade Forex the professional way, who says that you can't get the tips for free? We all know that Forex is one huge online market that could definitely afford no mistakes, and that is because one false step can make you lose every penny that you have invested on this market. Here are 4 Forex trading tips that will give you a good start and keep that business rolling for more profit!
Choose the right software. Of course, you have to choose the best program to run your online business with. Consider these Forex trading tips in looking for the perfect software: it should be something that offers customer help-desk 24 hours a day, and provides an online manual on how to get things done just in case something breaks down in the middle of the night. Basically, your Forex trading software is designed to work even while you are sleeping, which means that it can do the usual Forex tasks all by itself without further supervision of the user. Most forex trading software can actually open and close deals for you from any trader located across the globe.
Do not rush on decisions. This is the wisest of all the Forex trading tips: Everything changes in the last minute, and Forex is not a little stagnant pot that shows a steady current of all the possible income that you could get with this market. Therefore, it really matters a lot if you will gain a level of mastery in making Forex trades given a certain market condition that will definitely affect the performance of dollar and other currencies around the world.
Gauge your income versus your trades and transactions. We have all sorts of graphical representations of these figures, which will give you an idea on how well or worse you have been doing in the market for the past few days or weeks. Imagine getting a report card in the middle of the night to work you Forex trading tips with? Yes, with Forex software and these Forex trading tips, you can definitely generate these line and bar graphs showing the volume and movement of all the Forex trades that you have entered lately.
Think about the future. If you still got a hangover on the past trading mistake that you have committed despite all the Forex trading tips that you have followed, get over it. As mentioned earlier, Forex is a constantly moving current of rising income and profit. In fact, it is almost safe to say that Forex can leave a certain amount of profit for almost everyone who dares to venture in it. There is really a lot of money in this business if you know just exactly how to play your cards, and you do play it well the modern way, which is by using a software, a bunch of Forex trading tips, and a group of proven tactics to keep you earning for more dollars even while you are asleep.
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Does anyone else trade other markets when The forex market is choppy/not best time to trade?

I’m a full timer trader but noticed how badly the markets have been going. Last week was good, but now it’s awful. So just wondering if anyone has a “back up” market when they take a break/if you don’t take a break—what do you do?
Thanks for any comments and/or feedback!
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Forex Trading Using Mobile MT4  Best Trading Strategy For ... Binomo Risk Free + Double Profit Strategy  100% Winning ... Binomo 100% Winning Strategy  Guaranteed Profit In Binomo ... Best Forex Strategy For Beginners  Forex Mobile Trading ... Best Forex Scalping Indicator // Forex 99.9% Accurate ... Binomo Winning Tips And Tricks In Hindi  Indicator For Winning Trade  Best Mobile Trading App Best Forex Strategy for Beginners  Best Mobile Trading ... How To Trading in Binomo  Best Indicator For Binomo ... Binomo Best winning strategies  How To Earn At Least $500 Per Day For NEWBIES BEST Mobile Apps For FOREX Traders *BEGINNER-FRIENDLY ...

Online trading with options CFD forex stocks crypto with Binamo, free demo account trading with regulated trading platform, best mobile trading app. The Best Mobile Apps For Binary Options Trading If you know anything about binary options trading, you know that a mobile platform makes trading more convenient, efficient, and accessible. When you can’t sit at your desktop to watch the market fluctuate, an app can make all the difference to your payout. BINOMO Review – Best Mobile Trading Platform for Binary Options. Binomo is actually a binary options broker, offering trading from a wide spectrum of financial assets on its custom made trading platform. It hails in Russia and its own trading requirements seem quite competitive! Besides, since most binary options agents, this one also gives a very helpful element of trading classes. Its ... This Binomo review will help you to know about investment in trading platform, demo account, binomo mobile app, login, scam or not etc. Search for: Home; Broker; Robot; Signal; Guide; Strategy; Blog; Contact Us; Binomo Review : Trade in Control With Binomo App . Reviewed By Binoption . Demo Account. Open Account. Last Updated: March 22nd, 2020 . Overall Rating 4.5/5. Features 3/5. Platform 3/5 ... The Binomo trading platform is designed to be as practical, easy to use and convenient as possible for binary options trading. On initial release, the company made use of SpotOption as their platform of choice. However, since then, the company has moved from ‘out the box’ solutions towards their own, practical design that meets the needs of its customers. Developed to include a range of on ... The European brokerage Binomo ( Review / Website ), as an extension of its vigorous activity and client-oriented policies, is offering its clients two new products – mobile trading platforms for devices on the iOS and Android operating systems.This has provided the company’s clients with almost limitless possibilities on the binary options market. 2015 Forex Expo Awards — the best binary options broker for beginners; 2016 IAIR Awards — the best binary options broker in Southeastern Europe ; Languages: English, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, Portuguese: Demo Account: Yes, no restrictions: Binomo is a binary options broker we originally checked out back in 2016. The site is owned and operated by ... Mobile trading is available; More than 10 payment systems support, fast payments; Basic information About Binomo . Broker name: Binomo: Site: registration on the site: Date of foundation: 2014 year: Central office: Dolphin Corp First Floor, First St. Vincent Bank Ltd Building, James Street, Kingstown, St.Vincent and the Grenadines: Type of support: Online-chat, e-mail: Languages ... Mobile Apps. Binomo offers a high-quality, fully realised mobile app in addition to providing a mobile-reactive platform for the desktop version of their service. Their trading app is available on both iOS and Android. It utilises push notifications to keep traders up to date on transactions, promotions and tournaments within seconds of them being launched. The use of notifications and the ... Binomo Mobile. Forex. If binomo mobile you are an advanced trader, you can avail of trading tools such as indicators, strategies, charts, and others Download For Mobile Apps. Register. This works according to the Martingale trading scheme Download For Mobile Apps. A financial broker keeps up to date, so in 2016 the developers released a mobile application that allows you ….

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Forex Trading Using Mobile MT4 Best Trading Strategy For ...

Join best Forex broker Link - You have opened an account in Word Best Forex Broker with my Join link. That I told you that if you join... Follow these instructions to add the full Indicator setting to your mobile MT4 Android or Apple iOS.Moving Average - period 20 , method simple, apply highMoving... Welcome Back 😊 Join LiteForex : Visit Binomo Download App : Binomo Link For PC / laptop : htt... Simple Forex Trading Strategy: ... Best Trend Lines Trading Strategy (Advanced) - Duration: 28:55. Wysetrade 802,802 views. 28:55. 25 Year Old Millionaire Stock Trader Alex Temiz Q+A at SMB ... Join best Forex broker Link - You have opened an account in Word Best Forex Broker with my Join link. That I told you that if you join... binary trading, binary option, binomo app, binomo real or fake, binary trading legal in india, highest earning mobile app, earn money online, make money online, binomo, iq option, expert option ... In today's society, technology is so advanced that you can pretty much do anything from an app on your phone. Likewise with forex, there are various mobile a... Visit Binomo Link Download App : Hey Guys Welcome Back to Another video Now in this Video we are Going to see how nowadays lots of peo... Join Best Forex broker - ,Now open Forex account with this link and activly trading on same account to get on my Future... For Binomo Education, Click and get Rs.65,000 for Binomo tutorial. Use PWT777 promo code for +100% on the first deposit...