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Do you Guys take part in Forex Demo Account contests?

Been looking around for these free contests for a while. I think its a great way to have fun and learn. Some of the top winners manage to compound to around 30000% on average in less than a month. I wonder if they can do the same thing on a real account Would be nice to compound 100$ to 30k
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RoboForex - "Demo Forex" contest

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RoboForex - "KingSize MT5" Demo Contest

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SuperForex - BitcoinMania Demo Contest

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LiteForex - Best of The Best Demo Contest

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RoboForex - "Trade Day" Demo Contest

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Best Forex Demo Contest 2019 | G44FX- Invest Responsibly

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FXTM – Demo Forex Trading Contest 2019

FXTM – Demo Forex Trading Contest 2019

1st – $10,000 2nd – $5,000 3rd – $2,400 4th – $1,600 5th – $1,000
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FXStreet is running a Forex Demo contest with $18,000 in live trading accounts. Registration open! Contest dates: 12th Oct - 14th Nov

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UWCFX Contest - Forex Demo Championship 2012 | Forex Brokers Portal

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Hantec Markets - FX Trader of the Year Demo Contest 2012 - Forex Brokers Portal

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Forex Demo and Live Trading Contests

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Making an Avicii Iceberg! - new ideas/additions wanted

Making an Avicii Iceberg! - new ideas/additions wanted

If you have any ideas relating to Avicii "lore" comment it so it can be added.
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Day Trading Contests?

Does anyone know of any Day trade contest websites that offer any true day trade contests for listed options, especially for someone who buys and sells inter day? I tried Wall Street Survivor, but the prices for buy/sell don't reflect market prices, must be the 15 min behind thing I guess. Any suggestions?
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SCGMC 2016 gunpla contest, vendors, and hands on demos

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Today’s Reality Steve recap: a warning about a potential bachelor contestant (trigger warning AND spoiler)

Steve says first that you shouldn’t call a recap a recap unless you’re transcribing the podcast. My brother in Christ, it’s a recap, not a transcription. Here is my recap, lmao
He recaps the timeline of Rachel and Tino as she revealed on CITO. Points out that Tino took a long time to tell her, the kiss was likely June or July but he didn’t tell her until August 10th, the day after Nate’s ex came forward with Reality Steve. Steve says that his motivation was because of the Nate story and he got scared that he would be exposed just like Nate.
Ratings are really good this season and were good for the finale. Overall ratings were up from Michelle’s season, but Steve says that the overall ratings aren’t as interesting as the key demo, which is women 18-49. Women 18-49 drew a 10.7 rating - the next highest show was 3.5 points lower which is a huge difference.
Vanessa Esparsen, 25, from Scottsdale Arizona is the contestant that Reality Steve is exposing today. This is a Facebook post that she made in June 2016 about Brock Turner. Steve does not think she should be a contestant.
Trigger warning:
“Not defending Brock Turner, but why is the girl also not at fault for how much she drank? She was 3 times above the legal limit. As a girl in college, I know that it can get scary out there, especially in the college party scene and not knowing many people around you at times, and I know better than to drink too much than I can actually handle. I’d much rather be sober Sally and be boring and stop drinking than wake up and have no recollection of what happened, because that terrifies me. I hate not having complete control of my actions and everyone should feel that way as well. You should always have control of your body and mind. If at any minute you do not, that should be your indicator of:
  1. Sit down and chill out
  2. Tell your friends of how intense you’re feeling
  3. Go home and be safe.
My heart goes out to the victim for having to live with this catastrophic incident, but this situation raises so many questions that I can’t help but truly question because of how drunk they BOTH were and her completely blacking out.”
Steve says rape is not a punishment for getting drunk. Her take is disturbing, he asks if the show is even vetting contestants anymore. Says that this post is public and was found by a random reader within minutes of her name being published by Steve. Says that Vanessa should not get nasty messages, but the show should not cast her.
ETA: after seeing the screenshot that RS posted, I believe he’s incorrect about some details. He thinks that this person who sent it to him was a “random person” who found a “public post”, but the screenshot was taken 30 minutes after it was posted in 2016, not today. The post was also set to friends-only. The profile picture in the screenshot of Vanessa’s is not her current photo, and it’s a photo that is not even publicly visible in her history for the public. Whoever had this screenshot had it from 2016. I tried googling and could not find it anywhere before it was posted. So this was most likely NOT a post that production saw during their vetting process. I’m pretty sure the “random person” knows her and held onto this or got it from someone else who did.
ETA #2: it seems that it was actually on twitter, so nvm
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The Carly Rae Jepsen iceberg explained

howdy, so yesterday I made a post about the Carly Rae Jepsen iceberg and many of you guys in the comments understandably requested some explanations for the different topics - ask and you shall receive, enjoy!


