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Weizmann Forex Ltd. From 1400 in jan to 540. Is anything wrong?

Guys, Does anybody have any insights on Weizmann Forex? Current stock price is 512. Numbers in Q4FY18 look bad(-86%) but otherwise it has been a consistent grower over the last few quarters.
Average return on equity 5Years: 21.67 %;
Average return on capital employed 5Years: 30.37 %
Debt to equity: 0.64
Sales Growth (3Yrs): 19.90 %
Promoter holding: 74.77 %
It was quoting at 110 in Jan 2017. Went to ~1400s In Jan 2018 and it corrected massively now. I read the AR of weizmann… studied their balance sheet and the only red flags I see are
a sudden increase in trade receivables to (5,741.34) in FY18 from (1,258.66) in FY17
Other comprehensive Income increase to 2,012.83 in FY18 from 650.14 in FY17.
Otherwise the company seems to be growing quite well over the past few years. No other information is available anywhere. Is anybody in the know of the what is happening?
They also recently announced a buyback of 3.77% at price of 702.
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Hướng dẫn chơi Binomo Forex trên điện thoại [Mới nhất 2019] - Binomo Việt Nam

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I just finished a forex course. The guy is using different strategies: 1. 0.60 level Fibonacci 1h time frame. 2.8ema retesting and entry on 1 h level 0.60 Fibonacci with 8 EMA retest as confirmation. 3. Weekly Time frame with level 60 Fibonacci and 1 h entry 4 . Against the trend until 0.60 Fibo

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Hey guys! If ya want to see some cool kills and listen to good music tune in! Twitch.tv/Pandasworld1219. let's chat! If you're a #forex trader, tune in and let's talk about these markets!!

Hey guys! If ya want to see some cool kills and listen to good music tune in! Twitch.tv/Pandasworld1219. let's chat! If you're a #forex trader, tune in and let's talk about these markets!! submitted by Emergency_Intern_724 to TwitchPromotion [link] [comments]

let’s talk a bit about a forex guy’s arguments

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Get the best US Dollar to Indian Rupee Exchange in Mumbai If you ever get stuck and don't know where to go for US Dollar to Indian Rupee Exchange in Mumbai then Mahadev Forex is the best shot you can make because we have the best professionals who are just waiting eagerly to help you guys.

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How do you guys get sniper entries when forex trading?

I’ve seen highlights of people trading sniper entries with very small stop losses set. How are they so sure their entry is at the very end of the reversal?
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What is the average leverage you guys use in forex and your thoughts on it?

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Do you guys trade forex or the stock market?

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Day Trading and Forex Tips by Guy Gentile after 20 years of successful carrier

Day Trading and Forex Tips by Guy Gentile after 20 years of successful carrier
Guy Gentile is one of the most experienced traders and is keen on sharing his knowledge with novices using educative and informative video lectures. There are a few statements that you should understand before starting day trading, like risk and reward ratio, risk management, and managing your money. Guy Gentile starts everything from the basics in his lecture so that you can get the best possible results from his course.

Guy Gentile, a day trader pro, is familiar with all the day trading strategies, and as a trader, he has tested them all. He knows some fool-proof strategies like ECN strategy, Liquidity strategy, Split strategy, SOES strategy, SEC Downtick Rule, Automated strategy, Trading news strategy, Alpha indicator strategy, options strategy, etc.
In his video lecture, he teaches how to do research every morning before investing money in the market to eliminate losses and boost your chances of gains. Guy Gentile is featured in New York Post, Inc., Business Insider, Forbes, Market Watch, Bloomberg, and ABC. His video course includes more than 8.5 hours of video content with 100 hours of live trading. The strategies that he shows are time-tested and work in real-world market scenarios.
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Buy Silver & Platinum When The Dollar Turns. ..The Guy Says He's Hearing About A Possible "Forex Intervention." .Doesn't Claim It's A Certainty

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Hey Guys , interested in forex markets , join into a full live and active trading community.

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How do you guys see trading forex?

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How do you guys see trading forex?

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How do you guys see trading forex?

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Huge Forex Scam!!! Do not trust! I know 2 people who got scammed by this guy. Be carful if someone approaches you via Instagram

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How do you guys see trading forex?

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Hey guys anyone here have experience and using the EA forex fury or ea in general? What are your thoughts? 🙂

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Asian guy/girl from online dating mentors you to invest in Forex/Cryptocurrency Trading -- Sha Zhu Pan 杀猪盘 or Pig-Butchering Scam