Give Carly Rae Jepsen a Sword
Jack Antonoff
Side B
Disco Darling
Queen of everything
David's Tea meet & greet
Curiosity EP
Tug of War


Tavish Crowe
  • Carly's guitarist and long-time collaborator - he's co-written many of Carly's songs, including Call Me Maybe, Boy Problems, Fake Mona Lisa, Anxious, and many more
Disco Sweat
  • Carly's infamous scrapped 2016 disco album that she worked on prior to Dedicated
Music to Clean Your House to
  • The original 'half-serious, half-joking' working title of Dedicated
When I'm Alone
  • An unreleased song Carly wrote for Emotion. It was instead released by k-pop group f(x)
Raecists / Raepists
  • The unfortunate names given to Carly's fanbase
Curiosity album
  • Curiosity was originally intended to be Carly's second studio album. Instead, just days before its intended release, it was reformatted into an extended-play with five songs cut - Dear Julien, Angels, Alice in Wonderland, Lost and Found, and Europe
  • A song Carly released in 2010 for the 604 Records holiday album
Curiosity music video
  • In June 2012, a music video for the song Curiosity was filmed, though it was scrapped for unknown reasons. The video was leaked via YouTube in November 2012
Bonus tracks
  • Referring to Carly's history of Japan-exclusive bonus tracks - including songs like Love Again, Never Get to Hold You, and most recently, Always On My Mind
Dedicated title track
  • An unreleased song from Dedicated which the album was named after. Carly discussed it in multiple interviews, though stated it was unfinished. She had plans to include it as the closing track of Dedicated Side B though this never happened


Kiss follow-up album
  • Carly began writing new music soon after the release of Kiss and her original plan for her next album was that it would be very 'pure-pop' in the same vein as Kiss. Around 2013, she also discussed how the album would be folk-influenced pop. A few songs have leaked from the project including Hey Boy, Sun On You, and 10,000 People
Eternal Summer
  • Eternal Summer was another scrapped album Carly worked on prior to Emotion - it was an indie/folk album she wrote whilst in New York. She described it was a natural rebellion against Call Me Maybe and something she needed to make to get out of her system. She called it 'weird music' and didn't feel comfortable in releasing it, though it inspired her to create Emotion as a blend between both indie and pop styles
Miss U Kiss U
  • Miss U Kiss U was a rumoured 2018 EP that was inadvertently leaked by producer Yves Rothman. Years passed and the EP never came to be, but a song of the same name leaked online in August 2021
  • A supposed leak of the Miss U Kiss U extended-play occurred earlier this year although this was debunked
Store anti-smoking ad
  • Carly Rae Jepsen's Smokefree Lifestyle was a YouTube video published in October 2011 by Quitters Unite BC - it contained an original song by Carly, a demo of Store that was later reworked for Emotion Side B
It Takes Two
Rhymes with contemplation
  • Referring to an interview where Carly discussed the subject matter of When I'm Alone - being a song about masturbation (she said it rhymes with contemplaton)
Take A Picture
  • A song that was released in 2013 in partnership between Coca-Cola and American Idol exclusively in the US
  • A song that was featured in the 2016 animated film Ballerina (also known as Leap!) alongside Cut to the Feeling. The song was never officially released and instead leaked by its producer Alex Hollander
Public Castration is a Good Idea
Carly Rae Jepsen created /popheads
  • Back when Emotion was first released, popheads was created to discuss the album as indieheads didn't allow on their subreddit
A Scar No One Else Can See
Carly's pop musical
  • Carly has discussed her dreams of writing a pop musical in multiple interviews
Canadian Idol 2007
  • Carly was a contestant on the fifth season of Canadian Idol in 2007, she reached the finals and came in third place
Summer Love visualiser
  • An official visualiser for Summer Love was released in August 2020 - for what reason, nobody knows. Weirdly enough, the video was taken down from YouTube in 2021 though was made available again recently
Ok ❤️
  • Referring to an iconic hit tweet Carly made when announcing the release of Emotion (Deluxe Expanded Edition) featuring fan favourite tracks Love Again and Never Get To Hold You
Carly x Charli x Lorde supergroup
Green Couch Sessions
  • A YouTube series Carly was apart of across 2010 and 2011 where she performed an unreleased song titled Cup of Tea and the original demo version of Tiny Little Bows