I want to raise awareness on this Pig-Butchering scam or Sha Zhu Pan in Chinese. So called because victims are patiently worked on everyday for 1-3 months before scamming them big time, like fattening up a pig before slaughter. Basically, the scammer induces the victim into putting more and more money into a sham investment platform.
They are seriously well-planned operations (latter half of this post) and have really been successful in the Chinese-speaking world, so much so that Sha Zhu Pan has become one of the top Chinese buzzwords in 2019-2020. Victims are scammed on average $50k, and millions have been lost. It's a huge cottage industry that Chinese police has had a hard time stamping out. There are scores of recent news stories, blogs, video clips, and other media online about Sha Zhu Pan victims and scammers. Sadly, almost all are in Chinese. I think the rest of the world has to wise up to this, because now as most Chinese are becoming aware of this Pig-Butchering Scam, the scammers are turning their skills more towards non-Chinese, more so this year.
This first half is somewhat detailed, because since everyone is generally aware of romance scams, being vague won't convince someone who is in the thick of it and thinks that his/her online friend is THE exception. Exposing specific details of the Pig-Butchering scam is most convincing to current victims that the "spontaneous" events are actually planned.
Common tactics of the Sha Zhu Pan scammer:
  1. greets you "good morning" and "good night" every day
  2. always asks/share pictures of food. Their "home-cooked" food looks restaurant quality
  3. are sole owners of beauty salons/restaurants/hospitals/apartments/businesses etc
  4. casually talks about spending tens and hundreds of thousands of US dollars like no big deal (makes you feel small)
  5. typically by 2nd-3rd week of talking everyday brings up an investment/trading website
  6. studied finance/accounting, or have uncle/aunt/brotheprofessor who taught them Forex/Crypto trading.
  7. talks a lot about fate and destiny.
  8. asks what are your material goals and dreams, and say you're not dreaming big
  9. trade on irregular schedules, based on a day's "data"/candle stick charts/insider info. Sometimes they say "tomorrow's data is not good, I'll just go by myself", sometimes "today is a go!" (to intrigue you)
  10. laughs at how "small" your investment is
  11. When some event causes huge losses for both you and the guy/girl, he/she suggests you borrow from the website.
  12. When you're compelled by the website to pay some ridiculous amount, the guy/girl offers to "help" you pay half or so. You never see their money though because they pay directly to your "account".
  13. guilts you, blames you, gaslights you, flip out easily, shames your manhood/adulting skills/commitment to relationship, accuses you of character defects, anything that hits home
  14. always have an excuse for not wanting to meet up or do video chat -- bad experience with exes, pandemic, etc. Actually, they really can't. They're not where you think they are.
Common elements of the sham trading platform website:
  1. Highly responsive "customer service" online or on WhatsApp, available to chat 24/7. They are always oh so courteous and never break character, no matter how much verbal abuse you dish
  2. When you've put <$10,000, you can take your money and earnings in and out
  3. Offers large bonuses if you invest 30-100% more by a certain date soon (like this weekend).
  4. Once you put in substantial amounts of money, the slaughter: You'll never be able to take anything out ever again.
  5. To pay back "reserve loans", "taxes", "verification fees", anything, you have to pay from outside; they cannot be deducted from your "account" inside (they never say so beforehand).
  6. Your "account" gets frozen for defaulting on loans, not passing verification, whatever. You have to pay in 7 days before they start deducting 10% everyday from your investment and "earnings".
  7. One time you send a large payment, they hurriedly tell you that you sent to a "retired" address!!! Later they decide you can make up for it by paying a 'reduced' amount.
  8. Even if you pay everything, they'll keep coming up with reasons to prevent withdrawals. But your investment inside has already doubled! So you can't give up... and they'll never run out of excuses
SECOND PART (more in www.globalantiscam.org)
When I said well-planned operation, everything has been scripted and tailored to your stereotype. Whether you a new college grad who never had a relationship, a lonely urban professional, a midde-aged recently divorced doctor, they have scripts for that. Generally, if you're a man, the scammer shows lots of sexy pictures and act hot & cold. If you're a woman, the scammer showers you with corny cliches and sweet nothings. Even the timing of when to call you cute names is planned (~2nd week). They make you think you're making all the choices and "mistakes". Maybe you weren't so greedy for money initially, but they know human psychology.
They're not some small outfit but a sophisticated corporate operations linked to Chinese triads (mafia) syndicates. They have head offices and branch locations. They have IT/telecom department, finance/money laundering department, and a "sales" department -- the biggest in manpower-- who do the day-to-day raising of "pigs". They are salaried, have time-offs and get 10-40% commissions for successful slaughters. They have training manuals and scripts they update every so often. New recruits undergo classes in finance terminologies and 'brain-washing'. Progress is reviewed daily in team or company meetings. Of course, implementation varies by skill level. Employees are actually treated harshly, and those who don't make enough get punished.
The Sha Zhu Pan industry is thriving so much there are markets for fake dating profiles (~$20 for basic authenticated accounts to ~$100++ for complete package with pictures and social media history). Most pictures are pirated. Hosts are typically late teens to 20s jobless young men from mainland China without college degrees, recruited or misled by "online shopping" firms in Southeast Asia. More...
VARIANTS: 1) It doesn't have to be Asian-looking picture (though their English are awkward translations from Chinese) 2) They add you by "mistake". 3) They form investing "groups" with many fake members. 4) Your own friend is duped into recruiting you to invest also.
What to do if a victim already? Report, report, report, complain everywhere, ASAP, with as much documentation as possible, and without waiting for complete documentation. Please go to globalantiscam.org for more resources.
P.S. Do not show or screenshot this to your scammer. Use this instead.
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The best Trading Session Time for FTT on Olymp Trade — The Forex Guy blog

What is the best time to trade on the Olymp Trade platform? This question is not surprising, especially when starting trading from scratch. It depends on multiple factors that are thoroughly described in the article. You will also learn about the perks of trading during the most suitable trading session and learn how to discover which trading session is best.
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Guy trying to recruit me for forex will literally not take no for an answer

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sales ontop Bedienungsanleitung Onlineshop - YouTube

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