Cutting Down the Big Tree
  • This was the name of the first song Carly ever wrote when she was around 9 years old - it was a protest song written about a logging campaign. Carly described it as more 'poem' than song and since, at the time, she couldn't play guitar, could only sing it to her parents. Lyrics:
They’re cutting down the big trees
I heard it just today
It won’t be much longer now
and I wonder why it has to be this way
Don't let them do this!
Dear You EP
  • Dear You was the name of the first 'proper' song Carly wrote when she was around 17. An extended-play of the same name was independently released by Carly in 2004 featuring three songs - Dear You, To Be Without You, and In My Bedroom
  • Interestingly, the EP was produced by Joe Cruz, who co-wrote I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance and Warm Blood (more on this later)
Call Me Maybe folk demo
  • Call Me Maybe was originally a folk song Carly wrote with Tavish Crowe. The main 'call me maybe' hook of the song was actually the song's pre-chorus
  • Carly brought the demo to Josh Ramsay who rearranged its structure and produced the final pop version we know today
Vape addiction
  • Carly was addicted to vaping during the making of Emotion and explained this was the reason for her gritty vocals on Your Type
iTunes Canada
  • Referring to how iTunes Canada leaked previews of every song on Dedicated prior to its release
  • This also refers to the snippet of Dear Julien that came via iTunes Canada when the Curiosity album was shortly available for pre-order
Hate That You Know Me
  • A song from Bleachers' 2017 album Gone Now where Carly provided backing vocals
Carly hates Kiss
  • Slight hyperbole but it's speculated Carly has a disdain for Kiss based on the way she discusses it in interviews - mostly due to the tight 4 month deadline it was made in and also the lack of creative control she faced while making it
Charli XCX / Rostam collab
  • A song that was teased in August 2020 by the pair - which Rostam seemingly confirmed he had produced. Ultimately, it was absent from both Charli's next album 'Crash' and Carly's 'The Loneliest Time'
Cinderella 2014
  • Carly starred as Cinderella on Broadway in 2014 in New York. This was also the same time she was writing Eternal Summer and the very early stages of creating Emotion.
Take A Picture alternate lyrics
  • The way Take A Picture was developed was that watchers of American Idol could vote on which lyrics would make it into the final version of the song. In 2022, snippets of the alternate lyrics leaked for the first time
Emotion Side B almost never happened
  • Carly got cold feet the night before Emotion Side B was set to be released and contemplating scrapping the project entirely. Ultimately, she was persuaded otherwise by her A&R team
Happy All The Time
  • A song released by Danny L Harle in 2017 - Carly co-wrote the song and a snippet of an unreleased version of it featuring her vocals is available online.
Music to Dance to in the Living Room Versus the Club
  • Another working title of Dedicated
This Kiss censorship
  • The original lyrics to This Kiss were 'I got drunk last night / I'm getting drunk tonight again' which Carly got told to tone down
  • She performed the uncensored version during the Gimme Love Tour
Lady Gaga feud
  • Referring to a certain Tweet made by Lady Gaga after Call Me Maybe broke the record for most weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100
99c Dreams
  • Referring to this Tweet made by Carly during the development of Dedicated - some people took this to meant the album would be titled 99c Dreams
Squat Sister
  • This is the name given to Carly by fans in China due to the regular occurrence of her squatting in photos
Carnival Cruise
  • Carly performed a concert on a cruise in February 2018, much to the disdain of her fans who were eagerly anticipating the release of her next album
Better Than Me
  • A song released by Blood Orange in 2016 which featured uncredited vocals from Carly. She also appears in the music video
Carly saw Seal eat a whole loaf of bread on a private jet


David's Tea debunked
  • The David's Tea 'charity event' was a story fabricated by tabloids. The event was actually a meet and greet held by healthcare brand Güd, whom Carly was a spokesperson for at the time - more than 20 people showed up
My Beating Heart
  • The original working title of Curiosity
Pure Design
  • An obscure opening theme song that Carly provided vocals for
Swing Me, Blues Me / The Blue Morris 6
  • The Blue Morris 6 were a Canadian jazz-swing band that Carly was apart of - their debut album Swing Me, Blues Me was released in 2006
Lionel Ritchie
  • An obscure song Carly provided backing vocals for circa 2013
Never Been Loved
  • An unreleased song of which a snippet leaked - very little is known about it. Appears to have shared elements with This Is What They Say
Emotion songs were written for Curiosity
  • Many Emotion era songs, such as I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance, Favourite Colour, and Warm Blood had their original demos written across 2010 and 2011 for the Curiosity album:
  • I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance - originally titled Came Here to Dance
  • Favourite Colour - originally titled Baby Blue / Bright Baby Blue
  • Warm Blood - originally titled Falling For You - also known as Warm Love
Sex tape scandal
  • In July 2012, a supposed sex tape featuring Carly was released - it was later proven false
Katie's Kicking in the Corner
  • A song Carly used to perform live circa 2009 and 2010 - it was written about her sister Katie Jepsen
Mike Tyson song
  • A song Carly wrote during the development of Emotion about an encounter and dream she had with Mike Tyson - it was a song about what pain meant, due to the tattoos on his head. She described it as 'absolutely awful' and stated she tried a few times to make it work. Lyrics:
Do you believe in dreams?
The ones you have in your sleep
They never mean that much to me
I was fighting against Mike Tyson
And do you believe in pain? You said, with that tattoo on his head
Don’t mean that much to me, no, I never let it get to me
Party For One scrapped music video
  • It's speculated there was a scrapped music video that was filmed for Party For One due to a series of Instagram posts Carly made in October 2018 - shortly before the release of the song
Four Leaf Clover
  • A demo Carly wrote on tour with Tavish Crowe that later got reworked into 'Want You In My Room' - the original lyrics were 'four leaf clover / I'll press you to the pages of my heart'
Kiss Miss Kiss
  • A song released by Japanese artist Minami Takahashi in 2016. It was originally an unreleased song Carly wrote for Emotion titled 'Never Wanna Be Kissed Again'
  • A song Carly wrote shortly after handing in Dedicated to her label - she described it as a mix between the themes of Dedicated and Emotion. In her words, it was 'going too far' and she vowed never to release it
Carly's Facebook
  • Referring to Carly's old personal Facebook account which she used to share music news prior to the creation of her official Carly Rae Jepsen page
Kimbra collaboration
  • Carly and Kimbra recorded a song together in April 2018 - produced by Jack Antonoff. Carly described it as 'existing in its own world', and if it were to be released, would be a joint project between the three of them
Carly's history of smoking
  • Referring to Carly's apparent history with smoking cigarettes and how she quit as of writing The Loneliest Time
$25,000 handbag
  • Carly was supposedly spotted in 2014 trying to pawn a handbag worth $25,000
Trouble in the Streets music video
  • When Trouble in the Streets was released in 2017, Carly posted a fairly lengthy teaser of a supposed music video for the song. The full thing was never released and it was presumed lost, as it was filmed by David Larkins who had his car broken into around the same time
Track 15
  • Prior to the official announcement of the Dedicated track listing, the song titles were leaked early alongside a placeholder 'Track 15' that later became Party For One
Disco Sweat was bad actually
  • This refers to how the leaked demos of Disco Sweat were of subjective quality
  • Previously, the prospect of a disco-themed album from Carly was extremely promising, and such, demand for an official release of Disco Sweat was high
  • Carly previously discussed how unsatisfied she was with Disco Sweat, stating it was buried in her backyard only to be released 'over her dead body'. She explained how 'nobody should ever hear Disco Sweat' and that it was only for her and her bandmates to laugh at
Call Me Maybe homophobia
  • Holden Nowell, the guy who starred as Carly's neighbourhood crush in the Call Me Maybe music video, publicly spoke out against the gay scene at the end of the video in 2018
Carly goes to Italy and never comes back
  • Referring to a social media post Carly made whilst writing Dedicated where she went on vacation to Italy and threatened to never return
Carly got shot and died
  • Referring to the unfortunate murder of Christina Grimmie that happened in June 2016. Somehow, many people confused her for Carly, resulting in comments like this
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Khurana Sisters Family Drama Part 2

Recently, I posted about 2 of the court cases the Khurana family contested. The one on the house's roof dispute and the other one is titled Satnam Devi Khurana (Dadi) V/s Naresh Khurana, Anju Khurana and Kritika Khurana. The former case has been dismissed on 14.03.2022. This is a major update on the latter.
Disclaimer: The content is straight from e-courts services District and Taluka Courts of India and not fabricated in any manner. This is not a community to spread hatred of any kind #not.hatred.ki.community. This is an abridged version of an order dated 11.02.2016 passed in the court of Ms. Geetanjali, learned Metropolitan Magistrate (Mahila Court-East) in complaint bearing no. V-109/2015 titled as "Satnam Devi Khurana Vs. Naresh Khurana etc".
The court had allowed Dadi to enter into her own house i.e. B­***, 3rd floor,for the purpose of her residence with her grandson Lakshey. From 17th May 2015 to 19th May 2015, Dadi kept on trying to enter the house by seeking help from police officials. On 18th May 2015, she waited from 3:30 till 6:30 for the Khurana family to open the door and when they appeared, they had assaulted her; that on 19.07.2015 she again waited for the family to let her enter into the house whereas, all the respondents (boho family) chose not to remain there by locking the door and hence it was not possible to enter into the house without breaking open the locks.
The detailed reply which was given by the Boho family to the application is as follows:
1) Applicant (Dadi) has not come in court with clean hands and has concealed material facts; that they have always taken good care of her like a diligent son and daughter in law; that they have never subjected her to any violence, moreso, because she has been living separately from the last 6 months.
2) On 18th July 2015,Dadi and Lakshya forcefully tried to barge in their home as clear from the CCTV footage and tried to illegally break open the locks and had also manhandled their personal property due to which their peaceful coexistence is totally out of question; (already some cross complaints/FIRs are pending at various police stations which signifies that the relationship between the parties has been deteriorated beyond reasonable repair. They came to know about this through the security guard since they were not present there.
3) Relationship between the respondents (Boho family) and the son Lakshya Khurana is also critically strained and spoilt beyond repair and he had in the past gone to the extent of physical assault and verbal abuses against them.
4) They claimed that Lakhshya Khurana is an alcoholic and is in the habit of throwing late night parties along with his hooligans (relatives and friends) who used to molest their daughters (This point clarifies a previous reddit post with gossip).
5) "When they tried to send him to the rehabilitation center, petitioner (Dadi) had not allowed this to happen and for the safety and protection of their daughters, they had thrown Lakshya Khurana out of the house." This point clarifies the whole relationship dynamic between Lakshya and the Boho family. It also gives us the answers that why Boho sisters and Lakshay and Vironika never share any screen space and why there was a #wewerenotinvited.
6) They conveyed that if Lakshya Khurana is allowed entry in the house along with dadi, this could further lead to more litigations; that it is a property dispute and other relatives are trying to extort money; that despite the said bitterness they are still willing to provide her separate accommodation in the same vicinity. They have further submitted that the strained relationship is substantiated from the fact that petitioner (dadi) alleges that respondents (boho family) can go on to the extent of even killing her; and they had already provided an alternate accommodation to dadi eleven months back.
7) Boho family also claimed that Dadi had not come to this court with clean hands since she has deliberately wrongly mentioned the address in the memo of parties in order to seek ex parte orders (Ex-parte orders are passed by the court when 1 party is absent in the court and technically the matter has been decided only on the contentions of one party who is present to the suit.
8) Dadi has been erroneously influenced by Lakshya against them to gratify his financial needs resulting which, excess finances were not accorded to her; that one fine day, Lakshay suggested Dadi to vacate the said premise along with the valuables and later on filed suit/FIRs to claim at least Rs. 2.5 crores which shall be sufficient for them for life time.
9) On 12.03.2015, Dadi and some unknown women came to their house and started arguing with them for money and even tried to evict them regarding which police complaint has already been registered and if they were to stay together, there is a strong likelihood of some domestic violence.
10) Dadi had already arranged an alternate accommodation on rent and he had granted her financial support of Rs. 20,000/­ per month which continued for five months and thereafter which they had paid through bank account; ( as Dadi had once stolen cash from the shop premises due to which he had stopped giving any maintenance to her.
11) The family also claimed that the relationship between son Lakshya and respondents (Boho family) went to such a low that he has no inhibition in using abusive words for his own mother (Ms. Anju Khurana) ; that respondent no.1 (Naresh Khurana) has agreed to pay Rs. 10000/­, per month towards maintenance to Dadi in case under Sr. Citizen Act, 2007; that whatever commercial property owned by respondent no. 1 is his self acquired one in which neither petitioner nor Lakshya Khurana can claim any right, title or interest.
12) Despite knowing that Lakshya Khurana is notorious and corrupt still they had assisted him to establish his own business and further gave his own clients but all went in vain; and respondent no. 1 and 2 (Papa and Muma Khurana) have some critical liabilities to meet which runs into lapse despite that they never shied from the responsibilities towards Dadi and Lakshya; that he is still willing to provide an alternate accommodation to Dadi.
Final Judgment
By the order dated 15.07.2015, Dadi and Lakshay were given the right to reside at B­, third floor, Madhuban, along with the boho family as she was unable to afford the rent. However, Khurana family had given financial support of ₹20,000/­ per month for 5 months to Dadi for incurring rent at E­, Jaipuria, Sunrise and after 5 months, Papa started transferring funds directly into Dadi's account for maintaining proper records since she had never given any written acceptance of receiving cash. The said averement has not been denied by Dadi in her reply rather she has admitted the said two payments which she cannot deny because of the availability of the documentary evidence. Thus, the crux of the matter is that petitioner had taken the ex­parte order (one-sided) by misrepresenting the fact and exploiting her position of being a senior citizen.
Khurana family has opposed the breaking open of the locks of the said property and if parties herein are made to reside in one accommodation that will amount to more complaints, more FIRs and will multiply the litigations. They have supported their said fear by filing the copies of complaints. In that situation, it would be proper anyway that she is given an alternate accommodation rather than insisting that she should be allowed to stay in the said household.
The right of residence does not mean the right to reside in a particular property. It may mean the right to reside in a locality of equal importance.
Khurana family has already offered to provide commensurate accommodation to the petitioner in the same locality. Thus, application filed by Dadi was dismissed and the previous order dated 15.07.2015 is hereby modified to the extent that Satnam Devi has the option either to accept the rent of the accommodation wherein she is presently residing or to accept the proposal of respondents of providing commensurate accommodation in the same locality. If she agrees to accept the proposal of commensurate accommodation then respondents are hereby directed to purchase 2BHK flat in the same locality within a month and if she agrees to accept rent then Papa Khurana is hereby directed to credit the amount of rent in the bank account of Dadi by 5th of every month.
This order was later clarified on 26.04.2016 and on 29.08.2016 it was ordered that boho family doesn't have to purchase a 2 BHK flat. (For more information, please refer to the previous post here
Dadi withdrew the case on 12.07.2017 after a round of mediation. She has the liberty to open the case again if Khurana family doesn't comply.
Please refer to all the proofs attached in this link.
Everything mentioned in this post is not made up and is in no way to spread hate, rather just presenting facts.
See you until next time, presenting Kritika Khurana v/s Karan Sehgal
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Bybit Review: Complete Exchange Overview

Bybit Review: Complete Exchange Overview
Bybit Review
The best way to learn more about Bybit is to review its tools, features, historical data, pros and cons, fees, etc. Cryptocurrency spot and derivatives markets are popular with traders. It offers unique options, attractive offers, and beneficial tools for investors. However, this isn't enough to determine if Bybit is worth trying. to consider.
Trading platforms are essential to the success of your business, and picking the right one requires a lot of analysis and comparison. In this ByBit Review, we explore the platform deeper to learn more about the exchange. You can then decide whether Bybit is right for you.

What is Bybit?

Traders can trade perpetual Cryptocurrency contracts onBybit, a Bitcoin-based P2P derivative exchange. Bybit offers perpetual futures products with 100:1 leverage.
As well as spot and derivatives trading, the exchange supports mining and staking. In addition, Bybit provides API support to retail and institutional customers around the world.
Bybit launched its crypto exchange in March 2018 in Singapore. They were originally founded by Ben Zhou under XM, one of the most reputable forex brokers.
Bybit's team includes professionals from investment banks, the Forex industry, Blockchain experts, and other fields. Bybit's vast expertise throughout the crypto world also helps it stay on top.
While Bybit provides services globally, some countries have jurisdiction limitations. USA, Syria, and Quebec, Canada are among them.

Is Bybit Safe to use?

The most sought-after security option on a crypto trading website is accessibility for cold storage. By doing this, the broker can keep clients'' money in secure air-gapped offline locations.
Bybit can store cold items, along with other security features. Multi-signature is yet another security feature that is included by Bybit. This makes it so that the moment a transaction occurs, the exchange will require two keys.
In addition to the standard security features such as 2FA in addition to 2FA, there is an SSL encryption built-in to allow for more encryption of sensitive information.
There is also an insurance fund in place to manage any risks posed through shortfalls in a settlement contract. This allows traders to get liquidation at a level that is below their bankruptcy cost.
This is an insurance policy that is implemented to protect traders if Bybit is not able to take over the trader's assets in the event of the worst-case.

Bybit Review - Leverage

The leverage within Bybit can be freely variable. Additionally, traders can alter the leverage value after opening a trade.
Bybit also got an auto-deleveraging liquidation method.
Investors exhaust their initial margin before the marked price reaches the liquidation price, leaving them with their remaining margin. ADL will automatically deleverage a position of an opposing trader if it isn't liquidated.
Bybit's perpetual contracts are one USD in value and much smaller than other exchanges'. This exchange offers future contracts on Ripple and EOS with a maximum leverage of 25x.
Bybit is the only exchange in the world that offers contract options for futures.
Exchanges can offer different leverage rates based on the number of positions entered. With large transactions, it safeguards the exchange.
There are additional tools to assist traders in liquidation problems.
Dual price mechanism - In place to guard against manipulating the market on the exchange
Automated margin replenishment - To make sure that your website will have adequate levels of margin
Stop loss - To ensure that the level does not reach the liquidation level

Bybit Reviews -Trading platforms

Bybit's trading platform is quite advanced compared to other trading platforms. A robust dashboard provides a lot of information that can be very beneficial.
On the main interface, you can access charts, market depths, order books/forms, and contact information for your assets. In addition, this interface is modular and allows for a wide range of customization.
Third-party charts add value to the trading platform. Bybit proudly announces that its order matching system can process up to 100,000 transactions per second for each contract.
Another ADL ranking indicator indicates whether you might be in a position to deleverage.

Bybit Review - Mobile App

Crypto exchanges today need a reliable app. Consequently, Bybit also provides its clients with a robust mobile app with similar capabilities.
Features include advanced charting, order management, and advanced ordering forms. Most of these functions are not accessible via mobile apps.
In addition, traders can send push notifications of a variety of price levels using the Bybit app.
Apps are available on Google Play and iTunes. Customer reviews are above average for both stores.
Bybit Review - Perpetual contract
Bybit offers two perpetual contracts based on margin. Before trading with Bybit, you must understand what they are.
They are
USDT agreements are the heart of it, these are contracts with USD as a base currency and Tether as the main asset. They are not as risky and are issued on 1BTC.
Perpetual Agreements
The crypto is used as the base currency for margin, making them riskier than USDT contracts. Based on 1 USD. They allow contract transactions at as low as 1 USD.
Bybit offers two options for managing margin when trading BTC USDT. Margin can be isolated or gross. If you use isolated margins, any margin used is only applicable to that trade instance. To avoid liquidation, cross margin combines available balances.

Bybit Review - Fees

Maker-taker fees are the basis of Bybit's fees. Liquidity withdrawals will be charged by the platform.
Additionally, Bybit can offer a rebate to traders if the broker provides liquidity to the exchange. It's like an overnight rate, but the fees are exchanged directly between traders.
Market conditions and interest rates determine the funding rate. Depending on the day. When trading cryptocurrencies in real time, investors are required to pay a $5 fee.

Bybit Review

Bybit Review - Demo Account

Bybit offers a demo account. Try Bybit Testnet. Demo accounts help traders learn how to use the trading platform.
Visit testnet.bybit.com to log into the Testnet testnet. Use coins purchased from the Testnet faucet to fund the test account.
With these funds, you can earn 0.01BTC every hour in Bitcoin. Testnet faucet access requires you to pass through a series of hurdles.

Bybit Review - Deposits/Withdrawals

There are no withdrawal or deposit fees on the exchange. You cannot fund your account with fiat currency on Bybit.
To transfer crypto funds to the Bybit account, you must create an address for your wallet and then initiate an account transaction. In the asset section, select deposit.
Bybit requires your wallet address and 2FA confirmation for withdrawals. Miners get a fee. Withdrawals are processed in three time slots: 0800, 1600, and 2400 (all UTC). Limits on withdrawals:
Bitcoin: 0.002BTC / 10BTC
Ethereum: 0.02ETH / 200ETH
Ripple: 20XRP / 100,000XRP
Eos: 0.2EOS / 10,000EOS
Alongside withdrawals or deposits, investors also have the option of exchanging assets. Four different cryptocurrencies are allowed for exchange.

Bybit Review - Customer support

There's nothing extraordinary regarding the customer support Bybit provides. Bybit provides 24/7 live chat customer service in several languages.
In addition, you can contact the support team via email ([email protected]/[email protected]). But, they do not provide directly-line or mobile-based communication methods. There's a helpful Telegram community that traders can use to find answers.

Bybit Review - API

Bybit offers a robust API for traders to use to program bots and algorithms. For this feature to be used first, you must go to the API management section. There, you can generate your API key. The trader will then have the option of deciding which permissions to grant (read and write, as well as withdraw).
To keep anyone from making trades on your account in case the API key has been compromised, you could connect an API to your IP. This API key is essential to take the highest precautions to keep safe.

Bybit Review - Reward's Hub

The exchange gives its customers several opportunities to earn some extra cash for their work. Below are some of the opportunities offered to their clients.
  • If your first deposit on the platform exceeds 0.05BTC and you are a member of the platform, you will be eligible for an additional bonus of $5.
  • If your first deposit on the platform is over 0.5BTC, you will get an additional $50 bonus.
  • If you deposit over 1 BTC then you'll get an additional $20 bonus.
  • Register and join their channels for social media to earn 5 dollars.
  • Use the Take Profit and Stop Loss options to get $5.
  • Trading for longer than 10 consecutive days to make $5.
  • The completion of a survey by a client can make you $5.
A thing to keep in mind is that earned bonuses cannot be withdrawn and should only be used to fund margins.

Bybit Review - Referral / Affiliate Program

Promoting traders to Bybit is a great opportunity to earn extra cash that you can utilize. For every referred trader, Bybit will deposit 0.2BTC in exchange for the amount of $10 as a trading bonus.
There are two methods to introduce an aspiring trader to the exchange: either by referral code or the referral link. When you refer a trader, you'll get a 30 percent commission and 10% of the affiliate commissions.

Bybit Review - Trading Competitions

Bybit exchange's unique feature is the competition it holds to encourage traders to trade more. Prizes are offered in these trading competitions. Recently, they held one worth over $6200.
In order to increase the market's volume of trade, Bybit organizes contests. Bybit takes fees from traders through this increased volume of trading.


Bybit is a crypto trading platform with unique features available to its traders. Bybit offers no exchange fees, excellent customer service, unique perpetual contracts, and attractive reward programs.
While Bybit has some positive aspects, there are a few areas for improvement. The number of supported crypto assets can be increased from 4 to more.
Additionally, traders could use the demo account more easily if funding was easier. Bybit's customer base can be increased by adding options. Bybit.
Should you consider Bybit as your cryptocurrency exchange? The choice is up to you. Overall, Bybit provides a reliable and safe trading platform. Ensure you do your homework and use the information on this page to support your research.


  • What is Bybit?
Bybit is a unique cryptocurrency trading platform with some great features. This P2P cryptocurrency derivative exchange provides leverage up to 100:1.

  • Is Bybit safe?
Bybit provides good security features to ensure security for its customers. The positive customer feedback proves Bybit's security features. Bybit is a safe exchange.

  • What number of assets can I trade on Bybit?
As of now, you are able only to trade four cryptocurrency assets. Bybit is working to improve this number to be higher.

Bybit Review
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